Chapter 10: The True Magic of Christmas.

Finally! Finally, that most wonderful day of all the year had arrived at last. Christmas was officially here.

"Minna! Minna! Wake up! Wake up! It's Christmas!" Hana yelled. "Come on! Come on! Hana-Chan wants to open presents now!"

"Hana-Chan...give us a minute..." Megan muttered. She is just not a morning person, even on a day like Christmas.

"I got her." Riku scooped up Hana and carried her out. "We'll meet you up in the suite."

"You do that..." Megan said.

Up in the suite, the gang commenced with the opening of presents.

Megan and Kairi came out of the small kitchen with trays of breakfast pastries.

"Hai, Minna, we've got cinnamon rolls and sticky buns freshly baked fresh!" Megan said.

"Nice and hot from the oven!" Kairi said.

"Arigato!" "Thanks you two!" "Thank you." "Thanks!" The others said, taking the rolls.

"All right who's idea was this?" Riku said. One of the presents he got was...A My Little Pony Rainbow Dash figure.

"It was Brittany's idea!" Yugi and Sora said.

Brittany just grinned. "I'm gonna ask you one more time." She said. Then she yelled out, "You got a problem with ponies? !"

"Oh Sora, I love this!" Kairi said. Sora gave her a picture frame in the shape of a Paopu fruit.

"I knew you would." Sora said.

"Aw, thanks Poppu. This is great!" Doremi said. Poppu gave her a Minnie Mouse Vinylmation figure that looked like a cupcake.

"You're welcome, Onee-Chan." Poppu said.

"This is from me, Megan." Yugi said, giving Megan a small gift box.

"What's this?" Megan asked, unwrapping the gift. She gasped at the contents. It was a Kingdom Crown necklace, like Sora's, but it was golden and had sapphires-Megan's birthstone-on it. "Oh my...Y-Yugi-Kun."

"Once I saw it, I just had to get it for you."

"Yugi-Kun." Megan said, tearing up a little. "I love it! Arigato!"

"Put it on, Megan! Let's see how it looks on you." Sora said.

"Un!" Megan nodded. She stood in front of a mirror and put on her new necklace. "...Wua!"

"It's very cute, Megan-Chan." Jou-Sama said.

"Now you and Sora-Kun match!" Anna said.

"Ney, Minna, there's one more gift here." Momoko said. It was a pretty big box. "It's for all of us."

"Let Hana-Chan open it!" Hana said, tearing off the wrapping paper. Then the box...Started to move. "Are?"

Something popped out of the box, knocking over Hana!


"Eh? Pao-Chan!" Hana exclaimed.

"Hana-Tan!" Pao-Chan was in the box!

"Dodo!" "Rere!" "Mimi!" "Fafa!" "Lolo!" "Nini!" "Toto!" And even the Ojamajos' fairies!

"Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello~!" Even Nana, Riri and Nina!

"And our fairies!" Onpu said.

"What about us?" And last was Majo Rika, Lala and Baba.

"Bunyu-Chan!" Poppu said, grabbing Majo Rika.

"Y-Y-Yes! Uhh Merry Christmas, girls!" Majo Rika said.

"What are you all doing here?" Megan said.

"What do yo think? We're here to celebrate Christmas!" Nana said.

"We wanted to be with you today!" Riri said.

"Oh Riri, this is such a nice present." Brittany said.

"Who was that present from anyway?" Aiko asked.

"Etto ne...the tag says...It's from Riku-Kun!" Hazuki said.

"Hountou ni? !" Doremi said.

"Wua! Riku Onii-Chan arigato!" Hana said, jumping on Riku.

"Arigato-Pao Pao!" Pao-Chan said.

"Un. This is a great present." Anna said.

"I'm glad we can be together today, Anna-Chan!" Nina said.

"Me too. Thanks so much, Riku-Kun." Anna said. Then she looked up. "...Oh no...Is that mistletoe?"

"Toto to tototo!" Toto was holding up the mistletoe.

"...That's not funny Toto." Anna said. Then, unexpectedly, Riku actually gave her a small kiss on the cheek. Why he did that, I've no clue, but perhaps someone-Brittany-may have let something slip. Anna blushed hard. Her face was redder than a red delicious apple.

"Anna-Chan, are you blushing?" Megan said, teasingly. The others let out a friendly laugh.

'...How embarassing...Demo ne...It feels so nice.' Anna thought, smiling a little.

