So I've played through Jake and Sherry's campaign five times now, because it's definitely my favourite of them all. Who doesn't want them to get together, really? They're an awesome team. So much so I have been inspired to write this.

Just a quick warning - there will be spoilers.

I don't own Resident Evil 6, or any of the characters. Though I wouldn't mind a Jake Muller for Christmas.


Sherry Birkin had gone missing two months ago.

Jake Muller had been searching for her ever since. He was unable to track her phone, and neither Leon nor Claire had heard from her weeks before the lead up to her disappearance.

Thankfully, before they had parted ways after finally defeating Ustanak in China, she'd given him a small, blue cube that served as a GPS tracking unit. All he had to do was send an SMS to hers and a little red dot would show him her location. He'd last checked it a month ago; she was in Siberia. Jake didn't know at the time why she had up and left the US so suddenly to go there, only that she must be in trouble.

Now he knew. She was hiding from the Family. Hiding from the very people he'd been captured by. After a month in captivity, the mercenary was getting pretty sick of stark white labs and blood tests. It made him empathise with Sherry so much more.

Jake didn't even wince as the hypodermic needle pierced the skin of his arm. The female scientist filled two syringes with his blood before carefully removing it and holding a cotton ball to his arm for a moment.

"So, any breakthroughs with whatever you're doin'?" he asked nonchalantly, "You guys are close to bleeding me dry here."

"I know," she responded, "We're going to give you a couple of weeks to recover."

He snorted derisively, "Gee, thanks."

The scientist's name was Sarah. She usually attended to him, and to his surprise she wasn't a complete bitch. As a member of the Family, she was the enemy, but at least she was nice about it.

"I'm sorry Jake. But your blood is crucial to the project-"

"What project?" he exclaimed, frustrated. He was sick of being strapped to this cold steel table as he was poked and prodded like an animal for the sake of this project.

The woman sighed, tucking a piece of honey blonde hair behind her ear, "The other scientists are calling it Red."

Jake raised an eyebrow, prompting her to elaborate.

"R.E.D," she spelled out, "Radioactive Exothermic Disease. It's a new B.O.W. in progress."

"Of course it is." he muttered grimly, "What's it do?"

"I can't tell you that Jake." she said, shaking her head, "But I can tell you we're having problems with it, hence the name. The radioactivity releases heat that burns you up from the inside out. The T-Virus and C-Virus are both slightly radioactive. This is the same, only..."


She hesitated, and then, "Did you know that our bodies are naturally radioactive?"

Sarah looked eager to explain, as she always did when it came to science. He shook his head, choosing to humour her. The scientist smiled.

"All humans have traces of radioactive isotopes in our bodies. Red accelerates their activity within the body, which obviously causes significant damage to your cells. The increased radiation causes a terrible, continuous fever to the point of hyperpyrexia. That's what kills T-virus hosts; the virus itself just reanimates dead tissue. And that's why both T-Virus and C-Virus hosts disintegrate when killed, they combust."

"Okay," Jake said, "How is that useful to you?"

"It isn't." she replied, "Any host we've tried with Red so far dies eventually. Plus a few scientists who have been exposed have died of radiation sickness. That's why we're taking samples of the different viruses; to find and create a suitable host – the perfect B.O.W. That's what my Family wants."

"But wouldn't the radiation kill the host?"

"No one is immune to the effects of radiation except Sherry Birkin."

Jake's heart seemed to still momentarily. Sarah gave him a sympathetic look, "I'm honestly not sure of my Family want to make her the host, or if we just want a sample of the G-Virus in her blood. Either way, her regenerative abilities will solve all our problems. She is the key."

"Shit." he breathed. He needed to get the hell out of here and find her before they did.

"It was hard enough finding and apprehending you, Muller. Save us the trouble of tracking down Miss Birkin and tell us where she is?" The man paced as he spoke, obviously frustrated. They'd been at this for hours.

Again, Jake remained silent. The Family member sighed, before flicking the switch that would cause a potent shock to course through the mercenary's body once again. Jake gritted his teeth until it was over.

"Where is Sherry Birkin?" the man repeated.

"Go to hell." Another electric shock, stronger this time, "Son of a bitch!" he bit out.

"Where is Sherry Birkin?!"

"Fuck you!"

The shock increased in intensity, and this time he cried out.

"Where is she?!"

Jake was in too much pain to answer. As abruptly as they started, the shocks stopped. The mercenary breathed deeply for a while, before grinning.

