DISCLAIMER & WARNING(s): 1st chapter.

INSPIRED FROM: Akuma Shoujo23, the backbone of this chapter. She gave me the idea and the plot! Thank you so much!

SUMMARY: Spinning around~

Oh my freaking gosh! I'm going to die! I'm going to die! The death is knocking on my door! Help! Akashicchi is going to kill me! I don't want to die yet! .∵(oДo)

Run, run, run, as if your life depends on it! ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε= ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

Ouch! (>Д <) These raindrops hurt my face! My model face! This is what Momoicchi said about the higher force and smaller area giving a very high pressure?!

Oh, wait! That's physics! I'm genius! \(^o)( ^0^)(o^)/

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stop daydreaming, Kise Ryouta! (ノ)oДo(ヽ) Akashicchi is going to freaking to kill me if I'm late even a second. Ignore the pain, ignore the cold! Uwaaaaaah, I wish I could grab my jacket earlier. This thin white shirt isn't going to help me at all!

Finally, the gym appears in my sight. Yay to myself!(ノ゚ ∇^)ノ~ Yay to my soul!

"I'm sorry I'm late-ssu!" I bow deeply to the people inside the gym, startling them.

"You're two minutes late, Ryouta," as I've expected, Akashicchi struts over, the jacket on his shoulders swaying dramatically in the wind, sending chills racing down my spine. ヽ(oДo)ノ

"I had a job call last minute-ssu," I begin to scratch my head <(;- .-), restructuring the thoughts in my head. "I got excited and just about five minutes ago, I realized that I have a practice today. And, as you can see, it's raining out there, so I'm wet now," I hold out my arms, giving an apologetic look (シ_ _)シ, seeking his sympathy.

"Do you feel cold, Ryouta-niichan?"

That voice! It's Kurokocchi~! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ I've missed him so much!

Then, another kid with a scary face shows up behind Kurokocchi. "He's wet, of course he feels cold."

"Kagamicchi!" (((((((((O□O)))))))))

"Huh? 'Kagamicchi'?" the redhead kid says. "Don't call me that!"

"Muro-chin went out to meet his editor—or something like, so he asked us to take care of his brother," Murasakibaracchi simultaneously pats Kagamicchi's head and offers a snack. "Muro-chin's brother. Here's a snack for you."

"Is that so? Don't worry, you are always welcome to stay here, Kagamicchi," deep down in my heart, I do have a soft spot for kids. Besides, Kagamicchi is not that bad as Aominecchi described him.

Probably, Aominecchi is envy of the friendship between Kurokocchi and Kagamicchi. (≖ー≖) wwwwww…

Wait, (ーー;) I think I can detect an envy aura whipping around my body. No one else could have such a menacing aura, other than Akashicchi. My ears catch faint snipping sounds behind me. I eye Kagamicchi; what the—how he could remain calm and normal? щ(⊙Д⊙щ)

"Seijurou-niichan," Kurokocchi tugs Akashicchi's short, not realizing he helping lighten the mood. "Can Ryouta-niichan get changed first? I don't want him to catch a cold."




.・゜゜・(ノω<) .・゜゜・I'm so touched! Kurokocchi cares for me! He cares for me! ━━━ヽ(◕∇◕) 人(◕∇◕) 人 (◕∇◕ ) 人 (◕∇◕) 人 (◕∇◕) 人 (◕∇◕ ) ノ━━━

Ah, nosebleed! Nosebleed! Nosebleed! ~~~~~~ (°TT°) Aominecchi skillfully grabs Kurokocchi who's in the way and Murasakibaracchi lifts up Kagamicchi.

"Gross!" Aominecchi barks out.

"Muro-chin will not be happy if his brother gets dirtied," the giant pats Kagamicchi's back.

