AN: This year for Christmas, I entered the Smut Challenge on Facebook. I decided to do a naughty and nice story. This is a tamed down version of the naughty story (Don't worry...I promise it's still hot!)...If you want it in the full glory, it's posted on TWCS...but I wanted to share them with you all here, too!

Chapter 1

Derek Morgan sat at the bar and watched his best friend attempting to flirt with her idiot of a ex-boyfriend. Lynch was too busy chatting up the other techs in the area, probably about which motherboard was better, to notice he was standing near the sexiest girl in the room...and that he'd once had her as his.

Penelope had gone all out this year. She was wearing a little red velvet dress with white faux fur on the wrists and collar, a tight, black leather belt, a jaunty little Santa hat perched on her pretty blonde hair, and white tights on her legs.

It killed him that Lynch hardly took a look at her legs. Derek was really, really stuck on those tights. He'd wondered for most of the night if they were thigh high, held up by garters, with nothing but bare inner thighs and silky panties. Or maybe they were full pantyhose style, where he'd have to peer closely to see the shading of the dark curling hair on her pussy...

Was the man blind? She was so gorgeous, laughing, tossing her tousled curls back, making the jingling jingle bells on her ears tinkle. Her glossy red lips matched her red glasses, and she smiled, flashing bright teeth at JJ, who was suitably dressed in a black velvet dress. She looked very Christmasy, too, but Pen stole the show.

God, that moron still hadn't turned! She was near the mistletoe and punch, for fuck's sake, the perfect spot for kissing. He knew that because she'd told him a month ago while they were at the store, looking at the black boots that she was now wearing. They'd already picked the rich burgundy sweater he was wearing tonight. It was classically styled, nothing too ostentatious. Penelope had good taste; he trusted her—he just didn't always agree with her decisions about relationships.

"I'm going to try to seduce Kevin at the Christmas party," she said.

"Really?" he asked. "What's up between you two?"

She grumbled and sorted through piles of boots. "I thought I'd try again...rekindle the spark between us and become a couple again."

"What spark?" he asked. There had never been much passion between Penelope and Lynch as far as he could tell.

She paused in her sorting, but she couldn't meet his eyes. "There was a spark..."

"Sparks don't just go away, sweetheart."

She pouted. "Sometimes they do—"

"Not if you're with the right person," he'd countered.

He knew that was true. His family was filled with people that had such sparks, real true flames between one another, that their relationships lasted decades, and in some cases—like his mother—even after death. It was one of the reasons he'd never married, because he wanted that spark...and he only had it with one person—who just didn't see him that way.

"You just don't like Kevin," she added in a patronizing tone. "You don't like each other."

That wasn't true. He didn't dislike Lynch; he hated him. He wasn't worth Penelope. He'd come to JJ's wedding with another woman, he'd rebuked her publicly, and she still chased. Penelope was not a pathetic sort, yet in this case...

It frustrated the hell out of him.

"Baby, why don't you see that you're worth more, worth better than him?"

She frowned. "That's not true. I still love Kevin. And I think Kevin still loves me." She graced him with a teasing smile. "Besides, not every girl can have a Derek Morgan."

"This girl can," he said, pulling her into his arms. "Just say the word."

She laughed, her tinkling, teasing laugh. "You're crazy. Always kidding—Oh! A scarf! JJ needs that scarf!"

She'd yanked herself out of his arms, and he'd let her go. He thought she deserved better, but he didn't know if he was it. He was a scarred man with a lot of baggage. He'd started thinking that maybe she was happy with Lynch and that maybe that was the truth—that Kevin still loved her...

Looking at her tonight, he knew that wasn't the truth. Seeing her miserable, heartbroken, beautiful face...he needed to make a move.

His move.

He needed to force her to listen, to make her take him seriously.

And he was going to do it tonight.

"Morgan is staring at you again, like he wants to consume you," JJ said through smiling teeth. She was trying to pretend like she didn't notice things going on.

"He is, isn't he?" Pen said, glancing excitedly at JJ.

"He's not hiding it very well." JJ took a sip of her drink. "He looks like he wants to throttle Kevin."

"I want to throttle Kevin," Pen mused. She'd decided to try with Kevin out of stupid desperation, but they were full and truly done. After tonight, there was no more wish of them returning as a pair.

"You should've gone out with him," JJ remarked, casting a glance at Derek again.

"He was dating Aimee Mallard," she replied with a huff. "I thought they were a serious item."

"You should've talked to me, too," JJ remarked again. "No one knows as much about someone's love life—or glaring lack of one—as their partner. Morgan never wanted that girl. She was a distraction, that's all."

Pen turned and looked at her, her mouth gaping. "Are you serious?"

She nodded. "He never talked about her."


JJ raised both brows at Penelope, like she was obtuse. "He was too busy talking about you."

Overwhelmed with this new, surprising information, Penelope knew she need a break.

"I'm going outside," she whispered. "Fresh air."


Working her way through the crowds, Penelope made her way out to the front entry way. There were a bunch of people smoking cigarettes, shivering in the cold. She held her breath and walked past them to a quiet spot by the corner. She then took a deep breath and sighed.

"He doesn't love you."

Penelope turned to see her best friend standing there. "Derek. What did you—"

"He doesn't love you, and I am tired of seeing you fight to keep something alive that is unworthy of you." He took a step closer, reached for her hand, and then started walking, dragging her along.

"Derek, what—" she tried to ask, stumbling after him.

"It's beneath you," he grumbled, continuing to walk in ground-eating strides. "You deserve so much better, it's almost pathetic how low he is in comparison to you."

She noticed they were past the parking lot to where his SUV was. She began to panic a little and asked with a confused voice, "Morgan, where are we—"

"Get in."

It was a command, not a suggestion. She never took well to commands. "Listen here, Hot Stu-Ooh!"

He didn't allow her to get a question in. He picked her up and put her in the truck.

"Derek!" she cried out in outrage. "Let me go!"

"Oh, hell, no," he said, shaking his head. He was trying to fasten her seat belt, but she kept hitting the button.

"I will scream." She didn't plan on that, though. It was an empty threat. She knew that no matter what was going on in that gorgeous bald head of his, he would never hurt her.

"No, you won't," he replied coolly. He took her hands in his and managed the belt, but then she pulled loose again.

"I will! I will scream! I—"

He sighed. "I was afraid it would come to this."

A moment later, he slapped handcuffs on her wrist and attached them to the seat belt buckle.

He climbed in his side while she sat still for a minute, anger and outrage boiling through her.

She turned her head to look at him. "What the hell is going on, Derek Morgan?"

He started up the truck. "You'll find out."

She gave him an incredulous look. "Are you kidnapping me?"

Without any other preamble, he simply answered, "Yes."