"What is so amusing, Muller?" The man asked disdainfully.

"No matter what you do," he rasped with conviction, "I'm not telling you anything."

Jake wasn't sure how long he'd been stuck here. The minutes, hours and days blurred together. Following eight escape attempts, he had been moved to a more secure cell, deeper in the facility. The mercenary had seen a vast amount of armed J'avos patrolling at least six floors that he knew of; he wasn't getting out without help. But thinking of Sherry kept him going. When he got out of here, he was going to find her. Was she still in Siberia, or had she moved on? Was she safe, wherever she was hiding? Could she be hurt?

He lay on the small, rigid bed inside his cell as he thought. He knew she couldn't be hurt, physically. In fact, she seemed just fine with putting herself in danger for the sake of others, and coming out completely unscathed. Jake remembered when she had almost thrown herself in the path of a hail of bullets to protect Leon and Helena.

"God damn you, Simmons!" Helena exclaimed. She obviously hated this man with every fibre of her being, and for good reason.

"Dispose of them." The Security Advisor ordered, seemingly disinterested.

The Agents under his command opened fire. Both Leon and Helena managed to dive behind a large, steel storage crate just in time. Sherry, however, did not take cover.

"No." He heard her say quietly, before she rushed forward. Realising what she was going to do, he ran after her. It didn't matter that she wouldn't truly be injured; there was no sense in her getting hurt at all. Taking hold of her waist, he used the momentum to dive behind the same crate, twisting his body so he would take the brunt of the fall. There was a moment his eyes met hers angrily; he wanted to scold her for being so reckless, he wanted to hold her there until she apologised for her stupidity. But Sherry scrambled up quickly, and Leon voiced his thoughts.

"You need to be more careful."

Jake was rudely shaken out of his memories when he heard a distant noise. As he sat up quickly, he could feel tiny vibrations shaking the room. Then silence once more. He frowned and stood up, before pressing his hand to the wall. After a few moments, there it was again, like the smallest earthquake he'd ever experienced.

What was happening?

Then he heard yelling, and cries of pain, followed by what sounded like gunfire, louder this time.

"Jake Muller! Are you down here?"

He knew that voice, "Redfield!" he shouted in reply, pounding on his cell door, "In here!"

There was a commotion going on just outside his room; J'avo being dispatched by well placed bullets.

"Stand back!" Chris called through the door.

The mercenary backed into the farthest corner from the door. After a few seconds, it was blown off its hinges and a team of BSAA operatives were storming in, guns raised, with Chris Redfield taking the lead.

Jake smirked, "Ah, Redfield, I didn't know you cared."

"Don't flatter yourself," Chris responded, lowering his weapon, "I'm here for Jill."


"Captain," a soldier interrupted, "We found her. She's on the second floor on the other side of the building."

"Let's go." Chris ordered, gesturing for Jake to follow.

He didn't need to be told twice.

Jill Valentine had done nothing but stare at him since they'd escaped. Jake had ignored it for the most part, choosing instead to watch the scenery go by from the window of the helicopter. Eventually though, he turned to her, "Something bothering you?"

Jill blinked rapidly, as if just realizing what she was doing, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare, it's just..."

She fell silent for a moment. Chris threw Jill a concerned look.

" look so much like him." The woman finished quietly.

The mercenary knew exactly who she was referring to. "You knew him?"

"All too well." she muttered in reply.

Jake frowned. What had his father done to her? He cursed himself for caring -however unwillingly- but he wanted to question her, to find out more about Albert Wesker. A man he'd never even met. And never would, thanks to the BSAA Captain sat opposite him.

"Jill, do you know why you were captured?" Chris spoke up, tactfully changing the subject for her sake.

"I think they wanted a sample of the T-Virus antibodies in my blood," she responded, drawing a blanket tighter around her shoulders, "but I don't know why-"

"The Family are making a new B.O.W." Jake interrupted, "It's all down to this new disease called Red. It's highly radioactive so they want a host that can cope."

"What kind of living thing could cope with radiation?" Jill wondered aloud.

"Sherry." Jake answered bitterly.

Her eyes widened, "Oh."

"Of course." Chris said, "That's why she's in hiding."

"I need to find her," the mercenary told him, "You think you could drop me off in Siberia?"

Chris and Jill shared a look, before Chris spoke, "We can put you on a plane. But Leon and Claire will want to know you have a lead."

And that's all I've got so far. If you think it's worth continuing, please let me know. Press that button, you know the one.