Ryoma was frustrated. His legs and arms ached as he ran back and forth, pushing himself, and attempting to beat his captain. His racket barely hit the next ball, and to his growing irritation, the vibrant sphere bounced to exactly where Tezuka was standing.

The Tezuka zone – his fingers tightened around his racket. It was so unnerving to try to beat. It was nearly impossible. Ryoma knew that mentality was important in a match, and if he started to panic, Tezuka would crush him more than he already was.

Ryoma grunted, sliding on the ground as he returned a fast ball. The ball cleanly went straight at Tezuka, who, with his stoic face, sent it flying right back.

What was he supposed to do?

Sakuno watched the match, her hands bunched around her sweater, shivering. She wanted Ryoma to win. She hated when he lost. Her hands trembled as the match continued. If it wasn't for the Tezuka Zone, maybe Ryoma would actually have a chance to do something.

But as far as she knew, the only way to break the Tezuka Zone was for the captain to lose concentration.

How to break his concentration?

Ryoma bounded forward as another ball hit the baseline.

Sakuno squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself. A moment later, her voice filled the courts.


Tezuka glanced to the side in surprise where Sakuno had bellowed her voice out. Ryoma didn't even flinch as he returned the ball.

It whizzed right past the net and deep into the corner of the court. A point.

Ryoma smirked.

Tezuka Zone, sealed.