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"It's been six and half years! What are you waiting for? You're having a great chance! Use it!"

"Leave me alone! Can't you understand that I turned my back to you long ago?!"

"You fool! You will regret your choice, shadow!"

Dark woke up half screaming. He rose to all four and panted heavily. "Dark!" Link shouted and sat up on the bed. "Are you alright? What happened?" He asked worriedly. The darker Hylian calmed down slowly and shook his head.

"Ah, it's nothing. Just a bad dream... Heh, first one so far." He replied bit grinning. Link sighed in relief.

"You want to talk about it?" The Hero asked still bit worriedly. Dark shook his head.

"Nah, it's already starting to fade from my memory." The darker Hylian replied with slightly nervous chuckle. Link nodded and without thinking gave him a fast hug.

"You gonna be okay, Dark. It takes a while to get used to the dreaming part but usually they're good. Besides, I know what could calm you down better." Link said grinning. "Come on, I know it's early but sneaking around castle is always fun." He continued and jumped off from the bed.

Dark chuckled and followed Link quite eagerly. "Anything's better than to think about that conversation... Shit, I really gotta keep my defense up better." He thought and pushed the conversation far into the back of his mind.

The two Hylians got quite nicely past most of the way but during one hallway Link turned around, pushed Dark against the closest wall and put his hand over the darker Hylian's mouth. The move shocked Dark really badly but he soon realized the reason for the action.

"Now, do we have everything with us, dear?" Came a female voice.

"Yes, madam, everything is packed and ready." Was the reply of a male voice.

"Good. Then we shall leave. I just hope we could've seen Princess Zelda and Knight Link... And even that darker guy...What was his name again?... Oh, Knight Dark!" The woman said happily.

"True but this is the custom, madam. And Knight Dark truly had a way with his words. I have never seen anyone outtalk knight Argan like that. Excellent work from him." The male replied eagerly.

The woman laughed but the two Hylians didn't hear their words anymore. Link sighed in relief and pulled off. "Sorry but I'm not eager to meet with any of the guests." He said bit apolitically.

Dark had slightly blushed at the woman's male companion's words but he grinned to Link and nodded. "I think I can understand what you mean." He replied. Link smiled happily. He hadn't noticed the blush on Dark's face because of the dim light.

"Good. Now, come one. We'd better hurry before we do crash up with someone." He stated and started to guide Dark forward on the hallways.

Soon the duo entered empty kitchen. "Just take whatever you want, Dark. Kitchen is in these few days fully open to everyone and anyone." Link explained while going to get two plates and glasses from the cabinet. Dark looked around the room while Link gathered the needed items for eating.

"Can I ask one thing?" Dark questioned bit worriedly and Link nodded for an answer. "You are going to inform me about my food? There isn't yet much that I know of." He continued bit ashamed. Link's smile widened.

"Of course I'll fill you in. And besides, as you have noticed, there is lot of more food than just simple sandwiches." The Hero said grinning and started to get some foods out. Dark followed him, asked from time to time and tasted nearly all that there was for food.

The two Hylians had lot of fun while eating. Dark got new foods for his knowledge and new words with a meaning. They talked a bit without much of a topic and once they were ready, they cleaned the kitchen and left back towards their room.

"You lead, Dark, and I'll follow. It would be good idea if you'd learn your way around too." Link said and let Dark take the lead. "And don't worry about going wrong way. It is just a way of learning." He continued and the darker Hylian nodded before starting to try and recall the way back to their room.

Suddenly, at one dark corner, Link pulled Dark backwards and put his hand over the darker Hylian's mouth. The move shocked Dark once again but this time he knew the reason for the action. An elderly woman walked right past them and talked quietly to the Hylian knight who had been ordered to look after her wishes. Once they had gone past, both Link and Dark sighed in relief. Right after that they both chuckled a bit.

"As you probably already figured out, you had right way but I'm still not eager to talk with them." Link said with a grin.

"I kinda guessed the second part but not that of much of the first one." Dark replied with slight shrug but he had a happy grin on his face.

"Well, I'm not going to pull you like that if you choose a wrong way." Link replied smiling and nodded towards the way they were going. "Just keep on going, Dark, you really had the right way." He continued and Dark nodded before heading back to the way they were going.

It took Dark only two wrong turns to get back to their room. Once at there, Dark went again straight to sit to the bed. Link grinned a bit. "You really like that bed, huh?" He asked and chuckled a bit.

