"As you wish, your Majesty." Elrond replied and smiled slightly.

"Please, call me Thranduil. No need to use the title." the King said and opened the guestroom's door and gestured to Elrond to enter the room. "Hopefully this room is to your likings."

Elrond entered the room quietly, glancing at the King. The elven Lord of Rivendell walked across the floor to the balcony doors, opened them and stepped outside.

"Such a beauty… It's a pity that the creatures of darkness, henchmen of the nameless Shadow of the West run wild in your kingdom." he said and glanced at the Elvenking. "Are you sure you want us to stay, your Highness? Are you finally ready to forgive and forget?"

Thranduil stood there beside Elrond and viewed over his realm.
"Aye." he sighed and glimpsed at the dark haired elf. "I ask you to stay, Elrond. It'll be good for both of us to start over."

Elrond smiled and leaned against the railing.
"I agree. We've been fighting for too many years now, my dear friend." he sighed, frowning. "I've missed you, Thranduil."

Thranduil faced the lord of Rivendell, put his arms around him and held him in his embrace. "I've missed you, too. I'm so sorry for everything."

Elrond buried his face in the taller elves shoulder and breathed in the familiar scent of woodland flowers and honey. After a while Elrond lifted slowly up his face, and looked deep into the Elvenking's blue eyes. Thranduil smiled, leaned closer the ebony haired elven lord and their lips met in a gently kiss.