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Part 5: There Is Magic In The Air

It was snowing in Ealdor and as far as she could tell, Hunith expected a heavy winter to fall down on them.

She really hoped she could take care for her and Morgana over the cold months. It was hard enough to feed her, but now the young woman needed her as well. It felt like having a child all over again, well if that child was a grown up, beautiful woman in love with her son.

She was lost in thoughts as she tried to clean the way in front of her house. The snow was falling so fast, it was almost impossible to rid the streets of it now.

Morgana was inside, cooking a meal for them. She had no idea about cooking when she first arrived in the small village, but Hunith was proud to call her a very hardworking student.

She was humming a happy song, when a young boy who lived next to her ran along the way, gesturing wild with his arms and yelling 'Horses! I've seen horses! We have visitors!'

Hunith wasn't very excited, visitors mostly meant trouble and she wasn't very fond of that, especially in the winter months.

But as soon as she saw who the visitors were, her mind changed. There was Gaius on one of the horses, smiling happily at her, but she could tell the old man was exhausted. Behind him was Merlin, a cheeky grin on his face.

"Merlin!" she exclaimed and threw her broom away.

The boy jumped from his horse and pulled his mother into a deep hug. "I missed you, mother." He whispered into her ear.

She couldn't believe her boy was finally back home. Most of the days she was fine, but each time she saw him again, she realized how much she truly missed him.

"I didn't know you were coming." She pulled him softly away and stroked his cheeks. "You look far too boney, young man. Don't they feed you enough in Camelot?" she raised an eyebrow and looked over Merlin's shoulder. Gaius was getting down from his horse and coughed.

"You promised me to take good care of him, Gaius." She said half serious.

Gaius hugged her. "Good to see you too, dear."

"Hunith? Is everything alright? I heard voices." Morgana walked outside their little hut, Merlin's blue scarf around her shoulders.

The moment she saw him, time stopped. "Merlin?"

Their eyes met and the world around them disappeared. Hunith and Gaius no longer existed. There was only them.

"Morgana!" Merlin ran towards her, not caring who saw them and what people were going to think.

She lifted her arms, welcoming him. He pulled her into a deep hug, lifted her up and twirled her around. She laughed until she could no longer breathe.

"Merlin, I'm getting dizzy." She said between giggles.

He put her down and before she could say anything his lips were on hers.

He kissed her hard and passionate. How long did he wait for that? The need he had for her was almost unbearable and if it were up to him he would stop breathing and would start living by just kissing her.

She put everything she had into the kiss. Feeling him again was almost too good to be true. She was about to give up hope to ever even see him again and there he was. Her Merlin, back in her arms once more and telling by his reaction he missed her just as much.

Gaius and Hunith watched the whole scene from afar, both were aware of the feelings those two had for each other, but they still felt uncomfortable to watch it.

Hunith, because even if she had grown fond of Morgana a part of her still saw the dangerous witch she was and was afraid for her son and his safety.

Gaius, because up to this moment still had a spark of hope that Merlin was joking and not actually in love with Morgana. But this kiss, this passion proved him wrong. He could almost touch the magical energy surrounding them.

Merlin and Morgana didn't know how long they were kissing, they didn't care either. This was their moment and when they finally pulled away to get some air, their lips crashed together almost immediately again.

Arthur said alone in his court room and literary stared into space. He was the king and he had nothing to do.

"Are you in your Merlin-is-gone depression again, Princess?" Gwaine entered the room, looking more than amused.

Arthur rolled his eyes. It couldn't have been Elyan or Leon or even Mordred, no it had to be Gwaine. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Gwaine sat down next to him and chuckled. "Of course not, milady."

If one of the other knights would speak to him like that Arthur would probably throw him into the dungeon for a few days to learn to respect the king, but not Gwaine, no Gwaine was the exception, just like Merlin was.

The knights closest to him were his friends, as far as a king could address knights as friends of course. Elyan was his brother-in-law, Percival more loyal than a whole kingdom could be and Leon the one who has been with him for all his life, but still he was their king and they were his knights.

Gwaine, not so much. Like Merlin he came into his life unexpected and changed it forever. He would never see Gwaine like a normal knight; he would always see him as an equal, a comrade and a true friend.

