Storyteller: Isla de Muerta

Rating: the normal T

Genre: General/Romance

Disclaimer: The usual any similarities are accidental, mistakes mine and I own only Erin and the ones you don't recognize

Summary: She's just normal, well almost normal woman but to Data, she's something he can't specify. R&R's are love.

Chapter I: Introduction: Erin part I

Data's POV

She is just a normal woman. Well, almost normal woman. Because there is something in her that I cannot specify. She is something that I cannot specify. Externally, she is a mix of human and Vulcan. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against Vulcan's.

"I'm three quarters of a human and one quarter of Vulcan," she chimed and to me, her voice was like bubbles in summer wind.

"Oh. So that would explain your pointy ears. But what about your lips and nails?" I inquired.

She eyed her blue fingernails as if she would have seen them for the first time and said," Oh, that. Some ancestor of mine had a good time with a Tryad in ancient times."

"A Tryad. Intriguing," and I was intrigued indeed, "And what is Tryad if I may inquire?"

"More accurate question would be, what Tryads were. They were a boring race that lived in a third moon of Trydon. Tryad Prime, they called it. They're all gone now. But they left me this small gift of blue lips and nails," she stated.

"Oh, please accept my condolences," I felt sorry for her loss," How did they die?"

"Don't be sorry lieutenant commander, they're not gone the way you think," she whisked my apologies away with one swift sweep of her small hand. And I did not understand what she meant.

"I am sorry Miss Madegan but I do not understand now."

"They just vanished in one sunny morning. As if they would've evaporated, the whole race," she explained.

"But how can a whole race vanish?" I was puzzled.

"Who knows. But that's what happened. And I'm glad it happened. They did nothing, they just…I don't know, were. Their evolution had stopped long time ago, before they vanished," she just stated. And thus, she managed to make me more perplexed than I already was. To tell the truth, more perplexed than I ever have been.

She intrigued me but that is not the only feeling she makes me feel. She can make me feel loneliness, friendship, anger, hurt and comfort, serenity but more than those, she makes me feel, anguished, needed and heartbroken. And that is exactly why I cannot specify her.

"You don't seem to know how to act with me, how to feel with me," Erin is saying right now, behind me. She is sitting on the edge of my bed, smirking.

"You are right on that, Erin. Every time when I seem to solve how to feel or act with you, you somehow manage to do or say something that makes it all go upside down."

She smiled at me. And that smile has a strange effect on me, it stirs something in me.

"I wouldn't want to say 'I told you' so but that smile, it will get you in trouble," Guinan have said to me more than once after Erin came on board.

"Why would you want to say me that?" I asked her.

"Because Data, that smile combined with that attitude and her whole being, they are just screaming 'Fall for me' and though you are an android, my friend, you do have your emotion chip and from what I've heard from Geordi, it is working. It will work in this case too," the bartender gave me a wide smile.

"You better believe her," Erin whispered to my ear and vanished as quietly as she had appeared, with a laugh. And I do believe her because Guinan is Guinan and she is as emotionally perceptive as our counselor if not even more perceptive.

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