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The snow had come during the last few days. The Zoras had left a month ago to warmer waters. Their area was frozen each and every winter, so they couldn't stay at the Domain. Most left to the sea at Termina but few moved further from there to meet their friends and family.

High at Death Mountain were the Gorons. Because the mountain was actually a volcano, the rock eating creatures had no worry over cold and snow. The town under the mountain, the Kakariko Village, was a different thing. People lived happily at there and actually liked the snow once it came.

The Gerudos who lived close to the desert, had no problems of snow either. When they did want to see the snow and play in it, they just left their area to Hyrule field. For snow at winter, they didn't need to go too far either but the way was slightly dangerous at some parts. The rocks after the bridge, and even close to it, froze and sometimes there was the fear of the bridge actually breaking. But for the safety measures, the bridge was checked each summer so it would be working at winter too.

The Lake Hylia was like Zora's Domain. It froze over fully. There was no chances of getting to Water Temple without lot of hard work of melting and breaking the ice. And fishes at the fishing pond left the area. This was also the reason it was the best place for ice skating. Zora's Domain was cool place too but it was after all a home for Zoras, so it wasn't actually nice to go to there for ice skating.

And rest of Hyrule had their fair share of snow. Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Field, Lon Lon Ranch, Castle Market, Hyrule Castle and its surroundings were nearly filled with snow. Children truly liked the weather while the older people just tolerated it. Luckily the snow and cold air didn't do much of trouble for people's lives in the end.

Link woke up early at that day. He had happily watched the snowing for the past couple of days and now it had stopped snowing. He had been saying good-bye to Zoras when they had left. "See you at next spring!" Link had called to them while watching them swim away. Zoras had nodded and then followed the river away from Hyrule. Sure, the fact that the Zoras left was saddening, but the Hero knew them to come back at next year once the snow and ice had melted.

The Hero of Hyrule got up and actually put on his red tunic. It was that time of the year and he gladly dressed up for the occasion. And the red tunic was better anyways for its heat keeping ability.

Link looked around at his small room. He had wanted to please princess Zelda, so he had actually cleaned his room yesterday. And he had planned to keep it like that until the next year started.

It was still really early when Link sneaked out of his room. Ganondorf and other enemies had been gone ever since he had killed the Lord of Darkness and Evil. There were no signs for new enemies ever since but he wasn't going to drop his guard just because it looked calm. And he did have few places to go to while getting ready for upcoming Christmas.

Link sneaked through the castle to the stables. Epona greeted him happily and Link greeted her with same happiness. He got the mare ready and rode out of the castle as quietly as they could. The market place was quiet but the horse left trail of hoofmarks on the snow. Link had forgotten that so he cursed a bit in his mind about it but decided not to care. If someone wanted to follow him, then so be it.

Link had decided to check the whole area inside of the first week. Just to make sure everything was alright at Hyrule. But before he was to start his round, he left towards Lake Hylia. Epona left to gallop gladly to keep the cold off. Very soon they arrived to the gates of Lake Hylia and the mare jumped gracefully over them.

The Hero slowed his ride a bit after the second and last fence. They looked around the lake and Link sighed bit sadly when he saw the ice. He had known the lake to freeze nearly to the bottom at some areas but he always forgot it when the winter came. He stopped Epona at the start of the ice and came down. Epona left to look around but stayed close by.

Link walked to the ice. He slipped few times but managed to stay upright. Deciding that it was bit too slippery, he put on the iron boots. Magic was strong at Hyrule and when one didn't need one thing or other, those just shrank for better moving. The Hero walked lot slower with the iron boots but he wasn't slipping on the ice anymore.

Link walked towards an island which was above the Water Temple. He stopped far enough from the island so he could look straight down towards the entrance of the temple before he crouched down. Link sighed sadly while touching the ice with his right hand. "I always forget that it freezes over at winter." He whispered sadly.

"And you always forget that I come out of there before that happens." Came a sly reply right behind him. Link was startled badly. He rolled forward, turned around and faced his enemy with sword ready in his hands. But he calmed down on the instant he saw his enemy.