That afternoon, the Christmas festivities in Disneyland were well underway.

"Hello everybody!" Mickey greeted the gang. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Mickey Mouse!" The Ojamajos said.

"Oh Merry Christmas to all of you." Minnie said. "It's always good to see everyone together."

"And it's always good to see you too." Jou-Sama said, giving Mickey and Minnie a hug.

"Too bad Oswald's not here." Yugi said.

"Aw don't worry. Oswald and Ortensia are handling the party at Disney World in Florida." Mickey said.

"At least he won't be left out of the fun." Majorin said.

They were all wearing their own Christmas outfits. Majorin was wearing a Santa version of her uniform. Jou-Sama was dressed up in a reindeer version of her dress. Riku and Kairi, however, were wearing winter versions of their KHII outfits.

"Thanks for all those cookies, too." Goofy said.

"Oh, it's nothing, really." Kairi said. "We just wanted to share all those cookies with you."

"So where's Megan and Sora?" Donald asked.

"We don't know!" Yugi said. "All we know is they were doing something for the Christmas concert."

"We haven't seen them since we got to the park." Brittany said.

Then they heard some music playing over the speakers.

"Looks like we're about to find out." Riku said.

Everyone turned to the stage and saw Megan!

Meg: Ding Dong! Nanairo neiro kirei kibou Rainbow

Makenai! Kokoro ni hibikiau! Orchestra! Ojamajo!

Megan was dancing solo to a song. But right on 'Ojamajo!' Sora jumped on stage beside her. They were also wearing their Christmas outfits. (Sora's wearing his outfit from Christmas Town if you've been playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix version!)

Akiramecha Song Song Song kikoeru desho?

PICHIKAATO no hazumu kimochi

Hora kyomi Sing Sing namida PIANISHIMO

Egao Legato

Hitori de wa narasenai

Genki no onpu tomo no riff shitara

Ooiri manin de shirazu ni kokoro

Sharp! Sharp! Sharp!

"It's Meg-Chan and Sora-Kun!" Anna said.

Mae muite (Sora: Smile! Suite Ojamajo)

Arukidasou (Skip! Suite Ojamajo)

Kujikenai sono hitomi ni ai yadoru IDOL

Ding Dong! Nanairo neiro hikaru kibou Rainbow

Zettai! Asu mo waratteru! Minna issho ni!

Sora miage (Friends! Suite Ojamajo)

Te wo tsunagou (Team! Suite Ojamajo)

I NOTE (ai no oto) wo kanadei

Kiai waki ai ai

Ding Dong! Nanairo neiro kirei kibou Rainbow

Makenai! Kokoro ni hibikiau! Orchestra! Ojamajo!

The audience let out a good round of applause.

"There you are!" Momoko said. "So THAT'S what you two were doing yesterday."

"We wanted it to be a surprise." Megan said. "Just think of it as our Christmas present for everyone."

"Aw gosh, it's a great present, Megan." Mickey said.

"Heh heh, Merry Christmas Mickey Papa, Aunt Minnie!" Megan said. She hopped off the stage to give Mickey and Minnie a big hug.

"Donald! Goofy!" Sora jumped offstage and nearly knocked over Donald and Goofy. "Merry Christmas you guys!"

"Aww, thanks Sora." Donald said.

"Merry Christmas! A-Hyuck!" Goofy said.

"Hana-Tan and Pao-Tan have a Christmas present for everyone too-Pao!" Pao-Chan said.

"Yup! It's a good present!" Hana said. "Pororin Pyuarin Hanahana Pii!"

"What's she doing?" Brittany said.

"Make it snow, make it snow, make it snow for everyone in Disneyland!"

Hana's magic conjured up some clouds over the park. That's when...It started to lightly snow.

"Oh! Yuki da!" Poppu said. (Translation: It's snowing!)

"Wow!" "Cool!" "It's really snowing!" The park guests started talking.

"Awesome!" Aiko said.

"Try to catch snowflakes with your tongue!" Momoko said.

"Aw, Hana-Chan, this is such a sweet present." Megan said. She twirled around as the snowflakes decorated her hair.

"Sugoi!" Hazuki said.

"This is so lovely." Onpu said, catching a snowflake on her mitten.

"It's a great present, Hana-Chan." Doremi said. "Thank you!"

"Mamas, Minna, daisuki!" Hana said.

"Pao-Tan Minna daisuki mo-Pao!" Pao-Chan said. (Rough translation: Pao-Tan loves everyone too!)

