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Those of you who are out there and write; will know that sometimes you will get an idea and think to yourself "Oh what an amazing plot for a story! I can get it written in just a few minutes! The whole thing is in my head." And then you sit and you get a few words down and then the idea is just… gone?

Well, that is what happened to me with 'Goodness of a cold heart'. I had the story. I had the plot. I had the ending, the middle and the beginning… but I sat down and I could not write a word. :(

But I started this one a few months ago and just never got around to reading it properly and getting it ready to publish. However, since I have now finished all my assignments this side of Christmas, ok, I have some work still to do but I have found the time and used it to allow my brain to relax! Which means I can now present to you "Three D". You'll find out what that means in chapter 5. (Thanks again Taraah36)

But with any luck, this will be a fast update since I have free time and it is a time line and plot very easy to write as it's based around my life as a student (yes flat mates, when you hear me talking to myself in the kitchen, I'm getting ideas for this story.)

It's based around the English university level of education which is the equivalent of American college (Like where Sam Witwicky in Transformers 2, goes for his education and yes I like that film.)

Living away from home

Often learning to cook for yourself

Doing your own washing

Living on a budget

Drinking a lot of alcohol

Eating a lot of fast food

Staying up super late most nights

Attending lectures/ seminars (often half a sleep)

Writing essays and assignments

Are all some of the daily challenges students have to face. Myself included. Which is why this is a easy write because many of the challenges in here (apart from meeting a hunk of a god like demon) are things I hope anyone who have gone through or are in higher education can understand and relate to.

So here you all are;

Three D.

By StoryLady35

Chapter 1 - A Funny Way to Start a Story

Cutting the power on the hand mixer, Rin turned on the spot but then noticed the group of men walking in. With a happy grin, she looked over at them. "Evening boys. Don't worry, I'll be out of the way in a few minutes, just making some biscuits for a friend."

The first boy smiled back. "Don't worry yourself Rin."

The girl grinned at him then noted the large red mark on his cheek. "Oh Miroku, did you get slapped again?"

"Yeah…. But I deserved it." The dark haired third year media student rubbed the back of his head as he walked past to the couch by the window.

As he sat down, another boy with shoulder length brown hair walked in, a second year sports student who soon threw his jacket onto one of the seats, before sitting on top of it himself and reaching into a plastic bag, grabbing a six pack and beginning to pass them around.

The boy nodded towards her and held out a beer. "Rin?"

With a shake of her head, Rin carried on with her cooking but paused to reach into her pocket. "No thanks Koga."

"Your loss."

The next two to sit down and begin drinking were the half-brothers, Sesshomaru and InuYasha Tashio.

By now Rin had pulled out her phone and headphones, putting them in before carrying on with her baking.

The boys all sat, beer cans around them as they talked and drank. It was their normal Friday routine; end of classes for the week at six, to the shops to pick up the alcohol then the four would come back to the flat and sit in the lounge, drink until about ten before heading off into town.

Rin on the other hand would remain in the flat with her dinner while watching a good movie. She wasn't one for drinking.

Soon their moaning about their work was drowned out by her music but as one song stopped, she managed to overhear a little bit of their conversation.

"…Kagura! How you dumped her?"

Rin tried not to roll her eyes as she began to prepare the trays of biscuits for the oven.

Over on the sofa, the master business student closed his eyes and lowered his drink. "I don't want to talk about it."

His brother, a third year technology student laughed once. "Oh come on! You took her out once! Then tell her never to talk to you again? Seriously, that's cold, even by your standards."

"She wasn't the one. I saw no point in putting up with her when she's not the one for me."

Miroku blinked several times. "Really? You're still looking for the one?"

"I believe it. I do believe that I will find my mate here."

Finishing his forth can, Koga rolled his head back on the seat. "Oh seriously? You believe that shit? I don't know anyone who still believes in that old wives tale."

"If I remember correctly… 'The soul is joined, from a touch of the lips, they make a demon whole and no other can eclipse.'"

