Jean-Francois gingerly watched Marie and her new "friend" walk about the yard, arms linked. The two laughed and blushed as if they were discovering love for the first time. Perhaps that was exactly what they were doing. He didn't know whether to smile or frown. It was the first time Marie had ever appeared so happy.

The boy's name was Raphael. They hadn't been introduced formally, but he knew. Jean-Francois had seen them walking about town. While he didn't approve of the lad, per se, he couldn't say he was a bad candidate for her. He was smart, strong, and caring. In fact, he was sure Marie was infatuated with him. As delicate as Marie is, once that girl is determined, thee's really no stopping her. It wasn't even worth attempting to tear the two apart. They'd just meet back up together again.

Yet, a large question still remained. Was this the child that Isaac left behind? Yes, it must be. He had the same hair, the same shining eyes. Yet, there was something off about his presence. Raphael had an air about him that separated him from everyone. He was odd. Well, he was Phantom R.

Out of every boy in the entire world that she just had to fall in love with, she chose Phantom R. The only person who even had the capability to stop him. The only person that probably cared enough to act out for her sake. The young rascal is only an obstacle towards complete domination.

It actually pained Jean-Francois to hurt her. Marie was like the daughter he never had. The child that he vowed to take care of. However, he never cared for her out of love. He did it to fulfill the plan. The plan that would be the end of all of them. So, while he was aware of the pain he would cause, Jean-Francois was ready. Phantom R would have to go.

He decided he's only doing what he had to.

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