"Dude, wait up!" Wendy called as she rushed out the door to the twins' room after her boyfriend, hoping to find out the reason behind his sudden and dramatic exit.

She found the dark-haired teen crouched down in a corner of the attic, looking a bit frenzied.

"Robbie, what's wrong?" Wendy asked, leaning down beside him, her tone gentle and hushed as if she was talking to a frightened child.

Robbie looked over at her slowly and then shook his head, not giving her the response she'd hoped for.

"Seriously, what is going on with you right now? Do you realize how much you just scared poor Mabel?" Wendy asked, desperate for an answer and a bit less gentle now.

Robbie blinked in surprise at the sudden change of her tone, but he still refused to answer her.

Wendy took a moment to calm herself down before she spoke again. "I've never seen you like this before. Tell me what's going on, dude."

Robbie sighed and let his shaggy hair fall in front of his face, trying in vain to hide how upset he was. "Don't you realize what's going on, Wendy? Do you not see it?!" He asked, his voice sounding much harsher than he'd thought it would.

Wendy backed up a bit, startled. "What are you even talking about?" She whispered.

"We're going to die, Wendy!" The boy replied, his voice no louder than a whisper. He shook his head, his eyes shut tight.

"Robbie, don't say crap like that! You don't know what'll happen!" Wendy argued, her eyes shifting into an almost accusing glare.

"Maybe I don't know for sure, but that's obviously what Dipper is having his wacked up visions about. I wouldn't be feeling so great either if I saw my sister and friends being brutally murdered! And why else would Mabel be so upset? If she knows what his visions are about, if she has even the slightest clue, then it all makes sense!" Robbie continued, raising his voice now. He looked up at Wendy, and the fright and worry in his expression was unmistakable, even behind his hair and how much he was trying to hide his emotions.

Wendy's eyes widened, and her gaze became distant. The more she thought about what Robbie was saying, the more it made sense.

"No…" She mumbled. "No, there's no way…"

When Dipper's eyes finally fluttered open, freeing him from the world of his feverish dreams, he felt even worse than when he'd last been awake. He felt like he'd just been hit by a ton of bricks. His head still pounded and ached, and he could feel himself trembling violently. When he first opened his eyes his vision was blurry, like an incredibly out-of-focus camera. Everything was just a blur of colors and the faint outline of shapes. In fact, even color wasn't very distinct at the moment. Everything seemed to blend into one single, massive blob. Dipper looked up at the ceiling and felt the room spinning around him. He felt almost like he was on one of those Tilt-a-Whirl rides at a carnival. He tried to focus his thoughts on what had happened in his most recent vision, but for some reason he just couldn't remember it. The memory kept slipping right out of his grasp. Something wasn't right.

He wanted to move. He wanted to be able to jump up and tell the others about what he'd seen and warn them so they could prepare; but not only did he not remember the vision, but he also had no control over any part of his body. It was as if it belonged to someone else. His limbs felt heavy, and he couldn't even find the strength to move his fingers.

"Dipper?! Dipper, are you awake for real this time?" He heard a voice ask. He could see a blur of color right beside him, but the voice sounded distant. He wondered if he was still dreaming. Though he could barely see, he could tell the person beside him was worried. He wondered how long he'd been asleep.

For a while he continued to stare at whoever was near him, trying to figure out who it was. Judging by the long hair, Dipper instantly assumed it was Wendy. He decided to stick with that, and moved on to other thoughts. He was so worried about his now-forgotten vision that he didn't even think to be flustered about how close Wendy was to him right now. He wanted to respond and tell her that he actually was awake, but he didn't have the ability. The person assumed to be Wendy leaned over his bed and he felt her hands on his face. They were incredibly cold against his skin, almost painfully cold; they were like ice cubes, and for a moment he was afraid his burning head would melt them.

"Oh man, that's not good…You're still super warm." Probably-Wendy whispered, her voice full of concern.

Dipper felt her run those ice cold hands through his hair for a moment, and if he were feeling well enough he would have been in a world of bliss. But right now he had other things on his mind.

For a while, all he focused on was trying to get his mouth to move. He needed to talk. It pained him to try to form sentences, and he suddenly wasn't sure how to make the transition from thought to spoken word. But eventually he couldn't focus his thoughts on that for much longer, and they began to wander elsewhere.

The more Dipper thought about it the more he realized that these past few visions had felt different, very different. They were more painful, and he had a much harder time dislodging the visions from his mind. Even the things he couldn't remember seemed to lurk in the back of his thoughts. It was almost as if they were trying to follow him into the waking world. He wished he had the ability to figure out why they were doing this all of a sudden. It was like there was a thick layer of fog surrounding the thoughts he was trying to get to.

Finally, after a few minutes of deep thinking and being fussed over by probably-Wendy, Dipper was able to think a tiny bit more clearly. Sure, it was still difficult, but it was getting better. He wished his vision would have the same clarity, but he was becoming too dizzy to leave his eyes open for long.

"Wendy…I'm so glad you're okay. And...and I'm so thankful that you're here to help us." He choked out as soon as he was able to open his mouth. He didn't sound like himself. His voice was hoarse and quiet, but he couldn't worry about that at the moment. "I didn't sleep through anything important, did I? I-I…Where's my sister?" He asked.

