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Warning! Very adult and very dark in this chapter. There are mentions of non-con, death, language, nudity, and violence. If that isn't for you I advise you to skip those parts.

"You're an idiot Niklaus," Rebekah snarls angrily as she follows him out onto the foyer.

"Go away Bekah, I'm busy…" he mutters irritably as he takes a sip of scotch from the glass in his hand.

"Nik…you can't go on like this with her…she is family whether you like it or not. She did this for us….I agree…it was a bit rash but it makes sense. How many times have we nearly lost you because you went back for Caroline? How many times have we nearly lost her because she went back for you? Neither of you is rational when it comes to your safety," Rebekah says with a heavy sigh.

"I won't discuss this with you Bekah," he scowls at her.

"Just listen to me….there might have been many better ways of going about this…but she did it because she refused to put you in danger anymore…any of us in danger…she knew…from experience…like we all do that our plans never seem to work out right because somebody ends up in danger. She wanted to go about it on her own and I really can't blame her," Rebekah tells him with a frown.

"It was foolhardy and I won't have any part of her nonsense anymore," Klaus grumbles.

"You know very well what I'm talking about Nik," Rebekah says with her hands on her hips.

"Yes…that's right…your bleeding heart nearly got us all killed," Klaus said irritably.

"Yes….that's right…Alexander," Rebekah said with raised eyebrows.

A long time go in Italy….

"Has anyone seen Rebekah?" Caroline asks worriedly late one evening while she and the others sat around a wooden table drinking wine and discussing the day's events. Across from them their guests, four men whose wealth and popularity made their appearance a notable one. They wore armor as any young warrior would, an intrigue of Klaus's past. He was admirable of them at least, toasting them with his half-full wine goblet and laughing as they told stories of the old days, battles that have long sense past and the adventures they had along the way.

The only one missing was Alexander, a handsome young man who'd caught Rebekah's eye. It was plain to Klaus that Rebekah was off with this young man somewhere, presumably being a regular strumpet. However as any big brother would in this era, her virtue was his responsibility as it was his brothers, and thus he was concerned as to whether she was alone with him or not. Rebekah had grown wild over the years and she came to own a certain kind of rebellion against the rules of society. Caroline was of course, right beside her in that aspect and the two of them enjoyed frequently torturing Klaus with their lawlessness. Sage had been no help of course, only furthering the other two women's desire for freedom as she showed them how men entertained themselves when the women folk were away with drinking games and sword fighting. Klaus being the responsible husband would scold Caroline for her behavior only to have a rebuttal swiftly thrown into his face about his own behavior.

Needless to say, he gave up trying to convince her to behave.

"She's probably off exploring the castle love, there isn't a need to fear," Klaus reassures her gently with a soft smile.

"She's been gone a while," Caroline frowns softly.

"Tell you what," Klaus says as he downs the last of his wine in one gulp, "I'll go and check on her, will that ease your mind my love?"

"Yes," Caroline smiles as he bends his head to kiss her lightly before getting to his feet to go and find his sister.

Upon further inspection of the castle Klaus heard the faintest stirrings in Alexander's room. He stopped before the door, anger burning under his skin because the man had the nerve to violate his sister and steal away her honor out of wedlock. He huffed angrily and stormed away, his fists clenched tightly as he went outside to get some air. It felt as if he'd only been standing there for a few minutes when Sage came bursting through the door out onto the terrace, breathing heavily and her expression panicked. She looked absolutely terrified, blood was coating her gown and her hair which had been pinned up prettily in curls was now disheveled.

"What happened?" Klaus asked with a frown, his curious gaze taking in her appearance.

"They've…." Sage panted heavily, "I only just got away…they've turned on us…Klaus…they've staked your brothers and Caroline!"

"What?" Klaus said immediately alert, fury and panic etched across his expression.

"You have to hurry…I think they mean to steal the bodies away somewhere!" Sage said urgently as Klaus shoved past her and ran back into the castle.

The castle was a maze of corridors that he easily navigated thanks to the frequency of his visits, Rebekah being adamant to visit her suitor Alexander. Horror struck him at the thought of her being alone with him, realizing her folly as he burst into the dining room that he'd left his family in, finding the gruesome scene before him too much to take. His brothers where scattered across the floor like rag dolls tossed carelessly aside, left out in the rain to ruin. They were ashen and grey, blood veins turned black like the legs of a spider climbing across their faces and body. He knew they couldn't possibly be dead, as he wretched the dagger from his beloved Caroline's chest, searching her face frantically for any sign of life. When she didn't move he felt panic rip through him, anger burning under his skin that was slowly turning to a violent rage as he stood up and turned to face the shadow creeping ever closer to him from a nearby corner.

"What have you done to them?" he whispers in coldly and deadly menace, taking a step towards the man who steps from the shadows to face Klaus.

"They're merely sleeping, nothing to fear," the hunter replies and yet something in his tone of voice makes Klaus even more worried.

Others filled the room, three men whom Klaus knew personally, men whom he believed were simple enough, good men of the sword. "Forgive us the deception Milord," one of them began, "but you it was you who deceived us first."

"A mistake I shan't make again believe me," Klaus responded coldly, "you will release my family or I will kill you all."

The hunters laughed, grinning at one another, as the first of who revealed himself spoke, "We shall reunite you with your family soon Milord."

"In fact," Alexander spoke from behind Klaus, "we'll do it right now."

Klaus gasped as the dagger plunged into his back roughly, Alexander giving a grunt of satisfaction as the hilt of the dagger pressed against Klaus's back and he dropped to his knees, gasping in pain.

"Why isn't he desiccating?" one of the hunters asked worriedly.

"Give it time, the dagger takes a moment to work," Alexander reaffirmed as he pressed his foot against Klaus's back and shoved him down to the floor.

