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A/N: Warning! Very adult and very dark themes in this chapter. This story is going to get darker as it progresses. It's the story of the originals after all, and it's the story of how they became as dark and twisted as they are.

"Hold your arm up higher Caroline," Klaus tells her with his sword outstretched, lightly grazing the blade along the one she held outstretched towards him.

"I am holding it higher," she grits out irritably as he smirks at her and swings his sword towards her with little effort on his part, well aware of the fact that she is only a beginner and wouldn't be ready for an attack from him that would be far above her caliber. Caroline catches it and their swords clang loudly, Caroline firmly keeping her stance as he taught her and twisting her sword through the air in another attack towards him.

"No," Rebekah's voice carries across the lawn towards where Klaus and Caroline were practicing, "put that portrait in the crate with the others, I'll not have it damaged on the way to Italy."

"She's rather adamant isn't she?" Klaus grins at Caroline and she shrugs, giggling as she dodges an attack from him and swoops behind a tree. She presses her hands up against the bark of the tree and sighs sadly, leaning her head against the wood as Klaus comes up behind her and slides the tip of the blade lightly across her shoulders.

"You shouldn't allow yourself to be distracted," he tells her calmly, "emotions blind us to what is happening around us."

"I hate to leave England," Caroline says sadly.

"We have to go beloved," he sighs as he roughly presses the tip of his sword into the dirt and walks towards her, sliding his hands across her shoulders as he presses a kiss to each shoulder, "You'll love Italy."

"I know," Caroline sighs as she wipes the sweat from her brow, her breathing still heavy from exertion, "I'll just miss this place…we've been here for twenty years."

"People will begin to notice we've not aged Caroline," Klaus explains as he takes her hand and leads her back to the house, "We've only managed to stay here this long and avoid Mikael because we've been very lucky. I won't risk our family any longer by pretending that Mikael will never find us."

"I'm going to have to learn Italian now," Caroline grumbles as they go into the house.

"You've managed French and Norse," Kol tells her as she and Klaus enter the house, "You'll learn Italian."

Caroline glares at him and continues on with Klaus, Kol rolling his eyes and slamming dishes in the kitchen while he makes tea out of irritation, "You can't hate me forever Caroline," Kol calls irritably, "it's been ten years!"

"Yes Kol," Caroline whirls around to face him, "ten years has gone by…ten years I've spent looking after that woman's family…seeing to it that her daughters received great compensation for the loss of their mother. I made sure they had the finest of everything…that they were well taken care of. That still doesn't change the fact that she is dead because of me, that she never saw her daughters get married or have children of their own because of me."

"Don't be such a martyr," Kol scowls at her, "it was an accident."

"An accident that would never have taken place had you not done what you did," Caroline snarls angrily.

"And I've told you a hundred times that I'm sorry!" Kol growls, grabbing her by the arm to halt her progression as she turned to walk away from him, "what more do you want from me?"

"I want that woman to be alive and well right now Kol…but she's never coming back and that's my fault," Caroline snaps as she yanks her arm out of his grasp and storms upstairs.

"Nice one mate," Klaus sighs as he watches her go and turns to look at Kol, "I realize you feel guilty about what you did but you do realize that acting like an insensitive git will get you nowhere with her don't you?"

"I've spent the last ten years apologizing to her….I don't know what else she wants from me," Kol sighs.

"She'll come around eventually," Klaus sighs, "Caroline is rather stubborn."

Eventually did not seem like it would come soon enough, for the carriage ride and subsequent lodging all along the way there wasn't exactly a comfortable one. Caroline knew she was being stubborn, and although she was civil with him as much as she could be, she still felt bad about that woman and spent her days trying not to think about it. Her gaze caught Sages from across the seat as they rode along the dirt road towards Venice. Caroline raised an eyebrow questioningly and Sage only gave her a tentative smile.

10 years ago….

"What happened?" Caroline says in horror as Finn carries Sage into the parlor, blood coating her gown and his doublet.

"She's been stabbed," he says frantically, a pained expression on his face, "it's all my fault..."

"No…" Sage coughs and blood coats her lips, "No…Finn…this isn't your fault…please," she whispers softly, running her hand along his jawline gently.

"Don't," he whispers softly, "don't exert yourself Sage…just relax….I'm going to fix this."

"How?" Sage coughs, "it's over Finn….the doctors will never make it here in time."

Caroline stands quietly in the background as her family surrounds Sage who's lying prone on the couch. Finn takes Sage's hand and kneels next to her on the floor, tears burning in his eyes as he gazes at her, "I won't let you die." Then he turns his head to gaze at Caroline, his expression pleading as he speaks frantically, "Please….you know how to save her….tell us how….you said there were vampires in the future…you know how to save her please…save her!"

"I…" Caroline stammers because she's never made another vampire before and is very nervous suddenly, "I can tell you how…." Caroline sighs as she walks towards them and weaves her way past Klaus and Kol to kneel next to Finn, "you have to feed her your blood."

"Blood won't be nearly enough…"Klaus says quietly, "that wound is fatal."

"I know," Caroline says, eyeing the wound and coming to the same conclusion. The blood wouldn't work fast enough to save her. "Feed her your blood….a lot of it….she'll need a great deal…and then…we'll…" Caroline says as she watches Finn bite into his wrist and hold it up against Sage's lips who fed from it tentatively, her eyes wide with confusion.

"Then," Caroline continues, "You kill her."

"Are you mad?" Rebekah gasps with wide eyes as she stares at Caroline.

"That is how it is done," Caroline sighs quietly, "it's how we were made and it is how the others must be made as well."

"Do it," Klaus says darkly as he stares at Finn who looks down at Sage in horror.

"It would be kinder to kill her now," Caroline tells him gently, "so that she will not suffer anymore."

Finn lifts his wrist away from Sage's bloody lips and watches it heal before blinking back tears as he stares down at Sage, "I'm….so…sorry…I love you…" he whispers as he bends to kiss her bloody lips, whispering softly against them as he places his hands on her neck gently, "forgive me."

