Percy and Jason

The True Story

One Greek

One Roman

The Story of Unforeseen Love


An Ocean rides the Storm

Percy: It happened the moment my hand touched his...

It was nothing that i would have ever imagined. One minute i was meeting Jason Grace son of Jupiter, and brother to Thalia. The moment i touched his hand i felt feint and i struggled to breathe. Must be the nerves i decided as i smiled at the blond haired roman; the handsomely tanned and golden haired roman. I shook the thought from my head and focused on Annabeth. At the back of my mind a darker thought had just occurred i had seen beyond Annabeth, i saw Jason now too.

After we escaped Camp Jupiter and made the repairs to the Argo ll, he came to my cabin knocking at my door.

"Who is it?" i called thinking that Annabeth wanted to see me.

"Hi" the blond roman said just as i opened my cabin door in a towel. We both blushed at the sight of me.

"Hold on just a sec" i said as i grabbed my favorite pair of shorts to throw on. "So What's up?" i continued as i returned to the door.

"I wondered if you wanted to hang out?" Jason asked openly. I had to admit i was surprised by this roman hero. Most of the others at Camp Jupiter made tough faces and tried to act hard, but Jason was different. He wasn't exactly soft looking but he radiated a gentle nature.

"Uh sure, what do you wanna do?"

"we didn't get much of a chance to talk earlier so i wondered if you wanted to catch get to know each other and i'll give you the tour?" Jason offered in a friendly tone.

"Sounds good to me' i responded. 'I mean Hera did swap the two of us"

"My thoughts exactly" Jason nodded, holding the door open in a gentlemanly fashion.

So that was how Jason and i got talking; he took me over the whole ship, the upper deck, the mess hall, the boiler room and eventually coming to a stop just beside the stables where i noticed a glass hatch that looked down at the world below.

It was dark but i could dimly make out the ocean waves below.

"Wanna go for a swim?" Jason dared.

"Are you serious? a son of Zeus against a son of Poseidon in the sea?" i snorted back at him.

"Scared you might lose?" The son of Jupiter was a daredevil alright, but to go against his own element was a first. Jason noticed my silence so he said:

"Whats wrong mommy's boy?"

"Hey Mom's rule" i shot back and stripped my shirt off ready to dive. What Jason did next amazed me, he pulled off his pants and stripped down to his crimson boxer shorts. I admired the boldness that the blonde displayed, and it made me want to measure up to him, so i decided to even things out by stripping down to my white Calvin Kleins. Since Tyson had found me at Camp Jupiter, my Mom had made sure that i got a set of my own clothes from home. I looked up at Jason to see him wolf whistle mockingly.

"Nice" i commented, but secretly i was enjoying myself. Just before i jumped, i thought i noticed Jason staring right at my own boxers; thats when i took the plunge, and skydived into the deep below. As i hit the surface of the ocean i barely made a sound. Jason on the other hand looked amazing as he shot out of the Argo ll, a flash of crimson came shooting straight toward me, watching the blond dive was exhilerating and intense at the same time. When Jason hit the surface he made a louder noise than i would have liked. but the ripples in the ocean surfaces looked incredible. A while later, Jason resurfaced with a splutter, this made me chuckle because he looked kinda cute doing so.

"So what now?" i asked the Roman.

"Race you to dry land?" Jason offered playfully

"How about a trip to our Fathers domain" a new voice called out. I turned to see my older brother Triton, floating a few metres away.

"Triton. What brings you here at this time?" i asked in annoyance.

"Father wishes to see you Perseus, and i must say i love the new fashion" With that sarcastic remark, the two tailed son of Poseidon sank into the ocean below. Jason and i meanwhile, had both turned bright red at Triton's last words.

"Shall we?" i offered as i encased the both of us inside an air bubble before making the plunge oureselves. Triton was waiting for us below the surface and i noticed he was glaring at Jason.

"Uh Triton this is Jason son of Jupiter" i prompted.

"Yes i know who this is Perseus. Even in the ocean we are aware of Queen Hera's Scandal with this demigod"

"what's that supposed to mean?" the blonde growled menacingly toward my half brother.

"Only that you have no true heroes purpose. you are but a boy born to appease the queen of the gods because of her husbands' own infidelity" Triton chastised with a sneer.

I was certain i could smell the beginnings of singed fabric and decided to change the subject.

"So dad wants to see us?" i said, distracting Triton and Jason from their argument.

"That is correct' the twin tailed godling retorted. 'and might i add that fathers request is the only reason that your 'friend' is still breathing"

Jason: Percy was impressive. At first i wan't sure about the guy but once i got to know him i really liked him, and i mean really liked him.

I finally understood why Annabeth was so cut up about the guy, when he risked embarrassing himself for me. He was noble, gracious, and really cute, especially in the ocean. It wasn't long before we reached the bottom of the ocean, and i had to say the sight was amazing.

"Welcome to Castello Poseidon" Percy grinned as my expression must have been entertaining to watch. Being Lord Neptune, who was considered to be stormy, grouchy, and overall unwelcoming of anyone in his domain, all i expected was an underwater fort with defences stonger than fort knox. But what i saw was wow beyond anything i had ever seen.

"Ah young Perseus" a dolphin spoke as it swam up to us. "Thank you Triton, but i can take it from here" the dolphin spoke again.

