I get off the plane, now, welcome to America. I look around. I've never been to LA before. Basically I've just been once to the US.

My name is Nancy. I am 20 years old, french. I came here to LA, I'm doing an audition to be Annie Cresta in Mockingjay. The truth is I haven't seen any of the Hunger Games movies, neither Hunger Games nor Catching fire. But I read the books. I don't even know who the actors are, they told me their names, but they don't sound familiar to me, I don't usually watch films, I read instead; I'm just doing the audition to finally start my career as an actress. I hope I do good in the audition, and I also hope they don't mind I'm french. My french accent isn't that noticeable though, I've been all my life studying english, and some people even think I'm british, all my english teachers were british so they showed me how to talk like them. Oh that, my british accent, that's the only problem.

I get my suitcase and start looking for my friend, in the airport; she lives here. She moved here a year ago. I look around and I can finally see her, she hasn't changed; she is still the blonde, blue eyes little and happy girl . She comes and hugs me, I hug her back and smile.

"Nancy! Long time no see!" She says.

"Hey Alexa! How's LA?" I ask her. She smiles and shrugs.

"Fine, really different. Anyway, you are doing a freaking audition! For Mockingjay! You will meet eeeep!" She says, yes, she is the same fangirl I remember.

"Look, I'm just doing this because I want to be an actrees, nothing else." I say.

"Alright, alright hey lets get to the new appartment, we will live together! I know you ask me to find a little appartment for you, but ... My parents well kicked me out of the house" She says, while we are getting in the car. I laugh and shrug.

"It's okay, I don't really mind! I will be with my best friend!" I say. She smiles and starts to drive. Wow, now I know why they call LA, the city of dreams.

We arrive to a building, a nice one, my eyes widened as I see it. We get off the car, and I get my stuff out of the trunk. We walk to the lobby and get into the elevator.

"Welcome home dear one!" Alexa says, opening the appartment's door. I look around, it is beautiful, really comfty. I walk around it, there are three roms; one for Alexa, which is (as I expected it to be) full of posters; one for me, I guess Alexa decorated it for me, there are lots of books, pics, in one corner there's an easel, beside it there's a box full of paint tubes,I love it, it is really me; and a guest room.

I go and look through the kitchen, I open the fridge, nutella here, nutella there, obviously Alexa loves nutella. I look at the clock, 9 o' clock.

"So do you like your new home?" Alexa asks me, I smile and nod.

"Yes! It is beautiful!" I answer her.

"Well, I think you should get some sleep. You made a long trip and the schedule change can affect you a bit. And tomorrow I'll show you the city! Alright?" She asked me and I nodded. I go straight to my room, change to my pajamas and fall asleep.

"Wake up Sleepy head!" Alexa yells at me jumping on my bed.

"Five minutes more..." I say, and cover my head with the blankets.

"No! I made pancakes wake up, and come for breakfast!" She says, I open my eyes, she is still jumping on my bed. She is still in her pajamas so I won't bother to change. Alexa goes to the kitchen and I follow her.

I start to sniff the air, there's a blackish smoke.

"OH MY THE PANCAKES ARE BURNT." Alexa yells, I chuckles.

"Guess, we're having some cereal" I say as I get the cereal out, Alexa gets two bowls out, she serves the cereal and I pour the milk.

"So.. Your gastronomy career isn't going that good huh?" I tease, Alexa frowns.

"Oh shush it. It was your fault! I was like half an hour in your room trying to wake you up!" She says, I chuckle.

We finish our cereal. I take a showe and put on some nice cloathes. This is going to be a good day.

"Nan! Please! You have enough clothes now! Lets go please! I'm hungry!" Alexa says. I've been shopping for the last three hours. The clothes in here are beautiful!

"Lex! Please! Just... Alright" I say, as I see my wallet, there's still enough money but... She is right I have enough clothes.

We get to the fast food court. I try to walk over to Subway, but there are some fangirls in there screaming, and well fangirling. There are also some papparazzies. I guess there's one of those 'celebrities'. I push all the fangirls, and I finally arrive to Subway. The security make the fangirls and the papparazzies to leave.

A guy bumps into me, he covers his face with his hand. I shrug and keep ordering my subway. The guy places his hand over my shoulder and turns me around with a confused face. I frown, the give me my sub, and I want to walk away, but the guy stops me.

"What?" I ask. The guy looks at me with his hazel eyes. I raise a brow. "May I help you?" I ask again.

"Why aren't you screaming or fangirling... or something or... Why?" He asks me. I shrug.

"Excusez-Moi?" I ask ."Anyway, I'm sorry. But I need to go with my friend. She is wating for me" I say and I walk over to the table where Alexa is. Her mouth is opened and her eyes are widened.

"What?" I ask.

"That was. Josh. Freaking. Hutcherson." She says. Josh Hutcherson? Who's that? I raise a brow.

"So... What?"

"He is a freaking actor." She says.

"Oh cool." I say and sip of my drink. Alexa stands up and shakes me.

"He is just so freaking hot! And you don't even care? !" She yells at me.I shrug.

"Look, as I told you I don't care about the actors. I just want to be an actress and do what I like!" I say. She shakes her head and then smirks.

"When's your audition again?" She asks me.

"Um. Tomorrow" I say. She smirks.

"Good." She says. I raise a brow.