((A/N: This is something I wrote back in 2008! I'm sure my writing was awful 4 years ago, but this continues to be one of my most popular deviations on DeviantArt, so I thought to put it up despite my qualms with it. (Editing it, I'm sure, will be painful.)
Please no critique: This is not representative of my current work!

WARNING: This will never be finished! I'm sorry, I've manage to forget everything I know about Princess Tutu. Forgive me.

Original Author's Note: For those of you who forgot who Charon is, Fakir lives with him and Charon gave Fakir the sword he later tried to destroy Mytho's heart with.
DeviantArt Link: art/FakirX-Ahiru-ch-1-93947697 ))

Ahiru was walking home after restoring another piece of Mytho's heart. It was already late, and she dreaded the walk home after the exhausting task. As she passed Fakir's house, she deicided that Fakir probably wouldn't mind if they had a little sleepover; he was much closer to the school anyway. When she thought of getting in though... Well, she couldn't just barge in, but she didn't want to wake him either...
She looked around untill she had made sure no one was coming, than quietly quacked.

Ahiru tied her clothes around her feathered neck and flew into Fakir's open window. Fakir was in bed but not quite asleep.
"Maybe if he's sleepy, he won't mind as much if just climb in." Ahiru thought to herself. She quietly laid her clothes on the floor and flapped on top of Fakir's bed. Fakir opened his eyes just enough so he could see Ahiru, he slowly pulled the duck into his arms and fell asleep.

It was early morning when Uzura opened her eyes and stood up, seeing the duck Uzura smiled, she knew she was not supposed to bang her drum in the mornings, and that Ahiru would wake up if she splashed water on her, so Uzura quietly tip-toed to the bathroom and cupped some water in her hands so she could gently pour some onto Ahiru. Neither of the two woke when Ahiru turned back into a human, her clothes still on the floor. Uzura walked downstairs.

"Ok, time for Fakir to get his breakfast," thought Charon as he walked upstairs "better go wake him up." Charon's gaw droped when he saw Fakir, still asleep, holding a naked girl in his arms. Charon's gasp woke Fakir, quickly taking in the situation, Fakir blushed. "uh, um.. I can explain... I think..."