Author's Note: Hey everyone! Long time no see! This new story is based in the summary I gave in my last chapter of More Than Heroes before I decided to delete it. Please read and review as always, and remember this isn't the fourth book to my Popular series, this is a brand new one-shot and possible series! Enjoy!


He ran.

That's what he did best after all. He was faster than lightening, swifter than a cheetah, not to mention smarter than a fifth grader-although his girlfriend liked to argue otherwise. He ran with all his power, but then, he had been running for quite some time and was tiring fast.

Kid Flash was starting to pant, and when he started to pant, he was in deep trouble. He jumped in surprise as he heard and felt an immense explosion just yards behind him. They were shooting at him now? Oh, come on! His pursuers were gaining on him, and he was running out of time.

Why were they following him? Had he done something wrong? Most importantly, who the hell were they? Certainly not from Earth, judging from their oddly shaped space craft.

Kid Flash made the mistake of glancing behind him. In that brief amount of time, the pod had managed to shoot another missile at him, which he narrowly avoided, and soared above his head and right in front of him.

The redheaded teen tried to skid to a stomp, wincing as he felt the hot friction of the pavement on his heels, but it was off no use. He slammed into the side of the mobile, the impact producing stars above his head. Before he even thought about recovering the pod opened and two figures slid into view. Kid Flash looked up at his attackers and felt bile rise in the back of his throat from their revolting appearance.

Gordanians. He had seen them before while working with the Justice League. They were hideous violent creatures with green and blue lizard like skin and oozing orpheuses. Their eyes swam with acid colored liquids and their teeth were mold encrusted and glinting with sharpness.

"Male human of light and speed," one of the guards addressed him. His tongue slick with his native accent and alien fluids. "You have been summoned by the new master of Gordania. His motive will be explained to you at a later date. You will come with us. It is not a choice."

Kid Flashed raised his eyebrows not at all intimidated. He casually pushed the tip of one guard's spear away from his being as he answered. "Guys, I'm flattered, really. But doesn't all of this seem a bit sudden?" He looked from one guard to the other and when he realized he wasn't going to get an answer he continued. "I mean, I'm sure you're all impressed by my amazing speed and strength, not to mention my cunning behavior, but-"

"Enough Light of Speed," the second guard snapped. "You will come with us, now."

Kid Flash paused, all joking behavior melting off his features. His eyes narrowed. "And what happens if I don't?"

The Gordanians exchanged glances and then snapped their fingers. Immediately two more guards spilled out of the craft with a gagged Jinx between them. Her face was smeared with dirt and her hair was a complete nightmare, but what made Wally West horrified the most was the terror in her unusual pink eyes.


"Don't you think it's so much more peaceful now that the twins are off visiting Guatemala?" Bumblebee asked, sighing in relaxation as she plopped ungracefully onto the Titans' East couch.

"I would be more relaxed if Speedy stopped bringing fish tacos home for lunch!" Aqualad complained, turning away from the ginger stuffing his face with said tacos.

"Wha? Itsh nwot wike I'm smwushing it in ywor face wor anything," Speedy spat, bits of fish flying out of his mouth.

The Atlantean turned a bright green and then smiled evilly as an idea popped into his mind. He held up the redhead's favorite comb and placed one hand on either end, ready to snap the plastic in half if necessary.

Speedy swallowed and narrowed his eyes, his mask shrinking into two tiny slits. "Don't. You. Dare!"

Bumblebee smacked her head. Why did she ever think it was peaceful in that tower? Maybe she could get away from those two bickering if she called Herald. He had been extremely nice to her lately, and surely he could distract her from the horrible nightmarish devils she called her teammates.

Before she could even summon the energy to get up off the couch a giant space pod crashed into their living room, scattering electronics, furniture, and fish tacos everywhere, including into Aqualad's face.

"What the-" Speedy started but was cut off as a dart sailed over and stuck its needle into his neck. He collapsed a moment later.

"Speedy!" Aqualad and Bumblebee gasped at the same time, but it became futile to make any other movements as they soon had their own sedatives buried deep within their skin.

The Gordanians carried their limp bodies into their spacecraft and the door slid behind him. They laid the fallen Titans before a large commander chair which happened to seat the leader of the military.

"We have captured the Titans East, Lord Trogaar," one said, as they all bowed before their commanding officer.

Trogaar was silent for a moment before he stood up from his chair and walked down to meet his minions. "Good work, my fellow Gordanians. Our new Grand Ruler shall be very proud in deed. However we have yet to capture our most valuable prize. Soon the Princess shall be ours, and her friends…will be very willing to help our cause….or they shall meet their demise."

He sat back down on his commanding throne, his eyes narrowing into acid colored slits. "Set courses to the city of Jump. I have some unfinished business to settle with these so-called Teen Titans.