Chapter 1:


"Come on Elizabeth! We're not going to gain any distance if you don't pick up your feet!" Kevin yells Elizabeth. Kevin and Elizabeth are currently running for the portal to the Basilica. In the distance they hear the roar of the Dragon Titan. RRRROOOAAARRR! Shouted the reptilian menace, the duo are dodging rubble at every turn as lava spews from every direction. But that flash of the most disturbing image kept coming up: the murder of Duncan. Duncan is…ugh, was a guy that she just recently met. She could tell the gut had a crush on him, but he was so childish and he had those annoying…attractive red eyes…what! What was that, she did like him, but not that way, right? CRASH! A piece of tower falls over the bridge to the portal as they were at the Antheneum. They went through the gaps of holes on the surprisingly still structured tower that was lying between them, and their goal. Once through they entered the portal leading to the basilica, they jumped through it lying on the floor breathing heavily. The two found themselves staring from a distance the now destroyed (well, at least even MORE destroyed) world of Dragonspyre, unable to grasp the fact that the whole cause of it was from a person they once called a friend.

Then, a giant explosion completely covered the ghost town. Elizabeth almost whispers a 'no'. "Come on Elizabeth, we've got to get to Ambrose before Alex. COME ON! Look, standing here won't bring him back." Kevin grabs her by the shoulder to force her to follow. Kevin is a thaumatergre wizard who wore Viking clothing. Boot, cloak with, and possibly a bear skin, as a cloak, and a metal helm with 2 tusks acting as horns for the head of the wizard. But now it was all scratched up and covered on blood. Elizabeth's pointed hat was covered in dust and ash, her simple wizard city robes with a pointed cap was barely recognizable from all the wear and tear. Her boots are now a bit burned from the lava and now her sword was covered in the same ash as her hat. They run up the spiral steps leading towards the door, but quickly duck as they see the Titan's lift off, from the land it greedily grasped for over millennia, they watch in horror as the Dragon flaps the ginormous wings and takes flight for its new victim… Wizard city, eventually vanishing into the dark sky. Kevin quickly inserts the cylindered piece of metal into the lock and with a simple twist, unlocks the portal door and both refuges step onto the other side.

Running into the outer area of Bartleby they hit a couple of other wizards and push them aside leaving others to stare at their sudden reappearance. In a matter of seconds they reach the Commons and enter the Headmaster's home. They burst in with only fear fueling them to invade their master's privacy. The old man scowls at them for a moment for the uninvited intrusion but sees the fear smacked upon their face. "What is the matter, and where is -"

"Look we don't have time to explain, but Alex is coming here with the Dragon Titan and he will kill all of us if we don't hurry and leave." The headmaster looked sadden by this at the same time being fed in great amounts of fear. "Very well, but I will not vacate my home, instead I shall defend it." He picked up his staff so the orb attached to it was in front of his mouth and that is when he made his announcement: "Attention, all wizards, please evacuate I'm afraid…'sigh' look all of you have done exceptional but what about to happen…none of you could survive, so please evacuate the whole town." He put down the staff and looked at the two with such sadden eyes. "Ambrose," Kevin starts "you know they won't leave… not without a fight." the mentor continues the stare and finally replies. "We will need every one if we are to survive the news you have just given me." Then all of a sudden they hear…music? But not any kind they hear…GANGNAM STYLE? The music was stopped momentarily by an announcement "Attention Wizard city! Surrender or die. I'm not really going into detail like if you don't I'll destroy you all BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. So you get the idea. Now quickly decide. They rush to the outdoors only seeing the bright blue sky slowly corroding into a horrific orange with the winds increasing and the slight sprinkle of mist. Then a shadow emerges from the clouds quickly growing in size, and the figure's shape was…The Dragon Titan.

Then the figure stopped it's momentum towards the defenseless city and since they were within the gates from the Headmaster's home, a giant blackened strike of lightning descended in the pond of the Commons. The form that descended was an armored figure with a silver skull mask, leaving only holes for his nose and eyes. At his side was a black 3 foot long double edged, sword with little teeth around both edges with a leather bound grip on the hilt. He had spots of armor on his arms and legs with dagger like spikes emerging from his elbows and on his shoulders her some sharp shoulder pads that helped match the whole uniform. With his leather suit under he could move around freely and be prepared to stab anyone with a simple thrust. With every step the twisted wizard walks, the lively pond loses its magnificent colors to a deadly, sickly green. As for the grass, there sharp green hue fades to the plagued shading of brown as they wilt to nothing more but stale, sticks. Alex comes up to his ex-headmaster and quickly turns to Elizabeth and Kevin. He puts his right hand under the girl's chin as if trying to create a memory of her. "Well Ambrose, I must say. Do you really think it wise to attempt any resistance? Now don't get me wrong, I understand a 'fight till the last breath' thing, but umm you stand no chance with the Titan at my side. Then Elizabeth attempts to punch the evil doer, but in vain succeeded in making her own arm flare in pain. Tears penetrate to the outside world through her eyes as she weeps yelling at the once-thought friend. "WHY! HOW? HOW COULD YOU KILL DUNCAN! AFTER EVERYTHING WE WENT THROUGH!" she falls on her knees, head bowed, hands grasping her chest. Kevin just stares at him and states "You of all people. Well you feel good letting go of a friend?" Alex puts a hand on his chin, mockingly scratching it and replies in the simplest of emotions "Yeah, felt good actually." With that he disappears in a 'poof' of black mist and moments later, everyone in Wizard city covers their ears, from the horrible announcement of the Dragon and its rider. As they all prepare for what is to happen next: THE WAR FOR WIZARD CITY.