Sesshomaru slowly opened his eyes and looked at the only full human in their group. "Where did you learn that? It's total rubbish."


"But the theory is there. From a single kiss, it's possible to know."

The wolf demon slowly picked up another beer and opened it. "Yeah but do you really think you'll find her here? You go out with every single demoness in this place. You're getting quite a reputation. Mr Lady Killer. "

"I don't care what people think? My only intention is to find my mate."

The air was silent for a moment as the bowl Rin was washing up clattered on the draining board. InuYasha snorted loudly. "Hey, how about Rin?"

"What?" Snapped an unimpressed Sesshomaru.

"Well I think she'd be a great mate."

"Yeah, when you think about it."

"I mean, she cooks…."

"And cleans."

"And she got a sweet singing voice."

"She's cute to boot."

"And smart."

"She's always smiling."

"Yeah, think about it, she'd be a perfect mate for you!"

"You and her are total opposites!"

"You'd complete each other!"

As the three had a laugh over their list, the last male took a drink to hide his heart filled sigh. "Will you stop talking about her as if she isn't here?"

"She can't hear us. Can you Rin?"

Rin didn't say anything, keeping her eyes on the water before but her mouth was moving silently.

Koga grinned as he took a drink. "I mean, for a human, she's not that bad looking."

"Don't even suggest something so ludicrous. Rin is a decent human but she is not mate material."

"Ah come on! Surly you've at least looked at that…"

"Miroku, say one more word and I will rip your fucking tongue out."

"But it is a…"

"I mean it you pervert. One more word on the subject and…"

"Umm, guys…"

The four looked up suddenly, spotting Rin as she took her pink flowery apron off and revealed a knee length skirt and a strappy top, her normal wear when in the flat. The four looked at her for a moment longer then noticed she was holding a plastic container. "Umm, I was wondering if you guys would like this? I made too much for my dinner and you really shouldn't be drinking on an empty stomach, it's bad for you."

The four men looked at her as she put the container on the table around the empty beer cans with a handful of forks.

As she went back to the oven, she knelt and lifted her phone, setting a timer.

The boys all sat and looked at her for a moment in a shocked silence but then Sesshomaru pushed himself up off the sofa, placing his first and only drink on the side. "I'll prove it to you. If only to shut you up." With several quick steps, he walked across the room. "Rin."

The girl stopped as she headed to leave, pulling a headphone out. "Humm?"

The male grabbed her chin in such a strong lock that she couldn't even twitch away while at the same time his other hand gripped her shoulder, keeping her still as his face raced over to hers and pressed his lips firmly against her softer pink ones. On instinct, Rin had placed her hand between them but he was too strong to really notice. The fact that Rin was staring at him, shock flooding her eyes but the demon was beginning to feel the same until his own eyes closed, loosening his grip but keeping a softer grip on her. Slowly he continued kissing her, easing his hand around her until she was pressed to a wall.

Rin herself gradually closed her eyes and allowed his actions to continue, holding him in and kissing him back, quick pecks as he nipped and sucked on her lips himself. She even gave a small moan as he tilted his head to the side.

Across the room, the three others all blinked and leant in to the middle. "Really getting into it, isn't he?"

The others nodded and hummed in agreement.

As they did, the silver haired demon leant back from the female, his eyes closed as his forehead rested on her. "Shit."

The girl bit her now swollen lip. "Sess…"

"Get out of here." His voice was nothing but a whisper but as he said it, he stepped away and back to the others, picking up his beer, taking a long swig as the others looked at him in total shock.

"Errrrr… Sesshomaru?"

"What?" he said, very flatly.

"Didn't… didn't you get a little…"

"Into that?"

The oldest of the group drank for a minute then opened his eyes, staring at the wall across from him. Finishing the beer he stood again. "I'm going to speak to her." And with that he walked out of the kitchen lounge, down the long straight hallway past three identical doors to the last but one, knocking on the door and entered. "Rin."


She was sat at the round pine desk on the far wall, tapping madly away at her computer while some film played in the background.