When he was done talking he heard Wendy make some sort of sound, a sound that seemed to be full of confusion and hurt, but he wasn't entirely sure why. After that she was silent. Something definitely wasn't right. Maybe he'd missed more than he thought.

Wendy took a while to regain her composure again before speaking. But when she finally did, the fear had left her eyes and was replaced by something else, determination.

"Listen up, dude. We're not going to die. None of us are. I won't let that happen…You won't let that happen." She said. "Whatever Dipper is seeing in his vision, there's no way of telling whether or not it'll happen. I mean, the future can't already be all mapped out out. He's gotta be seeing just one way things could work. And that means things can change. We can make them change."

Robbie was silent for a while, as if he was thinking over what she had said.

"But what if we don't? What if every possible future sucks and we all die anyway? What if things still don't work out?" He finally asked.

"Things'll work out. Trust me. We'll make sure they do." Wendy said with a confident nod. She looked over at her boyfriend and saw the frantic look that was still in his eyes. No matter how hard he tried to hide how he was feeling, at this point it was worthless. She had always been able to read him like an open book, and right now that ability was amplified. "But, you know what, dude? If things somehow don't work out, if one of us dies or gets hurt or something, I-I just want you to know this…" She looked deep into his eyes and smiled at him reassuringly. "I love you like crazy, Robbie. I really do. I love you here and now. And no matter what happens, if we do survive all this crazy junk, I'll still love you. But I promise you, there's literally no reason to be afraid. Okay?"

Robbie stared at the red-haired girl in silence for a moment before scooting closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Those simple words had completely relieved him of his fears. He now had enough confidence to at least believe he'd make it through the rest of the day alive. And if he didn't...well, he wasn't so sure he'd care so much anymore.

He fought back a smile as he re-thought about the situation.

He was a half-vampire and he was helping a kid he had despised not too long ago go up against a group of shadowy former shape-shifters. He had gotten dragged into the situation after finding out Dipper also had one of the books, and agreed to help out only because he wanted to make sure his girlfriend stayed safe. The entire situation would have seemed ridiculous and almost comical had it not been happening to him.

Now he had no clue what would happen next. But he did know one thing: he was madly in love with this amazing girl in front of him.

He was Robbie V, and he was not afraid any more.

"The feeling is mutual, babe." He said, grinning. Robbie kissed Wendy on the forehead, and then took on an expression of utmost seriousness. "I promise I won't let anything happen to you…or even those dumb kids."

Wendy smiled, glad he wasn't acting quite so strange anymore.

"I mean, really, I'm a half-vampire. How hard could this possibly be?"

"W-Wendy? What's wrong? Did something happen to Mabel?" Dipper asked, a bit more desperately than before. Things weren't right. His thoughts were racing around to every possible thing that could have possibly happened to his sister. Did he miss the fight?

At that moment he looked behind Wendy, searching for Mabel, and saw who was probably Gideon sitting on the edge of Mabel's bed, looking stunned. Trying to focus on things for too long was giving Dipper an even worse headache. He wished his vision would just fix itself already.

Dipper closed his eyes and tried to analyze the situation. Judging by how Gideon and Wendy were acting, something had definitely happened to Mabel. And it was terrifying him to think of all the possibilities.

"N-no, that's not it…Nothing's wrong with...with Mabel." He heard Wendy reply suddenly. Her voice was dripping with sadness and confusion, and that worried Dipper even more.

"Where is she then?" Dipper pressed, his voice sounding almost angry. Before the girl could reply he heard the door shut. His eyes snapped open quickly.

Two more people entered the room. And When Dipper saw the unmistakable firey red hair on the shorter of the two, he was overcome with confusion. If Wendy was beside his bed, how could she just now be entering the room?

All at once, reality crashed upon him like a meteor plummeting into the surface of the earth. As the girl beside his bed looked up at him it was as if she went through some sort of transformation before Dipper's eyes. It wasn't Wendy. It was Mabel. Of course it was Mabel! There were tears in her eyes.

He felt a sudden wave of shock rush through his veins. How had he even made this mistake? Sure, his vision had been blurry, but shouldn't he have recognized his own sister?

"I'm right here, Dip." Mabel told him, smiling weakly. The fact that her brother hadn't recognized her had hurt. Especially since he thought she was Wendy. Of course he would want Wendy to be the one taking care of him. It hadn't surprised Mabel, but it had made her feel a tiny bit jealous for reasons she couldn't explain. Maybe he had only been seeing who he wanted to see. All she knew was that something was wrong with Dipper, and she wished his thoughts weren't so hazy so she could figure it out. It was like something was blocking her from getting in his mind all of a sudden.

Robbie, Wendy and Gideon just stood by in silence and confusion, unsure what was going on. The twins were so wrapped up in the situation that they hardly noticed the others were there.

Shortly after Mabel spoke to him, Dipper remembered his vision and he felt a jolt of fear. Worry crept through his body and seemed to permeate to his innermost being. At this point, he wasn't sure if his illness was what was causing him to tremble.

He saw the shadowy figures. He saw Wendy's worried eyes. He saw a hand intertwined with his and he heard the waterfall. All at once, things were becoming clearer.

"Dipper, what is it?" Wendy asked, walking over and wrapping an arm around Mabel's shoulders to comfort the, now-crying, younger girl.

"I-I think we're going to die. " Dipper whispered in response, closing his eyes again. "We're definitely not going to make it out of this alive."

The whole room went silent.

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