"Disgusting creatures," Alexander muttered with bitterness, pain burning in his eyes, "he's a deceptive as his whore of a sister."

"You will retract those words sir," Klaus gasped as Alexander whirled around to look at him, just in time to see Klaus stand as pulled the dagger out of his back with great difficulty.

"That is impossible," Alexander said firmly, "you should be sleeping as the others do."

"I am not like the others," Klaus grinned wickedly at him, appearing as a madman with a secret, a black gleam in his eye that made all in the room nervous, "you will all die here tonight for your betrayal."

"Deal with him," Alexander motions to the others, "I need to retrieve his sister."

Alexander turned to leave just as Klaus moved with wicked speed, his hand sinking into the warm and soft flesh of the first hunter, wrenching his heart from his chest with a cruel look of satisfaction on his face.

"No!" another gasped and stepped forward to attack, Alexander hurrying from the room to steal away Rebekah's body to some unknown place. Klaus followed him, the other hunters shortly behind him. The battle ground resumed in Alexander's room, where Klaus exacted his revenge with certain cruelty and rage, blood splattering the walls and himself, venting his rage and despair on the hunters. When they were all dead and Alexander's body hung haphazardly from the far wall with a sword driven into his chest, Klaus removed Rebekah's dagger.

He waited in silence until she awoke, and sighed in relief. He worried that they'd done something more that would prevent her waking, and when she sat up, her face contorted in shock and horror he glared at her dangerously.

"You've brought us all to ruin Rebekah!" Klaus shouted angrily as she began to weep, seeing her beloved Alexander dead against the wall.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered, "What happened?"

"They've turned on us Rebekah….you've given yourself to him haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?"

"I'm sorry!" Rebekah wept.

"You trusted them, over ME?" he roared, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her roughly, rage contorting his expression and blood smearing the sleeves of her white chemise where his bloody hands had taken hold of her.

"Where are the others?" Rebekah whispered sadly.

"They are like you were, daggered," Klaus growled as he yanked her up off of the bed by her arm and dragged her out into the corridor roughly, Rebekah barely able to keep up as he hurried down the hall way towards the dining room.

"We must undagger them," Klaus says darkly as he begins to pull the daggers from their chests.

"Oh goodness you're alright!" Sage breathes in a sigh of relief as she rounds a corner and finds them, "I was so worried!"

"Stop your fretting and help us remove the daggers from them!" Klaus snaps angrily at Sage.

Sage steps forward to Finn and cries out in alarm when a pair of strong arms wraps around her waist and wrenches her back away from him. "No!" Rebekah screams as a hooded figure drags Sage away from the other two.

"Unhand her!" Klaus roars as he charges forward towards them, the man raising a crossbow and firing a shot towards Rebekah who crumbles to the floor like a puppet whose strings have been cut, a wooden arrow lodged in her chest.

"Rebekah!" Klaus cries out and runs towards her, Sage screaming Finn's name in the background as the man carries her away.

"Bekah!" Klaus cries out as he pulls the arrow from her chest and shakes her roughly. When she doesn't move he stands and runs after the hooded figure but when he could no longer find them and Sage screams had been silenced he feared the worst.

"Damn…" he whispers into the silence of the castle and goes back into the dining room, pulling the daggers from the chests of his family members; all save for one—Finn.

"We must undaggers Finn Nik," Rebekah says quietly.

"No," Klaus says with a shake of his head, "Tis a mercy to leave him daggered Bekah."

"Where's Sage?" Rebekah asks softly.

"Dead," Klaus responds quietly, his expression bleak and cold.

"Oh no…" Rebekah whispers and covers her mouth, shaking her head as tears run down her face.

"What happened?" Caroline asks wearily as she sits up, the hole in her chest now healing.

"We've been betrayed," Klaus tells her without a hint of emotion in his voice, as he sits down in a nearby chair and stares coldly at the wall.

"Nik," Rebekah says quietly.

"Shut up Bekah…don't talk to me…don't look at me….be silent!" he growls dangerously.

"Nik I'm sorry…" Rebekah whispers sadly.

"I said BE QUIET!" he roars, standing up and throwing the chair he was sitting in at the far wall where it shatters into hundreds of pieces.

Rebekah recoils instantly, weeping quietly as she turns her gaze to the floor.

Caroline says nothing and keeps away from him as well, catching Rebekah by the arm so they can talk privately somewhere else and leave Klaus to his musings.

"What happened?" Caroline demands as they walk through the corridors to retrieve Rebekah's gown.

"I can't go in there…" Rebekah whispers quietly as they stop in front of Alexander's room.

"Oh…"Caroline breaths as she takes in the sight of the room and leaves Rebekah in the hallway, stepping over the bodies of the five hunters and grabbing Rebekah's gown that was thrown over a chair in the far corner. Once Rebekah was dressed she told Caroline about everything that had happened. They stood in silence for a long time in the hallway, listening to Klaus destroying the dining room in the distance. Finally they heard footsteps and Klaus appeared followed by Kol and Elijah.

"They had these daggers…" Klaus begins as he holds them up, "that must be white oak ash on the tip, and it's the only way they could have kept you all down without you waking up shortly after daggering you."

"White oak ash…" Rebekah breaths worriedly, "Nik that means…"

"Our father is here," Klaus says coldly, "which means we need to leave….now."

"Our lives were so much more complicated after that," Rebekah says quietly as she stands there with Klaus, watching the Bennett witch search through her grimoire's.

"He never stopped pursuing us after that," Klaus agrees quietly, "he must have been helping them."

"Our lives were nothing but running and hiding for centuries after that Nik…why do you think Caroline was so adamant about doing this on her own? Every time we try to stand together…something always happens. She was merely trying to think outside of the box on this one Nik…true…I wanted to rip her hair out when I found out she was alive and had fooled us all…but at the same time I was grateful she was alive and somewhat understanding of her current predicament. Rather than let you deal with this because we all know every time you do things just seem to blow up in our faces….she chose to take one for the team so to speak," Rebekah tells him thoughtfully.

