House of Mouse Story Series

Chernabog's Dilemma

The House of Mouse was bustling with joy as it was the one and only Valentines Day. "Welcome to the House of Love, where love really brings a magical memory!" said Mickey Mouse, the head owner of the House of Mouse. "I see lots of new couples out there today! We've got Marie and Oliver, Christopher Robin and Alice, along with Stitch and Angel." Stitch waved hello with his paw to Mickey. "Zip-i-dee-doo-da Stitch!"said Mickey. "For those of you who don't have a love in your life, I'm sure you'll find one real soon!" said Mickey with a smile. The audience was bustling with love except for one person or should I say a villain named Chernabog. He wasn't your average guy per say but he was in love with the Mistress of all Evil, Maleficent. They met once during the time they and some of the other villains took over the House of Mouse but didn't talk much to each other that much. Chernabog knew it was the time to talk to Maleficent and learn more about her. But, he couldn't because he was too scared. "Scaredy cat!" his minions laughed. Chernabog hid behind his wings until he saw his friend Hades. "Why the long face, Chern?" he asked. "I knew you guys broke up because she wasn't your type and all but I wanna talk to Maleficent." Chernabog said in a deep voice. " Bingo! I've got it! Why don't you dress up as a prince? That'll make her happy!" said Hades. "You really think so?" asked Chernabog. "Have I ever doubted you?" said Hades. Chernabog shook his head. "Let's roll the cartoon!" shouted Mickey. After the cartoon, Chernabog tried many outfits to impress Maleficent. "Nice things don't work for me." she said. Chernabog sighed. "This cartoon will spread some lovey dovey cheer!" said Mickey. "Go for it Horace!" said Minnie. When the cartoon ended, Chernabog tried to say poems and quotes for Maleficent. "Good words can not fool me!" she said. Chernabog went back to Hades. "Let's face it. I'm too good for her." "Chump." his minions laughed. Chernabog was so upset with his minions that he did a big roar! The minions hid behind a chair. "Now that's talent." said Maleficent. "Really, I mean yes, yes it is." said Chernabog smiling. He pulled out a burnt flower for Maleficent. "This is for you." he said. "Chernabog, you don't have to pretend your somebody, just be yourself." said Maleficent. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Roll the next cartoon!" shouted Mickey Mouse. The cartoon ended and Maleficent was in her dragon form along with Chernabog talking away. Mickey laughed. "Looks like love conquers all. Maleficent and Chernabog are out there having fun!" "It's funny cause it's true!" said Chernabog. "Well folks, that's all we have for today! See ya real soon!" cried Mickey.