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Chapter 4 – Nicknames

Saturday passed quickly after I had my little moment with Zach, he was so sweet but I wondered how long that would last for, one minute he'd be polite, then distant, flirty, sexy or sweet but then could change to douche or mysterious. Was this guy bipolar? Even if he was I wouldn't care, he's hot not matter what his mental state.

Rachel and Matthew were always home on Sunday's, to them it was family day but Matthew was in his office and Rachel was cooking, this was family time alright. Lily was in her room playing with her dolls and I was in my room listening to my iPod on shuffle. Zach went out to explore the town and promised he'd be back by 3. It was 2:30 and my mind couldn't help but wonder where he was, was he with a girl, had he made friends? Was he hurt? I was more worried about the first option. I sounded like a stalker but I didn't like titles and it's not like there was much to do in this town. It's painfully boring here. I wanted to distract myself from Zach, I checked my phone I had a few missed calls and texts mainly from Bex, Grant, Macey and Liz probably wanting to know about Zach, and I decided to ignore them it'll be a nice surprise on Monday. I had a text from a girl in my English class asking about the homework, called Eva she was nice and really pretty she had amazing blue eyes with natural tan skin. She used to be one of Tina's drones but somehow broke free of the curse. I was proud of her not many people have the guts to stand up to Tina, let alone walk away from her, it was supposedly some kind of honour to be excepted into her group but I'd always thought Eva was too nice. She never really fit in with Tina so sometimes she'd sit with us at lunch. I texted her back and then I heard the door open and close, it was Zach and he was back early.
"I'm back" echoed through the house, then Matthew voice came in asking about the car's speed, breaks, comfort and overall how it felt on the road. I came out of my room and watched over the banister outside my room at the top of the stairs, Zach noticed me and smirked up at me, I blushed, admittedly I wasn't looking my best I'd slummed it in sweatpants and another off the shoulder t shirt that showed my belly a bit. Matthew noticed his looking up and turned to me too. He smiled and said "Hey Cammie-bear" I blushed even harder at his embarrassing nick name for me, Zach smirk grew even more.
"Hey dad" I said still cringing inside from Matthew's comment.
"Have you done all your homework?" this was a stupid question as he knew I always did my homework on a Friday but I didn't say this, I just replied with a "yep". This was good enough for him, I didn't lie to Rachel and Matthew there was no point I was so rubbish at it, so there was no need to check. I always started laughing or something which isn't very helpful when you lie about going to the library when really you're going to a party. I missed that party. It was best just to be honest with them. He returned to his office so Zach and I were left there staring at each other, Zach stared for the stairs, my heart stared racing and my hands became sweaty, I don't know why it wasn't like he was going to murder me but call it a force of habit. Zach reached the top of the stairs and we were about 5 feet apart, I could smell his aftershave, it smelt amazing. We were silent at first but then I broke the ice, "So, how was the car?" I tried making conversation
He shrugged "Fine" he said simply, more silence followed, Lily's bedroom door opened, she stopped and stared at us then walked up to Zach, "You promised me that you'd get me ice-cream" Zach chuckled, "Sure, we can go get some now," Lily clapped happily and took her coat from her room, eager for ice-cream. Zach turned to me and raised an eyebrow, "Do you want ice-cream," I stuttered but then said "No, I'm watching my weight" he looked me up and down like he did yesterday in the kitchen, he then came close to me and I could smell his minty breath again "Trust me," he said in a deep seductive voice "you don't need too."
My legs felt like jelly, Lily came bouncing out her room and grabbed Zach hand dragging him down the stairs, Zach went into Matthew office to inform he was going out with Lily to get ice-cream. He walked up to the front door with keys in hand, he turned back to me, and said "Bye, Cammie-bear" I blushed and humiliation washed over me from Matthew lame nickname. I was never going to live this down.

While Zach and Lily were out I went on my laptop, I watched TV and at one point I was actually thinking about helping Matthew with work, sad right but I needed distractions, I still had chills from Zach, he had that effect on me. I was weak. After they came back I stayed in my room, when I was called to dinner, I acted natural and then went back to my room waiting for the morning to come.