"Dark!" He called happily and sheathed his sword. The shadow of the Hero just chuckled but nodded. Link walked to him with a smile on his face. "I never get used to that trick of yours." He stated with a chuckle.

"I know. That's why it's so fun to keep doing it." Dark replied with a grin. He raised straight off his hand when Link was going to ask something. "And no, I still won't tell the way I do it." The darker Link stated. When the Hero looked a bit saddened, Dark laughed. "Maybe someday but that's not today." He said and nodded towards the shore.

Link nodded to the dark Hylian's unstated question. "Yeah, came to here straight off." He said and the duo started to walk towards the shore where Epona was. The reddish mare didn't care about the dark, nearly black stallion close to her. The two horses were checking for grass and such from underneath the snow. "And you're not going to tell me where that horse came, do you?" Link questioned with a grin even though he knew the answer already.

"Nope." Dark replied. Link laughed and shook his head. They went to their horses and got up. "So, where first?" Dark questioned while coming next to Link.

Link shrugged. "It's your call this month." He replied. Dark nodded and started to think about it. They had been doing this for several years. Link had been first shocked to find that Dark Link was still alive. Link had been first ready to fight but Dark had actually refused from it. He hadn't even pulled out his sword. It had surprised Link thoroughly but he wasn't eager to start the fight either. So, the duo had just sat down and started to talk.

Dark had never fully given any explanations for coming back to life or how he came up from nowhere once in a while. Yet, the darker hero wanted to stay out of sight. He rarely came out of Water Temple during spring, summer and autumn unless Link managed to coax him to follow. He spend most of the time outside the temple during winter. It was the only time when the fishing pond's keeper and the crazy old scientist weren't there. The pond keeper had moved to a small house at Hyrule's market place and the scientist found a place at Kakariko Village.

Dark was just going to head to the gates of the Lake Hylia, but Link stalled. "I gotta check one place first before we leave." He apologized while jumping off of Epona. Dark was bit confused before he remembered the fishing pond.

"Right. Check the place and we can move out. The day's already turning into evening." Dark replied. Link nodded and started to run towards the fishing pond. On the second he stepped to the ice, he screamed and fell to his back. Dark laughed but got off of his horse and ran to help.

By the time Dark got to Link, the hero had already sat up. "Ouch..." He whispered while trying to get up. He was just going to fall back down when Dark got a grip on him.

"Let me help you. With the iron boots you're way too slow and without them you're going to fall." Dark said while slightly snickering. Link looked bit angrily at him but let the dark hero help him through the ice. "I'll wait here." Dark told when Link had gotten to hard ground. Sighing the Hero nodded and went to the door. He had the key to the area since he had promised to check the place during winter time.

Everything was alright at the fishing pond. Link walked once around the place, checked that the pond keeper hadn't forgotten anything and left the area. Dark helped him over the ice again and after that they left out of Lake Hylia and to Hyrule field. It started to snow when the duo had gotten some way away from the gates.

"Night is going to fall soon and then the temperature's going down too." Dark told while looking up to the sky. Link sighed sadly and nodded.

"Guess it's going to be the same way each year." He whispered sadly. Dark dropped his gaze to the snowy ground and stayed silent. "Each time I just get to come and fetch you and then it's already night fall. And we have to say good-bye again..." Link continued quietly.

"Hey, think for the bright side. We still have other days. By the time you've checked the area fully, I'm sure you're sick of me." Dark said trying to sound happy and bit cocky. Link looked at him in mix of sadness and anger.

"Not funny, Dark." The Hero replied. "Why can't you just face it already? I want you to stay by my side as my brother." Link continued but sighed and shook his head. "Fine. I'll see you tomorrow." He stated without giving Dark a chance to say a thing. Link got Epona to gallop and the duo left the dark hero to stand alone in the snowing.

Dark sighed sadly while turning his stallion towards the close by trees. They vanished into the shadows while Link rode towards the Hyrule Castle. The Hero was actually wanting to cry but he fought back the tears and tried to stay calm.


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