Well, originally i was thinking to write a Loki x Darcy drabble that involves Little Women;then I thought:"Why don't you write an Avengers' story crossed with Little Women, where Darcy is Jo and obviously Loki is Teddy ?". I answered myself : "Why not ?" and started writing both. Then two days ago, after finishing the prologue for the Avengers/Little women crossover, my Muse said to me: "And now,for something completely different…" and this idea popped up.(for the ones asking themselves:no,sorry,no Monty Python in this now.) So now I'm writing 3 fanfic at the same time. Will I finish at least one of them ? Only Odin knows it.

Pardon my poor grammar and my insane mind. It's clear that I don't own nothing, Marvel owns this characters and Pete Townshend owns the song that gives the title to my insane experiment. Enjoy.


"Darcy, someone knocked at the door ". Loki's clipped tone awoke Darcy from her daydreaming.

"Well, why don't you go near the door and ask who it is, oh Mighty God ?". She knew it was dangerous to be overly sarcastic to the guy who nearly destroyed New York just the year before, but it was the third time today he had interrupted her hot,steamy fantasies. The last one involved Idris Elba, herself and a shower, and it seemed to have so much potential, if you know what I mean...but obviously Loki had to be the spoil sport again and ruined everything. He was not the God of Mischief and Lies. He was the God of Unsolicited Interruptions.

Above mentioned God was now standing beside her, silent and with his usual annoyed expression on his (unfortunately) handsome face. If he were ugly, it would be simpler to despise him...she thought.

"So what ?" she asked him.

"It's your home, it's your duty to welcome the guests". He answered rather matter-of-factly.

"And you're the unwelcomed guest, who should make himself useful and answer the door !". She instantly regretted her harsh reply, but Loki didn't seem to be bothered by it: he remained impassiveand didn't move a muscle.

"Ok, the little insignificant peasant is going to open the door...".Darcy rose from her comfy spot on the couch and walked to the door. "S.H.I.E.L.D. Doesn't pay me enough to babysit this asshole..."she muttered to herself,but Loki must have heard her with his godly ears because he immediately replied: "In my opinion they pay you even too much...They even bought you this apartment...".

"Yes,but then they put you in it...and all the benefits went through the window!" . She was maybe a little too hard on him: he was bearable, most of the times, when he didn't behave like a presumptuous reformed-villain God . He was unexpectedly tidy, and had a strange sense of humour, so much similar to hers; he didn't carry home strange people like her former flatmate, and yes, he was also extremely pleasant-looking, even more now that he had finally decided to cut his hair just under the ears . It was just that sometimes he didn't seem to remember that he was still "on probation", and that Darcy was not his personal midgardian servant or his emotional punch-ball. "I'm Goddess of Tasers, for Odin's sake,and Loki better remembers it if he doesn't want to taste my power again..." she thought smirking.

She reached the door,opened it... but nobody was waiting outside.

"Whoever he was, he's gone now!" she announced to Loki, who was now sitting on her favourite spot on the sofa. Bastard. She was closing the door when something unusual caught her eyes. A strange basket covered by a little light yellow blanket, was lying on the floor beside the threshold. Darcy started approaching it when she noted a sudden movement underneath the blanket. She moved it away, and discovered two bright blue eyes fixing her. "Oh my God..." she whispered. She crouched and uncovered completely the basket. Suddenly Loki appeared next to her . He was starting to say something when he looked down and saw a little hand gripping one of Darcy's finger.


"Yes, Loki ?"

"Is it what I think it is ?". His voice sounded strangely shy. Darcy looked at him and nodded. "Loki, I think we have a problem."

Should I continue it or not ? Tell me what you think, I always appreciate constructive criticisms and advices.