A/N: My first crack!fic ever. A few months ago, Dextra2 gave me a prompt for the election: "Nightwing votes…..for Lex Luthor, and he wins."

About this fic. Dick's at least 18 here, so Jason could've done this. Ollie was Mayor of Star City in the comics. And Mercy is Lex's running mate cause I like Mercy.

I've been delaying it, but here it is.


Dick groaned. His head hurt so much. I knew I shouldn't've gone to the party last night… He thought. He stretched, and got up. Guess some wiseass had decided to spike the punch….

He shoved back his Robin sheets (Roy's idea of a joke), and changed out of his Batman pajamas (Wally's idea of a joke) into his school uniform, before he realized it was Sunday. Dick collapsed back on his bed, and pulled the covers over his head.

Someone banged on his door. "G'way, Alf, Bruce." He mumbled. Didn't they know it was Sunday?

"It's me, Dickie-bird!" Jason chirped happily, "And its noon, get up sleepyhead. Jay raced into his room, and jumped on to his bed. Jason pulled the covers off Dick's bed. "GET UP!"


"Please? I wanna watch you vote!"

"It's not election day, get a life, Little Wing."

"But you can vote early. And I wanna watch! My parents never let me go…" Jason trailed off. "Besides, do you want Bruce and Alfred to know how drunk you where last night?"

"Blackmail's illegal, Robin."

"So's drinking under 21." Jason retorted.

"…..Fine, I'm moving." Slowly, Dick got out of his bed again, changed to a t-shirt and jeans, and left his room. Jason bounced happily after him.

"Are we gonna take your car?" asked Jason.

"No, we're gonna walk."


"Cause I said so."

"I hate that excuse." Jason pouted.

"Deal." Dick said. The only reason he wanted to walk was so the paparazzi didn't bug him. After all, the wards of Bruce Wayne going to vote (well, just watch in Jay's case)was "big news".


"Name?" asked the guy sitting at the table, making note of who was voting.

"Richard Grayson."

"Whatever, and I'm Batman." The guy said

Jason laughed, "No you're not. Batman's taller."

The man looked up. "A joker, huh? Voting booth number 3, Mr. Grayson, and annoying brat."

Dick dragged Jason to voting booth #3 before Jason could give the guy a black eye. He put the important information in the voting machine, and waited for it to load.

VOTE FOR: Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves or Mayor Hamilton Hill and Mayor Oliver Queen.

Gee, I wonder….

Dick started pressed the button for Hamilton Hill and Oliver Queen (Why did Ollie want ot be in politics anyway?) …the same time Jason poked his head up, knocking him to the left, so his finger hit Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves.

Aww shit….

Dick glared at Jason. "Really, Jaybird?"

"What? What'd I do?"


"The official, post several recounts, winner of the presidential election is….Alexander Luthor and Mercy Graves!" the TV announced said. "This was a close race, folks. In fact, its said one or two votes in Hamilton Hill's own Gotham City made the different."

Dick glared at his little brother, and threw a pillow at him.

"I still don't know what I did last month!" whined Jason.