Dark just shrugged. "It's the softest thing I've ever felt." He replied with a grin. Link laughed and shook his head.

"Nice to know my bed's the softest thing in your life." The Hero said grinning. Dark didn't think about what he was doing when he put out his tongue at him. That only got Link to laugh even more. He really had few selected words up and about on his tongue but kept his mouth shut. "He's such a child. But, if I say that... I might just hurt him again." He thought bit sadly.

"Okay, so how about we undo the backpack?" Link eventually asked and turned to look at the backpack on the floor. Dark stood up and walked to the said pack. Together they started to take clothes and food as well as other things out of there and search for right place for them. Link did bit of more room into his drawer, cabinet and chest for Dark's things.

Once the work was done they both sighed in relief. "I think I gotta check the drawer and cabinet later on better to really look for room for your clothes too." Link eventually said while sitting down to the bed. Dark just shrugged and followed him to the bed.

"I don't know, Link. I doubt I'm going to be having much of stuff anyways." The darker Hylian replied bit sadly. Link chuckled.

"Oh, come on, Dark! You need change of clothes, at least!" He stated. "And room for those. Not to mention then your sword and shield plus other things of yours. The least we'll do is to get a chest for ya." Link continued grinning.

Dark shrugged. "I'm still not sure about it, Link." He replied hesitantly. "I mean that I might not stay longer than the two weeks... I just..." The dark Hylian started but shut his mouth on the second he noticed the bit sad look on the Hero's face. "Sorry for bringing it up..." Dark eventually muttered.

Link sighed and shook his head. "Nah, it's no big deal." He replied and shrugged. "How about we'd change clothes, clean the room and leave outside for a while?" The Hero suggested while wishing to change the topic once again.

Dark nodded. "Sounds like a good idea..." He replied and took the yesterday's red tunic up. Link just nodded and started to do the bed.

"I just can't keep my mouth shut, huh?" Dark thought bit grimly while washing up. "I just should enjoy the time I have and not think about the future..." He continued sighing.

Link handled the bed easily and started to clean the room from clothes and other things. "Just calm down. You got two weeks with him! Enjoy the time and don't worry about the future." He thought while trying his hardest to hold on to the happiness. "I just hope it won't be like this whole time... We had it better before..." Link sighed and leaned backwards against the table. "Why can't we go back to what we had?" He mumbled.

"Because I'm not a shadow anymore." Came the bit sad reply. Link shouted in shock and jumped a bit while turning around.

"Gah! You seem to have a good trick of scaring me." The Hero said and chuckled then. "Really, how the heck you can sneak around like that?" He asked grinning while trying his hardest to ignore Dark's reply. The darker Hylian just shrugged.

"You seem to be really out of noticing anything whenever I come to the room." Dark replied and sighed then. "I'm not a shadow anymore, Link. That's the main reason we can't go back to what we had. And I have been alive for how long? About two weeks? So, I'm just learning and... I get confused and frustrated and..." He started, sighed then and shook his head. "I'm not even sure if this was a good idea anymore..." The darker Hylian mumbled sadly.

"Hey, Dark..." Link started and walked to the darker Hylian. "I'm here, okay? I'm eager to help on any possible way I can. Just calm down and give it some time. It'll be alright with time, I'm sure of it." He continued and hugged Dark. "You're not alone."

Dark sighed sadly but nodded. "I guess." He replied and shrugged. "Oh, yesterday you asked where I learned to talk the way I did and dance..." The darker Hylian started and Link pulled off a bit to look at him. "It was at Gerudo Fortress. I kinda was stuck in there for couple of days and they taught me." He continued with a slight shrug and a small blush.

"Nice~. You got better teacher than me, then." Link said with slight grin.

"I did hope you could've taught me but, well..." Dark started but trailed off. "And those two aren't even all they taught me..." He thought, shook his head and grinned a bit. "So, your turn to wash up, Link." Dark stated and pulled off of the hug.

Link huffed a bit. "I was having a nice place there, you know." He said grinning but shrugged then. "But, I guess you're right. I'll be right back then." The Hero continued and went to wash up and change clothes.

Dark walked to the table and sat down. "I did this for him but I don't think I ever thought what it would mean to me. And yesterday... We had... Well, I guess it is a fight. Yeah, first real fight. Not that it would've been first in my whole life but first in the lifetime that I've actually felt something. And it still hurts." He thought, sighed and started to trace a small rounds on the table while waiting for Link. "There's so little that I do know. And... Is Link even willing to teach me? I mean that... Our current state..."

