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I Never Meant to Love You

Book VII Buffy never expected it to be this easy. Russell Winters turned to putty in her hands. Maybe. She did not rule out the thought that he was acting for his own purpose and she knew he was the master of it. So the plan was to test if he was sincere or not in his lust, but tonight was too public. "I never make a promise I can't keep Ms. Summers, but aren't you a little forward." "Ignore me. I get that way when I'm drunk. Excuse me." "Certainly." Buffy walked away content. Her little show would leave him thinking about something. It was then that she came face to face with him. "Don't you ever disappear?" By this time she was exasperated. Why did all the people she didn't want to deal with have to be here tonight? All the business tycoons and leeches showed up and now this, well maybe she could have a little fun. When was he going to take the hint? "Well 'ello to you too. Lookin all spiffy tonight. Got a date?" "Yes with a 9ft bodyguard that will kick anyone's ass that touches me." "Even accidentally?" "Even accidentally, Spike." "Figures. So where is Prince Charming?" "Not around to see your pathetic face.yet." "Back off luv' I get the clue. Goodnight." Buffy just turned her head. Spike blew out the smoke he had just inhaled into his black lungs smiled crookedly and walked away. Oh yeah she wants me.

Buffy laughed in her head as she watched the ridiculous trench coat blend with the crowd. Leading Spike on was a game of hers since childhood; she couldn't remember the last time she wanted to laugh out loud so bad. Her inner-laughter quickly stopped when she saw him. She felt her heart rate increase and her face get sweaty but fought with her body to stay calm. "Didn't expect to see you here?" "Neither did I. Last minute thing." "Ahhh. Well I'm glad I found you. Listen about that day in the café, I didn't mean to insult you." "Please no offense taken. My father's reputation precedes me." "No. If it was me I would have reacted just the same, maybe even more hostile." "Forgive me if I was hostile. I did not intend to be." How she enjoyed playing fake to this man. Not. He was someone she could see a girl getting old with. Not her. She would get old alone. "Oh you weren't. I mean. well your actions were understandable. I know exactly how it feels. My father normally is the first name out of my girlfriend's mouth. That is why I am currently single. Which brings me to something I would like you to help me with." Her eyes were gorgeous and had the innocence of an infant. "Ever thought of me, you, and maybe dinner? That's if you have no previous engagements." His quick changing of one topic to another was at first confusing but hearing the worlds "you, me, dinner" were exactly what she really wanted to hear but not what she really was willing to admit. In the position between confusion and protecting herself from being hurt the answer wasn't what she had hoped to come up with. "Maybe. I mean if it's at a good time." Ohhhhfuuuuuck! "For real? Perfect. Penthouse right? Tomorrow? Seven or seven thirty? Whatever is good for you I can do!" His speech was out of order and slurred. He felt like a schoolboy who got accepted on a date with his hot teacher. It was embarrassing and he could not look her in the eyes. "Well then. I think maybe I answered that a little fast." She said trying to backtrack quickly. This made Angelus look up. He had defiantly blown it but why did he care; there was a million other blondes in the room. But this was the only one he could focus on. The look in his eyes made his features even more beautiful. "OK. Seven thirty will be fine. Penthouse seventeen. Think you can manage?" His smile was instant and showed off his shining pearls. "Without a doubt. So do want to have a drink?" Why not? Be seen with a gorgeous man and get a date. No problem there. "Sure. I'll have a straight up." don't get drunk "mineral water." "Great. She'll have a mineral water and I'll take rum with coke on the rocks. Thanks." He smiled sincerely at the waitress that nodded her head.

"So, Buffy, go to school?" of course he knew the answer, but coming from her lips was so much more exciting. "I'm taking classes at UC Sunnydale. Not a very big campus but its temporary. What about you?" "No. My future pretty much set. I figure school would have bored me anyway. So any idea of the future?" "Not really into plans. I'm a live on the edge of my seat, or. spur of the moment. something like that, kind of girl. But from rumors your business does well." "True. I mean not wonderful but descent." "I think a billion dollar corporation is more then decent." "But that's not all I want in life." "Well Mr. Conner what do you want?" "What everyone wants. Wife. 2.5 kids. Colonial house with a white picket fence. Isn't that what everyone wants?" "Not everyone. Some what stardom, fame and 2.5 wives." They both laughed. "No I'm serious have you ever thought of life with that? It has to be an American dream." "Well I feel that if we discuss anymore we will both be mute at dinner tomorrow night so maybe it is time I go home." "I suppose. But I will be looking forward to tomorrow night so please don't stand me up because I know where you live and after tonight you wont be able to get rid of me." Angelus said honestly with a smile. "I hope I don't." God when was the last time Buffy was this honest. "Well I guess its Goodnight." "Let me walk you to the valet." They both giggled. Even the littlest most pathetic joke was funny at this time.

Walking out hand and hand the couple felt at complete ease and their happiness could be felt by those around them including a pissed off Darla and curious Russell Winters. How would this brief romance play out? Only time can tell. Winters turned back to his party with a smile. Tomorrow he would check on the lovely Ms. Summers.