Sage nods slowly, blinking back her own tears that slid down her cheeks mingling with the blood on her face. "I love you too Finn…" she whispers before the sound of bone snapping fills the room and then silence as everyone stands there staring down at Sage. Finn takes a deep breath and just sits there staring, holding Sage's limp hand within his own. "You're certain this will work?"

"It will," Caroline says quietly as she turns to leave, "when she wakes she'll be in transition…she'll need blood…"

"How much?" Finn demands and there is a hard edge in his voice that makes Caroline stiffen quickly, knowing that he never wanted this kind of life for Sage but had no choice.

"A lot….she has twenty-four hours when she wakes up she must drink human blood and complete the transition before that time is up….if she doesn't complete the transition she'll die." Caroline tells him quietly and walks out of the room.

"You're quiet," Sage says and Caroline smiles faintly as she leans her head against the wall of the carriage and stares out the window. Outside Klaus is on horseback smiling at her and she returns the smile, knowing that it bothers him to see her so upset.

"Just reminiscing," Caroline shrugs, "so much has happened to us sense we came here."

"Yeah," Sage says thoughtfully as she turns her gaze towards Finn who was also on horseback outside, "you know I never imagined my life would become this one day….I never thought I'd leave that boring old town until some idiot in a bar mistakenly stabs me in the stomach."

"I don't know why Finn even took you to that bar….what gentleman takes a lady to a bar honestly?" Caroline huffs irritably.

"I followed him, it was my fault," Sage chuckles lightly as Rebekah turns her gaze towards them to listen to the conversation at hand.

"Regardless, when a lady is present the men should have settled down," Rebekah tells her as she sets the book in her hand down to one side.

"The man was in the middle of a bar fight with another man….Sage was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…" Caroline shrugs.

"Still…it was amusing to watch Sage in the beginning…you were such a silly goose running about the house smelling the drapes," Rebekah giggles lightly.

"Everything was heightened," Sage says thoughtfully, "everything was brighter….the sounds…the smells…the taste…I wanted to touch everything…smell everything….it was beautiful….."

"Yes," Rebekah says with a nod, "I remember those days…when everything was just….alive….and beautiful. Now it's just normal for us."

"I could see the grain of the drapery….the threading….I could see the dust in the air…I remember how it looked like snowflakes floating in the house and I'd thought we had a hole in the ceiling at first," Sage laughs.

"Aside from the fact that it wasn't even snowing at the time," Rebekah says dryly and rolls her eyes.

"I was newly awakened as a vampire," Sage rolls her eyes as well, "I wasn't exactly thinking clearly at the time."

"Well," Rebekah sighs aloud, "I've got two of my brothers married off, now I just need to find someone for Elijah and Kol."

"Finn and I aren't married Rebekah," Sage says with a faint smile.

"You should be…you might as well be," Rebekah shrugs, "You've been together for ten years."

"Twenty years in Canterbury," Caroline sighs as he stares off towards the tree line outside the carriage, "twenty years….I spent helping to make a home there with all of you…I spent it looking after the children of one of our maid servants….two daughters that became my own…I always wanted children…" Caroline frowns sadly, "I'm glad I got to see them get married though…it comforts me to know they'll be alright without me."

"You shouldn't get attached to the humans," Rebekah scolds her lightly, "nothing good will come from it."

"Yes," Rebekah says idly as she picks up her book again, "I did rather like the gown you picked out for Annabeth."

"See," Kol comments from outside the carriage, trotting along on his horse, "something good did come from something terrible….you got to have children after all."

"Would you please tell Nik to go easy on Haldis," Caroline tells him nonchalantly, "she's rather old and I don't want the horse to drop on the roadway before we even make it to Italy….I'd be terribly distraught if we had to bury her out here."

"I'm being kind love relax," Klaus calls as he rides alongside the carriage, "She likes to go for a run once in a while."

"As I said before…she's getting too old to be running like that anymore Nik," Caroline tells him pointedly.

"I promise beloved," Klaus laughs as he slows Haldis to a trot alongside the carriage, "that when we arrive in Italy I'll see to it she has the finest accommodations."

"I sometimes wonder if you love that horse more then you love the man riding on its back," Rebekah comments idly with raised eyebrows as she stares down at her book.

"I love them with equal measure," Caroline replies with a sigh, "I don't want to lose either one of them."

"Haldis will die Caroline," Rebekah sighs as she looks up at her, "that horse is old and tired now….she'll not last much longer."

"I know," Caroline frowns thoughtfully, "I just….I'll miss her…you know?"

"Another good reason not to get attached to anything that isn't as immortal as we are," Rebekah says pointedly.

"Enough Rebekah," Sage grumbles and turns to look at her, "I'm sorry you're so cynical about love because you can't seem to find it yourself but there's no need to take it out on us."

"Harsh, Sage…" Caroline says as she glances up at her.

Rebekah glares at Sage and turns to look out the window, biting back a nasty remark she was sure would start a war in the middle of the carriage and result in someone being thrown outside into the muddy roadway.

"Would you three stop bickering like old women and look around you….were nearing the city," Kol points out as he points towards the city in the distance.

Venice consisted of beautiful old buildings the color of faded parchment, cobbled brick roadways paving the streets stained with dirt and water. An entire city built on top of the ocean, forever slowly sinking back into its depths. Children ran and played along the walkways, screaming laughing as they kicked a ball back and forth between them. Venders of every different kind lined the walkways as well, selling beautiful trinkets of gold and silver that shined in the morning light while others carried fruit of the sweetest kind, some of which Klaus procured for the women in the carriage. He handed her strawberries, the taste of the fruit rolling across her tongue and alighting her tastes buds.

There was music coming from the town square where people were gathered dancing and laughing, watching men and women from all over showing the people of Venice there products.

"Troubadours…" Kol pointed out to the women as he pointed towards group of men singing in the square, "I fancy a look, don't you Niklaus?"

"No," Klaus said with a shake of his head, "let us find lodging first…then we'll explore."