"Dark?" Link called bit worriedly. The darker Hylian was bit startled but he turned around quite fast. "What's in your mind?" The Hero continued and walked to the table.

Dark sighed and shrugged. "Everything and yet nothing." He replied.

Link grinned slightly. "Care to explain?" He asked and pulled a chair for himself. Dark just shrugged. "Oh, come on, Dark! If you don't explain, how am I supposed to be able to help you? You need to let me in." Link stated, sighed and shook his head. "So good start for the day and now this... Why is life so freaking hard?"

"I guess I'm... I'm just confused and bit scared, I guess." Dark eventually replied and shrugged. "Things were easier before and now... It's all so confusing. And hard." He continued bit exaggerated. "I don't know if I can take it!" The dark Hylian half shouted while fighting back against the tears and the small lump in his throat.

Link was fast to hug him. "Just calm down. Life's never easy. If someone should know, then it's me." He said as calmly as he could. "And I'm here to guide and help you as well as I can. I won't leave you on your own, Dark, I promise." The Hero continued.

"If I just had known..." Dark whispered quietly. Link sighed.

"If you knew, you wouldn't have chosen for this life. Is that what you're trying to say?" The Hero asked quietly. Dark fell silent. Link sighed again but tightened slightly the hug. "How am I going to prove you that I'll stand by you whole time? That I won't let you fall into pieces." Link asked desperately. "Please, Dark, please, let me help."

"But how?" Dark questioned quietly with slightly shaking voice.

Link sighed and pulled off. "I think I got few ideas." He replied with slight grin on his face. Dark frowned a bit. "Come on." The Hero continued and pulled Dark up from the table. He led the darker Hylian out of the room, through the hallways and out through a back door.

Once there he walked further on, bowed down to gather some snow and kept on walking while knowing well enough that Dark would follow him. After a while the Hero turned around and threw the snowball at Dark. The darker Hylian was startled but Link was grinning and creating another snowball again. "How about a match of snowball fight?" The Hero asked carefully.

Dark brushed the snow off and nodded while taking some snow too. "Fine." He replied and avoided the next oncoming snowball. Link chuckled and started to do a third one. Dark threw his own but missed his target.

Real soon they were throwing snowballs at each other. Some hit and some missed but they were having fun none the less. "At least I can get his mind to somewhere else than into the hard questions about life." Link thought happily. "I just gotta teach him to lighten up a bit. Life's not so hard if you concentrate into the good of it." He continued while trying to avoid flying snowball. It hit anyways to his left arm. Link chuckled a bit while doing his own attack. "At least he's having fun now and gaining accuracy quite well."

Dark was truly having fun. Avoiding, doing snowballs and throwing them was new and bit exciting. Sure, he had had one snowball fight before but that was long before he was actually alive. Now he truly felt the fun of the game.

Neither noticed princess Zelda who was watching the duo from the second floor window. She was smiling a bit while watching how happy Link was with the darker Hylian. Zelda still wasn't sure what to think about Dark but she was slowly accepting him. The sudden knock on the door startled her and forced her to take her eyes off of the two Hylians. "Come in!" She called.

The seamstress came in with a package in her hands. "The work is done." She replied, did a curtsey, left the package to close by chair and left. Zelda said her thanks before the elderly woman left the room. The princess walked to the package and sighed. She truly wasn't fully sure about what she was doing but hoped it to be a worthy idea.

Link and Dark returned back inside once they were starting to feel bit cold. Both were smiling and bit laughing. The thoughts were still in Dark's mind but he pushed them to the far end of his mind and decided to concentrate to them later on. He wanted to keep on feeling the happiness and not the sadness, fear and confusion that were nearly whole time present. "But I gotta think them out someday... But today's not the day." Dark decided and kept the smile on his face.

Link led Dark to their room. On the second Dark entered the room he did notice that something was fully different. There was another chest right next to the earlier one. "I got that for you, Dark." Link said with a slight smile on his face. "I know it's not much but at least it is a start." He continued with a shrug.

Dark stared at the equally decorated chest in both awe and shock. "For me?" He asked quietly. Link nodded since he wasn't fully sure anymore if he had actually done the right thing in the end. "Thank you!" Dark shouted, turned around and hugged Link straight off. "My own chest. My very own chest! I haven't really owned anything before besides my clothes, sword and shield. That's all I've ever had."