So it didn't matter if Gwaine made fun of him, he wouldn't want it any other way.

"You know, if I wouldn't know it better…" Gwaine said deeply in thoughts, "I would almost believe our boy has a secret girlfriend."

Arthur raised his eyebrows. "We're talking about Merlin that is ridiculous. Who would want to be with an idiot like him?" That was the prat talking of course. He knew Gwaine would understand the message behind it. If Merlin had a girl he liked, Arthur would know.

Gwaine shrugged. "Maybe he is too shy to tell anyone."

"Maybe…" Arthur thought about the possibility for a split second before he decided it was impossible, Merlin wouldn't hide something big like that from him.

"It is still a miracle you got a girl like Gwen, maybe Merlin got lucky." Gwaine joked.

Arthur imitated his friend's silly laugh before his hit him hard on the head. "I don't see a ring on your finger, my dear friend." He hissed.

Gwaine rubbed his head. "I'm not a man for one lady, they all need me." He stood up and made a curtsey. "If you excuse me oh my mighty king of Camelot, I have duties I better not neglect." He giggled like a little girl and left the room.

Arthur was glad Gwaine was still with him. Days without Merlin were so boring. Guinevere acted out of her mind, a symptom of her pregnancy and the other knights weren't as much fun as Merlin was, except of course for Gwaine.

He went back to staring into the empty space. He hated to admit it but Gwaine was right. Something was off with Merlin, even if he didn't believe it was some secret girlfriend. But something bothered his friend for a while now and if he remembered correctly it started when they took Mordred back to Camelot.

Maybe Arthur could pass his time by investigating what went down between the two of them.

He clapped his hands. He finally found a project he could concentrate on. Besides being king of course.

Merlin and Morgana walked side by side into the woods. It was cold, but neither wind nor snow could interrupt their happiness. After all this time apart they could finally enjoy each other's presence again.

"Tell me, what is new in Camelot?" Morgana asked. She craved for some information about the outside world. Ealdor became a home for her and she loved, yet it seemed to be a different world and more than just a few miles away from Camelot.

Merlin pulled her closer. "Let's see…Sir Leon has developed a crush on Princess Elena of Gawant and thinks no one noticed, Gwaine found a grey hair on his precious head and, but it is only a small thing really, Gwen is expecting a child."

They stopped walking and Merlin grinned at Morgana.

Morgana's jaw dropped. Now that were some news. "Gwen is pregnant?" she asked in disbelief. Merlin only nodded, enjoying the obvious joy it brought to her face.

"That is wonderful! She must be so excited! And Arthur…oh I bet he is so nervous." The words came out of Morgana's mouth as if her revenge against Camelot never happened. She didn't feel like this other woman, this bitter and dark woman anymore, it felt like the darkness was fading away with each passing day. Like a disease that was somehow cured.

"He is nervous, but you know Arthur, he wouldn't say so." Merlin chuckled softly. "But Gwen, she is smiling and happy and they deserve it."

Morgana leaned against him. She was happy for Arthur and Gwen, but a part of her envied them. They were free to love each other, to start a family while she and Merlin had to hide. It was almost ironic, were Arthur and Gwen the ones who had to hide not so long ago.

Merlin softly stroked her head. "I know…I hope we will be free as well one day."

Morgana looked up to him, right into his bright blue eyes. Those magnificent, enchanting eyes she missed so much. "You didn't read my mind, right?"

He laughed and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "No, I just feel the same."

They stared at each other for a while. Merlin wanted to tell her what he truly felt, but somehow he suddenly felt nervous. He knew he shouldn't be, that she probably already knew what he was feeling anyways, but looking at her now, at her perfect face, the raven her, the desirable lips – it was too much for him.

"Morgana, I…." he gulped. Her eyes were big, full of expectations. "I wanted to tell you –" But the words never came. Instead he was suddenly pinned down by something giant. Something white and giant.

He could hear Morgana laughing hysterically and when he tried to get up, he suddenly felt something cold on his cheek. A giant, wet tongue.