"Hello," Kol says with a charming smile to a woman walking by with long dark curls and a heaving chest. She smiles prettily up at him and then bows her head shyly, continuing her progression down the walkway. Caroline rolls her eyes at the exchange and looks at Rebekah who returns the look and then leans forward to look out the window at Kol, calling out to him "You know….if you're in such a hurry to find someone to warm your bed we could always stop off at a brothel."

"Oh don't be jealous sister," he smirks back at her, "I'm only surveying the goods."

"You're disgusting Kol," Rebekah sneers and leans back in the seat.

"Kol stop behaving like an animal in front of the women," Klaus scolds him lightly and then smirks at him, "We've plenty of time for that later."

"You'd better not," Caroline calls with and glare towards Klaus who smirks at her wickedly.

"Honestly were surrounded by a bunch of animals," Rebekah huffs, "you'd think they'd never seen a woman before."

"It's the first time were actually allowed to look as we please sister," Kol calls to her from outside the carriage, "nobody is here to stop us anymore."

"It's not a good idea to let that kind of power go to your head Kol," Caroline replies easily.

"I'm a grown man," Kol scoffs, "I can do as I please now."

"You might physically look like a grown man but mentally your still very much a child," Rebekah sneers at him, "If you had any inclination towards being a man you'd treat women with more respect, and not treat them like there a piece of meat Kol."

Kol smirks and winks at his sister before urging his horse onward up the street in front of the carriage, smirking at Elijah who glares at him firmly, "don't be an ass Kol," he scolds him lightly.

"I do so love to ruffle her feathers though," Kol grins at Elijah.

"I heard that!" Rebekah calls from inside the carriage.

"Enough!" Caroline huffs loudly and glares at Rebekah.

"Yes please," Klaus sighs, "you're incessant chattering is giving me a headache."

"Klaus," Caroline grits her teeth and glares at him, "you'll only egg her on!"

Klaus laughs and urges onward down the street with Caroline glaring at his retreating back, "I swear sometimes it's like I'm surrounded by a bunch of children!" Caroline growls out loud, "Never mind me not having kids…I'm too damn busy trying to keep you and Kol from killing each other!"

"Easy Caroline," Sage says soothingly, "I'm sure that Kol is only teasing you Rebekah," Sage says as she turns her gaze to a furious Rebekah, "he just likes to make you angry."

"I rather wish all of you would just shut it," Finn grumbles quietly.

"Then why don't you go and shut your brother up," Sage calls back to him and Finn grins at her, "It's a thought."

"It'd better be more than a thought," Sage calls back and sighs when Finn only grins at her.

"We're women," Rebekah huffs irritably, "why would they listen to us?"

"Because if they don't we'll wear their clothes again and do whatever is needing done ourselves," Sage says with a sassy smirk on her lips.

"You can wear my clothes any time you want as long as you model them for me," Kol smirks at her through the window and Sage sneers at him while Finn reaches back and smacks him across the back of the head, "Keep your eyes and hands off of her Kol," Finn growls with a frown on his lips.

"Pervert!" Rebekah yells at Kol with a disgusted look on her face.

The ride to the villa where Klaus had arranged lodging for them was filled with silence. Rebekah had long sense given up her debate with Kol and Caroline and nodded off against the wall of the carriage which Sage watched the city through the window as they passed by. When the carriage came to a halt Caroline stirred sleepily and stretched, yawning as she looking out the window.

"Where are we?" Caroline asks sleepily.

"A villa that belongs to a friend of Nik's," Rebekah responds plainly as the carriage door opens and the driver offers his hand to help the women out of the carriage.

Rebekah takes the proffered hand and steps out, looking around curiously. Sage follows and then Caroline gets out last, eyeing the enormous house skeptically. She longed to have a house of her own again, but she knew this wouldn't always be the way of things while they travelled. Klaus was growing more and more paranoid by the day she'd noticed, his plotting and scheming to avoid his father was becoming an obsession.

"We're going to live here then?" Caroline asks Klaus as she weaves her arm into his and walks with him towards the owner and his wife who were waiting for them at the front door. The cobbled pathway was lined with red rose bushes and a magnificent garden of peach trees.

"Yes," Klaus smiles down at her, "don't you like it?"

"It's beautiful," Caroline says as she runs her fingers over the soft petal of a red rose that was protruding out over the walkway.

"You'll like it here," Klaus reassures her as they stop before the owner and he bows his head politely, "Signore Velitinelle."

"Signore Klaus," he smiles in return with a bow of his head, "it is good to see you old friend…please allow me to introduce my wife…Signora Rosa Velitinelle."

"An honor Milady," Klaus says with a bow of his head as he takes her hand and kisses the back of it lightly, "This is my sister Caroline," Klaus says with a motion towards Caroline who smiles politely at them both with a nod of her head, "hello."

"Signore Velitinelle can speak our language due to his many trips to England;" Klaus explains to Caroline easily, "His sister is married to a nobleman there."

"Oh," Caroline smiles politely.

"They know about us," Klaus says quietly with a shrug as they follow the other two into the house with the rest of Klaus's family following behind them, "I've made friends during our time in England…they don't know exactly what we are…but they know we're not really French...I've compelled them to keep our secret."

"How many other secrets do you have I wonder?" Caroline asks as she steps into the house with him, "and if they know our secrets why am I still your sister?"

"It's safer that way," Klaus shrugs lightly, "and I keep nothing from you."

"You do too…" Caroline points out, "I had no idea you had such connections."

"You would if you'd asked," Klaus smirks down at her.

"Oh don't play those games with me Nik," Caroline smacks his arm lightly, "you never share anything with me anymore."

"You don't really care to share my….tastes…anymore Caroline," Klaus tells her quietly as they enter the parlor of enormous house and take a seat on one of the velvet covered wooden couches.

"You're tastes are rather barbaric Niklaus," Caroline scolds him quietly; "I don't see hunting as a sport as you do."

"You would enjoy it if only you'd let me show you," Klaus says and something in his voice sends shivers down her spine, the dark and hungry look in his eyes makes her blush and look away.