The demon looked at her for a moment as she worked, her back to him as he waited. "Rin… I want to explain my…"

"It was a joke Sesshomaru, even I could tell you that."

"It was meant as a joke. But I'm afraid it has turned into something very serious Rin."

She froze for a moment then in a snap of movement, the noise stopped and she turned around to face him. "What do you mean?"

"You felt it. Didn't you?"

"Felt what?"

"The connection. When we kissed… you felt it. Do not deny it, I know you did."

Rin was still for a while but her face went bright red and her hands closed into fists on her legs. "Wh-what do you mean?"

Taking a step towards her, Sesshomaru lowered his head and stood as tall and proudly as ever. "Rin, you and I are now mates."

Her head snapped up and her eyes widened, her mouth dropped while he stood there. It wasn't shock in her face. Nor disgust. It was fear.

"You have to be joking. You have to be."

"I am not Rin. This is not a joke or a laughing matter. I am being completely serious. In that one kiss, your fate was sealed to be my mate."

Jumping to her feet, Rin was almost shaking with anger. "You… you can't mean it! That has to be a joke! I… I can't be mated to you! I… I mean… please! Please tell me this is some kind of joke!"

"I told you… this isn't a joke Rin. I do not make jokes, you should know that by now. And besides you know it's true. The bond between us, you can feel it; pulling at your mind, trying to keep us together, merging your soul with mine."

"That can't be. Sesshomaru, even if it is… there must be a way to undo it."

That caused the demon to blink. "Undo?"

"Break it! Take it back! I… I can't be mated to you! I just can't!" She was on the edge of tears and her hand was closed into a fist. "Please… please, Sesshomaru, tell me this is… undoable."

He kept still for a moment then walked over to her, holding her fisted hand. "Rin, I'd be a good mate to you. You wouldn't want for anything and I would look after you."

"That doesn't matter! Please, just undo it!"

"I can't Rin. Once a demon like myself has found our one true mate, we can't ever leave them. Even when apart, we can still sense them; their feelings and presence. A bond that deep is impossible to break."

She stood, her head down away from him, her fist in his hand before she leant forward until her head rested on his shoulder. "Sesshomaru… please… there… there must be…."

His free hand on her shoulder, the demon stood and thought before tightening his grip, turning and throwing her to the bed behind them and then threw himself on her as well, kneeling over her but staring deeply into her terrified eyes. His hand grabbed hers and pinned them by her face while his own long hair flowed over his shoulders, landing in small curls on her chest, face and pillow.

For a long silent time he just stared at her as she stared at him. Finally he took a small breath. "Do you really think I would be a bad mate for you Rin? Do you really want this to be broken Rin? The fates have decided that you and I are to be mates and I cannot change that." His eyes narrowed and darkened. "Do you really think I am pleased with this? Four years I have been looking for my one mate and it turns out to be you?" He sighed and looked away slowly. "But there is nothing we can do about it. Either of us."

"Sesshomaru… I-I I have nothing against you. You're a great guy but I just can't be your mate. I'm sorry but… there has to be a way to stop this. Please."

"There isn't." He slowly let go of her hands, climbed off the bed and walked out of the room to enter the last one in the hall, next to Rin's.

A/N: Well everyone, what do you think?

Yes, I went for a very classic combination, Miroku, Koga, InuYasha and Sesshomaru as Rin's flat mates which means she will see them every single day, night and morning. (Oh dear, nowhere to hide!)

There will be more of the others; Kagome, Sango… maybe a bit of Shippo if I find a place for him. Oh and Kohaku makes an appearance as well but he might have a stronger role later… maybe.

But just to refresh

InuYasha - Has the room at the end of the corridor, closest to the kitchen and furthest from the front door. Studying internet technology, third year.

Miroku - second door close to the kitchen, third year - media (films and such) student

Koga - middle of the flat, on Rin's right side, second year - sports

Rin - second from the front door, second year (subject unknown)

Sesshomaru - Last room, right opposite front door. Masters (like super smart, hard stuff) business student.

So if you have any questions, just ask in the review and I will try and answer them.

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