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Day 25: Family

Christmas Day. A joyous time of the year for spending time with family and friends. Some houses are peaceful and quiet, others are more chaotic. However wherever one may be, it was truly a wonderful time of the year. The peaceful quiet was shattered however by the sounds of police sirens as they chased after a red-clad thief who would end up disappearing like magic.


Veer nervously looked up. Kit was a good five inches smaller than him, hovering somewhere in the 5 foot range. As such, he wasn't expecting her father to be so... tall. Her father loomed over him easily 6 and half feet tall, maybe even close to seven.

"My father, Alan. Father this is Veer. He didn't want to go home for Christmas so I dragged him," Kit explained.

"Ah, so you're Veer," Alan said. "Welcome to our home."

"Hello sir," Veer greeted with a weak smile.

Alan clapped on the back and wordlessly lifted Veer's bags into the house.

"So what's your mom like?" Veer asked. Kit's father was nothing as he expected. Maybe Kit took after her mother more? The height had to come from somewhere.

Kit stared at him. A brief flash of fear shook Veer. Had he said something to upset his boss?

"Alpha's my foster father. He's never married," Kit finally said.

He had said something inappropriate! Surely he was going to be kicked to the curve now. How could he be so insensitive?

Kit tilted her head. "It's quite alright. You couldn't have known."

"Yeah but..."

Kit waved her head dismissively. "None of that. Stay all gloomy and Omega is gonna pounce you?"

"Omega?" Veer asked. He wasn't sure who exactly Alpha was either now that he thought about it."

"Alan is Alpha. Oliver is Omega. Back when Alan adopted me, I was teaching myself the Greek alphabet. The nickname just stuck. Oliver is father's first student. He's a bit like an annoying older brother," Kit explained.

"Oh." Veer fell silent and felt very out of place. "Are you sure it's okay Boss? I mean I really don't want to intrude."

Kit let out an exasperated sigh. "Just get inside the house, Veer. You're already here."



Arashi cracked open his eyes, glaring at the sunlight that was hitting his face. He supposed he should get up. There was a call to make.

Slowly he tumbled into the kitchen grabbing the phone and a bowl. As he poured cereal into his bowl, he dialed a number.

"Hi mom. Merry Christmas."


"Alright time for the family photo."

Seika sighed but otherwise didn't protest as her brother dragged her out of the seat onto the couch.

"I'll take the picture," Ita offered.

"Oh no you don't," Sano said. He grabbed his sister's fiancée and dumped him next to Seika. "You no longer have the right to wiggle out of family photos. You're marrying into the family in a year. The camera timer and tripod will do all the work."

"I'm marrying into the family," Ita asked with an amused smile.

Seika shrugged. "Technically speaking, I'm first born child so yes. You are. This is why I told you we should go see your parents first."

Sano shoved himself onto the couch in between his wife and Ita, placing his daughter on his lap. "Alright, get ready. Smile!"


"You're Asho!"

Asho stood, frozen in the doorway as a young woman with black hair tackled him. "You're the guy who finally melted my sister's cold heart."

"Serphia," Tam said from inside. "You're terrifying him."

Serphia smiled and dragged Asho into the house. "I really want to hear how you managed to convince her to date you," she whispered.

"Serphia," Tam warned.

"Going going!"

As Serphia vanished back into her room, Tam turned to Asho and sighed. "Don't mind her. You didn't have to come."

Asho just smiled. "I wanted to spend today with you."

"So cute! Smile for the camera!"




Hotaru crossed her arms and gave her husband a stern stare. "Is Aero alright?" she demanded.

Kai let out a sigh of relief. "Yes he's fine. But are-"

"How long?" Hotaru interrupted.

"Six hours. Hotaru, dear. Are you-?"

"Good then I haven't missed Christmas yet," Hotaru interjected. Her eyes narrowed. "Unless I got transported somewhere farer than I thought. Where am I?"

"New York City, still," Kai answered. "Koibito, are you alright?"

Hotaru ignored the question again as she peered over Kai's shoulder. Burying a body in the dirt was an older couple. "Are those your parents?" she asked.

Kai looked behind him. "Um, yes?" he said hesitantly. His parents had surprised him by showing up right before the storm hit and Kai hadn't work up the courage to inform his wife about their arrival. "They came to help rescue you?"

He quietly waited for any reaction from his wife. While being kidnapped was nothing new to her, Kai knew her patience was thinned from being away from Aero and him for so long. Not to mention the sudden arrival of his parents too. Oh sure his parents adored Hotaru and the same went for her too. But his parents often wonder what it would be like if Kai had married a nice ninja girl instead.

"I'm really sorry that some enemies followed them here and decided to kidnap you. What kind of husband am I that I failed to protect you?" Kai started blurting out.

Hotaru leaned over and kissed him. "It's okay dear. If I panicked every time I got kidnapped, I would have had a nervous breakdown already."

Kai let out a sigh of relief. She wasn't mad. Or upset. She had not answered his question yet but as far as he could see, there were no visible wounds. Hmm. Now how to tell her the next part? "I don't suppose this is a good time to tell you that the entire clan is here?" he asked sheepishly.




Tony shouted gleefully. Pepper and Steve were in the kitchen, flipping pancakes for Christmas breakfast. "You too are my favorite people in the world," Tony said, grabbing a plate. "Well Pepper's always my favorite, but Steve you've just moved up."

"Thanks," Steve said amused.

"Merry Christmas," Pepper greeted.

The rest of the Avengers stumbled into the living room soon enough. To Tony's delight, French toast and waffles soon joined the plates of the pancakes. Coulson showed up with a fresh pot of coffee shortly after.

They had just finished breakfast when Clint decided to point out the elephant in the room. "Who is the big box from?"

Sitting innocently in the middle of the living room was an Avengers themed wrapped gift with a large red and gold bow sitting on the top.

"You guys should open it," Pepper in a teasing tone. "I think you'll like it."

They opened the box to find it full of books. "How to Survive Christmas at SI," Natasha read.

"What are these?" Steve asked. He blushed a bright red to see there was a whole entry dedicated to him not being allowed to destroy the lobby and be near unstable (and stable) technology.

"I didn't think they were real," Bruce said. "I thought for sure she was joking."

"This will come in handy," Coulson remarked as he flipped through the pages.

Tony just smiled as he pulled out the card from the box. He had to admit, he did have the best employees ever.

To: The Avengers (and Agent Coulson too)

From: the Employees

Welcome to the family.

Merry Christmas.