"I'm sure you are tired from your trip," says Signore Velitinelle as a maid servant brings in a tray of tea. Rebekah takes a seat between Kol and Elijah on a couch cattycorner to Klaus and Caroline while Finn and Sage sit on a couch across from Rebekah, Kol and Elijah.

"Terribly," Klaus smiles at him, "It was a rather long trip but my family and I were anxious to see the city."

"Oh of course," Signora Velitinelle speaks up with a smile, "there is a wonderful festival tonight."

"I'm sure they'll be much too tired for that my love," Signore Velitinelle smiles at his wife.

"No not at all," Klaus smiles at her, "I think that would be rather fun don't you sister?" he asks as he glances down at Caroline.

"Of course," Caroline smiles up at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking. Over the years although Caroline had forgiven herself for what she'd done and did what she could to make up for her mistake, she did come to accept what she was. Klaus eased her into it, helping her along the way and teaching her to control herself while feeding. Caroline knew that she wouldn't always be able to feed off animal blood and that she wouldn't be able to run from what she was forever. Not with the way her family lived now, not with the way their appetites were increasing and they're personalities were changing.

It both saddened and angered her to see the hunger glittering in Kol's eyes at the prospect of the festival, or the way that Rebekah shifted uncomfortably as she stared down at her hands, containing the hunger she felt. To an outsider they would appear completely relaxed and nonchalant about the festival but to Caroline who'd known them for over twenty years she could see they were all hungry. Even her sweet Finn who had always been on her side until Sage came into the picture and lured him away from hiding his dark nature was restless as he intertwined his fingers with Sage's who smiled up at him excitedly. Klaus's thumb was slowly massaging the back of her hand while they listened to Signora Rosa talk about the festival and the maid servants serve the tea to everyone. Just the feel of his thumb sliding across her hand was sending tiny electrical sparks up her arm, her instincts demanding she throw him up against a wall and have her way with him right then and there. He was perfectly contained as she sat there next to him, no hint of anything being wrong except for the distinct scent of arousal she smelt on him. Human's wouldn't be able to smell it and neither could the others because they weren't close enough but Caroline knew what he was thinking and her body was responding to it.

Somehow though, she thinks that it would frighten the elderly couple seated across from them if Klaus's 'sister' tried to have sex with him on top of their couch.

After some light conversation and tea they were shown to their rooms. Caroline waited until the servants were gone before she burst into Klaus's, catching sight of his firm backside as he drops his breeches and digs into his clothing chest for clean clothes.

"Caroline!" he chuckles with surprised eyes as she shuts the door behind her and leans against it, watching as he strips off the rest of his clothes.

"How on earth are we ever going to have any alone time when we're living with them?" Caroline asks as he walks towards her completely naked and totally unashamed. He corners her against the door with a hand on either side of her head and smirks down at her. She slides her hands over his chest, tugging lightly at the light sprinkle of chest hair. He hisses with pleasure and bends his head down to kiss her, tugging at her lower lip with his teeth before his tongue slides along hers. It was a deep searching kiss, the kind of kiss that always left her breathless and aching with need. She nips at his lower lip when he pulls away, scraping her fangs along his lower lip until she drew blood and then sucked at it seductively, her eyes wide and coquettishly as she turned her gaze up towards his. When she releases his lip he runs his tongue along the wound until it heals and then smirks down at her, "Don't tempt me Caroline," he murmurs as one of his hands curls into her hair and tugs lightly, making her gasp in pleasure.

"You've teased me all afternoon," she tells him pointedly as she slides her hands down his chest, her fingertips running through the patch of dark blond curls below and tugging sharply, inciting a hiss from him, "now it's my turn."

"Do you have any idea how many times I fantasized about you doing that when we first met?" Klaus drawls low in her ear and she gasps at the idea, remembering how sullen and quiet he was when they first met.

"You didn't seem to like me very much then," Caroline says breathlessly when his soft lips press against her neck, his warm breath making her arch into him. Just the feel of him against her, the warmth of his body encompassing her soothed the ache in her chest to have him close to her. There were moments when she couldn't get him close enough to her, and often times she wondered what that meant. She had never been taught anything about blood bonding other than what she'd heard from Stefan. It made her wonder if blood bonding had a greater effect on them then she realized. There were days when he'd be away with some of his friends, hunting game in the woods and during those days that he was gone her body would be positively on fire with need for him. She couldn't seem to control the sudden and almost painful urges that would overcome her.

It wasn't just sex either.

Sometimes all she wanted was for him to hold her and be close to her, to sit in the silence with him and listen to the rain beat against the roof at night. Sometimes all she wanted was to hear his voice or see his face, hold his hand in hers and walk with her through the woods behind their home back in England. Right now was one of those moments and it scared her, because she worried that maybe blood sharing had more of a profound effect on the two who shared it then she realized.

She hisses in pleasure as his stubble scraps across the skin of her shoulder, pink floral patterns blossoming across her skin as he slid his jaw across her shoulder with his warm lips nipping at her skin. His hands were unlacing her gown and pushing it down off of her shoulders, her nipples peeking out over the top of the gown.

"Nik…" Caroline gasps when his tongue rasps across one of the pert pink nipples, biting down gently and tugging. Twenty years had done them good in the sex department, learning every curve and pleasure point on each other's bodies. They moved as one, a skill and rhythm learned over time, Klaus's fingers deftly pulling the laces loose on the front of her gown and shoving the material down her arms until she could free her arms from the sleeves. His hands were hot against her skin, warm fingers cupping her breasts as he pressed her harder into the wood of the door.

"You'll break the door," Caroline giggles into his shoulder as he hikes her gown up around her waist and tears at her undergarments.

"I don't really care if we have a fucking audience right now," he hisses into her ear as grips the back of her thighs and raises her up. She wraps her legs around his waist and hisses in pleasure at the hot velvet tip of his pressing against her core. She drags her nails down his shoulders hard enough to leave bloody marks as he buries himself in her to the hilt, pushing hard enough into until the point of pain.

