Chapter II: Introduction: Erin, part II

Erin's POV

"Welcome on board at the U.S.S Enterprise, Miss Madegan" Captain Picard greeted me as soon as I had beamed at the Enterprise.

"I look forward of serving with you even when I am only a civilian," I returned the greeting.

"This is Commander Riker, my number one and the rest of my bridge crew you'll meet at the bridge. Shall we go?" he escorted me to the Turbo lift. After a while, the doors opened and we stepped at the bridge.

"So this is my crew. This is Chief Engineer, Geordi La Forge. Then we have ship's Counselor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Worf," Captain introduced me.

"A Klingon," I stated but Worf just settled for a nod. Not friendly but not hostile either.

"I'm very glad to meet you," Deanna said.

"The youngster on the helm is Will Crusher, our doctor's son and this is Lieutenant Commander Data," Picard told me after steering me around the whole bridge.

"It is very nice to meet you Miss Madegan," Data greeted me very formally.

"Wow, you serve with a Klingon and an Android," I was pretty amazed.

"Yes Miss Madegan, is that a problem to you? Can you serve with them?" Picard wanted to know.

"No, no, not at all. In fact, this is quite fascinating," I replied very enthusiastic.

"Would it be too bold to inquire, what are you Miss Madegan?" Data had stepped on the other side of the Captain, "I have encountered many species before but I do not seem to be able to link you in any of them."

Talk about polite, I thought to myself, ""I'm three quarters of a human and one quarter of Vulcan," I chimed to him.

"Oh. So that would explain your pointy ears. But what about your lips and nails?" he seemed intrigued.

I eyed my blue nails," Oh, that. Some ancestor of mine had a good time with a Tryad in ancient times."

"Mr. Data, would you escort Miss Madegan to her quarters?" Captain was ready to leave at the next assignment.

"Certainly sir," Data answered, "Shall we?" and he offered me his arm, which I took, smiling.

"Deck 36," Data said when the doors had closed. And with a silent swoosh, they opened again, revealing a long corridor.

"Do you always talk that way, Lieutenant Commander?" I had to ask when Data was showing me the way at my accommodation.

"In what way?" He obviously didn't notice the way he talked.

"Well, so formally," I replied.

"Yes, that is the way I always talk, Miss Madegan," he confirmed, "And these are your quarters," he continued, opening the door for me.

Ever so polite, I thought, "Thank you Lieutenant Commander," I said laughing.

"Please, call me Data, Miss Madegan," he seemed to be bit abashed about what he'd just said.

"Erin," I revealed my first name, "Thank you Data," and laughed. Did that cute Android just blush?