"Ryouta, go get changed. I wish not to see Tetsuya getting tainted with your dirty blood." I discern a tinge of jealousy in Akashicchi's tone. Geez, why is he getting so worked up about Kurokocchi caring for me? (¬≥⌂≤)⁄ I have rights to receive Kurokocchi's love too, right? (>ಠ_ಠ)>(°.°)

Oh well, as long as Akashicchi doesn't kill me, I guess I can bear with his over-jealousy.

Urgh… what's wrong with me? It's too blurry. I can't see the locker clearly. The steel feels so freaking cold against my hot palms. Brrrrr! My head… it's spinning. (>o< ) My throat hurts! What's wrong with my body?!

"Hey, Kise, you okay?" Midorimacchi stands in the doorway for a moment before going in. I reflexively back away a little, lowering my gaze. He rests his hand on my forehead and instantly hisses. "Kise, you're burning-nanodayo!"

(((´⊙ω⊙`|||))) !

"Really?" I jerk back violently, then I feign laugh. "Maybe I'm too nervous-ssu. You know, coming late and all," weakly, I shuffle past Midorimacchi and playfully hit his arm. "You worry too much, Midorimacchi~!" (●° ▽^●)

However, in my heart, I know I'm lying to myself. (Y_Y)

"Oi, Kise! Stop slacking off!" Aominecchi harshly passes me the ball. The impact is quiet heavy, so I accidentally slip the ball off my hands. Whoopsy~ L(´ー`;L) And the small incident draws the Kiseki's attention, to my dismay.

"Ki-chan, you okay? You are a little off today," Momoicchi comes forward, showing her concern. "And you, Aomine-kun, what did I say about bullying Ki-chan?!" she kicks Aominecchi.

"I didn't do anything at all!" he fires back.

"Ryouta-niichan doesn't look well," Kurokocchi chimes in, worries flashing in his ocean eyes. Dear Gods, have I been a good boy to deserve this gift? .・゜゜・(/∇\)・゜゜・.Is this what they call happiness brimming over your heart? Or falling over and over again? Because I can't help but melt at the beautiful sight.

"Yeah, bro, you look like a ghost," Kagamicchi joins the conversation as he casually bounces the ball in his hands. My eyes absentmindedly follow the ball. Up (o_o). Down (。_。). Up (o_o). And down (。_。). Then, I feel giddy.

"Oh, maybe we should shake him so Ki-chin could recharge again," without any warning, Murasakibaracchi starts to shake my body back and forth vigorously. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh~! Stooooooooooooooooop ittttttttt! (>Д<|||) Murasakibaracchiiiii! I'm seriously going to throw up!

"Atsushi, stop!" a word escaping our captain ceases him. Murasakibaracchi finally lets me go while murmuring sorry, but I weakly push him away. He seems startled. I'm not angry at him or whatever, but, (≥□≤|||)I'm suffering from dizzy spells here!

"Kise, you're seriously not well," worries layer Midorimacchi's voice.

Straightening my back, I wear my usual model smile. "Don't worry, don't worry! I'm totally fine! Just tired—" suddenly I lose my balance. Everything seems so slow. I can see Kurokocchi reaching out for me. Before I can register what's going on, darkness drowns me in.

Last thing I hear is 'Ryouta-nii!'

I awake to the bouncing motion and feeling of roasting on my front body. Glancing down, my eyes are greeted with purple hair. Then, I realize Murasakibaracchi is giving me a piggy ride.

"Mura…sakibaracchi?" I sound so weak. I hate myself for being weak! .・゜゜・(/ω\)・゜゜・.

"Ryouta-niichan is awake?" a soft voice touches my ear, soothing my heart. I dart to the right; I see Kurokocchi walk beside me while holding Kagamicchi's hand. Heh, I believe Kagamicchi who's leading their way. Kagamicchi is being protective! So cute! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

"Ryouta, stay with us. We're going to hospital," comes a calm reply from Akashicchi. Man, hearing that from the most sadist and craziest basketball captain in the world is so surreal, yet it is happening!—even though I partially acknowledge his words, coz' for God's sake, I'm not dying! (-_-;) Nevertheless, Akashicchi can be shhhhhoooo shweeeet sometimes.

