Well, despite train wreck after train wreck, we've reached this. The twelfth chapter. The twelfth day. The twelfth month. Happy Super Larxene Day everybody!

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Larxene groaned as she sat up in bed, trying to force herself awake as she reached automatically for the aspirin her bed. Which is when she finally noticed that her headache had gone.

She rubbed her head in surprise, as if she expected that is wasn't about to flare back into agony, then held out her hand. After a few seconds of concentration, a spark flickered out from her fingertip, before a sudden blast emerged from her hand, slamming it into and burning a crater into the wall. She smirked as the rubble knitted itself together, then began to perfect a plan to get her revenge...

"Do I really have to do this Axel?" Demyx whined, looking at the skin coloured modelling clay in his hands.

"What, are you afraid?" Axel teased, making faces in a mirror. "I gave you body armour and she isn't going to get her powers back until tomorrow."

"That's your deduction, right?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Yeah, I'm not gonna trust that..."Demyx turned to leave.

"If you go, I'll tell Saix that you volunteered for every recon mission." Axel smirked. Demyx froze, then gradually turned towards him.

"Fine. But if I die, I'll haunt you."

Larxene walked calmly to the Grey Area, almost nonchalant as she passed door after closed door. She was calm as she entered the room, taking a seat and closing her eyes, acting as if her headache still existed.

She smirked as she heard two pairs of footsteps, barely loud enough to hear.

"She's asleep." She heard one whisper.

"Or faking it..."


Larxene smirked, beginning to charge up power quickly.

She heard hissing, and was surprised when she suddenly felt someone land on her. Her eyes snapped open.

Axel's face was inches above hers, his face grotesquely twisted into a disfiguring sneer, his teeth needle-like.

"Hello Axel." She smirked, seeing the look of shock as he realised that something was wrong.

Suddenly, he began to spasm as thousands of volts of electricity poured into him, circling around back into Larxene to create a continuous flow. Then, just as suddenly, the power stopped. Axel flopped forwards, then was suddenly sent flying, a charged missile headed straight for Demyx, ho had been hovering nervously behind, his face the same as Axel's. Sending one last blast of electricity at them, Larxene stood and left the room, a happy smirk on his face.

At one point, Vexen passed her in the corridor. He looked at her, then gave a knowing smirked, and began to cackle horrifically, the sound fading as the camera zoomed away from the Castle That Never Was...

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