A Bothersome Christmas Tale

Summary: It's Brittany's birthday, so the gang is headed to Disneyland California to celebrate it along with Christmas! And this time, the gang is joined by none other than Sora, Riku and Kairi! But will Brittany push her special birthday privilages too far? And why is Yugi getting the feeling Riku might not trust him as Megan's boyfriend?

Chapter 1: Christmas in California. Welcome to Disneyland!

"Wua, sugoi! I can't believe we're really here at California Disneyland!" Brittany, or 'Bri-Chan', said, eyes sparkling with excitement.

"I can't believe I'm actually here with you guys!" Anna said. This was the first time she'd been included in a Holiday adventure. "Thanks so much for inviting me, Minna!"

"Well, it's the least we could do since we didn't invite you all the other times." Doremi Harukaze said.

"Nah, it's kinda my fault for being so darn busy all the time."

"I don't blame you, Anna-Chan." Onpu Segawa said. "With all of my work, I know what that busy feeling is like."

"Still, I'm so happy you could be here for my birthday, Anna-Chan!" Brittany said, grabbing Anna in a big bear hug. Yup, that's right. The reason the gang traveled to Disneyland was because Brittany's birthday is two days before Christmas.

"Then that'll make this trip all the more special." Momoko Asuka said.

"Plus this is Brittany-Chan and Anna-Chan's first time at Disneyland with us." Hazuki Fujiwara said.

"Hey, it's my first time here too!" Poppu Harukaze-Doremi's younger sister-piped up.

"And it's also Yugi-Kun's first time here, and my second visit." Megan "MegChan" Makihatayama-Mouse said.

"Oh how could we forget." Aiko Senoo joked.

"Well who's counting anyway?" Yugi Mutoh-Megan's boyfriend-said.

"Mou Hana-Chan wants to go into the park now!" The ever hyper Hana Makihatayama said. "What's taking Jou-Sama and Majorin-San so long?"

"Relax, Hana-Chan. Jou-Sama has our tickets and Majorin-San is checking up on our hotel rooms." Doremi said.

"Minna-San, sorry to keep you waiting." Jou-Sama, the silver-haired Queen of the Witch World, along with her girlfriend-Yes, I said 'girlfriend'-the red-violet witch, Majorin, came up to the group.

"I just spoke to the hotel and apparently our rooms won't be ready for us until after 3:00 (PM)." Majorin said. "They're holding our luggage for us. So for the time being, we've got a few good hours to burn in the park."

"Hai, I have everyone's tickets." Jou-Sama said. She handed the gang their Park-Hopper tickets.

"Hazuki-Chan, Megan-Chan, I got you two maps of the park."

"Minna, let's all go to Disneyland!" Hana said, tightly clutching her 'golden ticket'.

"Oh!" The others cheered, as they stepped through the gates.

That's when Megan spotted something, or to be a bit more specific, someone. "Are?"

"What's up, Megan?" Yugi asked.

"That couldn't be...There's no way." Megan said.

"What? What is it? Hello~? Earth to Megan!"

Not paying attention to her boyfriend, Megan walked off to check out who she spotted.

"Where's Meg-Chan going?" Brittany asked.

"I don't know." Yugi said. "Let's follow her."

"R-Really...was that...?" Megan said to herself. Over by a tree, she saw a familiar, key-bearing, spike-haired brunette. "...Wua!" Her eyes grew wide with excitement and she ran over to this guy.

The spike-haired brunette was talking to a girl with reddish-brown hair, wearing a pink top and skirt with white shoes, and a boy with silver-white hair wearing a white and yellow vest over a black shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

"Sora!" Megan called out, catching the trio's attention.

Indeed, that spike-haired brunette was none other than Sora, along with his two friends, Riku and Kairi.

"Megan!" Sora said, as Megan jumped into his arms for a big hug.

"Onii-Chan, osashiburi!" Megan said. (Translation: Big brother, long time no see!) It really had been a long time since she last saw her brothers- A long time.

"It's great to see ya again!"

"Hi Megan!" Kairi said. She and Megan did a quick high five.

"Nice to see you, Kairi-Chan!" Megan said. However, upon seeing Riku, she snapped out, "Not you!"

"Is that anyway to say 'Hello' to your big brother?" Riku said, smirking at Megan.

Megan smirked back, but nonetheless, she gave him a hug. "Osashiburi, Riku Onii-Chan."

"A-Hem!" Brittany, Anna and Yugi were right behind Megan. They were getting a sort of 'left out' feeling.

"Ah souka! You guys haven't really met each other." Megan said. "These are my two very best friends, Brittany, but I call her 'Bri-Chan'..."

"Heh heh!" Brittany gave out a toothy grin.

"And Anna-Chan."

"Yo!" Anna said.

"Sora, I think you remember Yugi-Kun, right?" Megan said.

"We...kinda ran into each other during Megan's first parody." Yugi said.

"Oh yeah...I remember that." Sora said.

"Sora told me a little bit about that." Kairi said. "So you're Megan's boyfriend now, right?"

"Heh heh heh...Y-Yeah." Yugi blushed slightly. Sometimes he still couldn't believe it. He was someone's boyfriend. Then he noticed that Riku was giving him a stare, a stare that made Yugi feel uncomfortable. It wasn't an icy stare, or a 'daggers' type of stare. It was just a stare.

"Since when have you had a boyfriend?" Riku said.

"Yugi-Kun's been my boyfriend for years!" Megan said. "You've known this!"

Yugi pulled Megan aside. "I don't know, Megan. I think, maybe...he doesn't like me very much." He said, trying to shake off that stare.

"Daijoubu yo, Yugi-Kun. Riku's just teasing me."

