It was so quiet. All that could be heard was their breathing as they travelled deeper into space. The three looked at one another, unsure of what to say. Finally Robin spoke up.

"Where did you set the coordinates to?" he asked Blackfire, signaling to the controls.

She stared blankly at him. "Earth, unless you would rather go to Drenthax 4."

Robin shook his head, and began to take the oxygen mask off, however Starfire's hand stopped him.

"Do not do so yet," she told him. "My sister must exit the space craft first."

Blackfire laughed bitterly. "I guess that's your own sweet way of telling me to get out?"

Starfire stared at her in horror. "Of course n-not," she stuttered in disbelief. "I merely assumed that you would not be joining us back to the planet Earth."

"Whatever little sister, it was time I leave anyhow." She pressed on of the control's buttons and opened the door to the craft. "See you around," she paused, "Or…maybe not," she added shrugging as she flew away.

Starfire stared after her and then followed, squeezing Robin's arm briefly before exiting and then closing the door behind her. "Sister wait," she called after she had flown a good distance away from the pod.

Blackfire halted and turned around, her eyebrows raised. "Well, well, isn't this a pleasant little surprise. What is it this time, Starfire? Come to beg me to stay with you and your pathetic little friends?"

Starfire stiffened considerably. "Watch what you say. If it were not for my friends, you would not be alive. I wanted to give you this," she reached into her pocket and pulled out the vial, before placing it securely in her sister's hands. "I trust that you will take care of it."

She smirked, clutching the little bottle. "Of course, I would be foolish not to. Not that you would be able to handle it."

"Komand'r," she said hardly, her eyes narrowed. "I have grown tired and greatly confused for your hatred for me. I have never done anything to harm you intentionally. Why do you persist in treating me poorly? You have never felt this way toward our brother, or at least, you have never showed it openly."

Blackfire snorted. "I never needed to worry about Ryand'r. I took care of him a long time ago."

Starfire's blood froze and a sinking feeling occurred within her. "W-what do you mean? Our father sent him away so he was not to be harmed. You could never have-"

"Why don't you suppose that he never came back?" she sneered. "He could have found his way back to Tamaran eventually, long after the war was over. Not unless he was sent to G'konas Nebula…or someone sent him there."

Starfire suddenly had trouble breathing. The G'konas Nebula was known for its plentiful black holes. Travel there was forbidden, as she had pointed out to her when she had first come to Titans' Tower.

"You…you…clorbag!" she shouted, her voice choked with anger and sorrow.

Blackfire pretended to look appalled and clicked her tongue in mock disappointment. "Now, now Starfire, is that any way to speak to your sister?"

Starfire slowly flew away from her, a cold stare masking her normally pleasant features. She shook her head at Blackfire, a new feeling welling up inside her. "No," she said. "You are not my sister. You shall see. Someday, I will find Ryand'r, for he is the only family I have left."

She then flew away toward the spacecraft, not looking back at the shocked expression on Blackfire's face. By the time she had stepped inside the craft once more, she was gone.

"Hey," Robin said softly, removing the oxygen mask and giving her a gentle smile, "Is…everything okay?"

She looked at him and expected herself to collapse in his arms, and bury her face in his shirt, so he could fight away all her fears, but in the end she did not. She gazed at him lovingly and thought of her new life, her new friends, and her new home, which they would be returning to in a matter of hours.

"I believe, that everything is perfect now," she told him truthfully, and his smile grew wider.

Then she took his hand, never, ever, intending to let go.

The End

Author's Note: This is it people, no sequel, no alternate ending. Thanks so much for sticking around for the end, it means a lot. I wanted to note that I got that line about Starfire's family from the Teen Titans Go comics; it was just too good to mess with. Keep an eye out for Little Robin Redbreast, as well as my soon to be announced Red Series. So long!

P.S: If you REALLY liked this story, then you will love the Red series. Not kidding people, I highly recommend it. There will be so many twists and turns, and none stop action, especially in part two! If you want to know more about it then just PM me! I will be happy to listen and reply!