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Chapter One

The boy filled with dread, his blue eyes having lost all hope. The enchanted balloon still hung in the kitchen, faintly singing "happy birthday". But this was not what the boy had been waiting for all day. He'd been waiting for his Hogwarts letter. He looked at his parents. The boy's mother, who had his eyes, looked down at him, and the sky blue eyes were filled with tears. The boy's father, who had his blond hair, was suddenly crying, and he clutched the boy's mother for support.

"Oh, Gabriel," he cried. He leaned on his wife, who led him into the kitchen. Gabriel fell onto the stairs, which gave a soft poof as his bottom met the carpet. But he hardly noticed this. He was thinking about what could possibly have happened.

July 7th fell in through the family's windows, shining in with the utmost brightness. There could not have been a more perfect day then today to hang out with his friends, thought Gabe, to tell them he had finally gotten his Hogwarts letter. After days of careful planning, Gabe's mother had thrown a party, to end with perfect accordance to when the morning post arrived. Anxiously waiting in the halls of their monstrous yet elegantly beautiful Wiltshire, England home, they stood there for about two minutes, and then the post had arrived. Excited, Gabe had rifled through the pile of junk and birthday wishes, looking for a heavy piece of yellow parchment.

But no piece of yellowing parchment had appeared behind the next letter. It's a big pile, Gabe's mother had said, you'll find it, she said with confidence.

Only to be disappointed two minutes later. No Hogwarts letter had arrived at the house, and Gabe was devastated, not only because he didn't get to go to Hogwarts, but because he had let down his parents. Sure, he had lots of friends, and he fancied a girl named Natasha, also to go to Hogwarts with him, but he also prided himself on having both parents. Most had lost one parent to Lord Voldemort's rise to power, though there were some, like Gabe's best friend Nathan, who still had both parents. But Nathan's mother was seriously ill from giving birth, and she was at St. Mungo's. And he only saw her once a month! He told Gabe that Gabe must have been the luckiest man on earth.

But he, unlike Gabe, had recieved a Hogwarts letter, about five months ago in mid-February, when his own birthday was. And now Gabe was going to have to think of what to say to him! What would Nathan say if Gabe told him he was a Squib? Would he laugh, or sympathize? Gabe suspected the latter, but, knowing the rest of his friends, they would all laugh. His perfect little life had been marred by not getting a Hogwarts letter! It was just so bloody unfair, and so awful!

Gabe's father had told him that they had descended from very great wizards, generations of Ravenclaws! Clever, wise and thoughtful, through and through! The thought of being a Squib had never struck Gabe or his father! Their family had been wizards for ages. No Squibs had ever been produced in their family, not once!

But now the full on future of being a Squib fell squarely on Gabriel's shoulders. What would happen now, now that he knew he was a Squib? Would his parents send him to one of those Muggle schools, or would they keep him close? Even if Gabe lied to his friends about getting a letter, they would surely find out in a few month's time, and that was if Gabe was lucky! They would surely notice that Gabe had no extraordinary magical powers. Or at least Nathan would. Nathan's family, too, had come from generations of Ravenclaws on his mother's side, and his father was from Gryffindor, the very best House of all!

Gabe wasn't aware that his feet were moving until he was up the stairs and going to his room. He pulled out his favorite quill, grabbed a piece of parchment, and started to write to Nathan.

Dear Nathan,

How are you? Thanks for the birthday card, it was really funny. Did your sister do it? I know she's just graduated from Hogwarts.

Speaking of Hogwarts, I wanted to talk to you about that. It's my birthday, and I didn't get one. Me and my parents suspect I'm a Squib. Please don't make fun of me. I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone, except perhaps Natasha, about this, but would you tell them I'm sick and not allowed out of the house? It would really mean a lot to me of you did. Since we won't be seeing each other very often now, this will be the last favor I ask of you.

Your friend,


Gabe rolled up the parchment and gave it to the family owl, Moon. She ruffled her bright white feathers and flew out into the July air. Then he sat on his bed. He started to write feverishly to his older sister, Adala about the happening. She was currently in France with a bunch of her mates from Hogwarts. Gabe loved her dearly, and she's been in the same year as Nathan's older sister.

He waited for Moon to come back; Nathan's house wasn't far from here. Then he let her rest for a while, and tied the piece of parchment to her leg and sent her off to France to find his sister.

Before he knew it, he was dozing off. He dreamed something very strange, but when he woke up, he didn't remember anything of what had happened. He fell back asleep, and dreamed that he was at a party.

Natasha was there, too, and they wandered into a strangely dark room, where they proceeded to talk about boys and girls going out. Natasha had said it was her first time on a date, even though they weren't technically speaking on a date. Then she leaned in and was about to kiss him when he jerked awake, feeling elated. Then he realized they hadn't kissed.

He had a leaping feeling in his chest, then a sinking one. His heart slowing down from the fifty-meter dash it had been running, he noticed a small bit of parchment on his cluttered desk. About to open it, excited at this piece of post, his father interrupted.

"Gabriel Argus Filch! Come down here please!" he called. Gabe winced as his father said his middle name, Argus, for he hated it. But nevertheless, Gabriel Argus Filch slumped slowly out of his room, dreading about what would happen downstairs.

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