(( A/N: This is something I wrote 4 years ago, back in 2008. It is of course, somewhat juvenile. Despite this, it is one of my most favorited deviations on DeviantArt, so I thought it would be courteous to put it here as well. I've edited it a bit, so hopefully you enjoy!
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WARNING: This will never be finished! I've unfortunately forgotten everything I know about Princess Tutu, please forgive me.

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Fakir really didn't know how to explain himself. He didn't even know how it happened himself. He woke up and Ahiru was asleep in his arms, naked. What else could Charon be thinking at that moment? Fakir's thoughts were jumbled together, he probably looked like such an idiot. What a mess Ahiru would wake up to.
Just as he feared, Ahiru woke up during that akward, silent moment. She saw her clothes on the floor, and plulled the covers to her neck, sending Fakir on top of her. Charon started to leave, Fakir didn't want that though, he would leave thinking the worst of him, and he sort of needed help. Seeing Ahiru so close to him made his face change to a bright red, and knowing this was happening right in front of Ahiru made his face hot. How could he explain this to her?! They just laid there for a while, looking into each others eyes, seeing each others' feelings. Fakir sat up, but he could still feel Ahiru's stare.
"Um, I-I'm sorry, this is my fault... I should have thought more... I came in on my own and-" Fakir cut her off.
"It's fine, just don't tell anybody.."
"WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!" Ahiru almost quacked but caught herself. Ahiru pouted, she didn't want Fakir to be mad at her again. "Um, if you want.. after I clean the school... We could go out for ice cream?" Fakir's blush deepened. Was Ahiru asking him out? His thoughts were a whirlwind now, he was worried he would be the one quacking soon.
"Uh, I guess.." Was all he could manage to say.

After school Fakir watched Ahiru wash the floors. She looked so pathetic that he ended up helping her, showing her how to do it correctly. He'd actually done housework before, it makes some sense that someone that had previously been a duck would be different. At one point a phrase would happen to slip out of his mouth.
"You're getting better; you'd be a good wife." The phrase caused Ahiru to blush and spill the water. "Moron." And then, they went out for ice cream.

(( I am sorry for the disappointing ending but that is seriously the end.
If you want to know what was going to happen next, a fraction of Mythos heart was going to appear while they were having ice cream, and Ahiru was going to run off, and Fakir was going to be kind of jealous that she did so much for him, conflict, feelings, etc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! ))