"You could've said earlier that you're not fine-nanodayo!" Midorimacchi scolds me. I don't take it hard, because I know, Midorimacchi is worried about me. He's a tsundere, after all.

"Well, he's an idiot," Aominecchi nonchalantly states. Yet, I can see anxiety swimming in his eyes. So much for a tough guy. (≖ー≖) And the same expression also drifting across Momoicchi's face who's walking next to him.

"Ne, Ki-chin, I'm sorry for shaking you," Murasakibaracchi suddenly speaks up.

Smiling weakly, I lean in and mutter; "Nope, I am sorry for pushing you away," then, I raise my voice to another octave in spite of burning throat. "And I'm sorry for troubling you guys-ssu."

After a moment of silence, Akashicchi replies; "Just stay alive, that's all."

Relief floods through us as we listen to doctor's explanation. Apparently, I just catch a cold due to stress—probably from my job; I dare you to blame on the practice, 'who are you to complain about my training menu?' is screaming behind Akashicchi's thin smile—and the raining. ε=(¬_¬) Che, almost gave me a heart attack. However, the doctor gives me advice to spend the night here. Urgh… staying at this freaking cold and scary hospital? NO! \(≥⌂≤)⁄ Yadda! Yadda! Yadda!

"Ryouta-niichan, I can stay here with you," the soft blue haired kid offers before looking up at Aominecchi. "Ne, Daiki-niichan, can I stay here?"

"Uhm… I have to ask mom first." To have a positive answer, I shoot Aominecchi a sympathetic look. Pweaaaase! (´◕ω◕`) "…fine... BUT, we'll stay together!" he emphasizes the word 'but'.

Well, not that I mind about it. (●^o^●)

"Tetsuya, you don't have to do that," Akashicchi's hand cascades down Kurokocchi's shoulder. "Since Ryouta's mother is coming over," a smirk plays across his face.

What? (´⊙ω⊙`) NOOOO! I want Kurokocchi to stay here with me! Mother, for once, I'm begging you, don't come here! Please! Please! Please!

"Hey, Kuroko, we need to go home. We have school tomorrow," Kagamicchi clasps Kurokocchi's wrist, drawing his attention. Thousands of words exchange between them, yet only they can understand it. Oh… my heart swells witnessing the sweet moment.

Reluctantly, Kurokocchi turns away before glancing over his shoulder. Sadness clouds his angelic face. Aominecchi puts a hand on his back, pushing Kurokocchi forward, followed by Kagamicchi. Soon, after waving good bye, the others follow closely behind.

I look at the door sliding shut morosely, my heart clenching as their footsteps slowly fade away.

A moment later whispers a feminine voice.


A faint smile flickers across my face, welcoming her in. "Hi, mom."


o(^^o)(o^^)o A lovely voice kisses me, bringing a smile to my lips. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノMy dearest angel, Kurokocchi comes to see me! I carry him up in the air and spin around (ノ^o^)ノ~ヽ(^o^ヽ) ~(ノ^o^)ノ, earning a laugh from him.

"Kurokocchi, I've missed you!"

"Me too! Are you going to play with me today?" he asks, unable to contain his rare enthusiasm.

"Doc lets me go home today. So, why not?!" I rub our noses together. (>∇<) Then, I notice Kagamicchi standing in the doorway, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "Eh, Kagamicchi is here too?" I put Kurokocchi down.

"Not only him," Aominecchi suddenly appears behind him. "Everyone is here," and his words are proven true.

Akashicchi sinks against the wall, folding his arms in menacing gesture as usual, meanwhile Murasakibaracchi is holding a box of handmade chocolate and Midorimacchi lifts up a teddy bear hugging heart-shaped pillow, which 'Be in the best of health' embroidered on it. Momoicchi has a smile on her face and—good grief! (-∇-|||)—her homemade cookies too.