"Five hundred years…I would have given anything just for a whisper…just for a glance of her face…she could have just told me she was alive…could have told me to keep away…told me what she was doing," Klaus says softly.

"You would have never been able to keep away from her Nik and you know it," Rebekah laughs softly.

"I would have too," Klaus frowns, "I've got self-control you know…"

Rebekah scoffs loudly and rolls her eyes, "Says the man who invented sex on top of a sink…or a dryer…in the kitchen..."

"Enough," Klaus groans and rolls his eyes, "I never meant for you to walk in on any of that."

"Yes…you were…how did you put it? Caught up in the moment…" Rebekah grins up at him slyly.

"Hey…" Bonnie interrupts loudly, unable to take any more of their current conversation, "I think I've got something."

"We'll I certainly hope so," Rebekah says dryly, "I didn't fly three thousand miles just to get here and have nothing to do."

"Nobody said you had to come Rebekah," Bonnie says irritably, "Caroline just suggested that it might be better if we all work together."

"Mind your tongue witch," Rebekah replies, "or I'll cut it out."

"Cut it out and you'd be up shit creek without a paddle wouldn't you?" Bonnie responds sweetly and smirks at Rebekah.

"Why you little—…" Rebekah growls and steps forward.

"Enough," Klaus groans aloud, "Hurry up witch I haven't all day."

"My name is Bonnie," Bonnie glares at Klaus darkly, "and I'll take as much time as I need if you want me to do this correctly."

"Please….take your time," Kol murmurs from across the room from where he sat perched on the couch, gazing at Bonnie's backside without any sort of subtlety.

"You're disgusting," Bonnie glares back at him and rolls her eyes, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, "I need to tell Elena what's going on."

"You'll do no such thing," Klaus responds, "I've had quite enough of the Salvatore brothers for now…they'll just get in here and muddle everything up. What I need right now is a new location to search. I need you to track my mother's movements."

"I told you…I can't," Bonnie sighs heavily, "she's blocking me."

"Stop harassing her Klaus," Caroline says as she enters the apartment.

"You're witch is useless Caroline," Klaus tells her pointedly, "surely I can find someone better for the job."

"Alright that's it," Bonnie snaps, "I won't put up with this shit Caroline," Bonnie tells her firmly as she points at Klaus, "you shut him up or I will."

"Yes please," Kol says loudly, "I'd love to see how she shuts him up."

"Shut up Kol," Caroline growls and smacks him across the back of the head playfully before glaring at both Klaus and Rebekah, "you two need to go for a walk."

"Why am I being kicked out?" Rebekah says indignantly, "I never did anything."

"Bonnie can't concentrate with everybody breathing down her neck alright?" Caroline says with raised eyebrows as she shifts her gaze between the two of them, "I need to find Esther as soon as possible. I need to know what she's doing….fuck me…this was so much easier when…" Caroline groans and rubs her face tiredly.

"When you were being a selfish stupid bint hiding from her family and trying to take the fall for us all rather than work together as a team and resolve the issue?" Klaus finishes for her coldly.

Caroline glares at him and Kol scoffs, "sense when have we ever worked as a team Nik?"

"Kol has a point Nik," Rebekah says quietly, "your idea of resolving the issue is daggering us and sticking us in coffins."

"Lovely," Klaus groans and turns to storm back into the kitchen, "allow me to remove myself the situation entirely."

"Oh come on Nik," Rebekah sighs as she watches him go and then looks at Caroline, "you know…he's never this temperamental."

"His wife appeared out of the blue after five hundred years after he thought she was dead Rebekah," Kol sighs heavily, "he's going to be temperamental for a while."

"Keep in mind four hundred of that was spent looking for you…" Caroline glares at Kol.

"Ok…" Bonnie interrupts, "I've got something…and…" she frowns, her eyebrows furrowing together in thought, "It's in Mystic Falls."

"You're telling me this warlock were looking for is in Mystic Falls?" Kol laughs incredulously, "of course he is…where the hell else would he be?"

"Clearly he has no taste either," Klaus calls dryly from the kitchen and sighs, "Looks like you and the Bennett witch are going back to Mystic Falls then Kol."

"What about Bernice?" Caroline asks as she shifts her gaze between them all.

"I'm still waiting on word from her," Kol says as he cranes his head back and to the side to look at Caroline from his place on the couch, "she said she would ask around."

"Ok…" Caroline sighs, "So…Kol and Bonnie head to Mystic Falls...Rebekah and I will stay here and talk to Bernice."

"What shall I do then Caroline?" Klaus asks as he emerges from the kitchen with an expectant look on his face, "you've clearly come home to us to be captain of the ship….so by all means…be the captain."

"Frankly I don't give a shit what you do anymore Nik," Caroline says coldly, "You hate me…I get it…and I'm not going to sit around and let you vent your rage on me. I'm going with Rebekah to get shit done…and when this is all over I will go my own way alright? You'll never have to see me again."

Klaus sneers at her coldly, "don't be such a martyr Caroline."

"I'm not," Caroline sighs heavily, "I'm just sick of your attitude…and I'm tired of being treated like this. I get it…your angry….and I can't blame you. I didn't come back here expecting you to welcome me with open arms. I knew you'd probably hate me for what I did and I accept that. So let's just get this all over with so everybody can go their own separate ways."

Rebekah glares at Klaus and motions towards Caroline with her eyebrows when Caroline turns to leave, and when he doesn't move she stomps on his foot sharply and glowers up at him.

"I refuse to grovel," Klaus snarls at her darkly and storms off back into the kitchen.