"Fuck…" Caroline groans aloud as he rolls his hips into her again, the wood creaking behind her back as she bites her lip hard enough to draw blood, not wanting to scream and alert the other people in the house. He leans forward and licks the blood off of her chin, sucking on her bottom lip until the wound heals while he continues to roll his hips in a slow hard torturous motion.

He groans against her lips and she loves the way it sounds, the way his body takes control of hers and the dominance he exerts. It's overwhelming and exciting all at once, his stubble sliding across her chin and down over her breasts as he rolls his hips harder, angling deeper into her. Caroline whimpers because it borders on pain and runs her hands through his hair, tugging on it sharply and earning a hiss of pain from him. His eyes darken as tiny black veins curl under the skin of his eyes like vines stretching through his blood veins; his teeth pointed and dangerously sharp as he sinks them into her left breast. Caroline cries out as he rolls his hips harder, dominating and insistent as if reminding her that she belongs to him.

"I wanted you to pose naked for me on my bed the night I drew you…" he tells her and she closes her eyes at the thought, imagining him staring at his bed, imagining her draped across it in nothing but a fur blanket.

"I probably would have just been glad to be naked on your bed at all…" Caroline giggles against his shoulder and he groans, answering her with a sharp thrust. Then without warning he lifts her away from the door and drops them down to the floor. He lifts her legs up over his shoulders and drives impossibly deeper into her until tears burn in her eyes at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

"The night you cleaned my hands…" he murmurs softly with closed eyes, "all I could think about was how you were on your knees in front of me."

"Pervert," Caroline gasps out loud as he smacks her left buttock roughly, the stinging pain blossoming across her skin.

"Of course I wanted more than that…but it was hard to think when you were looking up at me like you were," Klaus smirks at her.

Caroline bites her lips as she feels her body winding up, tighter and tighter until she thinks she might explode, she thinks back to that night and wonders quietly if she did in fact have her 'fuck me' face on and didn't realize it. She climaxes without warning and cries out loudly at the feeling, Klaus falling over the edge with her and filling her with the heat of his own release. He collapses on top of her and she takes the weight of him with happiness, enjoying the warmth of his body pressed against her own. His head lies between her breasts and she curls her fingers into the hair at the nap of his neck gently.

"Whatever made you want to draw that?" Caroline asks quietly.

"Other than the fact that you were on your knees in front of me the night you cleaned my hands…with your parted lips and your big eyes…all I could think about was how beautiful you were with the firelight glittering in your hair and the idea of how good it would feel with me in your mouth," Klaus tells her with a deep rough voice and Caroline grins, never realizing how much control she had over him until this moment.

"You've got such a filthy mouth," Caroline giggles aloud.

"I do…" he says as he nips at the skin of her shoulder, "it makes you wet for me too."

"I'm hungry…"Klaus murmurs softly, his voice rumbling against her chest.

"We do need to get up…" Caroline chuckles lightly.

"Yes…perhaps we do," Klaus sighs, "least someone catch us and think us incestuous."

"I would love to see you try and talk your way out of this one," Caroline laughs.

"We'll I can't very well come out and admit you're my wife can I?" Klaus smirks down at her, "It would be terribly confusing wouldn't it?"

"Compel them;" Caroline frowns up at him quietly, "I'm tired of pretending you're just my brother."

"It is for your own safety I keep up such ridiculous pretenses," Klaus says with a soft frown, "I'm sorry."

"Nik," Caroline sighs as he gets up off of her and offers her his hand to help her up. She takes it gingerly and gets to her feet, adjusting her gown back up over her shoulders and re-lacing it.

"I need to get washed up and get dressed, "Klaus tells her with a soft kiss before he disappears into the bathroom. She needed to talk to him about the blood bonding too; she thinks as she leaves his room and ignores the smirk on Kol's lips as she passes him by in the hallway on the way to her room.

Why was it alwaysKol?

Inside her room she changed into a clean gown and combed out her hair before re-braiding it. The sound of Rebekah coming down the hallway signaled to her that the others were ready to leave, the other blond vampire bursting into the room and flopping down onto her bed with a huff.

"I'm ready to go and nobody else is," Rebekah tells her pointedly.

"Mind your patience Rebekah," Caroline tells her as she glances back at her, tying off the end of her braid.

"I'm trying…." Rebekah sighs, "I just want to see the city."

"I have to admit," Kol says as he enters the room, "listening to Nik getting his leg over with our dear Caroline wasn't the highlight of my day…lets go to the city already."

"Don't be disgusting Kol," Rebekah sneers at him irritably.

"Alright you lot," Klaus says as he sticks his head in the door, "clear out…let's get downstairs."

"We're distinctly British people claiming to be French," Caroline mutters with a roll of her eyes as she follows the others downstairs, "nobody will notice surely."

"Oh button it," Kol tells her as they head outside towards the carriage, "Let's go enjoy the festival."

"You know…in order for us to make this work you can't ignore me forever," Caroline sighs as Klaus pours himself another glass of his favorite single malt scotch.

"I can certainly try," he says with a mocking smile as he holds his glass up towards her before downing it in a single gulp.

"Hate me all you want….I did what I did for you," Caroline says tiredly.

"Lies…" he says coldly, "you could have found a way."

"You think I liked watching other women touch you?" Caroline spits out coldly, "you think I liked watching you drown yourself in scotch and blood every night?"

"You found us in the twenties did you?" Klaus laughs coldly as he turns his gaze towards the living room door where he can see Kol and Bonnie leaning over a piece of parchment that was spread out on a table. Bonnie was using a locator spell to try and find Esther.

"I told you why I kept away…" Caroline says softly.

"You are nothing but a manipulative bitch….as bad as Katherine!" Klaus growls at her dangerously.

"You can throw all the insults you want Niklaus," Caroline grounds out, "you can hate me forever if you want…I agonized each night because all I wanted was to be with you but rather than indulge in what I wanted I saw the greater good in staying away…I saw the fact that if I kept away and let Esther believe I was dead she'd destroy herself in trying to destroy all of you."

"I could have kept your secret safe," Klaus snarls darkly.

