Disclaimer: The characters used are not mine they are Ally Carter's and the song call me maybe is also not mine it is Carly Rae Jepsen

Black Heart

Chapter 1 – No sleep

I'd always hated Thursday's. It had always seemed like such a pointless day, they would drag as people desperately wanted it to be Friday. I had stupid subjects on Thursdays, I got my first detention on a Thursday which wasn't even my fault it was Macey's for texting me in class about the details of my first date with my long time crush, Josh. It was also the day of the week Josh broke up with me. But worst of all my parents died on a Thursday when I was 7, in a car accident.

Luckily for me it was Friday, my favourite day, I was born on Friday and it was the day before the weekend. It was the first week of my first semester at Roseville High, I went to Gallagher Girls before but my school went bankrupt and were forced to join with the boys' school Blackthorn Boys', they then named our new found school after the town we live in Roseville.

I was on my way to my locker putting my books in my locker exchanging them for the ones I'd need for my homework. I heard my best friend Macey calling me "Cammie! Cammie!" she reached my locker panting, "I've been looking for you everywhere!" she exclaimed giddy and almost childlike
"Why? What have you done now?" I asked concerned, she was always getting herself into trouble somehow, Macey was really pretty, beautiful even, with a model-like build, long sleek hair and she dressed like royalty, she was the Senator daughter after all but she hated school and treated more like a drop-in social club. Despite this she'd never been suspended, but was a frequent visitor detention.
"Nothing!" she screamed! "Why do you have no faith in me?" there was a hint of hurt in her voice but it was soon gone, she was never one to admit hurt, her walls were like steel.
"Well, let's see every teacher hates you, you steal boyfriend, you barely attend any classes" I was cut off by her, I hated when she did that.
"Whatever, have you seen Tina Walters today?" Macey asked with wide eyes, I'd never seen her this excited at school before.
I shook my head in response to her question; although I knew it was something ridiculous, Tina Walters was the stupidest, sluttiest girl at this school and she was hard to miss with her boobs pushed up to her neck, make up like a clown and the shorts clothes.
"Well, she's quite a sight to see today, talk about surgery gone wrong" Macey could hardly hold in her laughter. Then I remembered that she was due to have Botox on her face and lips as she said "too give herself a fuller look" more like duck look. Her parents allowed her to do it for her 18th birthday and she would heal up in time for her party, where the boys would be drooling. Please.
As Macey was laughing Tina Walter strutted past with her drones at her feet, followed by laughter and giggling from everyone on her journey, the Botox had a negative effect on her, she look like she had mumps or an allergic reaction to something. Dumb bitch I thought. She deserved it, she was annoying some might call it karma for being a bitch since elementary. Tina hissed as she past Macey who know on the floor laughing but then looked but up and continued down the hall with more laughter.

My other friends Bex, Grant, Liz, and Jonas came up towards us "Hey, guys" I said they all replied with a chorus of "hey". Bex looked at Macey who was recovering from her laughing fit; Bex then looked at me and asked "Tina?"
I looked her and replied "Tina" with a slight nod. Bex was also beautiful everyone knew it especially Grant he kind of had a thing for her up until last year when they began dating they were so cute together. Grant, Bex and Jonas began to chuckle at the thought of Tina's deformed face.
Liz then piped up "Guys, it's mean to laugh at her, she looks miserable." Trust Liz to be sweet, she was the kindest person ever, always considerate and was kind of a genus.
Macey snapped up "Tina is the world's most irritating whore! She deserves everything she gets! Anyway karma's a bitch and it comes in many different forms, this is hers!" Liz looked taken aback by Macey outburst of hatred for Tina.
"Anyway, I was wondering if you guys wanted to come round to my house after school." Grant said smiling, he was 6, 2 but had a heart of gold, with sandy blond hair and looks that would make any other girl but me swoon, he was more like a brother too me. I'd known him since I was 3 and he was there for me when my parent died. I could repay him for that.
"Sorry, Grant, the new foster kid is coming today" I said apologetically but he looked as though he understood,
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that, what's his name again?" Liz asked genuinely interested
"Zach" I replied, I wasn't very excited, whenever we got new kids they always leave except for me and little Lily, she's 5 and has been with us since she was a baby, we're not related but I love her like a sister she has caramel skin like Bex and frizzy hair, she acts a little like Bex too with her fiery personality. I came to the Morgan's when I was 7, after my parent passed, I was hesitant but Matthew and Rachel were patient with me. They're the closest people I have to family besides my friends and I would change them for the world.
Macey then spoke "Text me if he's hot," she was always so blunt
"Mace, ew, this guy if gonna be a member of my family not my new boyfriend." I cringed at the thought.
"Well it'd not like you're related or anything." Bex pointed out
"And anyway it's not like I meant for you but what about me?" Macey questioned
"Macey, I'm not going to hook you up with my new brother, his room is right next to mine and I'm still haunted by the sounds of you and James!"
Macey shrugged in response whereas Grant, Jonas and Liz looked uncomfortable with the conversation
Liz shot up as though she just remember something, "I thought you said he was 8?" I pondered on this for a second, she was right
"He is!" I smiled happily "Ha!" I pointed to Macey
"Oh well, there's a new foreign exchange student that Tina hasn't gotten her claws into yet," Macey then laughed "And with her face looking like shit, she has no shot!" trust Macey, she's only interested in people for a second.
I checked the time and released my mum was picking me up in a few minutes, I told my friends, then told them to have fun at Grant's "It won't be the same without you, Cam" Grant said warmly I smiled in response to his comment, said my goodbyes then walked outside to wait for my mum.