"Now what I'd call true Christmas magic." Majorin said. "Wouldn't you agree, my dear?"

"Un. Without a doubt." Jou-Sama said, giving Majorin a kiss on the lips.

(That song I just used here is called "Kibou Rainbow", it's the second ending song from Suite PreCure. I know it's not an Ojamajo song, it's not a Christmas song, but I think it matches!)

But that's not the end!

"You know, a lot of us grew up thinking that Christmas is all about the presents." Brittany said. "But it's not about silly little gifts. It's about the feeling you get when you give them to your dearest friends. To quote, "what really counts is the act of giving the gift"."

"Un. And whether it's Christmas or even a birthday or whatever you celebrate wherever you are," Anna said, "as long as you've got your friends, then presents don't seem like such a big deal. That's what everyone figures out as we grow and learn. The real Christmas magic is in all of our hearts."

"And as long as we have that magic, we can keep that Christmas feeling going on and on throughout the year." Megan said. "So it doesn't matter if you give someone a gift or not. When you've got your friends, your family, and all these feelings, everyday can be as special as Christmas."

"We understand what the true magic of Christmas is! This feeling will never leave our hearts!" Anna, Brittany and Megan said. "Music yo! START!"

("Ojamajo De BANBAN Christmas Remix Version" By Maho Dou playing)

As the music started up, the Ojamajos stepped out in rhythm onto the stage.

Ojamajos: Atoha dare mo sasowa naine

Go[5] ninyoreba GO-KI-GE-N!

Dokidoki suru? Wakuwaku suru?

Watashitachi no JI-KA-N-YO!

Komari goto dattara makasetene

Tokui no mahou dene

BANBAN! BANBAN! yattsukechau



Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama datte

Watashitachi ga ICHIBAN jyuu

Donna DOAMO oshi-riga-tsukkaenai HOI!

Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama dakedo

Yume mitai no mo ICHIBAN dakara

Makase toite


Koredemo majyodamonne HEI!

Sleeping Beauty Castle lit up with it's own Christmas lights: Blue lights that looked like icicles. Even the lamppost lining Main Street lit up in time to the song.

The Ojamajos encouraged the audience to clap along to the beat.

Atoha nani mo kinishinaide

Go[5] ningireba GO-O-KA-N!

Ukiuki suru? Harahara suru?

Totte oki no BA-ME-N-YO!

Heyoni goto dattara hanashi dene

Hayani no mahou dene

BANBAN! BANBAN! tatatsukechau


Tantan da yo HEI!

Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama datte

Watashitachi ga ICHIBAN pinana

Sensei datte ode-kou-tsutsukechau HOI!

Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama dakedo

Asu mitai no mo ICHIBAN dakara

Yokibi bikuyo


Mato dakedo akesoitte HAI!

"Pirika Pirilala Nobiyakani!"

"Paipai Ponpoi Shinayakani!"

"Pomeraku Raraku Takarakani!"

"Pururun Purun Suzuyakani!"

"Peruton Petton Sawayakani!"

"Pippito Puurito Hogarakani!"

"Pororin Pyuarin Hanahana Pii!"

"Pippililato Polonato Suroyakani!"

"Pallon Parapon Pikarakani!"

"Pokarana Popolonu Nyanakani!"

"MAGICAL STAGE! Christmas Fireworks light up Disneyland!"

With a pop and a crack, the Disneyland skyline was graced with beautiful Christmas themed fireworks.

Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama datte

Watashitachi ga ICHIBAN jyuu

Donna DOAMO oshi-riga-tsukkaenai HOI!

Oojyama-oojyama-oojyama dakedo

Yume mitai no mo ICHIBAN dakara

Makase toite


Koredemo majyodamonne HEI!

The audience bursted with applause as the girls did a cute ending dance.

At the end of the song, everyone posed on stage with Megan, Sora, Hana and Riku in the middle. Brittany, Anna, Doremi, Hazuki and Momoko stood beside Megan. Kairi, Poppu, Onpu and Aiko stood beside Sora. Jou-Sama, Majorin, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy posed in the very back.

"Everybody in every world, have a Merry Christmas!"

Merry Christmas from all your friends at Maho Dou!

Merry Christmas to all!

Thanks so much for sticking with this story to the very end, no matter how terrible it was! But now, it's time for me to move on to the next story!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from MegChan and all of us in ToonTown~!