"We both know that isn't true…" Caroline says sadly, "We've spent centuries running…and they've always found us."

Klaus glares at her angrily and roughly slams his glass down on the counter, "Do you have any idea how long I spent looking for your body? I risked everything….my life…my families…just so I could go back and find your body and bury you properly."

"The fire…" Caroline says with a shake of her head.

"I didn't care about the fire," Klaus says quietly, "I wanted nothing more than to bury what was left of you properly."

"Nik I'm sorry…" Caroline says softly as she steps towards him, placing her hand over the one he held pressed against the counter top, "I know your angry…I know your hurt and confused…and your probably plotting some scheme to lock me away in a coffin at one point…but I need you to understand that I did what I did because I love you so much….and I couldn't bear the idea of anything happening to you….I cannot exist without you Nik."

He glares at her and yanks his hand away from hers, "Don't touch me."

"Nik," Caroline says softly as he storms out of the room back towards where Bonnie and Kol were working on the locator spell. Caroline wipes the tears out of her eyes and follows him, his insults burning under her skin. She knew he'd be angry, but she didn't expect him to loath her like he did. She knew though, in his unguarded moments like he did back in Mystic Falls that he still loved her under all of it, and was only trying to shut her out because he didn't want to feel that love anymore for her. Five hundred years had taught him to shut off his humanity and stop feeling completely. Where she could once draw the humanity out of him now she caused the opposite and that hurt the most. As she watched him walk away from her she began to wonder if she could continue on without him after everything was said and done or would she chose to take the white oak stake from Stefan and Damon and end it all.

"Rebekah and Elijah are on their way," Kol says idly as he watches Bonnie work, "Rebekah says that Elijah's found word of Esther through the ranks of witches he knows….something about a very old witch looking for a warlock."

"Great….just great…now we have to worry about a warlock….a witch….a werewolf….anything else?" Caroline huffs tiredly.

"I hope not," Bonnie says irritably with raised eyebrows, "Any more of this and I think we all might as well skip town."

"You'd never make it to the front door witch," Kol tells her with a smirk.

"I'd have you on the ground screaming before you could blink," Bonnie sneers back at him.

"And I'll tear both your throats out if you don't stop your chattering and find Esther," Klaus cuts in and glares at both of them.

"Down boy," Caroline says darkly and rolls her eyes.

"Don't speak to me like I'm a dog Caroline," Klaus sneers at her.

"Stop acting like one," Caroline shoots back and glares at him.

"Ok," Bonnie cuts in loudly, "the locator spell isn't working for Esther though I told you it probably wouldn't…" Bonnie tells Klaus pointedly, "Although if Elijah has found rumors about Esther looking for a warlock maybe we should find that warlock before she does."

"Depends on who the warlock is," Klaus tells her thoughtfully, "I know my fair share of those as well."

"Ok," Bonnie sighs, "we need a name then."

"Kol," Klaus says thoughtfully, "Go out and find that witch Bernice….get the name from her…she's got many connections…find out who Esther's looking for."

Kol grins wickedly at him, "Sounds like fun brother."

"Indeed," Klaus says with raised eyebrows as he smiles back at his brother, "Have fun."

"Of course," Kol grins and looks at Bonnie, "see you around witch."

"My name is Bonnie," she glares at him.

"Bonnie," Kol repeats and grins at her and Bonnie flushes pink as she watches him leave.

"So," Klaus begins causally as he watches Caroline and Bonnie, "do the tweddles know that you're alive?"

"Who?" Bonnie asks with a frown of confusion.

"Stefan and Damon," Caroline supplies for her easily with a sigh and shakes her head before looking at Klaus, "No they don't."

"Interesting," Klaus says, "at least you had the decency to keep this matter in the family and not tell everybody and their mother that you're alive except for me."

"I knew how you'd react Nik," Caroline growls at him, "You'd do exactly what you're doing right now. You're being a stubborn jackass about it!"

"You have no idea who I am anymore Caroline," Klaus tells her coolly, "No idea what I'm capable of but if you keep it up I might fancy the idea of showing you."

"Don't threaten me Nik," Caroline glares at him, "you know exactly how well that's always worked."

"As I recall," Klaus says thoughtfully, "It always ended with me fucking you into the mattress and unless you're offering I think you should shut your mouth now Caroline."

"Maybe we should all just calm down…" Bonnie interjects gently, "maybe everybody should just take a deep breath here…"

"Oh shut up Bennett…nobody is talking to you," Klaus tells her coldly.

"Don't talk to her like that Nik!" Caroline growls dangerously.

"My name is Klaus," he tells her icily, "only my family gets to call me Nik."

The whole room seems filled with tension as Klaus stalked towards her slowly like a wolf stalking its prey, Caroline gritting her teeth and clenching her fists at her side as she stood her ground. "I am your family...I would never have suffered and endured what I did if you weren't my whole damn world!"

"Foolish to think you could just come back here and everything would be just as it was before then wasn't it?" Klaus says coldly.

"No…I was a fool to think you could still love me though," Caroline says tiredly, "maybe I was wrong…maybe whatever is left of my husband really is dead…because if that's true…I really am not your wife anymore. I could never be married to a jackass like you." Caroline snarls and turns to leave, Bonnie following her to the door. She doesn't see the look of hurt and shock register across his face as she leaves, his mouth hanging open as she slams the door to the penthouse closed behind her roughly.

"Caroline…are you alright?" Bonnie asks worriedly.

"I'm fine," Caroline snarls loudly and sighs when Bonnie recoils in fear, "I'm sorry….Nik just has a way of getting under my skin sometimes."

"He seems pretty angry…" Bonnie says softly with a frown.

"I never thought I'd see the day when he hated me so much like that…" Caroline whispers sadly as they get into the elevator and press the button for the lobby, "It hurts to see him look at me like that."

"He's just hurt," Bonnie says softly, "He'll come around eventually."

"He was so angry," Caroline says softly with a frown, "I was afraid of what he might do."

"I don't think he would have hurt you Caroline," Bonnie says quietly.

