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Chapter 3

Derek stood, shucked his pants and boxers off, and then reached for both her hands.

"Up we go, sweetheart," he said in an adorable sing-song tone of voice, like she was a little girl and he was her daddy. Someday, Derek was going to be a wonderful father. His strength tempered by his gentleness was the perfect combination.

All warm family thoughts rushed out the window as he pulled her into his embrace and gave her another scorching kiss. God, the man could kiss! Heat flowed from her lips, down her nerve pathways in her spine, all the way to her fingers and toes.

She gasped against his mouth as he picked her up and, while never breaking his kiss, carried her down the hallway to his bedroom. A luscious, engulfing languid feeling stole over her. She closed her eyes and let herself dream, her hair streaming over his arm like a woman in a romance novel. She'd never dreamed she'd be the heroine in a romance novel.

Derek lay her down on the bed, stripped her skirt and panties off in two seconds flat, and then followed after her. The heavenly feel of his hard, heavy body on top of hers made her shiver with delight.

"Cold?" he asked, some of his weight balanced on his forearms as he looked down into her eyes. There was concern behind all that tempered heat and barely constrained passion, and it dawned on her then how much this man loved her.

"Kiss me," she cried, overcome with emotion. She raised her arms and tugged him back down, and she could feel his smile as he started kissing her again. He obviously liked her exuberance.

She wasn't the only one bursting forward with exuberance. As he lay on top of her, she could feel the heat of his erection between her stomach and his as he rocked against her ever so slightly. It was a delicious tease. Despite it's staid name, there was a lot to be said for missionary position. Full frontal contact, the ability to kiss and touch and see him and for him to see her. She loved missionary, especially with someone who loved to kiss and touch and—

Those thoughts were switched as Derek rolled to his back, settling her on top of him. Female on top had its thrills, too. He held her bottom in a soft grip, squeezing, kneading, and occasionally jiggling the soft flesh.

"Mmm, yeah..." he said with a smack that made her blink. "Just how I like it..." When she giggled, he squeezed a little tighter. "What?"

"I don't know..." she answered, knowing she was blushing. "I guess I never really thought much about my butt."

"I have," he responded with a guttural growl. "Round, soft...yet tightly packed. You've got a great ass."

She gave him a quizzical look. "I thought you were more interested in my ta-tas? That's where you usually stare."

He arched a brow and smirked at her. "Woman, you can't see where I'm staring when you're walkin' away..."

She grinned at him as his fingers worked magic. He was really wicked, running his hands over her backside. felt good! That heat that flowed between them rose again, and she took his mouth in a desperate kiss.

She drank from him, her lips clinging to his as he touched and toyed with her, giving her a playful slap. She squeaked.

"Shh," he murmured, running his hands up to her back, steadying her, calming her like she was a wild pony.

Lord, she felt gauche and inexperienced, and she had a feeling she was blushing. "I—I wasn't—"

"It's okay, angel. We're exploring with each other...finding what feels good," he murmured, cupping her face in his hands. "If I ever do something you don't like, you tell me, and I will stop ASAP. Okay?"

Her heart swelled again at the caring and love he showed her, and she nodded. She knew someday there would be more, but for now they had other plans.

He grinned up at her. "Good. Now c'mere and kiss me, hot stuff," he teased.

She grinned back. "Sure thing, original Hot Stuff."

He winked. "Don't you know it..."

She melted into him and steadied under his hands while he traded soft, sweet kisses with her, but soon, the passion exploded between them again. He rolled her under him again, and he began to kiss her in deep, drugging kisses that made her arch and moan against him. She spread her legs wantonly, arching her against him, wanting contact, feeling, penetration. She was ready, but he wasn't.

Derek began kissing down her neck, licking at her collarbone. She moaned when he hit a sensitive spot, and he licked at it more. He made a path to her breasts, and for a second, he simply stared at them, and then he gave a kiss to each pouting nipple.

"More later..." he murmured, lowering more, stopping at her navel, and licking around that little indent before trailing even lower.

She tensed just slightly as the breadth of his shoulders made her spread her legs farther, exposing herself completely to his hot, heavy-lidded glaze. "Derek, I—Ohhh!"

Her hips arched toward his mouth, her breath caught in her chest, and she saw stars as he began. She felt like a wicked mermaid on a beach, her hair flowing out under her as she tossed her head back and forth while he taunted and teased and tasted her. A bit more, and she screamed, crying out and shuddering in delighted ecstasy.

She fell back against the bed, certain she was done for the night. She'd never had such a powerful orgasm before in her life.

Derek had eased her through the startling aftermath of her orgasm, kissing her thighs, petting her with his fingers. He kissed a path up her side, her waist, under her arm, before fastening on her breasts. He was suckling her, nibbling her nipples like they were the sweetest strawberries, when her breathing picked up again. She stretched beneath him, feeling the strings of arousal start to build and along with the want.

With a ripple of animal magnetism, he levered himself up and over her body.

"I want you, Penelope," he growled into her ear. "I want you so badly..."

This time, both of them were panting. The feel of him entering her was exquisite. She closed her eyes and gripped on to him hold him tightly. Her body began to pulse, a rhythmic buzzing and pulsing that matched the heartbeat in his body, and she felt like she was one with him.

"Mmm...yes," she moaned, and he dipped his head down to kiss her, catching that moan.

They lay together, not moving, just kissing and feeling each other. Penelope didn't think it could get much better than that. Then he started moving. Frack, it was good! So was full,, almost and-

"Oh, Derek... Oh...oh!...God!"

She felt the spasms again, and her legs began to shake as she started coming again. She tore her lips from his to catch her breath as he angled his hips upward, doing a wonderful rotation that made her contractions start back up again.

He gave sweet little kisses on the side of her face. She thought she would rest through this orgasm, too, but there wasn't much of a rest for the wicked.

"You ready?" he asked, and the shiver that ran through his body told her he was about to come.

"Am I?" she asked breathlessly, which made him chuckle.

"You are," he said as he began to move faster, thrusting harder.

His kisses became even more carnal, thrusting his tongue even deeper into her mouth. She encouraged his thrusts, her fingers on his backside, her mouth opening more as she licked him deeply in return.

"Fuck...oh, fuck.. God, baby..." Derek cried out, stiffening and losing his perfect rhythm before thrusting one last time in a movement that made her teeth rattle as he reached completion.

He collapsed on top of her, his wonderful, warm weight making her feel secure and loved. She was sticky, sweaty, happy, and very content.

A long while later, he caught his breath and then raised his head to kiss her neck. "You okay?"

She smiled up at him and gave him a pecking kiss on his lips. "I'm more than okay."

He kissed her again, a little longer than she'd kissed him. "Wonderful." He rolled off her, onto his side, and held her close, face to face.

She met his gaze and then kissed him again, a little more softly and tenderly. "Derek...I love you."

"I love you, too," he replied, returning that kiss with a more heated one of his own. "My one and only, true and original, forever Baby Girl."

It was a long time before she could answer, and she could feel the hard hotness of his erection between them. "Yes...mmm, yes. Forever and ever."

He smiled at her and slapped her butt. "That's my girl."

"Merry Christmas, Hot Stuff."

"Merry Christmas, baby." He kissed her softly and then wrapped his arms around her and rolled to his back, taking her with him. "Time for us to make some more of that ol' Christmas magic, sweetheart."

Penelope smiled and kissed him. "I couldn't agree more," she responded with a happy sigh, before letting him fill her mind, her body, and her spirit, all over again.