Natasha's P.O.V.

Natasha was bored sitting in Gabriel's office. She wanted to be outside, stretch her legs in a place other than in her cat form. She was desperate to see that girl—Lily—again, but she had no idea where Lily's dormitory was or what year she was in.

The only way, she supposed, was to leave the office and explore the castle. She'd have to find out what Lily's routines were, where she'd go, or if she could speak to Lily directly. That would be easier.

But what was Natasha so desperate for? She decided that she was desperate for news. She needed to know what was going on outside. She couldn't ask Dumbledore—she knew for a fact that Dumbledore hated her. She wasn't sure what for, but she knew it. Yes, asking Lily would be the right thing to do.

Natasha transformed into a cat. She would miss this office. But she had to leave Gabriel if she was to be free. She slept the entire night, safely, soundly. That was one thing she was going to miss about Hogwarts: safety.

Early next morning, Natasha crawled out of her bed, and crept into the hallway, of course as a cat. She went back inside and got her bags. She cast a Disillusionment Charm on the bags. Gabriel never went near the front doors during the day, so she was pretty sure they'd be okay.

She transformed back into a cat and started towards the Great Hall. There was a Quidditch Match today, and she was sure the students had all gotten up early to see it.

Natasha slunk around the edges of the doors of the Great Hall, searching for Lily. She still wasn't sure which House Lily was in, but she concluded that she would be Ravenclaw…yes, that girl was very smart. Natasha scanned her hazel eyes across the Hall, sweeping.

Suddenly, she saw something. A small girl with red hair slipping under a boy with tousled black hair's arm at the Gryffindor table. "Just stop it, James!" Lily said, visibly upset. "I can't be bothered with you." she said. She stormed out of the Hall, her head raised high.

Now that was a true Gryffindor if Natasha ever saw one.

"Ah, bad luck, mate," said a boy with long black hair next to the boy who had upset Lily. Lily turned back to them.

"Oh just shutup, Sirius! The both of you. You spoil everything!" Lily continued to walk out of the Hall and into a deserted hallway. Natasha followed her.

Lily must have sensed her, because she turned round and shouted, "Oh just leave me al—oh. It's you." She ran back up the corridor, looked both ways and turned back to Natasha. "Alright. What is it?" She crouched beside Natasha.

Natasha sprung into human form. "I'm leaving Hogwarts." she said immediately. Lily clapped a hand over her mouth. Natasha had expected this, of course, but she didn't actually think that Lily was attached to her.

"You can't leave Hogwarts!" Lily whispered fiercely. "Filch loves you too much. I've seen the way he looks at you."

"I know," Natasha said sadly. "That's why I'm leaving. He's too overprotective of me. I'm desperate for information of what's going on outside. I thought you could help me."

Lily crossed her arms, looking upset and angry. "How could I help you? I'm not even allowed to use magic outside of school. I'm not yet seventeen. Not even close to it, in fact."

"I can protect you." Natasha insisted. "I've heard of this spell that conceals a witch or a wizard who is underage and allows them to use magic."

Lily shook her head. "I don't want to break any Wizarding Law. We might get caught. And Filch will catch onto your plan soon."

"But remember?" Natasha said, tapping her head. "He's a Squib and he can't do magic. That and no one in this entire school gives a damn about what's wrong with him. He'll probably think I've been kidnapped by one of the students. It'll take him a long time to figure out I'm not here, and even longer for him to figure out what I've done." she shook her head. "I can't be here any longer. I'm so sorry, Lily. Just come with me. I'll need you for some things. I haven't used magic in quite some time, so I'm a bit rusty." Lily raised her hand to object, but Natasha interrupted her. "I'll teach you a few defensive and offensive spells, and after that I'll make sure you can get back to Hogwarts safely. But you have to agree not to tell anyone. Agreed?"

Natasha held out her hand. Lily backed up a few steps. She looked hesitant, and most certainly afraid. Natasha couldn't blame her. She wouldn't have agreed to this plan if it had been presented before her. But she needed Lily's help. She hoped Lily could see it in her eyes.

"Lily," she said. The eleven year old Gryffindor looked away. "Look in my eyes," Natasha said. Lily didn't move. She looked at her shoes, tapping her fingers on her arm. Finally, her eyes flicked up to meet Natasha's. Lily's eyes were so bright…

Finally, Lily stepped forward, and took Natasha's outstretched hand in her own. "You've got a deal," Lily said. "But when shall we do this?"

"We're going tonight," Natasha said.

"Are you ready?" Natasha said, holding her wand out. She was teaching Lily to do a Shield Charm. It was best that Lily learn defense before offense. Lily nodded, her face pale.

"Protego," she said, her wand outstretched.

"Petrificus totalus," Natasha muttered. A spell shot out to meet Lily' barrier, and ricocheted. "Good job, Lily," she said briefly. "Now the Patronus Charm. You've heard of dementors, right?" Lily bobbed her head, her face going paler, if that was possible. "It's very tiring, but I want you to master it before lunch, alright?" Lily nodded.

