Chapter Sixteen



Chapter Sixteen

Fenrir's POV:

We have to go after them, NOW!" I screamed at no one but I knew everyone was listening.

"Alpha, we will get them back. The second we know where they were taken, we'll go." Alex told me. He was pissed. He only ever calls me alpha if he's playing or pissed. He loved Harry like a little brother and Damion like a nephew. In fact, Damion calls him Uncle and Crystal Aunt.

"Remus, Sirius, I need you guys to stay here and watch out for the pack, OK." I told them. They looked like they wanted to argue but decided against it and nodded their heads. Remus pulled Sirius into his side, trying to comfort him as much as possible with them both freaking out. I don't honestly blame them, I'm doing no better.

"Alright alpha we'll stay. Just, please bring them home." Remus said and led Sirius to their den.

"I turned to Alex and the rest of the soldiers and guard. "Alright! I know where they've taken them. Malfoy Manor. We will leave in 10 minutes to get my mate and son out of there and back here where they're safe! Now, I need half the guards to stay here and protect the pack and the rest will follow me and the soldiers to Malfoy Manor! Start preparing!" I screamed and everyone scrambled to get ready or to their normal spots if they're staying behind.

'Please, let them both be OK and unharmed.' I prayed to myself and started to get ready.

Ten minutes later everyone was ready for the battle ahead and we apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Once we got there we hid in the bushes and waited for the right moment to strike.

'Hold on for just a little long Harry, Damion. I'm coming.'

Harry's POV:

I woke up with the worst headache I ever had. 'Ugh, my head, what happened?' I asked myself then I remembered. We were attacked.

And Damion and I were kidnapped. Wait... "DAMION!" I screamed and looked around what looked to be a cell. Then I heard a little whimper coming from the cell beside me.

I whipped my head around and ran over to the bars separating the two cells. "Damion? You there baby boy?" I asked begging that he'd answer.

"M-mommy?" I heard a tiny voice say and almost cried in joy when he answered.

"Yes sweetie, it's mommy. Where are you baby? Come towards my voice." I said gently. I heard his little feet walking towards me and then he stepped into the little light that was in the cells. He looked unharmed, which I was thankful for.

"Come here honey." I said and put my arms through the bars and held them open as much as I could. Damion ran into my arms and I wrapped them around him protectively. I held him for a long time before I heard someone coming.

"Damion honey I need you to do me a favor OK?" I asked him trying to keep the fear out of my voice.

"OK mommy." Damion said, "I need you to hide in the corner over there and be very quite and stay hidden no matter what you hear. OK? I need you to be brave." I told him.

"OK mommy." he said and gave me one more hug before running to the darkest corner, the one I had pointed to.

I quickly got up and ran to the middle of the cell. Trying not to look Damion's way.

The person was getting closer until they stopped in front of my cell. "Ah, Mr. Potter. Or should I say Mr. Potter-Greyback?" came the voice of Lucius Malfoy.

"Malfoy! What do you want?!" I growled at him. I could feel the wolf in me fighting to be in control. I was half tempted to let it out.

"What I want, is for you and your son to die slow, painful deaths." he said with a smirk.

"You can do whatever you want to me, just please don't touch Damion." I begged. He laughed and started towards Damion's cell.

"PLEASE! You can torture me and kill me! I don't care! Just please leave him alone!" I begged.

Malfoy stopped at the entrance to Damion's cell and got the key out to unlock it. At that point I let the wolf take control and I ran to the bars separating ours cells.

"I swear if you so much as touch him I will rip your hand off!" I screamed at him as he walked closer to Damion. He stopped in front of him and stared down at him. He then leaned down and picked him up.

I roared in anger and tried to break through the bars. "Why don't we start with your son first? That way I have already tortured you and I haven't even touched you yet." Lucius said and laughed as he walked away with Damion screaming for me in his arms.

I roared again and ran to my cell door and started to hit at it. They were already gone but I didn't stop. My child was in danger! 'I will save you Damion! Even if that means losing my own life!' I thought to myself.

After five minutes the bars broke and I was free. I ran as fast as I could through the hole I made and out the door. I looked in every door I could find. The only ones I hadn't looked in were the big, wooden double doors at the end of the hall.

'I've seen these doors before but where?' then it hit me.