"Caroline!" Rebekah yells at Caroline's retreating back.

Caroline stops and turns to look at her with raised eyebrows, "I'm not groveling either."

"Oh you two are ridiculous honestly!" Rebekah shouts angrily, "Why can't you just agree to disagree and help the rest of us find Esther?"

"Because she's a stubborn ass that thinks only of herself," Klaus calls from the kitchen.

"Because he's got his head shoved so far up his ass he can't hear the sound of his own stupidity!" Caroline snarls back.

"Bekah give it up darling," Kol sighs, "they're going to bicker like this for a few months at least."

"Can we leave already?" Bonnie sighs as she looks at Kol, "I don't know about you but the tension in this room is getting thicker by the minute."

"Agreed," Kol says with a nod as he stands, "Come along little witch, we've got a warlock to find."

"My name is Bonnie!" Bonnie snaps as she follows him out of the apartment.

"Well let's get on with it then," Rebekah sighs, "Nik's driving me mad."

"Don't let me keep you," Klaus calls from the kitchen, "I'd hate to be a bother."

"Stop being so dramatic Nik," Rebekah calls back and rolls her eyes, "let's go before he has a tantrum."

"Please do," Klaus calls back and Rebekah glowers at the kitchen door darkly before heading out of the apartment with Caroline.

"Sometimes I just want to smack him," Rebekah glowers as she follows Caroline to the elevators.

"Funny, I've often felt like that two over the course of a thousand years," Caroline says thoughtfully.

"Even when you had to stay out of sight?" Rebekah frowns at her.

"Watching him flirt with other women…be a total jackass to my friends…yeah…there were moments," Caroline smiles at Rebekah.

"What did you do all that time anyways?" Rebekah asks curiously.

"Well…I watched the Salvatore's grow up…that was interesting…and just for kicks I wanted to see them interact with Katherine….she was such a bitch…wow…and then you know…I had to watch my friends grow up…I had a lot to keep me busy," Caroline says with a shrug.

"Which was your favorite time period?" Rebekah asks as they exit the elevator downstairs and then walk towards the car garage.

"Eighteen hundreds…I loved the bustle gowns," Caroline laughs.

"The twenties were my favorite," Rebekah muses aloud, "I had a lot more freedom then."

"The twenties were fun," Caroline shrugs, "Nik was right…I did love it."

"So we need to go find this Bernice witch," Rebekah says as they get into Caroline's car.

"Any idea where she lives?" Caroline asks with raised eyebrows.

"Far end of town," Rebekah sighs.

"Lead the way," Caroline sighs and drives out of the parking garage. They drive for a long while in silence before Rebekah speaks up thoughtfully, "You and Niklaus have fallen out before."

"This is different Rebekah," Caroline replies quietly.

"Not it isn't….Niklaus turned into as big an asshole then as he is now," Rebekah replies easily.

"He was driven mad by the hallucinations Rebekah…he spent over fifty two years locked away in a dungeon cell for his own safety."

"Yes and he nearly killed you more than once when his sanity finally returned," Rebekah pointed out, "nothing could be worse than how he was after the hallucinations stopped."

"He was only a raging lunatic for like….a year or so…he was ok after that," Caroline sighs.

"How many times did Elijah and Kol have to drag him away from you Caroline? How many times did he try and force himself on you?" Rebekah frowns at her.

"He wasn't in his right mind at the time Rebekah," Caroline says quietly, hating to think of those days.

"He's not nearly as bad right now…you two can fix this," Rebekah replies quietly.

"There's no fixing it Rebekah….Klaus and I are done," Caroline sighs.

"Rubbish," Rebekah snaps with a frown, "you two are just being stubborn. If you'd only just sit down and talk about it."

"We did talk…and he tried to dagger me," Caroline says flatly.

"Ok so he threatened you with a dagger…he's done worse and you know it…" Rebekah tells her pointedly.

A long time ago somewhere in France…

Caroline lay quietly in her bed listening to the laughter downstairs. He was drunk again and she knew it, his slurred words carrying across the dining room and echoing against the walls. The sound of drunken women followed, giggling feverishly. Caroline stood up and went out into the corridor, gazing down from the second floor corridor, leaning against the wooden railing as she stared down into the dining room below. Klaus was perched at the head of the table with a woman on each leg, women who wore to much make-up and tight corsets, their breasts pushed high above the collar of their gown. Kol was seated nearby laughing as he drank from his goblet while Elijah sat at the other end of the table watching them both disapprovingly.

"Why don't you go and visit my brother love, I'm sure he'd love a taste.." Klaus tells the woman sitting on his left knee. She gets up and walks over to Kol who smirks at her wickedly, taking her into his arms and proceeding to feed on her. Caroline grimaces at the sight, anger burning under her skin as she watches them. It was then that Klaus catches sight of her and grins up at her.

"Why hello there darling…won't you come down and drink with us?" Klaus calls loudly.

"I haven't the patience for your whores Niklaus," Caroline said plainly and turns to leave.

Klaus glares up at her and drops the women on his right knee onto the floor roughly as he stands up, slamming his goblet down on the table with a resounding clang. "I asked you to come down here."

"I told you no," Caroline responds coldly, "I won't watch you make a fool of yourself with these women."

"Caroline," he growls coldly as he watches her leave and then calls even louder, "CAROLINE!"

She slams the door to her bedroom roughly and locks it, knowing that it will do no good if he intends on gaining entrance to the room. Surprisingly he doesn't follow her and she goes back to bed, wiping away the tears that had slid down her cheeks earlier. He hasn't been the same sense the hallucinations had stopped. They all thought he'd gone mad, his personality changing completely. Now he was all about food and drink, about whores and blood and sex. He enjoyed torturing his victims; he loved to watch the humans run from him, he sarcastic and cold and often times very cruel.

