Well, here we go. My Larxene fic. For 12/12/2012. I'm making it good.

Anyway, this is going to have twelve chapters. As I type this, I have this and chapter six done. At least, I think it's six.

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The Savage Nymph jumped out of the way of the fireball, glaring at the offending Fire Plant before returning her savage attention to the Barrier Master that was defending it, zapping it over an over again with blasts of of lightning until it dropped it's book, dissipating after one last Thunder, leaving a small, crystalline heart that quickly departed to Kingdom Hearts.

Larxene looked back to the Fire Plant, only to find that Xion had dispatched it with a Blizzard spell and was now continuing with a Fira sent to a Blizzard Plant.

"I was going to torture that one." Larxene spat at XIV, earning a shrug as a Shadow was launched her way. Larxene dispatched it with a stab, then brought down a rain of Thundaga magic around Xion. "Stupid friendly fire rules..." She muttered, glaring at the sky.

"That's all the Hearts we need for today." Xion said, climbing up the side of a house with help from a stall. "It's in the Bazaar." She said.

"Didn't we arrive in front of the palace?" Larxene asked, wanting to zap Xion, or something destroyable, for her stupidity.

"Yes, but Saix had to move the return area because someone nearly fell in it." Xion replied.

"And how do you know this?" Larxene glared as she spoke, Xion pulling the mission details from her pocket.

"Psychic paper." Came the reply, Xion showing Larxene the new message that had appeared. "Come on." This earned the girl a glare strong enough for a nervous chuckle. "Shall we RTC?"

"Yes. I need to destroy something." Larxene's body danced with angry sparks as they headed for Bazaar, Xion forming the Dark Corridor that would take them back to The Castle That Never Was.

Larxene was practically exhausted after her rampage in the training rooms. She practically collapsed onto one of the sofas in the Grey Area, electricity sparking across her fingers. She looked across the room and set her gaze on Demyx, glaring at him. He instantly jumped to his feet. "Footrest." Larxene ordered, smirking as she manipulated Demyx into doing what she wanted through fear.

Axel walked into the room, a wide smirk on his face. "What's up?" He asked.

"You." Larxene glared at him, wondering how much 'electric shock therapy' would make Axel as manipulatable as Demyx already was.

As if on cue, Demyx came running up with a footrest, looking about as comfortable as the sofas (which is to say, not at all), but Larxene deemed it worthy. Demyx placed it on the floor and leapt back as Larxene lifted her feet up onto the stool. "I'll let you..." She was suddenly, and very rudely, interrupted as her feet landed on the uncomfortable cushion.

While Axel had been distracting Larxene was place a wire mesh over the footrest, connecting it to a handy mains supply through a heavily insulated cable. Once Larxene touched it, power was supplied to the circuit, powering up one of the two generators in the Castle with Larxene's electricity. She was drained of her power, painfully.

As the last dregs of lightning were drained from her body, Axel and Damyx shared a laugh and gave each other a high five.

"Safe for twelve days?" Axel said. "Got it memorized Demyx?"

"Yeah. I can't believe it worked!"

Larxene stopped moving, the power fully drained. As Demyx yanked the cable out of the plug, Axel began to lift Larxene onto his shoulder. "Well, come on." He sighed, slumping under the weight as the two of them headed away from the Grey Area.

At one point, Vexen passed them in the corridor. He looked at the three, then smirked. "Revenge is sweet." He muttered, pleased that his invention had been a success.

Well, one chapter done.

I have to tell you this. In each Chapter, there will be a reference. Some will be more vague than others, some will be from pretty obscure things.

Say, for example, this reference is a passing comment and it isn't the most obvious thing, but any fan of the right thing should notice it right away.