"Now, the incantation is: Expecto Patronum. Repeat that."

"Expecto Patronum," said Lily nervously, as though the words were clothing that didn't fit her properly.

"Good," Natasha said, smiling. "Now. What matters is the memory you choose. It's got to be a happy one. The happiest you can think of. Close your eyes," Natasha said, and Lily obliged, "and think."

After a few moments, Lily opened her eyes, smiling, and said, "Ready,"


"Expecto Patronum," Lily said, brandishing her wand. A giant figure leapt from her wand. Impressed, Natasha raised her eyebrows. It had taken her several times to produce a corporeal Patronus.

"What is it?" Lily said in awe. The creature nudged its head at her gently, then dissolved and disappeared.

"It was a doe. Your patronus is a doe." Natasha said.

"What's yours?" Lily said curiously.

Natasha smirked. "A cat, obviously. Expecto Patronum!" Natasha cried, and a smaller figure than that of the doe leapt from her wand. The cat rubbed its head against Natasha's leg.

"There's also Protego Totalum," Natasha said, "and Protego Maxima, and also Protego Horribils."

"Okay," Lily said. "What about offensive spells?"

"Well, there's Expelliarmus," Natasha said, raising her wand, and a spell shot at Lily, making her wand fly out of her hand. "And then there's Stupefy," Lily was pushed back onto her bottom on the floor. She stood, laughing.

"And here's one you'll need to remember: Episkey. It heals minor injuries."

"And what about the Unforgivable Curses?" Natasha sucked in a breath. She didn't expect Lily to know them. She dropped her wand on the floor.

"Imperio, Crucio, and Avada Kedavra." Natasha said. "Avoid them at all costs." She picked her wand up. Lily nodded solemnly.

"Another offensive spell is Expulso," Natasha said, pointing her wand at an ugly vase. It exploded and shattered across the walls, smothering the room in dust. Lily and Natasha coughed.

"A defense spell to hide yourself can be Fumo. It provides a smokescreen." Natasha said. Lily nodded. "And the last one is Flipendo. Knocks back your enemies. Those are the most useful ones you'll need for tonight." Natasha checked her watch. "We'd better get going."

Her bags were waiting by the front door, just like she'd left them this morning. Natasha muttered the incantation that would make them float behind her. She opened the door, and no alarms went off.

"Go," Natasha whispered. Lily slipped into the night wearing her black Hogwarts robes. Natasha took one last look at the castle. "I will miss you." she said to no one in particular. She stepped outside and led her belongings into the cool evening. Natasha shut the door behind her.

All of a sudden, a bloodcurdling shriek pierced the calm evening. Natasha turned towards the source of the noise. It sounded so familiar, and so full of pain.

A horrible sight met Natasha's eyes.

Lily. Under the Cruciatus Curse.

"Lily!" Natasha screamed. The bags dropped at the entrance of the school as she lost her concentration. She tore across the grounds to where Lily was being tortured. "Lily!" she screamed again. Lily was twitching on the ground, her face going red, screaming more loudly than Natasha had ever heard anyone, her voice full of pain.

Natasha faced the attacker, and shouted, "Confringo!" A white spell erupted from Natasha's wand and blasted Lily's attacker with vicious fire. The attacker screamed and was knocked to the ground.

"That's right, you—" Natasha screamed, a string full of inappropriate remarks dropping from her mouth. "Interiora egressus!" (A/N: I just made up my own spell incantation!) The spell shot at Lily's attacker and his intestines spewed forth from his chest. He would be left for dead.

"Lily," Natasha said. Her companion lay on the floor. "Lily, get up. You're alright." Lily moaned. "Oh for heaven's sake, deletrius," Natasha said, pointing her wand at Lily. Lily's body relaxed.

"Obliviate," Natasha said. "There. Now you won't remember that." Lily sat up, rubbing her head. Natasha had only erased the memory of her being tortured.

"Let's go," Natasha said.

Lily held her wand aloft. She kept running through the spells in her head frantically, as though they would dribble from Lily's memory like they hadn't even existed.

She and Natasha walked quietly in the direction of the gates of Hogwarts. They got to the gates without incident. "Accio bags," Natasha said, pointing her wand at the distant castle. She faced Lily.

"Well," she said awkwardly. Lily felt awkward as well. They didn't exactly know each other for a long time. "You know what to do?" Natasha asked her. Lily nodded.

"I'll see you, maybe," Natasha said, the corner of her mouth lifting upwards.

Lily nodded. "Yeah, alr—"

"FREEZE!" shouted another voice. Lily flinched. She spun to the source. It was a wizard, holding his wand, wearing a black hood and his left forearm was branded with a tattoo. The Dark Mark.

Death Eaters.

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