This was not Howard's day, he had planned his little robbery to go nice and smooth and instead these two idiots had spoiled it all by talking over him and pretty much ignoring the fact that he had a big gun.

And now it would seem that the short one was not only asking him to put down the gun he was waving around, but he was asking like he was bored with the current situation.

"Look, pal, I really don't care what you do after you stop waving that thing around but someone is going to get hurt if you don't put it down and don't think for a minute it's going to be me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Howard felt like throwing his arms up in the air and throwing a tantrum right there.

"Go ahead, we won't mind if you do." The tall one smirked at him as if he read his thoughts.

"Sherlock, don't antagonize him anymore than necessary." Now the short one was giving his partner an exasperated look that said he didn't want to deal with this.

"But John, he deserves it." The taller one, Sherlock it would seem, almost looked like he was about to start puppy dog pouting.

"No Sherlock, he doesn't, no one deserves to be antagonized by you." John raised his eyebrow and sent Sherlock a pointed look.

"Do you two mind? I'm trying to rob this bank you know." Howard waved his arms in the air again trying to steer the conversation back towards his original goal.

"We know, and obviously you haven't noticed that during the time we've been standing here everyone else has fled the premises." Sherlock smirked again as Howard looked around him frantically to find that both customers and cashiers were gone, only he and the two men in front of him were left in the bank.

"What the-" Howard swayed in shock as he realized his plans had failed.

"I suppose we should be going as well, I don't think either of us turned the kettle off John."

"Oh great, let's go Sherlock." John towed Sherlock behind him as they headed towards the exit leaving Howard standing there staring as police swarmed in and cuffed him.

"Who the heck were those guys?"

A/N: I don't know about you guys but I almost feel sorry for the criminal, John and Sherlock are a relentless tag team.