Harry/Tonks – "If I hear 'Deck the Halls' one more time, I'm going to deck someone!
Word Count: 200

Written for tonkslover94, who requested Harry/Tonks. Enjoy!


"I wish he would just shut up."

Harry was sitting on the moth-eaten sofa in the parlour of Number 12, Grimmauld Place, and he was referring to Sirius, who was loudly singing in the kitchen. His voice, off-key but exuberant, floated up to the parlour where Harry was sitting and Tonks was decorating.

"He's just feeling festive," she said, flicking her wand and levitating a small ceramic angel to the top. It wobbled there precariously and she bit her lip in concentration.

"If I hear 'Deck the Halls' one more time, I'm going to deck someone," Harry said, rubbing his forehead.

Tonks pouted at him. "I don't think I've ever seen someone so miserable at Christmas."

"Yeah, can't imagine why I'd be miserable. I'm only here because I saw Mr. Weasley nearly killed, that's all."

Tonks lowered her wand and the angel crashed to the ground.

She ignored it and tossed her wand aside.

"Let me cheer you up," she said, stepping towards him, and Harry's heart leapt, but before Tonks could even reach the couch where he was sitting, the tree fell over with a magnificent crash. Tonks looked at the wreckage and winced.

"Right after I fix that."