Chapter One

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Chapter One

Harry's POV

"Kill the spare!"

Cedric's body flew through the air and landed just a few feet behind me.
Before I could get up to get to Cedric, I was being lifted into the air and forced onto Tom Riddle Sr. grave. The statue came to life and wrapped its cepter around me tightly.
I tried to get out of its grasp but no matter what I did, the thing wouldn't budge.

I looked up when I heard Wormtail dropping this creepy mutant thing into a cauldron in the middle of the graveyard.
He then started to chant something that i couldn't hear.
All of a sudden he turned to me quickly and cut my arm. Not deep but it still hurt and drew blood.
The next thing that happened both scared and grossed me out. The cauldron started to melt and the mutant started to get bigger.

Once the mutant's feet hit the ground the melt cauldron formed into a clock around the mutant.
I knew who the mutant was at that moment. It was the man that killed my parents, gave me my scar, and the title The-Boy-Who-Lived.

It was Voldemort, he had returned...

I woke up screaming and my scar burning. This had become almost routine ever since that horrible day.
I looked at the clock to see that it was only 3:30 in the morning. I had fallen asleep about three hours earlier.
I knew I wasn't going back to sleep the rest of the night so I sat up and reached for my glasses.

Once they were on I looked around my room until my eyes landed on a puff of white on my dresser. Hedwig was sound asleep in her cage. I envied her. She could sleep throughout the night without being woken up but nightmares from Hell.

I sighed and turned my attention to the window. It was raining outside, which was nothing new. It had been raining all week with the occasional few hours of it stopping. During those few hours of no rain, my oh-so-loving relatives would force me to do as much yard work as I could before it started to rain again.

I got of bed and stretched. My mind started to go back to that awful night, the night that Cedric had died and Voldemort returned.

'It's all my fault. If I hadn't forced Cedric to take the cup with me then he would be alive and I wouldn't have had my blood used to have Voldemort return'
I thought to myself. I leaned under the bed and found my loose floorboard. I searched through it for a minute until I found what I was looking for. My knife.

Once I had it in my hands I stroke it lovingly. This knife I had been my companion since I had returned to the Dursleys'. I rolled up my left sleeve to reveal crisscrossing scars. Some old and some that were still healing. I brought the knife down and slowly cut a new scar on my arm. Not to deep, but enough to draw blood. The pain made me feel better, like I could finally take a deep breath. I knew I deserved this pain. I couldn't stop Cedric from dying and I couldn't stop Wormtail from taking my blood to use to bring Voldemort back. I was worthless and a freak, just like Uncle Vernon always said. I watched the blood fall onto the floor, mesmorized by how beautiful it looked, until I grabbed an old t-shirt to wipe my arm off and stop the blood.

After it had stopped I put the knife back into the loose floorboard and leaned against my bed and started to think. I hadn't realized how long I been sitting there until a knock on my door had my jumping out of my skin.

"BOY GET UP NOW! DUDDYKINS IS HUNGRY AND I'VE GOT WORK SOON! GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP NOW!" Screamed Vernon. "Coming Uncle Vernon." I yelled back. Once I heard his heavy footsteps leaving I looked at the clock.

'Wow, 7:30, I've sat here for four hours. Where does the time go?' I asked myself. with a heavy sigh I got up and headed towards the kitchen to make a meal that I knew I wouldn't even get any of.

'Isn't my life just full of sunshine and daisies?' I asked sarcastically to myself.

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