"What makes you think you can order me Delphin? I am the firstborn son of Poseidon, i am his heir!" As triton half screamed at the dolphin guy, he shot Percy a sour look upon saying the word 'heir'

"We don't have time for your tantrums today lord Triton, your mother is expecting you for the briefing with the Pacific nymphs tonight" the dolphin spoke again, clearly uninterested in Triton or his temper.

"Thats Delphin, god of Dolphins and Dads right hand man, or fish" Percy chuckled, which made me smile too; as soon as Triton swam off down a pearl cover corridor, the dolphin god lead us into the palace interior and into what appeared to be a giant underwater throne room.

"Lord Poseidon your son has arrived" The dolphin called up to the giant form of the sea god.

"Ah thank you Delphin old friend, why dont you head home for the night, you do look rather tense" The king of the sea boomed down to the dolphin god.

"Thank you my lord, the tension is merely caused by another of Lord Tritons' outbursts at the Perseus matter" Delphin commented, with a slight glance at Percy.

"we shall convene tomorrow to discuss the matter, for now rest" The old king replied. Dolphin god didnt need telling twice and dissappeared back the way he came.

The sea king rounded his gaze toward his son, as if noticing him for the first time, and shrank his size to that of a human and proceeded to hug his son.

"How are you my boy?"

"Fine thanks dad" Percy replied uncomfortably.

"Lord Neptune" I bowed at the king of the ocean. He gasped at those words as his form flickered.

"Not that name!" The old king moaned.

"Sorry Poseidon" i corrected.

"Not to worry' Poseidon replied, regaining his composure. 'I must say i love the new attire that you're both wearing" The god laughed.

We spent a few ours talking and enjoying ourselves before Poseidon stood up. "Alas whilst i have enjoyed our time together Percy, i fear this may be the last time we meet"

The old King looked into his sons' eyes and it looked like a tear dropped from his own.

"Dad?" Percy asked nervously

Poseidon sighed heavily before continuing "As you know by now my boy, we gods are struggling between our Greek and Roman forms, and on top of that the Giants rise up stronger than they ever were before. This mounting problem could very well be the end for us Olympians, but more importantly your quest may just get you killed this time"

Percy shoots me a panicked look before returning to face his dad. "Save the speeches dad we will stop the Giants. We have to or its the end of everything!"

"You are brave Percy, but even we gods cannot protect you heroes this time' deep endless green eyes focus on me. 'although i must say i hold more hopes with jason by your side" the old god finished wearily.

"My it is getting late. you should return to the surface my son"

Percy did look disappointed to have to say goodbye to his dad having juat heard Poseidons grave words.

"Then i guess i'll see you around dad." The son of Poseidon sighed.

"I love you Percy, remember that wont you?" The sea king smiled.

"I love you too dad" Percy brightened a little at his fathers words.

The green eyed sea prince grabbed my hand and we began to rise up higher and higher until we reached the surface. Once we reached shore, Percy crawled onto a beach and laid himself flat on the sand bed.

"That was interesting" i said watching Percy's eyes with great interest.

"We should keep this to ourselves for now, i don't wanna scare the others yet" he said quietly.

"i'm not likely to tell the others that i spent the night in my underwear with you your brother and your dad" i chuckled at the thought.

I noticed percy's boxers now being wet were very see through, and i liked what i saw.

I looked to see where Percys eyes were at and found their gaze were toward my own crimson shorts.

"Enjoying the view?" as i said that i noticed i was erect in soaking boxer shorts. That was gonna leave a mental mark.

"So what if i am?" Percy retorted. The sea prince was flirting, he definitely liked me back. I sat up and noticed that i was closing in on him; it wasn't long until my lips were on his, covering the sea prince in a soft embrace. I never thought that i would be kissing Percy Jackson, but i was and i loved it; as our kiss grew more intense and passionate i began to moan softly into Percy's lips.

"Fuck me" Percy whispered as i sucked the nape of his neck

"You want me to fuck you?" i asked shocked.

"Yes" The sea prince replied, he'd soon be my sea prince. I couldn't believe what i was hearing, but i sure as tartarus wasn't going to ignore his request, so i pulled down his Calvin Kleins and started to suck slowly at his member.

"Oh, oh gods yes!" Percy hissed in glee. Percy was a dirty bastard and i had to admit, it was sexy. Eventually Percy gave a grunt as he lost his seed to me; amazingly i was able to swallow it all, and there was a lot of it.

"More" My green eyed prince begged, so naturally i pulled down my own shorts and started to push my own shaft into Percy's smooth tight hole. As i did so, both of us let out a low moan that together sounded like a harmony. Once i was inside this handsomely attractive sea prince i began to look for his prostate; i shoved, i twisted, and i pushed causing Percy to squeal and squirm in lust. I finally found it and started to rock back and fourth with joy. I wasn't gentle with Percy but he didn't care, i was clinging on to a smooth body which i realized i loved so much. After a very long hour of bliss i found that i couldn't hold on anymore and i released my seed into my lover. Shortly after, i fell limp, my body on top of Percy's with my member still poking at his prostate

Percy: As i felt a new warmth spread within me, i heard my dad's voice in my head "All children born from the sea can reproduce, be they male or female"

"Jason" i gasped in shock.

"Yeah Perce?" i heard the sexy reply from above me.

"I think I'm pregnant"

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