He made her cry all the time.

He'd get angry with her because she wouldn't have him in her bed anymore and would promptly throw him out of her bedroom. He demands she yield to him and she'd tell him she wouldn't have an unfaithful husband in her bed.

He yells at her about being a dullard like Finn, and tells her if she'd only join him he'd have no need for the whores he paid to entertain him and his brothers. Caroline refused to join him in his sadistic thrills, his humanity completely shut off. There was nothing left in her husband now and she felt herself break just a little more every day because of it. Her dreams were filled with the man she fell in love with, the sound of his voice and his kisses in the moonlight. She dreamed of Klaus when he was human, his handsome smile and the sound of his laughter as they went riding together through the forest on Haldis.

Poor Haldis.

Her beloved horse had passed away nearly a century ago and Caroline still missed her. Haldis was one of the many things she'd lost. Elijah and Kol both agreed Klaus was off the rails, but while Elijah chose to remain the responsible one, Kol was less tense about it and enjoyed Klaus's nightly parties.

It was late at night when she heard the lock on the door snap and Klaus's heavy footsteps enter the room. She felt the bed shift under his weight as his warm lips pressed against the bare skin of her shoulder, "Come on love…don't be angry with me."

"Get away from me Niklaus," Caroline says coldly as she pulls the sleeve of her gown up higher onto her shoulder.

"I was only having a bit of fun Caroline," he tells her quietly as he tugs gently on her shoulder so that she rolls onto her back and has to look at him.

"I asked you kindly to keep away from me and I mean it," Caroline tells him pointedly, "you stink of other women…of sex and blood and beer….you disgust me."

"Now stop that," he frowns down at her as he bends to kiss her, "I wouldn't have any need of them if you'd only let me back into your bed."

"You're completely mad!" Caroline snaps angrily as she turns her face away so that he couldn't kiss her.

"Stop that," he says with a growl as he grabs her chin and forces her to hold still, roughly pressing his lips against hers. Caroline beats at his arms with clenched fists, squealing angrily as he thrusts his tongue into her mouth. She bites down on it and he howls in pain when she releases it, reeling back to glare down at her. Before she can react he's on her again, this time one hand was holding her down while the other was ripping at her chemise.

"Stop it…get off of me…get off! ELIJAH!" Caroline screams, tears running down her cheeks as she frantically tries to fight Klaus off.

"Stop it…" he yells at her angrily, "Why can't we just be the same again? Why do you fight me?"

"Were not the same anymore Nik…you're not the same…I didn't fall in love with this man…whoever you are now…"Caroline tells him brokenly.

"I can change…I can be the same…I can do it…" Klaus says desperately, releasing her chemise and shoulder so that he could press his hands around her cheeks, "I can fix this…I can."

"You're drunk…and you smell like other women…you had the nerve to come into my room and demand of me something you have no right to anymore because of your indiscretions…how the hell do you intend on fixing that?"

"You're my wife...I shouldn't have to bloody demand it of you…you should want to touch me," he growls angrily as he starts to work at her chemise again.

"I want my husband back!" Caroline screams angrily, sobbing, "I want the man I love back!"

"I'm right HERE!" he yells at her, "what the bloody hell else do you want?"

"I hate you!" Caroline cries, "I HATE YOU!"

"Shut up," he snarls as he glares down at her, "You love me…YOU LOVE ME!"

"Not anymore," Caroline whispers brokenly, "I love the man you used to be…not the monster you are now."

"You love me…tell me you love me….SAY IT!" Klaus roars and grabs her by the shoulders, lifting her up off of the bed and shaking her roughly.

"Niklaus that's enough!" Elijah snarls as he and Kol burst into the room.

"Say it!" Klaus howls in a rage as he dark eyes burn into Caroline's face.

"Get off of her Niklaus!" Elijah demands angrily as he and Kol roughly pry Klaus off of Caroline.

"SAY IT!" Klaus roars as he shoves Kol into a wall and charges towards Caroline again only to have Elijah snap his neck with a resounding crack. Caroline lets out a cry of shock and weeps quietly as Elijah throws Klaus over his shoulder and helps Kol up with his free hand.

"Are you alright?" Elijah glances at Caroline worriedly.

"I'm alright," Caroline says in response, wiping the tears from her face.

"Lock him up quickly before he wakes," Kol tells Elijah softly, "He's drunk and half mad as it is…now he'll be pissed off to boot when he wakes up."

"Yes I suppose your right," Elijah sighs as Rebekah enters the room half awake, her golden hair hanging down in a long braid draped down her right shoulder.

"What happened?" Rebekah asks worriedly as Elijah passes her by and carries Klaus up to his room.

"Nik had another episode…that's what," Kol says darkly, "I don't know how much more I can take of his madness Bekah."

"We must endure it Kol," Rebekah says quietly, "he's our brother."

"He's lost his bloody mind Rebekah," Kol says darkly with a frown, "look at her…" he says motioning towards Caroline, "look what he's done to her!"

"He loves her," Rebekah says as she looks at Caroline pointedly, "He loves you…he's just forgotten how to show it properly."

Caroline says nothing and stares down at the sheets, as Rebekah sends Kol out of the room and prepares a basin of warm water to help clean Caroline up before retrieving a clean chemise for Caroline to sleep in.

"Elijah will lock him up for tonight," Rebekah reassures her, "he won't come back in here again."

"I hate him," Caroline says coldly, "I hate him so much!"

"I know…he's hurt you….he's broken your heart…and you hate him for it….I understand…but Nik loves you still…he's just a damn fool that's forgotten how to show it Caroline," Rebekah reassures her gently as she combs out Caroline's disheveled hair and re-braids it gently.

"What happened all those years?" Caroline whispers sadly, "what could he have possibly seen that would drive him to such madness?"