My mum showed up a few minutes later with Lily in the back and a car full of groceries in the boot, she was always like this getting every type of food for when a new kid comes. Rachel was always so emotionally attached to people and was obsessed with pleasing everyone, except herself. Rachel and Matthew started fostering when they found out Rachel couldn't conceive but she was determined to have kids over the last 10 years they've had over 30 kids in and out. I was always worried when it would be me or Lily but Matthew made sure we wouldn't be moved as I've lived in Roseville all my life.
"Hey mum," I said as I entered the car, I turned to Lily "Hey Lily-cat" she giggled at her nickname, she adored cats but because Rachel and Matthew foster, we cat have cats in case of allergies or pet fears.
"Hi honey, did you have a good day at school?" mum asked backing out of my school and heading down the road to my house,
"It was ok I guess, but guess what Tina's surgery went completely wrong, she looks like a monster," I said with a giggle, I heard Lily from the back let out a high pitched laugh, she was too adorable.
My mum scolded us for laughing "It's not funny, the poor girl's going to be a joke," clearly she didn't know Tina as she was anything but poor "It's those parents of hers, there unstable, mean they have to be out of their mind.." she then went on a rant about how awful Tina's parent were, her mum was in her early 30's and her dad was in his 50's everyone knew her mum only married him for his money, I'd do the same they were load. Her dad Peter had his own successful chain of restaurants all around America, it was quite impressive, and he built it around his grandfather now famous pasta recipe taping into his Italian roots. The pasta is overpriced but it is like eating heaven.

We arrived at my house, it was a good size and huge for someone from out of town but to us Roseville resident it's normal. I helped Lily out the car then joined my mum in taking the shopping out the car. We entered and packed the food in the kitchen and promised to play with Lily after I'd done my homework. I took my school bag to my room, my dad was in the soon-to-be foster kid's room finishing making the bed, he and my um stayed home to prepare for "Zach". I poked my head in and said hello, Matthew smiled at me and then pulled me into a bear hug, Matthew and Rachel had always tr4eated me as their own, I'd know n them all my life after my parent died they were kind enough to take me in.
"So kid, you excited for Zach" He asked sharing my mother's eagerness. I shrugged, I don't' mind as long as they are at least bearable to Lily and my parents, they were good people and deserved respect.
He sent my back to my room to get on with my homework, it wasn't much but I preferred to get on with it straight away so I could entertain Lily over the weekend. I could smell my mum cooking from my room and I quickly finished up my homework, Zach should be coming soon. I walked down the stairs to my living room to find Lily lying on the floor colouring. I laid down next to her she turned to me and smiled, I returned her smile.
"What are you colouring" I could quite work it out; it looked like squiggles to me.
"It's just a bunch of squiggles" she said with a little laugh, I smiled at her, her tone was so cynical but she was so young. My mum called from the kitchen to neaten myself and Lily up for Zach and the social worker. I carried Lily upstairs to the bathroom and used a towel to get rid of the Oreo crumbs on her face from her snack earlier. Then took her into my room put on some Carly Rae Jepsen, it was her favourite, the reapplied my makeup and changed into my Superdry top. Lily was jumping on my bed mumbling something along the lines of Call me maybe. The door bell rang, I turned off the music in my room and took Lily downstairs and waited by the door with Matthew as Rachel opened the door. I was so used to this routine. Rachel invited the social worker in and a boy around my age walked in with her, I looked around him for Zach. My mum turned to Lily and I then said "This is Zach," I looked at her confused. Zach was supposed to be 7, there had to be a mistake. I locked eyes with him briefly and hoped Macey wouldn't find him attractive and maybe I'd get some sleep, last time her and James were so loud. Oh who was I kidding, this guy is freaking gorgeous I wouldn't be getting sleep anytime soon.