In Ravenwood there a new girl has silver hair and yellow eyes wearing a gold robe with silver trim and a matching hat. A boy was walking he has yellow hair and gold robe with matching hat. He said "Move out the way!" She said "Sorry" she mumbled because she was so scared. He said "Just stay out of Wolf way!" He knocked her books down on the floor. The boy and his friend started to laugh at her and leaving.

A boy and a girl came to help her pick her books. The boy has black hair and red robe and the girl has brown hair and red robe with black trim. The boy said "Are you ok?" the girl said "Yea i'm fine." The other girl said "You better watch out from Wolf TrollFist and Ryan LegendBlade or they will made your life worse." the boy said "I'm Hunter DragonCatcher and this is Sophia my sister" Sophia said "What your name." the girl said "My name is Melissa Drake." Hunter said "Melissa uh that name is beautiful." Melissa started to run into her house. Hunter said "Melissa i didn't mean your beautiful i'm mean your name is beautiful."

Melissa open the door slowy. Sophia said "Do you live here?" Melissa said "Yea I live here." Hunter said "Where your parents we want to meet them." Melissa said "I don't have any parents" Hunter and Sophia was very shocked and said "WHAT! WHAT YOU MEAN!?" Melissa said "When i was a baby my mom got sick and she die and my dad give me away." Sophia said "Who is your parents." Melissa said "My parents are Lucas and Destiny."

Hunter said " Hey you can live with us right Sophia." Sophia said "Yea you can live with us." Melissa said "Thank you." they said "Your welcome." Melissa don't want them to know her real parents will they find out or not.

End of Chapter One

Melissa Drake is my wizard on Wizard101. Lucas, Hunter, Sophia and Destiny are wizards I made up. Wolf is my friend on Wizard101 and Ryan too. I'm using my sister's account to make my own story.