"Everyone… thanks!" I wipe imaginary tears off my face—I am overwhelmed! (-▽-人) "And, comes to think of it, don't you think you appear so frequently these few days, Kagamicchi?" I turn to see him.

"Yeah, you appear so often lately, brat," Aominecchi sends the kid a death glare. Scary…

"Don't blame me! Ask Kuroko!" he points at Kurokocchi. "Since morning, he kept worrying about you, saying 'Ryouta-niichan that, Ryouta-niichan this' and refusing to let my hand go!" Kagamicchi blurts out, making Kurokocchi go red in his pale face and nervously pull Kagamicchi's hand. However, he adds on; "Even after met his ganguro brother," which I believe he's talking about Aominecchi (´▽`|||) Hahaha. "Kuroko asked me to accompany him to meet you!"


Hawkward silence…

"Is that true, Kurokocchi?"


Hawkward silence is prolonged.

"I couldn't help it!" finally, Kurokocchi responds. "I was worried sick about Ryouta-niichan, and it seems only Kagami-kun could calm me down…" his voice trails off.

"What?!" Aominecchi's voice thunders through the room (((((((⊙o⊙)))))). "Are you saying that I'm not enough, Tetsu?!"

"No, Daiki-niichan, I'm just—"

"—Yes, Tetsu, you're implying it!"

Momoicchi crouches down and cups Kurokocchi's face. "You can always talk to me if something troubles you, Tetsu-kun." \(-_-;)

"Kuroko, tell me if you have problems. I could help you!" Midorimacchi holds Kurokocchi's hands firmly, looking into his ocean eyes. (;゜○゜)7

"Kuro-chin, we promised, right? Any problems, share them with me ONLY," for the first time in my life, I can hear a twinge of disappointment in Murasakibaracchi's tone.

"Hey, Taiga." My eyes catch a sudden dark aura imprisoning a confused Kagamicchi (´⊙ω⊙`) ! Akashicchi pops out behind Kagamicchi and plays his scissor before Kagamicchi's eyes. "Do you have any last word?"

"I don't get it," Kagamicchi nonchalantly glances up.

"Kagami-kun, just run away!" Kurokocchi shouts as he tries to free himself from his brothers' jealousy. "Seijurou-niichan, please stop!"

"Run away from who?!" the redhead kid looks totally flabbergasted. The situation is absolute mayhem! Akashicchi draws his scissor up, death gleaming in his dual-colored eyes—perhaps preparing himself to mince the kid, meanwhile shouts and screams deluge the room. NO! For your sake, just start freaking running away! (⊙Д⊙;≡;⊙Д⊙) ヽ(´Д`ヽミノ´Д`)ノ



We all stop moving, snapping our heads to the door.

A nurse enters the room, anger written vividly on her face. "You people have caused so much noise! Please behave yourself! And you, don't attempt to kill anyone here! Keep your scissor!" then, she looks at me. "And you, Kise-kun, please control your friends!"

"I'm sorry, Aida-san," I laugh nervously (´▽`|||)7 ". Aida Riko-san is a senior nurse here. Following her words is a must—that includes Akashicchi too. Consecutively, the others bow apologetically, except Akashicchi.

"Geez, whatever," she heaves a sigh. "Here are you meds. Please read the instruction first before eating them. And I have to give you an injection before you leave," she produces some weird med stuffs from the nearby shelf.

Wait, did she say 'injection'?

ヽ(´Д`ヽミノ´Д`)ノ YADDDDDDAAAAAAAA! NOOOOOO! I don't want it!

Without I realize it, I voice out my inner thought, astonishing everyone in the room. Hey, I don't see any sign of Aominecchi! Where's he gone to?!

"Ki-chan is afraid of needles?!" Momoicchi covers her mouth.