"Aithusa…." He managed to say. The dragon literally sat on him. "Get off of me…" he tried to push her away, but she was far too busy licking his whole face. A welcome gift Merlin could go without.

"Enough, dear." Morgana said finally after watching Merlin's agony for several minutes. Aithusa let immediately go of him and Merlin wondered who the real dragonlord was.

"Thank you…even if it took an eternity." He grumbled.

Morgana giggled and stuck her tongue out. Merlin shook his head. How could this woman be so sensual and mysterious in the one moment and sweet and childish in the next?

He got up and gently touched Aithusa's head. "I'm happy to see you, too." He said.

Aithusa made a noise that Merlin interpreted as some kind of approval to his answer. "She still doesn't speak?!" It wasn't really a question, more of a statement.

"No." Morgana said sadly. "I hoped so much she would start speaking, I tried everything, but it won't work."

Merlin's hand moved under the dragon's chin, he knew she liked being tickled there the most. "Maybe we'll find a way, together."

Morgana shot him her most brilliant smile. "Together." She repeated.

As she watched Merlin and the young dragon together, she suddenly felt at peace; with herself and with the world. Their little family was finally together again.

Mordred was practicing his skills with the sword with other young knights. It was a cold day in Camelot but he didn't mind. He enjoyed being outside and training was a good way to spent his time.

Today however, he wasn't really into it. Merlin left again and he had no idea if that was a good sign for him or not.

He needed to meet his allies and with Merlin gone no one was watching him. But Merlin himself was planning something. He hid something from Arthur and the world and Mordred was determined to find out what it was.

"Mordred!" Speaking of the devil, Arthur walked towards him, that disgusting, self-righteous grin on his face.

"Sire." Mordred faked a friendly smile. How much he hated it to pretend to be one of Arthur's loyal dogs. The blond fool didn't seem to notice, but then again, his best friend was a warlock and he never even suspected it.

"Can I borrow you for a second?" Arthur asked.

Mordred shrugged and put the sword away. He followed Arthur inside the castle, he had no idea what he wanted this time.

"Mordred, I need to speak to you, about Merlin." Arthur eyed the young man curiously. He waited to for a reaction, but Mordred just blinked at him, no readable emotions his face. So maybe Arthur was wrong after all? Maybe there was no tension at all?

"May I ask why, Sire?" It took all of Mordred's strength not to panic. Merlin hadn't sold him out, right? He wouldn't do that without risking exposure himself. He couldn't be that foolish.

"I saw you two talking the other night." Arthur crossed his arms. "It seemed well, a bit tense."

Mordred remember that night. Merlin indirectly threatened him, how could he ever forget that? It changed a lot for him. It was the first time he really feared the other man. But Arthur couldn't know that.

He laughed. "Tense? No Sire, it was quite the opposite really." He was a good liar after all. "Just a little talk between two old friends."

Arthur raised his eyebrows. There was something strange in Mordred's voice, something he didn't trust. But Merlin wasn't there so he had to take the young man's word for now. "Good. I don't want to see tension between my knights and my frie…servants." He turned around, ready to walk away.

Mordred had a sudden idea. He had to keep Arthur off his track, so maybe he could seed some doubts about Merlin. "Sire, I am however a bit worried about our friend."

That caught Arthur's attention. He immediately turned around. So it was not only him and Gwaine that noticed Merlin's strange behavior.

"What do you mean, Mordred?" He asked, acting like he had no clue.

Mordred wanted to roll his eyes. Both, Arthur and Merlin were so obvious and foolish when it came to each other. Those despiteful, loyal idiots would do everything for each other.

"He seems so distant lately…ever since he returned from his home village." Maybe Mordred had a chance to convince Arthur that Merlin was lying all along.

Arthur scratched his chin. He was thinking the same. "Seeing his mother probably made him a bit homesick." He didn't believe it himself, but he had the feeling sharing his worries with Mordred wasn't an option. He trusted him to a certain extent. He saved his life and did well as a knight of Camelot, but his gut told him to be careful.

Mordred smiled innocently. "I hope so, Sire. We don't want our Merlin in trouble, do we?"

Arthur shivered. Mordred spoke friendly and with concern in his voice, but there was something unsettling about it. Something cold and dangerous.