"Nik's done a lot of bad things in his life," Rebekah says quietly, "though I think he was probably haunted by our father….and our mother."

"You think so?" Caroline asks sadly, "this was the one thing I couldn't save him from…the one thing I had no answer for. I didn't know how to stop the hallucinations…and I still don't….I wonder what made them stop?"

"I don't know," Rebekah says thoughtfully, "maybe the curse only lasts so long?"

"Who knows," Caroline says with a sigh, "I'm going back to bed."

"I'll stay with you if that's alright," Rebekah said gently.

"Yeah…I'd like that, thanks…" Caroline smiles weakly at Rebekah as the two of them blow out the candles and climb underneath the blankets of Caroline's bed. The two of them lay there quietly for a few moments before both of them finally fell asleep.

"I think that's the house," Rebekah sighs as they pull into the driveway of a white two story house.

"I thought we'd never get here," Caroline sighs heavily.

"Hey…you're the one who wanted to take the scenic route," Rebekah says dryly.

"Only because I like driving through the city," Caroline shrugs.

"Through five blocks of traffic?" Rebekah says incredulously as they get out of the car and walk towards the front door.

"I was wondering when you two would show up," says a tall thin woman with olive colored skin and wide dark eyes, "come on in."

Caroline and Rebekah exchange a glance as the witch in question stood in the doorway of her house staring at them. "You must be Bernice…" Caroline says politely.

"I am….you must be Kol's sisters," Bernice responds easily.

"We are," Rebekah says with a nod.

"Yeah he called and said you two might be showing up," Bernice says as she motions them into the house, "I haven't found much…but I understand your other witch…a Bennett wasn't it? She found a warlock in Mystic Falls."

"Yes…have you got anything on him?" Rebekah asks curiously as they step into the house. A pair of twin girls comes running through screaming happily as they play with water guns. Bernice yells at them to take it outside and Caroline grins at them, remembering the two daughters she'd raised for the servant all those centuries ago.

"Sorry," Bernice laughs, "they just had lunch and there a little hyper right now."

"It's alright," Caroline smiles at Bernice, "I had children once."

Rebekah glances at her with a frown, knowing exactly to what she was referring too and nods, "I remember them…you and Nik raised them together."

"Well…as much as we could," Caroline shrugs, "They still had father…we just took care of them when it was needed."

"Still…it was the closest I'll ever be to being an aunt," Rebekah smiles faintly at Caroline.

"Being a vampire can be a bitch sometimes," Bernice muses as she glances between the two women, "Now if you'll follow me…we'll see what we can do about your warlock problem."

"We need to find Esther," Rebekah tells her pointedly, "the Bennett witch will handle the warlock."

"Now she won't be easy to find," Bernice says thoughtfully, "she doesn't want to be found."

"The warlock does?" Caroline asks suspiciously.

"If he didn't the Bennett witch wouldn't have found him," Bernice shrugs, "he's got a lot of power."

"Kol and Bonnie are walking into a trap," Caroline tells Rebekah pointedly and pulls out her cell phone, dialing Kol's number.

"Who is this warlock anyways?" Rebekah asks as she listens to Caroline speak quietly into her cellphone, informing Kol of the situation at hand.

"A badass motherfucker…that's for sure," Bernice shrugs as she glances down the hallway to ensure her daughters were outside where they couldn't hear her, "he's into some dark shit…expression."

"Wait a minute…expression?" Caroline says with wide eyes and shifts her gaze to Rebekah, "Shane was teaching Bonnie expression…"

"Oh that's lovely," Rebekah says dryly, "Our dangerous ancient werewolf is also a warlock. How in the HELL could that even be possible?"

"I don't know," Caroline says with a shrug, "Vampires can't be witches or warlocks because were unnatural but that doesn't mean a werewolf is unnatural…there part animal…that's sort of a part of nature isn't it?"

"It's entirely possible," Bernice cuts in, "and if your right…you're going to need a whole lot more than just wolfs bane grenades."

"What else will we need?" Rebekah asks as she crosses her arms and looks at Bernice.

"Luck," Bernice tells her pointedly, "and a whole lot of it."

"Well that's helpful," Rebekah says with narrowed eyes and sarcastic smirk.

"Hey," Bernice tells them both, "I've got kids…and a husband that I need to look out for…I can't get caught up in this shit."

"We're paying you to help us so don't get nasty with me-…" Rebekah snapped with narrowed eyes but was interrupted by Caroline who spoke in a much kinder tone this Rebekah, "It's alright we understand…I wouldn't want anything to happen to your family either…can you just maybe point us in the right direction?"

Bernice sighs heavily, "I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you," Caroline smiles at her politely.

They watch Bernice go into the other room before Rebekah rounds on her, "what did Kol say?"

"He says him and Bonnie were at the airport and were just about to get on the plane…they're going to set up camp somewhere in New Orleans for now instead of going to Mystic Falls."

"Good," Rebekah says with a nod, "Kol knows some witches there."

"So he said," Caroline sighs, "Like it or not we need to warn Stefan and Damon."

"Nik doesn't want them involved," Rebekah says with a glance in Caroline's direction as Bernice returns to the room.

"This is the number of an old friend of mine, he can probably help you," Bernice tells them both with a faint smile.

"Thank you," Caroline says politely as she takes the piece of paper proffered to her by Bernice.

"Yeah…thanks," Rebekah smiles faintly and follows Caroline out of the house.

"I don't like this," Rebekah tells her pointedly as they get into the car and drive away from the house.

"I don't either," Caroline says with a nod.

The drive back to the apartment was quiet. When they arrived they went back upstairs, entering the apartment in the same silence.

"Anything interesting happen while you were out and about?" Klaus asks curiously with raised eyebrows as if the scene lay out before them wasn't a shock at all. There were four women in the room with him, one in his lap with blood running down her neck and another laying on the couch beside him drinking champagne from the bottle, while the other two were playing on the piano in the far corner giggling and laughing to themselves.

