I had no idea what to write for this: I've been a bit low on inspiration, which is why it is so small. The next shall be better to make up for it.

Prompt from madameGiry25- if you play with fire, you'll get burned sooner or later. If only Sebastian Moran knew how true this was...

Smoke swirled high into the night sky, as his victims house was engulfed in flames.

It wasn't his usual style, not at all, but he had made a crucial mistake.

The evidence must be destroyed and this was the most thorough way.

It wasn't like him to leave discriminating verification of his assassinations but he's not infallible!

No matter, it is of no consequence now.

He laughs, another job well done!

He's too busy marvelling in his own glory that he doesn't notice the flame that flicks towards him setting fire to the tails of his coat.

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