"Mmm, if you say so..."

"Okay, that aside, what are you guys doing here?" Megan asked.

"We've never been to Disneyland before." Sora said. "And visiting Disneyland at Christmas is something we couldn't pass up."

"Plus we're bored and have nothing better to do with our time." Riku added.

"Make sense to me." Anna said, earning a few laughs.

"What are you all doing here?" Kairi asked.

"Heh heh heh...It's my birthday!" Brittany said, quite proudly. "And I wanted to go to Disneyland."

"Your birthday? Good for you!"

"My birthday is December 23."

"Aw you're lucky! You get to celebrate your birthday and Christmas all at once." Sora gave a slight pout.

"It does have it's perks." Brittany fiddled with one of her pigtails.

"There'll be no living with her through this trip." Megan said, sweatdropping.

"So that's where you all went off to." Majorin said.

"Ah Minna, gomen..." Megan said. "Demo ne, look who I found."

"Maa, it's been awhile since we last saw you three." Jou-Sama said. "What brings you all to Disneyland?"

"Oh nothing much really. Just bored out of our minds." Riku said.

"We've been there before." Aiko said.

"Then since you're here, you three can join us." Hazuki said.

"Yeah! We can all play together in the park!" Hana said. She went over to Riku and grabbed his hand.

"We were gonna explore the park by ourselves." Kairi said.

"Then if it's all right, we could go with you." Megan said. "I mean, me, Anna-Chan, Bri-Chan, Yugi-Kun and Hana-Chan."

"Definitely!" Sora said, all for the idea.

"W-Wait a minute..." Jou-Sama said, a bit unsure.

"It's okay with us." Doremi said. "We do this all the time when we visit Disney."

"We can always meet up later." Onpu said.

"Yes, I know, but I think..." Jou-Sama said.

"Mama, I wanna spend time with Sora Onii-Chan-Tachi!" Megan said. "I never get to spend time with him!"

"Oh nevermind. Just keep your tickets on hand if you plan to use Fastpass on the attractions."


"Let's all agree to meet up at the Railroad Station at...mmm, 3:30...quarter to 4:00?" Majorin said. "Hopefully by then our rooms should be ready for us."

"Where are you staying at?" Kairi said.

"Over at the Disneyland Hotel."

"That's where we're staying. What a coincidence."

"We'll go ahead into the park now." Hazuki said.

"Youg guys have fun!" Poppu said.

"Be sure to stick together, and try not to get lost." Majorin said. "Now I don't need to tell Megan-Chan-Tachi this, but Riku-Kun, please keep an eye on Hana-Chan for us."

"I don't think that'll be a problem." Riku said.

"Wait a sec. You don't trust me?" Sora said.

"I trust Riku-Kun a lot more than I trust you." Majorin said bluntly.

This earned a shocked expression from Sora. He hung his head in defeat. Okay, I admit, Majorin does trust Sora, but it was a lot like with Doremi. There were somedays when she just questioned their intelligence.

"Wow. Umm, coming from Majorin, that has got to burn." Yugi said.

"Wait! Before we all split up, we should take a picture with everyone in front of the Railroad Station!" Momoko said.

"Good idea, Momo-Chan!" Aiko said.

"Here, I'll set up the camera!" Doremi said.

"Don't let Doremi do it." Poppu said. "She'll just trip and ruin the picture. She always does it."


"Oi oi oi, I'll set up the camera." Majorin said. "Everyone, stand over there and strike a pose."

"Bri-Chan should be in the middle, since it is her birthday." Anna said.

"I agree!" Brittany said. She sat up on a small ledge.

The others gathered around her and posed.

"Yosh, iku yo!" Majorin got the camera all set up. She hit the timer and stood near Jou-Sama. "Hai CHIISU."

"CHIISU!" "Cheese!" (*Click!*)

"Oh that's a wonderful picture, Majorin." Jou-Sama said.

"It's perfect!" Brittany said, as Majorin gave Megan the camera.

"It really is an awesome photo Majorin-Sama!" Megan said.

"Okay, we're gonna head off now." Onpu said. "We'll see you later!"

"Bye-bye!" Hana said.

"Then I guess that's our cue to do the same." Yugi said. "Shall we?"

"Oh yes we shall!" Megan said.

"Aha ha ha!" Hana giggled as she grabbed Sora and Riku by the arms. "Hana-Chan has a great idea!"


"Let's all take our first step onto Main Street together!"

"..." Then, Megan hooked onto Yugi and Sora's arms. "It's a great idea, Hana-Chan!"

"Let's do it!" Sora said.

Kairi hooked onto Yugi's arm, Brittany hooked onto Riku's arm and Anna hooked onto Brittany's arm.

"One two three!" Hana said.

And so, arm-in-arm, the group of eight took that very first step onto Main Street U.S.A. together.

"Ya-Ta! We're here!" Brittany and Anna hugged each other and started jumping. "We're at Disneyland!"

"We've made them very happy." Kairi said.

"We know what we've done." Yugi commented.

Megan felt a wave of nostalgia go through her. She smiled and a stray tear ran down her face.

"What's wrong, Megan?" Sora asked.

"Eh? Oh it's nothing, really." Megan said. "It's just...the last time I was here...I was thirteen years old, and I was still living with my human family. And somehow I just knew...I was home."

They all looked at each other and smiled.

"Yosha! Minna Disneyland issho ni asobou!"

"All right! Everyone, let's play in Disneyland together!" Is a rough translation on that last sentence.

Season's Greeting, everyone, from MegChan! I may be in tough college classes, but that doesn't mean I can't try to crank out a brand new Christmas story.

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