"Am I excused?" Mordred asked. He wanted to get away from Arthur as far as possible. He was sure he already planted some doubts into his head.

Arthur just nodded and stared after the boy. He couldn't shake off the feeling that something wasn't as it seemed about him. He needed to discuss his suspicions with Guinevere, if someone would understand him, it would be her.

"More soup, Gaius?" Hunith asked.

The old man shook his head and warmed his hands at the fireplace. The journey was more exhausting than he let on. "Thank you, Hunith. That was more than enough."

She smiled. "Morgana made it." She wasn't sure if Gaius would like that information, but the young woman deserved credit for the delicious meal.

"I never thought I would eat something the Lady Morgana cooked." For a brief second he was lost in his memories. Images from a time long ago, from dances and feasts, from laughter and warm eyes. He saw Morgana in front of him. The real Morgana, the sweet girl he tried so desperately to cure from her nightmares. For a moment today he thought he caught a glimpse of that lost girl, when she looked at Merlin the warmth was back and the witch was forgotten.

"I am worried, Gaius." Hunith interrupted his thoughts. Her eyes never left the door for long. She waited eagerly for Merlin and Morgana to return. She understood they needed some time alone after being separated for so long, but still she felt uneasy about it. "They shouldn't be alone for so long."

Gaius sighed. He felt the same way, but he trusted Merlin. "The boy is responsible, Hunith." He tried to assure her that Merlin wouldn't do anything stupid or bold.

"You saw them together, Gaius. That was not an innocent kiss." She thought about her short time with Balinor. It all started with stolen glances, sweet words and shy kisses, but she knew how easily it turned into so much more. Merlin and Morgana hadn't seen each other for a long time and nothing about their reunion seemed sweet or innocent. Loving her put her son in danger, being near her was bad, kissing her even worse. If the wrong person saw them, she didn't dare to think about it.

Gaius stayed quiet for a while and watched the fire. Truth to be told, he had never seen Merlin like this. The boy could be passionate about his magic, about his friendship with Arthur or his protective instinct over Gwen, but he had never seen him being passionate about a woman.

Still Gaius thought or merely hoped that their feelings wouldn't take over and what he witnessed that morning was a little slip and nothing more.

They couldn't risk anything more.

Merlin sat behind Morgana and softly pulled her dress down, exposing her shoulder. She giggled softly as he kissed her neck.

They sat in the small hut Morgana hid Aithusa in, while the dragon stayed outside and chased snowflakes. She seemed to sense that Merlin and Morgana needed some time alone.

They only had a few blankets and a fire Merlin lit, but the heat between them was more than enough to keep them warm.

"So, you told Gaius." Morgana stated as Merlin kissed down her shoulders. Each time his lips touched her bare skin she felt a sensational tingle in her stomach. "I guess he did not take it very well."

Merlin's hand went through her long hair. "He was angry and disappointed…he probably still is." He took his jacket off and threw it into a corner.

Morgana leaned back against him. He pushed her dress further down, his hands started to stroke he back. Her skin was softer than silk. Merlin still couldn't believe that this perfect woman let him touch her.

"But he wants to help me?" she asked.

She felt her dress sliding down her body even more. "He is not sure what he can do, but he wants to try…for me." He added.

Morgana sighed. She didn't expect Gaius to help her because of her. But for now she was thankful he was doing it anyways.

She turned around to face Merlin. He offered her a small smile, but his eyes were filled with deep desire.

She leaned forward and pulled him into a long kiss. "Words cannot describe how much I missed you." She whispered into his ear.

His response was bolder than she expected. He pushed her dress down, his fingers trailed softly along her bare breasts. She shivered in excitement.

He slowly pushed her on his back, his lips all over her body. She moaned when he started to kiss down to her belly while his hands went up and down her inner thighs.

Merlin was getting lost feeling her again. He wanted to kiss every inch of her perfect body, wanted to make her feel loved and wanted. She deserved the world and more.

Morgana pushed herself up, pressing her body even closer to his. When he looked up she grabbed his tunic and quickly pulled it over his head. She started to place butterfly kisses all over his chest. "Far too many clothes." She said between kisses.

