Obligatory Disclaimer: I don't own Golden Sun or any of the characters or places or plots from it. Come on, does anyone out there honestly believe that I do? I didn't think so.

Author's note: This takes place shortly after the end of the first game, where the crew is aboard Babi's ship searching for Lemuria and their missing friends. Isaac and Mia professed their love for one another at the Venus Lighthouse when a piece of falling shrapnel (remember how the Lighthouse started to collapse?) nearly claimed Mia's life. Isaac saved her with his Psynergy, though, so now they're a very happy couple! ^_^ This story will mostly focus on their relationship (which will be tested...), but I'll try hard not to make it too mushy!


A clear, calm night on a sparkling sea. The light of the great silver moon in the sky reflected off of Mia's beautiful face, and she seemed to glow. She placed her head on Isaac's shoulder, smiling to herself. He held her close and realized that he probably wouldn't have a better time available to do this.

"Mia?" he questioned.


He swallowed hard, fishing through his pockets for the item. "There's something I want to give you--if I can find it." Shoot! He hadn't dropped it, had he?

"What is it, Isaac?" she asked, feeling a bit giddy. He was obviously up to something.

"Here it is," he said, sounding relieved. He took her hand and cleared his throat. "Mia, you're the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. The words 'I love you' just don't seem to properly sum up how I really feel about you."

"I know," she said. "Because I feel the same way. Being with you is like some sort of wonderful dream. I wish it would never end."

"Me either." He opened up his other hand, revealing a shiny blue ring. Mia gasped.

"Oh, Isaac! It's beautiful!"

"It's not much," Isaac said regretfully "but please take it as a small token of my love for you." He slid the ring onto her finger. "No matter what happens, I promise that nothing will ever keep us apart."

She smiled broadly and threw her arms around him. "I promise too. We'll always be together--now and forever."

"When this quest is over," Isaac added, "we'll make it official, OK?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed joyfully. And they shared a long kiss to seal the vow.

*Chapter 1*

"Land ho!" Garet cried from atop the crow's nest. The others rushed to the bow to see.

"Wow, it's really land," said Ivan. "I almost can't believe it!"

"Is it Lemuria?" Mia asked, squinting a bit to see.

"Well, why don't we drop anchor and go find out?" Isaac suggested.

"This is so exciting!" Mia said. "It's about time we found land again."

"Yeah," Ivan agreed. "We've been at sea for so long that I've almost forgotten what it's like to walk on solid ground!"

After almost a month and a half at sea, the Adepts were more than ready to investigate new territory. They swiftly dropped anchor and rowed a smaller boat to shore. Wherever they were, it would be a welcome change from the endless expanse of ocean they'd been looking at for so long. The piece of land didn't seem large enough to be a whole continent, and it felt a little familiar.

"I bet this is Idejima," Ivan said as he looked around. "It feels like we're moving with the waves."

"That means Jenna might be here," said Garet hopefully. "Let's go look." He drew his sword and started cutting a path through the thicket, with the others closely following. The branches lashed out as if they wanted to keep invaders away.

"It's like a jungle through here," Ivan said, tugging his cape free from one of the grasping boughs.

"Do you think this is where we'll find Jenna?" Mia questioned.

"We'll find out soon," Isaac replied. They came to a clearing where there was evidence of a camp but no people in sight.

"This is peculiar," said Ivan. "Do you suppose they left this place?"

Mia looked closer at the extinguished fire pit. "No, these ashes are fresh. Someone's been here very recently."

Something rustled in the bushes. Garet brandished his sword. "All right, come on out of there--and don't try any funny stuff!"

A familiar figure cautiously emerged from the brush and the others could hardly believe their eyes.

"Jenna!" Isaac and Garet exclaimed together. She ran to embrace them both.

"Isaac! Garet! It's so good to see you again! I always knew that you'd find me."

"I'm so glad you're all right," Isaac said.

"Still in one piece after all of this," Garet added. "I must say I'm impressed."

"What? You think just because I'm a girl I can't take care of myself?"

Garet faltered. "Well, no, it's just that…"

She laughed. "I'm kidding, Garet! I see you haven't changed much. You're just as foolish as ever."

"Hey!" he grumbled defensively. "Is that any way to talk to the guy who trekked halfway around the world to save you?"

"I missed you guys so much!" she said, chuckling again. She turned back to the bushes. "It's OK, Sheba! Come on out and meet my friends!"

"Sheba?" Ivan questioned in disbelief. Sure enough, the small Jupiter Adept believed to have perished at the Venus Lighthouse emerged from the greenery. She smiled shyly at the group before her.

"Hello," she said. "You must be the friends Jenna keeps talking about--the ones I saw at the Venus Lighthouse. I'm so very glad to meet you."

"Likewise," said Isaac. "I'm surprised you survived your fall, Sheba, but I'm pleased to meet you under better circumstances. Faran will be so relieved."

"You are the ones who defeated Saturos and Menardi," Sheba continued. Her eyes glowed a moment. "I sense a great power within you, Isaac. Thank you for finding me."

"Does this mean Felix is alive too?" Garet asked.

Jenna nodded. "He's alive, all right, but we don't know where he is. We woke up yesterday and he, Alex and Kraden were gone."

"How'd they leave?" Ivan questioned.

"Saturos had left a boat here," Jenna replied. "It was the only one, so Sheba and I are stranded here." She looked at him and Mia pensively, recognizing them from their brief encounter at the Mercury Lighthouse. "Who are you?"

"My name is Ivan, and this is Mia."

"I'm thrilled to finally meet you, Jenna," said Mia. "Isaac and Garet have told us so much about you."

Jenna smiled but eyed Mia a bit suspiciously, especially when she noticed the shiny ring on Mia's left hand. Why was such a pretty girl traveling with her friends?

"So Felix just abandoned you?" Garet asked. "Why would he do that?"

"I don't know," Jenna said. "I'm sure he means to come back for us, but who knows how long he'll be gone? Can we go with you guys? I've had enough of this place to last me a lifetime!"

"Of course," said Isaac. "Our ship has plenty of room. We'll go find Felix ourselves."

"Thank you," she said, taking his arm. "I've missed you so much. This will be like old times."

Isaac smiled and led the way back to the rowboat. Their Lemurian ship was noticeably further away, but they reached it easily and shoved off once again.


Um, so how was it? Decent start, I hope. Be gentle with your criticisms, please--it's a work in progress. Next chapter coming soon!