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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of BTVS or Angel. Synopsis: Completely AU! Buffy is the daughter of the notorious actor Ross Conti (AKA Hank Summers) She lives the wild lifestyle and accidentally falls in love with Angel. What's a girl to do?

Feedback much appreciated. PG. Authors Note: I will rate the chapters as I go! Hope you enjoy!!

Feedback: much appreciated Special thanks to all the authors I have read!!


Book I

'Excuse me Miss.' the bartender tapped the young woman's arm. From behind she looked like your typical California spoiled rich girl. Blond, beautiful and way to grown up for their age. When her petite blond head swung around the bartender stared in instant attraction. She was beautiful. Her eyes as blue as the depths of an ocean with the lighting made her tan skin luminescent. Her shiny, healthy hair hung loose in little rings around her face making her look her full 25. Her nose curved delicately with her face and her plump lips made her so kissable. Not to mention her womanly curves that were highlighted with her choice of a silk, spaghetti strapped red dress that reached in between her knees and hips giving men's eyes a beautiful show of flawless, powerful legs. She was perfect even down to her 3-inch strappy sandals that held her dainty pedicured feet. But the biggest difference between her and other girls was the innocence and vulnerability in her eyes. She smiled at the bartender with complete heart behind it.

'Was there something I could help you with?' she asked sweetly.

'You um left your purse at the bar.' He couldn't help but smile back as she took her matching red purse with manicured fingers.

Turning back to the conversation with her friends of the night, Buffy Summers couldn't help but smile. The men were so cute today. They loved the innocent little girl that she knew she played perfect. Skanky was something they could get anywhere. If only her college co-eds could see her now they would know that there was truth behind the nasty rumors. Cordelia Chase her nemesis loved to spread little lies around their college just to give Buffy a bad rep so that guys would be less inclined to date her. Little did Cordy know but those rumors weren't even close to the real truth.

Smiling to herself Buffy thought of her enemy's failure. Every guy she smiled sweetly at was her slave for the rest of time. She was irresistible. And she knew it. Growing up with a famous father in LA had taught her everything she knew. While her father was busy with his 'career' Buffy spent her times learning the streets. She learned how to make guys quiver; make them beg.

Her first experience, a man named Pike, was unforgettable. Her was a frequent visitor at a VIP club in West Hollywood. When he had spotted her he pursued her feverishly. He had sweet-talked her to perfection. But she wasn't as naïve as she made people believe. Playing shy and timid to a T she had made Pike believe that she had a traditional father that didn't believe his daughter should date and that it was a great risk to her to even visit him. Of course it was a load of bullshit. When Pike had finally popped her cherry she had dumped him. He wasn't all she had thought. He thought that a girl was supposed to be a man's lap dog and she was totally not into it.

When Pike had eventually learned of her true identity from a friend in the club he became outraged and stalked her for a time refusing to give up. Buffy smiled when she remembered of Pike's unfortunate disappearance. She went to the bar and hearing the gossip that he was missing she acted scared and worried. Inside she knew Pike had been drugged and taken to South Africa where he would not interfere publicly with her father's untouchable persona.

At first her dad had been upset that she had lost her virginity to a loser but he soon got over it when she started publicly dating Riley Richard Finn II. Finns father owned a huge oil company in the South Pacific and was a well-known millionaire. His only living son, Riley was respected and feared as an up and coming heir to the fortune. Buffy also played virgin to Riley telling him she wanted to wait until marriage. Secretly she met with his bodyguard Graham Walker and they had many sexual experiences together. Graham was experienced, unlike Pike, and also knew about the need of secrecy. Their relationship was purely physical. Graham introduced Buffy to the world of sex. She was a pro by the time she broke up for Riley because she couldn't see them getting along in the future. Graham and Buffy never spoke again.

Back at the Bar. Buffy history was something she did not bring to Sunnydale. Here she had the reputation of a celebrity daughter that was well brought up and held great respect for herself and others. Not a nymphomaniac. The group of people she was with tonight didn't even now her name and they wouldn't. That's the way she liked it.

She partied away from Sunnydale around Vegas with people she didn't know and never went to the same club twice. It was safe that way. Stay away from the cameras was her number two rule. Number one was never say your name. At least your real one. She had so many fake ID's she had to catalog them by initials.

'So where you from, Linda?' the current stud of the evening asked her with a grin. He was the typical rich boy. Had a tight wad and loved one-night stands. He most likely had a huge house and a big dick.

She smiled back. 'Actually I'm from the East Coast. I moved so I could be closer to my family.' Linda Elizabeth Curtain. Name for the week.

'East Coast huh? I visit there a lot. So you got plans for the rest of the night?' he said giving her a suggestive leer.

'Actually yeah.' She said smugly. His confidence fell. 'Probably the same ones you have in mind.' He looked at her hopefully. She leaned towards him making sure he got a good look at her cleavage. 'So my pad or yours?'

He almost spilled the shot he had in his hand. Another victory. 'Lets go.' She said holding her hand out to him. He took it and led her through the huge crowd and out into the night.

Buffy woke up the next mourning naked next to last night's victim. He was just as easy as the rest. She reached for her bag and made her way to his bathroom. After taking a shower putting on a fresh out fit and applying makeup plus perfume, Buffy was ready to go. Leaving her tell tale note that read 'Nice to know you' taped to his door she left. He would wake up an about 2hrs from the extremely efficient sleeping pills she gave him, to find his wallet completely empty. She didn't even need the money but living on the edge was a blast. Who said Type A personality was a bad thing.

As the Nevada sun hit her face Buffy put on her shades. She jumped in her new Lexus SC 430. 'Thanks Daddy' She put down the top turned on her CD played and took off from the 3-story estate and into the ritzy neighborhood. As Tom Petty's "Free Fallin" played on the radio Buffy felt the need for speed. She drove through the 35mph roads of the upper class of Vegas at 80mph belting out the tunes. 'And I'm free! Free fallin.'

In the middle of the tune the sirens sounded. She smiled as she slowed and pulled over. The cop came to a stop behind her. A young man got out. This was defiantly going to be a good day.