Sniffling to myself, I reluctantly nod. "Yeah, it hurts a lot. So, I hate it," gosh, I'm deeply ashamed of my earnest confession I've made. I feel like burying myself right now. orz

"Ryouta-niichan," Kurokocchi calls out my name and makes me sit on the chair as he sits in front of me. "How about you tell me about airplanes?" he smiles and that's got me excited! C'mon, about planes? That's my things!

"There are a lot of airplanes in this world! Like Boeing 747 which is used for commercial transport! It has four engines and can travel 805 to 966 km/hour," oh… once I've started my run-on sentences, no way I can stop myself! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸┸ "Boeing also manufactured Super Hornet which is designed so it can be equipped with an aerial refueling system. How amazing, isn't it? Then, we also have F-22 Raptor by Lockheed Martin. F-22 is actually a stealth air superiority fighter—"

"It's done," Aida-san suddenly says while pressing my arm with a piece of white cotton. I eye her suspiciously. "I've done giving you the injection. You can go home now, Kise-kun," she cracks a small smile and leaves the room.

"What? Really? I didn't even…"

"Tetsuya is clever enough to distract your attention away from the shot. Thank him, Ryouta," Akashicchi explains briefly.

I look at Kurokocchi. No wonder he… Gosh, Kurokocchi is so clever and nice! Feeling moved, I embrace my little angel tightly, unable to express my thankful towards him. (ノД`)・゜・。 No words can describe my feelings! Nothing!

"Thank you, Kurokocchi."

"Hey, do you guys see the ganguro guy?" Kagamicchi throws a question, scanning around the room.

"Eh, where's Aomine-kun gone to?" Momoicchi turns to the right and the left, looking for said guy.

"Oh, don't tell me he's mastered Misdirection too?" Murasakibaracchi makes a wild guess which is nonsense to me, since even I'm the copycat can't master the technique, like hell Aomine can do it! (≖_≖)

"Ah, found ya~" the redhead sings, crouching down my bed (ノ≖∇≖)ノ. "What are you doing there, hiding yourself?" Wow, how long Aominecchi has been down there? (・ω・) ?

"Brat!" Aominecchi scrambles up, rubbing dust off his pants and shirt, looking flushed. "I was… playing hide and seek!"

"Hide and seek my ass," Kagamicchi mocks. "Hey, are you afraid of needles too?" (。≖‿≖。) Nice guess, Kagamicchi~

That catches Aominecchi off guard. "What…? Fuck no! Like hell I'm afraid of needles! That's too childish!"

"Yep, positive! I hit the right spot~!" (´ー`)┌フッ


"Aomine-kun, just admit it. I know the truth anyway," Momoicchi tries her best to suppress her laughter, but it's failing. "Dai-chan is scared of needles!" That is! The great Aominecchi is afraid of needles~ ━━━ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)人(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)人(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ━━━


"Geez, Aomine, just how old are you?"

"Stop it, Midorima!"

"Hehehe, Mine-chin is scared of needles~"


"Maybe I should change your punishment into needles-related punishment," Akashicchi rubs his chin thoughtfully.

"Anything is also same, Akashi!" then, Aominecchi finds Kurokocchi laughing in silence. "Tetsu, you too?!" he groans loudly. "For fuck's sake, I'm not afraid of anything!"

"FOR THE SECOND TIME, STOP MAKING NOISE OR I'LL KILL YOU GUYS!" another warning from Aida-san peals out.

Oh my… (□ ̄;)…

KISE: It's just me or each chapter has grown longer and longer-ssu?

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AOMINE: Hey, why this brat (Kagami) keeps appearing lately?

KUROKO: Do you hate Kagami-kun that much, Daiki-niichan?

AOMINE: ...urgh... Yeah, no, yeah, no, but yeah!

KAGAMI: I wonder what I did wrong.

AKASHI: Your crime is getting too close with Tetsuya.

MOMOI: Kagamin, run!

KAGAMI: Huh? Why?!

KUROKO: Just run!