"Oh for fucks sake Nik," Rebekah sighs heavily and glances at Caroline who stares at him blankly, raising an eyebrow, "Nope…nothing that concerns you."

"Oh good…I am rather busy right now you see," he smiles coldly at her before digging his elongated teeth into the tender flesh of the woman's neck, clutching her against him tightly as he drank deeply.

"Table manners Nik please…" Rebekah rolls her eyes, "you lot…get out…remember nothing! GO!" Rebekah shouts at the three others who scatter and flee the apartment quickly.

"Still a man-whore I see," Caroline says with raised eyebrows.

"I was only having a bit of fun," Klaus says darkly, smirking at the pained look in Caroline's eyes.

"Fine…you wanna have fun Nik?" Caroline says with a wicked gleam in her eye, "Let's have fun…"

"Care what are you…" Rebekah says with wide eyes as Caroline walks over to the bar and grabs a bottle of champagne, popping it open and taking a swig, "he wants to have fun…lets have fun…I can't wait to have some fucking fun after five hundred years of nothing but bleak empty existence…four hundred of it granted because I couldn't find any of you…a hundred of it I spent protecting you but you know…that's all gone to pot so fuck it…lets have FUN!" Caroline shouts as she throws the champagne bottle at Klaus, narrowly missing him as he leans to one side so that it careens wildly into the far wall and smashes upon impact.

"Easy," Klaus glares at her.

"No Nik…were having FUN…lets have FUN!" Caroline shouts, "because frankly I can't take any more of your fucking insanity…I can't deal with you threatening my friends…murdering people I care about…hurting me…deliberately saying things you know will make me think of the past because you actually want to hurt me…and you know what's worse…this whole time all I ever did was think of you…and what do you do? You act like a total jackass and seem to enjoy intentionally hurting me…so fuck it…LETS HAVE FUN!" Caroline shouts as she climbs over the bar counter and charges towards Klaus, ripping the woman off of his lap, "I've wanted to do this for like…seven hundred years…" and promptly tosses the woman like a rag doll across the room. "You know how many times I wanted to murder every fucking person in the room because you had the nerve to put your cock where it didn't fucking belong?"

"Caroline," Klaus says coldly, clearly trying to hold his temper but failing miserably. She was pushing him towards the edge of his control and it was clear that Caroline was officially off the rails herself.

"No…you don't get to talk Nik…you get to shut up and listen for a change," Caroline says pointedly as she glares at him, "I've put up with your shit for centuries…I endured your random moments of insanity…and you little hunting games…your blood sport…your whores…your drinking…your temper tantrums…and granted…a lot of our marriage was wonderful…I loved you so much despite everything…but this time…I'm not going to put up with you treating me like I'm something dirty on the bottom of your shoe!"

"Enough!" Klaus snaps as he stands, towering over her and glaring down at her.

"Yes…really…both of you need to calm down before you start destroying the apartment," Rebekah tells them both pointedly.

"It's so typical you to bring up such a dark point in our marriage…such a horrible time in our lives when you were still recovering from the hallucinations and went crazy and starting fucking every woman you made eye contact with! You drank yourself into a stupor…you slept all day…you smelt disgusting…and like the good little wife I was…I held my temper…I resisted the urge to murder everybody in the house because you were off fucking another woman behind my back…you were out drinking with your buddies and ignoring me…you'd forgotten all about me….and when you remembered you had a wife you had the nerve to come back and try and climb into bed with me…you tried to fucking rape me! So don't you dare bring that time up to me Niklaus…do you understand me? NOT THAT TIME!" Caroline yells as loud as she can, anger burning under her skin as her eyes bled red and black veins climbed across her skin like vines.

"Don't speak to me like this…" Klaus said quietly, dangerously, "Don't push me to do something I seriously doubt it'd regret at the moment."

"You're such a fucking liar Nik…you've never been able to lie to me so why bother now?" Caroline spat hatefully.

He winces visibly, a hint of shame creeping into his eyes knowing that he'd dealt a very low blow recalling the time after the hallucinations stopped, "Caroline I…" he began but she cut him off.

"No…you don't get to talk…I told you…" Caroline snarled as she shoved him back into the couch, forcing him to sit down, "You get to shut the fuck up and listen," Caroline tells him pointedly, "I endured so much for you…I knew you'd hate me for what I did...but I had no idea the kind of effect it would have upon you…I never meant for to go compelling innocent women to love you and then murdering them…you kept their love letters…what kind of sick fuck does that Nik?" Caroline demands angrily, "I never wanted any of this for you…do you know how many times I wanted to reach out just once and say hello? Do you know how many nights I spent watching you from across the room in that little bar of Gloria's? I watched you smile and laugh and never once did I see it reach your eyes…I knew you weren't happy…I knew you were miserable but so was I…I'd finally found you all and I couldn't even say hello…I was heartbroken…but I followed you…for years I kept track of you…I stayed out of sight of Mikael…I watched over my friends growing up…over the Salvatore brothers…over the people I love and care about…if you meant nothing to me I wouldn't have stuck around all these years. I've endured it all for you Nik…ME….Not Kol when he went off the deep end and tried to run off with your favorite witch…not Elijah who would have betrayed you and ran off with your doppelganger Katarina Petrova…not Finn…Finn who tried to kill us all….Rebekah…I have to hand it to her…she stuck around…through everything…through all of your bullshit she stayed and I'm forever grateful to her that you didn't spend the centuries alone...but I never went anywhere…I stayed with you…even if you didn't know I was there," Caroline says brokenly, her voice still full of rage.

"You lied to me," Klaus says coldly as he glares up at her.

"You lied to me all the time!" Caroline shrieks, her anger renewed at his words.