The dreams.

I had been seeing the future. Which meant I wasn't supposed to leave this place alive.

'At least Damion gets to live. I'm so sorry I have to leave you Fenrir, you to Damion. Please be safe and live long lives for me.'I said to myself and calmly walked through the doors.

The room was a ballroom, something I hadn't noticed in the dreams. It was rather beautiful.

However, I only had eyes for my son. And the monster holding him.

Voldemort was smiling at me with crazed eyes and Damion was reaching out for me and screaming my name.

"Damion!" I screamed and ran towards him. Voldemort then grabbed a knife and held it to Damion's throat.

"Please don't hurt him! You can kill me, I won't fight back! Just please leave him alone!" I begged Voldemort. He laughed and through my son at me.

I caught him and held him tight, knowing it would be the last time I held him.

Just then the doors busted open and Fenrir ran to us.

'So it's Fenrir that takes Damion out of here? No wonder I trusted him in my dreams.' I thought to myself. I handed Damion over to him and started to push him to the door.

"Go and get Damion out of here! I'll stay here and try to finish this!" I told him

"Hell no! I'm not leaving you alone with him! You'll die!" He yelled.

Knowing how this would I told him the only thing I could think of.

"Then drop Damion off someplace safe and come help me!" I said still pushing him to the door.

He paused. The reluctantly left me alone and took Damion somewhere safe.

I'm so sorry Fenrir, Damion. I love you both so much. Goodbye.' I said and turned to face Voldemort.

Only to see he had left.

I looked around the room to try and find him when out of no two people showed up and one came up to me and stabbed me through the stomach.

I looked down at the knife then back up at my killer.

The only thing I could say before I fell to the floor was "You!" They laughed and ran out the door.

After a few seconds I laid on my side and tried to stay awake.

Then I felt gentle, yet strong hands turn me onto my back and lift me up.

I opened my eyes to see a crying Fenrir holding me.

Fenrir's POV:

I knew I shouldn't have left! I had only been gone for two minutes to give Alex Damion and tell him to get home! He apparated to the field (Yes Alex's is a wizard I just forgot to put that in earlier. Yes he can do wandless magic.)and I ran back inside to get Harry.

But when I got there, I saw him laying on his side, back facing the door, and a lot of blood around him.

I ran over to him and knelt beside him. I slowly turned him over to reveal a rather nasty knife wound in his stomach.

I knew then that he wasn't going to make it.

I was crying at this point. But I made not attempt to whip the tears away.

I just slowly picked him up from the waist up and held him close to me. Blood was getting all over me but I didn't care. Nothing matter anymore except Harry.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me and smiled.

"F-Fenrir." he said in a pained filled voice.

"Shhhh. Don't speak, save your energy." I told him. He just smiled and shook his head. I cried harder at that. Because he also knew he wasn't going to make it.

"T-there's a traitor in the pack. T-they were in here with the one that d-did this." he said weakly. I growled at his words, 'No wonder they knew how to find us! When I find out the traitor I will kill them!'I thought to myself. I looked at Harry when he started to cough.

"I n-need you to p-promise you'll be there for Damion. A-and my parents." he asked me then started to couch and blood came up with each couch.

I was crying so hard now I could barely see him. "I-I promise Love I will be there for them." I said and he smiled.

"Don't blame yourself please, this wasn't your fault." he told me and I just nodded, unable to use my voice anymore.

"I love you so much Fenrir. You have given me what I always wanted, a family." he said, he eyes slowly closing.

I held him tighter and began to scream. "NO! Harry, please don't leave! Please, don't leave me alone!" I begged him and he just kept smiling and shook his head.

"Tell Damion that I love him so much, and my parents." he said.

"You can tell them yourself when you're all better! Please Harry! Don't leave me alone!" I screamed and cried harder.

"Goodbye Love, I love you." Harry said and closed his eyes.

"Harry?" I said and shook him a little, but he didn't open his eyes.

And he never would again.

"HARRY!" I screamed and cried into his still chest, his body already getting cold.

I sat there and held him for a few minutes before I got up with him in my arms and walked outside.

Once out there, I apparated back to the field.

The last thing I thought before my feet landed on the field was

Damion will know every single thing about his mother!'

Then I was surrounded by a crying pack.