He chuckled as she pulled his pants down. Their lips crashed together again. The little fire next to them started to grew immensely. They pulled away and started to laugh. "We have to keep the magic under control." Merlin said amused.

Morgana's hands wrapped around his neck. "And If I want to lose all control? Right now, with you?" She sounded like a mixture of shyness and seduction.

Her smile was daring and her eyes playful. Merlin hoped his confidence wouldn't leave him. Sure they were together before, but this time it felt entirely different again. Maybe it was because they hadn't seen each other for months and needed each other more than ever or it was because he finally was absolutely sure about his feelings for her. Whatever it was, he knew she wanted it as much as he did.

His hands trailed down her body once again. "We could blow the hut up." His voice was low and husky.

She panted. The way he touched her, made her feel wasn't normal. She thought she was going to burn out from the inside.

He sucked carefully at her neck. "It could get very…intense." He wasn't talking about their magic impulse control anymore, maybe he never did.

She shivered. How was it possible to need someone that much. His hands and lips were working its own magic on her body. She couldn't take it anymore.

She kissed him desperately and pulled him roughly on the top of her. She wanted to get lost in this moment.

They softly moaned each other's names as they became one again, filling the air with passion and uncontrollable bursts of magic.

It was already getting dark when Merlin and Morgana returned home. They walked hand in hand, their hair was messy and the clothes looked like they weren't properly put on.

Hunith eyed them suspiciously when they walked inside their little house, but said nothing. Gaius almost spilled his drink out looking at them. A few hours ago he said Merlin was responsible and wouldn't do anything stupid and now even the dumbest person in the world could probably tell what they were doing all day.

Gaius looked away, hoping he wouldn't blush.

Sure, both of them were grown ups, but there were things in this world the old physician didn't want to think about.

Merlin and Morgana on the other couldn't care less. They were giggling and whispering like two people who just discovered what love really means.

Merlin sat down on a chair next to Gaius, looking more relaxed than Gaius had ever seen him and Morgana sat down on his lap, kissing his cheek.

When Hunith asked if they wanted food, they declined before focusing on each other once again.

Merlin played with her hair as she leaned against him.

They were so comfortable and intimate with each other, if someone had told him, Gaius wouldn't believe it.

That image in front of him was against everything he believed in. Against every prophecy or augury.

Yet, a part of him was astonished. Was it really possible to challenge destiny in a way they did? Could this love against all odds change what was foretold thousands of years ago?

He couldn't imagine it. When they left for Ealdor he didn't want to imagine it. But now seeing them together, seeing his boy happier than ever before made him doubt everything.

But he had to focus, they were there for a purpose.

"I want to tell you a tale…" He started getting their full attention. "The real story about the dark tower."

Hunith sat down next to the fire. Morgana's face went pale. Merlin softly stroke her cheek. "It will be alright." He whispered softly, kissing her earlobe.

She nodded and tried to calm her breath. She needed the truth or it would destroy her.

When all eyes were on him, Gaius started his dark tale.

"There was a tower, built by the high priests of the Old Religion. No one could find it unless you knew where to look. It was built to fight enemies of the Old Religion. The priests kept their prisoners there, to torture them." His eyes fell on Morgana, she shivered in Merlin's arms. Again Gaius saw the fragile girl with the horrible nightmares. "They imprisoned their enemies there for days, week, sometimes even months." He continued his tale. The legend says, that they used the oldest and darkest magic on them. They messed with their heads and turned them around."

"Turned them around?" Merlin asked. "As in brainwashed them?" He suspected something like that, it would explain Morgana's sudden change and her blind loyalty to Morgause.

Morgana didn't know what to think anymore. The pictures in her mind became clearer, the lost memories of her first time away from Camelot came back to her day by day and still she didn't want to believe the sister she loved so deeply could do something like that to her. "Continue, please." She told Gaius.

"The prisoners were held in a cell on the top of the tower, all alone with no light, no sound. Just pure darkness." He shivered even telling the story. "It was a slow process. First they were left alone in absolute darkness until it consumed them, then there was a black substance that went into their bodies."