"No…but I think he might have hurt you to get back at me though Bonnie," Caroline responds with a serious look on her face. Bonnie looks at her and nods, swallowing thickly at the thought of what Klaus might have done if he'd lost control of his temper.

"They don't call him the most dangerous of all the originals for no reason," Caroline sighs as they get out of the elevator and walk down towards the parking garage.

The festival was alive with crowds of people and loud music. The smell of food was on the air combined with the smell of flowers, Caroline taking a pink flower Klaus proffered to her as they passed by a flower cart and stuck it into her hair with a bright smile up at him.

"I'm hungry," he says thoughtfully, "what will it be my love…pick one," he says motioning towards the crowd.

"Let's go dance for a bit," Caroline tells him and tugs at his hand gently, "I haven't been to a festival in ages."

The music was loud but soothing, the instruments flowing together gracefully into song as they danced along. Caroline had long sense given up keeping track of the rest of her family, Kol being the rebellious one of them all had gone off on his own chasing a pretty blonde, while Finn and Sage chose to go dance as well. Rebekah had dragged Elijah off too some other part of the festival that she found amusing so that left Klaus and Caroline to relax and enjoy the festival.

"It isn't just about hunting and eating…" he whispers in his ear as he circles her, his hand sliding along her waist lightly as he walks around her, "it's about the hunt…it's about luring your prey to you."

"I don't do it for sport like you," Caroline whispers back softly.

"You need to learn how to have fun with it if you're ever going to learn to control it Caroline," he tells her in a soft whisper as they begin to dance again.

"You sound like…" she cuts off, the memory of Damon cutting like a knife through butter. She hated to think that he reminded her of Damon sometimes, that after everything she put Elena through over her all but eye-fucking Damon Salvatore (which she hoped was all that Elena would do) that Caroline was now the biggest hypocrite in the world.

"Listen to the heartbeat," he whispers in her ear and his warm breath fanning across her skin sends tingles all throughout her body, "see the way the blood rushes under the skin."

"Stop it…" Caroline whispers back, "Nik…I can't live like you do…" she says softly and tries to walk away from him but he tightens his grip on her hands and on her waist to hold her against him as they danced, "Running away from what you are will never get you anywhere Caroline."

"I don't want to hunt humans for sport…it's wrong," she whispers back with a frown.

"I'm not asking you to hunt them for sport…" he says gently as he gazes down at her, "I'm teaching you to hunt to survive."

For the first in her long life she realized that she truly had become the student. Long ago she'd once thought they no longer needed her guidance, they'd taken the power back from her but now, in this moment she was certain of it. She suddenly felt like a baby vampire all over again being guided by Klaus, who in this moment didn't seem like her husband anymore but the man she knew back in Mystic Falls.

"We're better than them Caroline," he whispers as the dance comes to and end and he weaves her arm into his, walking with her through the festival. She can't drown out the sound of human hearts beating away around her like drums, the sound of and smell of blood rushing under their skin. He keeps talking and she keeps listening, his words reminding her of her hunger and the terror of hurting someone begins to resurface.

"I don't want to hurt anyone…"she whispers sadly.

"You won't…" he reassures her, "I won't let you."

It seems like they go through this every night, like a staged play they repeat the same lines over and over again, the same dance and the same smiles, soft whispered words in the darkness. He's taken to following a pretty brunette and he's taking her with him, using his charming smile and his handsome voice to get the brunettes attention. She dislikes how he flirts with her in front of Caroline, introducing Caroline as his sister.

"Such a pretty little thing aren't you?" he says softly as he brushes back a lock of the woman's dark brown hair and presses his lips against the skin of her shoulder. He's managed to back her into a dark alleyway where nobody will notice, and even if they did it would look like they were merely kissing in the dark. Caroline feels rage boiling under her skin watching him press kisses against the woman's skin. It isn't until he lips his lips and their coated with blood that she understands what's happening. He's been littering her shoulder with tiny cuts using his teeth, letting the blood run down her chest and staining the collar of her gown. Caroline is shaking and she can't tear her eyes away from the sight. He catches the woman's chin gently between his index finger and thumb and meets her gaze, his voice dropping an octave as he instructs her not to be frightened, not to scream and not to feel any pain.

"Go on…" he tells her softly, "join me."

Caroline watches him intently as he smiles at her with blood coated teeth and lips, his fangs sharp and deadly as he sinks them into the woman's shoulder. It was then that she decided to face what she was and deal with it. She had to feed to survive and as long as she didn't hurt anyone it would be alright. She presses her nose against the skin of the woman's other shoulder and inhales deeply. Blood is coursing through it and the smell is intoxicating. She sinks her teeth into the woman's shoulder and the rush of blood into her mouth is absolutely euphoric.

Rebekah was right.

Moments pass and Klaus is pulling her away from the woman and his lips are pressed with bruising force against hers as he sucks the blood from her lips and presses her back against a wall. The woman slumps to the ground beside them, blood running down her chest and her eye lids fluttering from exhaustion. His fingers slid over her face and across the veins under her eyes and he's murmuring sweet words against her lips as his hands tangle in her hair and his tongue slides across her fangs and along her tongue as the woman's blood mingles with the taste of one another. She's vaguely aware of her nails ripping his shirt so she could slide her hands across his chest under the leather doublet he wore, her mouth sliding down his jaw and neck so she could run her tongue across his collarbone.

"Caroline…" he murmurs after a moment but she's high on blood and she can't hear anything but the sound of his heartbeat and the smell of his skin. "Easy love," he whispers into her hair and soothingly strokes her back in gentle patterns across her skin, "I need to make sure the woman's alright."

He pulls away and she's left with cold air and the stars up above them shining like the sun at night. She blinks away the brightness, the familiar shock of how powerful human blood can be for a vampire. Klaus is feeding the woman his blood to heal her and compels her to forget everything she heard or saw just now. Caroline watches her walk away and Klaus is sliding his hands around her waist from behind her and pressing kisses against her shoulder, "You did well my love."

"I've ripped your shirt," Caroline muses at the torn linen shirt under his doublet.