I woke up at 7:00, I crawled out of my bed not even caring how I looked, and I dragged my legs to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water trying to get myself awake. I stripped and stepped into the shower, I washed myself as quickly as I could considering I was still really tired then I washed my hair. When I got out I smelled like mangoes, I wrapped my towel around me, and then opened the door Zach was standing slouched against the wall, he was fully dress and I stood in nothing but a short towel. Awkward, admittedly it was my fault, I might have ignored him yesterday but the alternative would have been to make a fool of myself. He eyed me and I felt the heat rushed to my face, he smirked and I quickly walked to my room when I looked back he was still staring at me.

I got dressed into jeans, a check button shirt and a grey beanie hat; I matched it with some grey military type boots. I curled my hair then put on some make up, after years of torment from Macey to take pride in my appearance and now it'd finally sunk in. I was never one to follow trend or give in to peer pressure but when Macey was involved there was an exception. I went downstairs to the kitchen, picked up a breakfast bar and a Smoothie from the fridge and waited in the living room for Zach, it was almost 8 now and we still had to go to the main office for Zach's timetable and to fill out forms, there were some drawbacks to starting school a week late. Zach came downstairs and I got up he was ready so we could go, I picked up my bag and he opened to door for me, stood out to the car, Zach chuckled after me, he had his backpack over one shoulder and the car keys in his hand. We both got in and drove to school; I told him where to go and the best places to park, he commented on my outfit and I reddened, after that we didn't speak.

When we arrived we both headed to the main office only to be met by Liz, she smiled at me but it fell when she saw Zach behind me. I walked over to her and introduced Zach, "Hey Liz, this is Zach." She raised her eyebrows in shock, "Oh" she said still surprised "Nice to meet you?" she said it almost like a question. "Uh, what do you need?"
I turned to Zach "Liz here works in the office sometimes" he nodded in understanding, I looked back at her explaining that he'd just transferred and he needed his timetable along with needing to sign some forms. She rushed off shuffling through papers,
"I found them!" she exclaimed then handed over the papers. Zach signed a few forms with his perfect handwriting and then took a look at his timetable.
I then looked, "You only have English and Chemistry with me" I said trying to sound not interested, I wasn't sure if it was working. Liz took a peak then said she was in his Maths and Physics classes; he must've been really smart. I said goodbye to Liz and started walking down the hallway taking Zach to his first class, "Ok, you have Mr Johnson for Homeroom" I started "he's ok if you get off to a good start but if you mess up, he will hate you for life" I was referring to the Liz incident, "on the first day Liz brought in coffee and spilled it all down his shirt she's always been really clumsy, anyway now he hates her," I explained.
He laughed slightly, "She seemed really nice, how could anyone hate her?" he was right she was the nicest person ever. She rarely got mad unless it was something really serious but most of the time she was Little Miss Sunshine. As we walked down the hall everyone stared and whispered about the new boy in all black with the amazing eyes that was with Cammie Morgan. I know how it must've looked an attractive boy with plain Jane; everyone probably thought I just got lucky or he'd just moved here and took the first thing her saw in sight, me.
"Hey what's a Gallagher?" he asked confused, breaking me out of my self-mocking, I giggled "Gallagher was what this school was called before we joined with the boys from blackthorne"
"So, you were Gallagher girl?" I nodded slowly something told me this was a trap, "cool" he said plainly.
We reached his class and I said goodbye, I took a look in his class, Tina was there, with her idiot friends but Zach walked straight past her and sat next to Nick, he was much like Zach, they were both attractive, both wore black and acted tough but when you broke down their exterior they were soft. They fit each other perfectly. I strolled off to class pleased that Zach had someone, other than Tina.
Zach looked back at me then said "Bye, Gallagher girl" I turned and walked to my class and I shook my head, I knew it was a trap.

Author's Note:

I wrote this chapter almost a week ago and forgot to put it up, I said I would write about them at school but I only wrote a little bit because now the next chapter will flow better, I love Zach nickname Gallagher girl for Cammie in the book and I had to put it in the story somewhere, I am defiantly putting in a love triangle now and instead of making Cammie close with Bex I wanted her closest friend to be Liz. Also I love Bex and Grant as a couple but I think that Jonas and Liz is a bit too predictable so what about Liz with Nick, the nerd and the bad boy? Thanks for all the reviews, follows and favourites :)

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