Morgana leaned even closer against Merlin. He wrapped protective his arms around her. "The black goo…" she said frantically, her voice shrill. "The black goo I feel in my dreams…"

Gaius nodded, feeling only sorry for her. "It is the purest, most manifest form of dark magic, it fastens the manipulative process. Then there are the voices."

Morgana's nails bored into Merlin's arm. "In my dreams I hear voice, see faces. People I love and care about they tell me I don't matter, that they hate me and don't want me." Tears were falling down her cheeks.

Hunith put her hand to her mouth and gasped. She couldn't imagine what the poor girl had been through.

The more he heard the more Gaius understood what happened to the Morgana they all knew and loved. "It is like you said, Morgana. They show you faces of people you love and make you believe that they don't want you, they make you feel all alone in the world. Vulnerable and lost." He looked over to Merlin who seemed lost in thoughts.

"And then one of them appears as your saving grace." Merlin said. "In your case, Morgause." He softly kissed Morgana's head. "She let you see the light again, she appeared as your only friend and family, made you feel loved." He couldn't believe someone could be that cruel, especially to your own flesh and blood.

"And with the dark magic inside you, you slowly turn insane." Gaius finished the story. "Friends become the enemies and the enemies become the friends."

Merlin clenched his free fist. "Morgana was already vulnerable. Morgause tricked me into poisoning her, she knew that was going to happen." He felt so stupid, why didn't he put this puzzle together earlier? Why did he blindly believe she would betray them like that? Because it was easier this way, his inner voice said.

Hunith stared at her son. He poisoned her? Merlin, the most honest and good hearted boy in the whole wide world could something like that? She couldn't believe it.

Morgana sobbed quietly. "I cannot believe she did this to me…"

Gaius studied her face. "What I don't understand is, why now? Why do you start remembering now?"

"The dragon's breath." Merlin said quickly. "When Aithusa saved her life, it must have triggered something inside her."

Morgana looked up and wiped the tears away. "That is true and after I met Merlin again….things started to get more intense."

Gaius blinked surprised. The dragon's breath made perfectly sense, but the thing about Merlin… Could it be?

"I need to ask you something very intimate, Morgana." Gaius said, feeling as uncomfortable as one can be. But he was a physician and he had to treat her like any other patients.

Morgana gulped and nodded slowly.

"Your feelings for Merlin…where they present before Morgause got to you?"

Hunith looked up, that was something she wanted to know as well. She briefly looked at her son who seemed calm about the whole situation.

"Yes." Morgana answered sincere. Merlin already knew the answer, so it wasn't that embarrassing.

Gaius leaned back into his chair. He expected that answer. He just wasn't so sure if he liked it. If his theory was true, things between them were even more serious than he expected.

"What does that mean, Gaius?" Merlin asked, afraid he made her more miserable.

"Love is the strongest magic of them all." He said and for a moment the wisdom in his voice reminded Merlin of Kilgharrah. "Reconnecting again must have reminded her of the deep feelings she once had for you, that in combination with the dragon's breath…I never heard of anything like that before but it could –"

"It could have broken the spell." Hunith finished Gaius's sentence.

Morgana and Merlin looked at each other. So it was kind of true when people said love would conquer all.

"The spell maybe broken, but the nightmares are still there." Merlin said.

"Morgause messed with Morgana's mind and heart, even if the magic is out of her body, the memories are still there." Gaius explained. He had never dealt with an enchantment that strong, if he was honest it was far beyond his knowledge to deal with it, but he promised himself he would try.

"Can we make it stop?" Morgana asked feebly.

Gaius locked eyes with Merlin, who knew that look all too well. The answer was yes, but they wouldn't like it.

"There is one way…" Gaius started and Morgana's eyes showed the first sign of hope since he started the gruesome tale. "Another powerful source of magic has to counter what Morgause did."

"What does that mean?" Hunith asked concerned. She knew magic wasn't evil and that her son did more good with it than most people could do in a lifetime, but still it scared her.

Gaius took a deep breath, Merlin's eyes already darkened. He didn't like the direction they were heading to.

"Someone powerful enough has to get inside your nightmares and wake you up on the inside." He said quickly.

Merlin shook his head. "Absolutely not." He said. Morgana stayed silent. She understood what it meant.