"We'll just have to find some stuff for you to fill that chest, won't we?" Link replied grinning once they pulled off. Dark nodded eagerly. "I'm glad you like the chest, Dark." He continued smiling.

Suddenly Dark's happiness dimmed a bit. "But... I don't have anything for you..." He whispered sadly. Link chuckled.

"You already gave me the best present you can give." He said smiling. Dark was fully confused which only increased Link's smile. "You gave me your word that you'd at least stay here for the next two weeks. And I've been hoping for you stay at the castle for a long while already." The Hero explained.

Dark sighed. "But, that's not the same thing..." He mumbled sadly. Link hugged him straight off.

"For me it is." He stated as firmly as he could. "Just having you here as my brother is the best I could wish for." Link continued happily.

"You sure?" Dark questioned bit uncertain. Link nodded eagerly. "Thanks." The darker Hylian said and smiled a bit. "He really wants me here." He thought happily. "But can I call this place as home yet? And what actually is home? The place where one lives? If that is the case, then was the Water Temple my home? Or have I had already few place as a home?" He thought bit confused.

"Whatcha thinking, Dark?" Link asked bit worriedly since Dark was slightly frowning.

"What is home?" Dark questioned bit confused. Link blinked bit startled and thought for a while.

"Home is a place where one wants to live. Place which is surrounded by family and friends." The Hero replied. Dark nodded slowly while thinking out.

"Link is so far my only friend and family..." He thought carefully. "Water Temple was just a place where I lived and waited for Link to come to there. I doubt that's home. And Gerudo Fortress... I spend few days at there and got few friends, or at least I hope I did. That's probably closest so far that I can call as a home. And that scientist's place... Well, it is not mine to start with so I guess that's out of counting. And so we come to here... Link lives here and he's asked me to come here too..." Dark sighed since he wasn't sure if he had actually come to any kind of conclusion yet. There also was one another place he could've thought about but it also had one simple problem. The said place was destroyed. "What does home feel like?" The dark Hylian eventually asked bit confused.

"Like a place where you really want to stay at." Link replied straight off without hesitation. "I hope you really want to live in here, Dark..." He continued in his thoughts. Dark just nodded and thought it out.

"I can't yet say anything but I guess after few days I'll know since I'll get better feeling to here." Dark thought and took a deep breath. "I guess I can't say for sure yet since I need to stay longer in here to know better." He stated out with a shrug.

Link nodded smiling. "At least he's not striking this place down without giving it a chance." He thought while feeling bit hopeful. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Come on in." Link called bit confused and gave a short shrug to Dark.

Zelda walked in and held something behind her. She was feeling bit nervous and her gaze went from Dark to Link and back to Dark. "I have something for you, Dark." The princess said and took the well packed package out of behind her.

Dark was surprised about the present. He glanced at Link once who only nodded. The dark Hylian took once a deep breath and took the presented package. "Um... Thank you, princess." He replied while starting to open the papers. Link was fully eager to find out what Dark actually got.

From the package was found five black tunics and five caps. "I kinda had a feeling that you'd be needing those." Zelda said hesitantly. Both Dark and Link were bit shocked about the present but real soon the darker Hylian was smiling widely.

"Thank you, princess! This is cool!" Dark half shouted. "Wow! I actually got something to put into my chest!" He thought happily. Zelda smiled and nodded.

"You're welcome, Dark. Oh, and merry Christmas." She continued and was bit surprised when Dark's smile even widened a bit.

"Thank you! And merry Christmas to you too." He replied but the smile dropped quite soon. "I hate to say this but I really don't have anything for you..." Dark continued sadly.

Zelda smiled and shook her head. "You actually have already given me a present, Dark." She replied smiling. Dark frowned since he really had no idea what she was talking about. "The gift you've given me is Link's happiness. He truly cares about you and I don't think I've seen him smile that much for a long while." The princess explained happily.

Both Link and Dark blushed a bit and nodded. "Well, I guess that was enough of reasoning. I did do the right decision. There's no doubt of it anymore." He thought with a slight smile. "Thanks." The darker Hylian whispered and glanced at Link. "At least we got mutual friend we want to see smiling and happy." He continued happily.

The rest of the day went past fast. Link and Dark mainly talked and went few times outside to have a match of snowball fight. They also did few snowmen. Out of Dark's request they did visit Storm and Epona too. At the end of the day, Dark fell asleep with a smile on his face as did Link.




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