"Yes," Klaus chuckles lightly, "you get rather passionate under the guise of blood lust."

"I told you I haven't any control…" Caroline sighs.

"You've only got control when you stay away from human blood completely, I agree…" Klaus nods, "when you're hunting animals alone."

"Why do you think I was so scared to drink human blood?" Caroline grumbles as she weaves her arm into his and ensures that both are clean and without blood stains before they walk back into the crowd of people.

"The only way you're going to learn control is if you drink human blood Caroline…you have to accept what you are before you can control it," Klaus tells her softly.

"Where have you two been?" Kol asks as he approaches them with Rebekah at his side.

"Off meeting the locals," Klaus responds with a wicked grin.

"Really? So have I…there quiet nice aren't they?" Kol chuckles with a grin of his own.

"Very," Klaus smirks back at him and raises his eyebrows expectantly when Elijah approaches with a grim look on his face, "Something wrong?"

"Don't drink the wine," he cautions them all, "It's been laced with vervain."

"Apparently there are people here who know about us," Rebekah says thoughtfully, "No matter, we'll have to take extra precautions but I imagine we can live in peace here."

"If you lot are done here," Kol says, "I'm going to go down to the local pub for a drink."

"I'll join you," Elijah says with a nod.

"Allow me to walk them home and I'll join you after," Klaus tells his brothers as he motions towards Rebekah and Caroline.

"Leave them with Finn…he and Sage will be heading home soon," Kol says with a nod towards Finn who was approaching them with Sage beside him.

"We're not children Kol," Rebekah sneers up at him, "We're grown women and we can take care of ourselves."

"I'd rather not leave anything to chance sister," Klaus tells her quietly, "these people know about us…I'll not risk it."

"I'll protect them," Finn tells them all, "We'll go and explore the festival a bit more and then retire back at the house later."

"Be careful," Caroline murmurs softly against Klaus's neck as he leans up on the tip of her toes to kiss the underside of his jaw.

"Always my love," he smiles down at her and kisses her lips softly before motioning for Kol and Elijah to follow him. Caroline watches him go worriedly until Rebekah grabs her hand and tugs her along behind her.

"He'll be fine Caroline," she reassures her as Rebekah leads her off into the crowd to explore the festival.

Later that night after they'd returned from the festival Caroline awoke to the sound of drunken laughter and someone staggering up the stairs. Caroline rolled her eyes, the sound of the laughter reverberating off the stone walls loudly. She rolled over in her bed and closed her eyes, trying to drown out the sound until that staggering someone staggered his way into her room.

"Nik," Caroline hisses as he shuts the door and starts stripping off his clothes, "Nik….you can't be in here!"

"Course I can love," he tells her as he clambers into bed and lies down on his stomach wearily, watching her quietly in the darkness, "Oh I'm exhausted."

"I can tell," Caroline smirks at him and then frowns when she notices the bruise slowly fading as it healed on his chin, "what happened here?"

"Oh…you know…idiot in a pub and all…" he shrugs and groans, "Blimey everything is really loud right now."

"You're drunk," Caroline grumbles, "that's why," and then after a moment adds quietly, "you shouldn't be fighting with the locals."

"He insulted me," Klaus shrugs, "stupid humans…they're rude and hasn't a clue what we are…think they can just get away with anything."

"We're no better than them Nik," Caroline says quietly, "sometimes I think we're worse."

"Oh don't be droll beloved;" Klaus chuckles into the pillow, "you're ever so melancholy after feeding."

"I just….I miss when you and I used to sneak off and go sit by the waterfall and have picnics at night…or when we'd just stay in bed and listen to the rosters crowing outside and watch the sunrise through the one and only window we had in our house," Caroline tells him softly.

"I used to watch you bath in that waterfall," Klaus chuckles quietly.

"You what?" Caroline says quietly after a moment.

"Yeah…" Klaus grins into his pillow as he watches her with one open eye, "I used to follow you all the time…before we'd become intendeds…I thought you didn't want me like I wanted you at first…but I was bloody obsessed with you and I couldn't help myself…you liked to wander off alone to the waterfalls so often it made me nervous. Then…there was this one time when I caught you bathing…and I couldn't stop staring."

"You watched me bath?" Caroline shrieks indignantly, "You pervert!"

"Alright, I knew it was wrong…I knew it was completely disrespectful but you were so beautiful…" he tells her as he lifts a hand to brush a stray blond curl away from her face, "I was young…and stupid Caroline…and I was completely in love with you."

Caroline frowns at him, remembering the many times during the months she'd lived there when she'd sneak off to go sit by the waterfall. It was a long walk as she recalled but she often had time to do that if she hurried up and finished her chores in time.

"You realize in the morning when your sober I'm going to give you such shit for this," Caroline grins at him after a moment and he grins back, "you could always just forget I told you and let me kiss you instead," Klaus tells her as he raises himself up enough to slide one hand across her stomach and down on the bed beside her, his long dark blond curls hanging down around his face as he bends his head to kiss her. He tasted like ale and blood, and Caroline giggled against his lips at his drunken attempts to seduce her.

"You taste like blood and beer Nik…" Caroline giggles as he grins down at her, "You need to go to sleep now."

"Mmm…I suppose your right," he laughs softly and collapses back down on the bed beside her on his stomach, mumbling into the pillow something about the combination of beer and blood making him dizzy.

"You are so…..weird sometimes…" Caroline giggles into the darkness as she stares up at the stone ceiling of the room, "sometimes…your this scary hybrid…and then your this sweet husband…and protective brother…you've got so many different sides to you I don't know if I'll ever see them all."

There was nothing but silence in response and she frowns, turning her head to glance over at him. She giggles at the sight of him sound asleep beside her, snoring lightly into his pillow.

"Figures," Caroline laughs to herself and rolls over onto her side facing him, watching him sleep quietly for a little while before she slowly drifts off to sleep herself.

A/N: Just so everybody knows, I am going to emphasize more on the past ten years and what happened during that time. It will be mostly flashbacks involving the relationship between Finn and Sage and Sage learning to be a vampire.

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