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WARNING: AU, Shotacon, OOCness, not YAOI, fluffiness, language.

INSPIRED FROM: 1587077 (Pixiv ID) and mocopersonaldottumblrdotcom (Translator) - go check it out! I love it!

SUMMARY: Shotacon.

"But, no! I don't want to do this shit, Satsuki!" the room echoes with the tanned boy's voice.

Momoi whips her head, "Yes, you do! And FYI, this is an order, not a request, Dai-chan!"

"I'm not a fucking babysitter!"

Momoi has reached her patience limit, "Firstly, do NOT curse in front of an innocent kid!" she gives Aomine a kick on the shin. Aomine shouts in pain.

"Secondly, you need this thing to fix your anger!" Momoi grasps the round table.

Aomine's eyes go huge and he trembles, "Wait! Anything but flipping that table!"

But, it's too late.


The table lands heavily on top of him. Aomine groans. He looks up.

"And, thirdly, if something bad happens to him, you'll die! Got that?" then, she storms out of the room and crashes the door shut behind her. Aomine screws his eyes shut as the door is banged loudly.

He darts to left.

And a pair of blank blue eyes blinks at him.

"Geez, I have no choice, huh?" Aomine sighs.

Practice like usual. Noisy like usual. But, it doesn't distract Midorima, the megane from getting a perfect 3-pointer shoot.


Well, that gets Midorima's attention, "What is it, Akashi?"

"Daiki isn't here yet. He didn't tell me anything. You?" Akashi asks.

Midorima fingers his chin, "No, he didn't tell me anything either."

"What about Atsushi?"

"Mm? Mihe-hin shaid he hash shomething imphothant ho do (Mine-chin said he has something important to do)," Murasakibara still munches his snack(s).

"Oh, something important to do? And that 'something' is more important than training?" Akashi's tone is cold.

"Just chill, Akashicchi!" Kise suddenly chips in, "Aominecchi wouldn't escape our training for nothing. He's a basketball idiot after all."

With a scissor in his hand and a smirk on his face, Akashi says, "Well, he better has-"


The door is slammed hard. Aomine appears with a terrified face – huffing puffing, too.

"There you are, Aomine," the megane says.

"And, you are late, Daiki," Akashi smiles – certainly, not a warm smile.

Aomine holds out his right hand, "Wait… I… I have… something important to do… I've told that to Murasakibara, haven't I?"

Murasakibara nods, still munching and munching.

"Then, mind telling me what your reason is?" Akashi crosses his arms over his chest.

"Well, you see… there's a kid…" then, Aomine turns his head, "Wait! Where the hell is he?" he shouts hysterically.

Kise cranes his neck, "Searching for whom, Aominecchi?"

"A kid! I mean, there's a kid here!"

"WHAT!? You kidnapped a kid!? I know you are arrogant, too full of yourself, and your horoscope will never compatible with mine, but I don't believe you'd do such a thing!" Midorima yells without taking a breath.

"Wait! I'm arrogant? Too full of myse-"

"I don't know that Mine-chin is a pedophile," Murasakibara says.

"Huh? Pedo-"

"Aominecchi! You… you are… the worst!" Kise cries dramatically.


Akashi smiles, "So, kidnapping a kid and satisfying your wild desire is far important than training?"

"Kidnap? Desire? What the hell-"

The gym is in chaos. Midorima turns pale, Murasakibara munches his snack noisily, Kise keeps screaming, and Akashi… doesn't stop smiling.


Not literally.


The redhead tilts his head, "Who's 'Tetsu'?"

"Tetsu, Satsuki's cousin!" Aomine turns around, "Tetsu! Come here, they won't bite you!" he shouts again.

They give Aomine blank stares.

Suddenly, a small figure emerges from the shadows. They squint to have a better view, but it's too dark. But, within a split of seconds, the figure hides behind Aomine's leg. The sudden movement startles them.

"Wait, Aominecchi, what's that thing?" Kise points his shaking finger at the figure.

"Ah, this? It's not a thing, it's someone."

"Someone… who?" Akashi asks.

Aomine crouches down on the floor and leads the figure to stand in front of him, "This is Kuroko Tetsuya, 6, Satsuki's cousin."

The kid has light blue hair and blank, but bright blue eyes. He looks extremely timid and starts twiddling his thumbs. The kid looks up at them before dropping his eyes on the floor again.

"Hi…" Kuroko says slowly.

A pregnant pause lasts within 3…



"HE'S SO CUTE!" Kise suddenly screams, breaking the awkward silence.

"Aka-chin, can I give him my snacks?" Murasabaki is excited.

Akashi fishes out his cell phone, "Wait, Atsushi. My camera isn't ready yet!"

Midorima holds out his arms in front of the crazy guys, "WAIT! We should ask what that kid is doing with Aomine!"

Akashi stares at the megane.

"Yes, you got your point there," Akashi agrees, "So, Daiki, I demand for an honest explanation."

Aomine sighs, "Well, I have to warn you guys that… it is not a funny story…"

They blink at Aomine. And Aomine hates that kind of stares.

"Stop giving me that look!" Aomine snaps.

"No… it's just that…" Kise says.

"Just what!?" the tanned boy begins to lose his patience.

"Just… well… you know… knowing Aominecchi lost to a girl! And that flipping thing! It's kinda funny and weird!" Kise laughs out loud.

"I've told you, it's not a funny story! So, stop laughing!"

Akashi chips in, "Actually, it makes sense. It's Satsuki we are talking about."

The tanned boy whips his head, "What are you trying to imply, Akashi!?"


"Anyway," Midorima finally has calmed down, "Murasakibara seems glowing and happy over there," he cocks his head towards the said guy and Kuroko.

"Kuro-chin, here, a sweet for you," Murasakibara hands him a lollipop. Kuroko takes the lollipop and bows sheepishly. Murasakibara widens his eyes, but then he turns his head, looking at his teammates and smiling happily.

"Aka-chin, he's so cute."


"Yeah, Tetsuya is really cute," Akashi looks at his cell phone and beams.

"From now, I'll call you Kurokocchi!" Kise immediately hugs Kuroko. Kuroko struggles to free himself.

"Gosh, I can't believe that they're all shotacons!" the megane facepalms.

"Yeah, I can't believe it too," says Aomine.

Midorima darts at him, "Wow, you're not?"

Aomine raises an eyebrow, "What? Why should I… come on! I…! I'm normal, okay!?"

Then, Kuroko coughs, face turning pale, "Can't… breathe…"

"KISE! LET HIM GO!" Aomine stomps angrily.

Midorima sighs, "Someday, you will."

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