"I…" Klaus glared up at her, unable to come up with a response and Caroline smirked triumphantly down at him, knowing she'd finally caught him.

"You have no idea how much I cried over you…how many years I spent wishing I could spend them with you…wanting to talk to you about the places I went…the people I met…the places I explored…I went everywhere…I explored the world….I loved every minute of it but no matter where I went…I missed you…I thought of you…I wished you were there with me…every minute….and Nik let me tell you….it was miserable," Caroline tells him with a glare, "and you have the nerve to behave like a pig...the nerve to bring random women up to this apartment knowing damn well that I'm coming up here with your sister for fucks sake…your sister!"

"She's caught me in worse positions I assure you," Klaus scoffs as he gazes up at her.

"I have…it's true," Rebekah says dryly with a nod, "there's nothing like coming home to my brother being ridden like a horse on our couch with a girl sitting reverse cowboy on him," Rebekah says with a sarcastic smile.

"I was drunk for the majority of that I'll have you know," Klaus tells her pointedly, "I would have never done it there had I known you'd be home so soon."

"Ok…I don't want to hear this…" Caroline says loudly over the top of both their voices, "You'd better listen to me carefully Niklaus because if I have to repeat myself it won't be with words," Caroline says coldly as she meets his gaze, "You will behave…you will restrain yourself…you will be polite…and you will help us…and if you fuck this up…the shits going to hit the fan do you understand me?"

"Absolutely love….can I get that in writing?" Klaus asks sarcastically.

"You are such a jackass," Caroline groans aloud.

"You're a controlling bitch," Klaus snaps back.

"I hate you," Caroline spits angrily.

"Right back at you love," Klaus smiles mockingly sweet.

"Bastard," Caroline snarls.

"That I am," Klaus responds coolly.

"I fucking hate you so much!" Caroline shouts and glares at him.

"You just finished confessing your undying love to me and now you hate me? Bloody hell Caroline make up your mind," Klaus says with a raised eyebrow.

"Murdering bastard…" Caroline grumbles.

"That I am," Klaus agrees as he watches her walk around the apartment, passing Rebekah who was hiding in the corner watching the scene with curious eyes. They'd finally reached the point where everything calms down. She knew well from the fights they'd had over the years that this was just the eye of the storm, and sooner or later one of them would say or do something that would start the fight back up again.

"Jackass," Caroline snarls angrily as she pours herself a glass of wine.

"Can we skip the part where you call me names for half the night and go straight to the angry sex bit love?" Klaus asks her with a wicked smirk on his lips.

"Fuck you…" Caroline snarls angrily.

"That is the point love, yes…" Klaus smirks at her.

Rebekah sighs as she watches them, rolling her eyes at Klaus's antics. They'd finally reached the tipping point and all hell was about to break loose.

"Would you just shut up already?" Caroline snaps angrily.

"Make me," Klaus replies.

"I just might," Caroline growls.

"I'd love to see you try," Klaus taunts her, the smirk still on his lips but his eyes were cold.

"That's it!" Caroline says as the wine glass in her hand shatters and she tosses the shards to the floor before flashing towards Klaus, who was already prepared for her outburst, his arms smoothing encompassing her waist and flipping her over onto the soft carpet of the floor beneath him. Caroline snarls up at him and twists her legs up over his back and rolling them forward sharply. She growls down at him, the vampire in her surfacing as she hisses down at him with black eyes and extended fangs.

"This was one of your favorite positions as I recall," Klaus muses up at her from his position where his head was against the floor and her knees were on either side of his head.

"You're disgusting!" Caroline howled in anger as he flipped them back over so he rested between her legs and pinned her to the ground.

"Though I think you really loved it when I took control," he smirks down at her.

"Get off me!" Caroline shrieks angrily and claws his face with her nails, thin lines of blood healing just as quickly as they are created.

"You still have that fire I remember," Klaus laughs roughly as he catches her wrists in his hands and pins them to the floor.

"Ok…" Rebekah cuts in, "If you two are about to ruin that lovely white carpet you need to let me know because I'll just go shopping for a while."

"Like hell I am!" Caroline growls and head-butts Klaus sharply. He reels back and growls in pain, releasing Caroline as he brings his hands to his forehead.

"Oh go on then," Klaus snaps, "You were always a dullard anyways."

"Fuck you," Caroline retorts sharply.

"I'm really not in the mood anymore love, sorry," Klaus says sarcastically.

Caroline shrieks angrily, flipping the mahogany table nearest to him, showering him in glass and brandy as it crashes to the floor, staining the carpet and Klaus's clothes.

"That's a five thousand dollar table Caroline!" Klaus shouts angrily as he gets to his feet.

"I don't fucking CARE!" she shrieks and grabs another decanter, hurling it at him angrily.

"I'm sorry Caroline…" Klaus says quietly as he dodges the decanter.

"I hate you…I hate you….I HATE YOU!" Caroline shrieks as she picks up random things and starts throwing them at him.

"I'M SORRY!" he roars and Caroline freezes mid throw, holding a crystal vase in her hand.

"What did you say?" Caroline says in bewilderment.

"He must be ill…" Rebekah breathes in awe.

"Get out Bekah," Klaus snarls at his sister.

"Nik…" Rebekah says gently.

"Get the FUCK out! NOW!" He roars at her angrily.

Rebekah glares at him and leaves the apartment, leaving him and Caroline alone.

"I'm sorry too…" Caroline says quietly.

"We've both made such a mess of this haven't we?" Klaus says quietly.

"I can't do this…" Caroline says after a long pause and wipes the tears from her eyes, "I need to go."

"Caroline," Klaus says as he watches her run for the door.

"No…just…no…I need to be alone…" Caroline shakes her head and leaves the apartment, leaving Klaus alone.

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