Hunith was confused. All she understood was that Morgana could be helped if someone took care of the nightmares why she was asleep. That didn't sound so bad to her. "What is it, Merlin?"

Morgana stood up, she felt that Merlin needed his space. He walked up and down, glancing at Gaius now and then. "You want me to get inside of her mind?" He almost shouted in disbelief. "Have you any idea how dangerous that could be?" Of course Gaius knew, Morgana did as well. "I could damage her even more. Maybe she won't wake up again, maybe I would trap us both. How can you even consider that?"

Gaius didn't dare to meet his eyes. That reaction was the exact reason why he didn't tell Merlin his plan before. "It is our only option."

Merlin shook his head. "There has to be another. You cannot ask me to mess with her mind."

"What if I ask you?" Morgana said suddenly.

Merlin laughed. "You cannot be serious. After everything that Morgause did, you want me make it even worse?"

Hunith sensed her son's desperation, she walked towards him, wanted to calm him down, but Morgana did it first.

She gently touched his cheek, forcing him to look at her. "Listen to me, I am already damaged. Nothing you can do would make it worse. I know you are scared…"

He closed his eyes for a moment and gave into her touch. "I am scared, too. But I believe in you, if someone can do that it's you."

"Morgana –" Merlin started.

"And if it doesn't work, then it is not your fault. I cannot bear those dreams anymore, they break me down on the inside and if we have a chance to stop it, I'm willing to do whatever it takes." Her voice was strong and determined.

Merlin grabbed her other hand and pulled it to his chest. "I don't want to lose you, not again." He didn't care who was listening.

She smiled softly. "You won't." She leaned closer to him. "One night, months ago we decided to fight for our own destiny and this is a part of it. We can do this. Trust me on this."

His response was a sweet kiss on the lips. "Always." He whispered against her lips.

Gaius and Hunith didn't know where to look anymore, they felt like strangers watching a scene they had no part in.

Merlin and Morgana were caught in their own little world again. For the first time ever, Hunith didn't see her magical little boy, but the man he had become. A man who would do anything to protect the woman he loved. He reminded her so much of Balinor.

Gaius coughed. He felt bad interrupting them. He still needed his time to accept Morgana, but with everything he learned today, they both maybe had a chance of happiness.

"Will you do it?" Gaius asked.

Merlin looked at Morgana one more time and nodded. "Yes."

Mordred sneaked out of the castle. Apart from a few guards everyone was asleep and with Merlin gone he could finally work on his plan again.

Alvarr was already waiting for him. "Mordred, what happened?"

"Emrys." He hissed between his teeth and Alvarr understood.

"Tell me, are we ready?" He asked.

Alvarr smiled. "Yes, we are only waiting for your command."

Mordred looked back at Camelot. "You won't have to wait long, everything is going according to my plan." That was not exactly the truth. Merlin was doing something somewhere in the big wide world and he had no idea what it was, but he couldn't tell Alvarr he had doubts. Not now, not ever.

"I want to meet her." Mordred said.

Alvarr nodded. "Follow me, she is expecting you."

Arthur walked outside his chambers, silently closing the doors. Gwen was soundlessly asleep and he didn't want to wake her.

He walked along the corridor where he was already awaited.

"Arthur." Percival appeared in the shadows. "I did as you asked and you were right, the boy left his chambers."

Arthur nodded. So his gut feeling was right. "I knew there was something about him."

"Merlin knew, too." Percival said.

Arthur looked up, obviously surprised. "He did?" Maybe that was the reason he felt a certain tension between Merlin and Mordred.

"He was watching him, all the time. He did not trust him." Percival explained.

Arthur looked outside the window into the deep night, He wished Merlin was home, he needed to talk to him about Mordred. "I want you to watch him. But don't tell anyone else. We don't need rumors in Camelot, that you cannot trust our knights."

Percival quickly bowed his head. "As you wish."

There was something going on in his kingdom. Mordred, Morgana's sudden disappearance and Merlin's strange behavior; it was all somehow connected and Arthur wanted to find out why.

Camelot was his kingdom and if someone tried to mess with it, they had to go through him first.