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Darkryt Orbinautz Presents...

What would ponies say
if they could have genetic perfection?
If they'd been told they had been born
Designer-fashion-quality hearts
beating with common blood?
"No finances required",
the scientist says
At the sight of their pocketboooook...
"You deserve to be cured
of what makes you impure."
"With the right tool in hand
and in hoof
Let's take a peek inside
And see what what we can do
To make you NEW..."

My Little Amnesia: Friendship is HORRIFYING!

The Novel Adaption!


Chapter 1: That Thing in the Water

Twilight Sparkle was a normal pony, though of high-ranking, what with being the Princesses' student and all.

So when she woke up in the morning- she was quite sure it was morning, her internal sense of of time was tightly wound and spot-on- and as it was as dark as evening, she was a little confused.

Twilight felt something under her covers and looked in them to see a glass vial on her mattress with light blue liquid dropped from it's tip. Twilight put her hoof to her chin in thought, discovering to her dismay that the same liquid was on her cheek.

"Is there some holiday I don't know about going on? With longer nights and whatever this liquid is?...Did Princess Luna turn evil and back into Nightmare Moon again? Spike, get up, something's weird is going on...Spike?"

Writhing out from the snare of her covers, Twilight sat up right to see her pet baby dragon and assistant was gone without a trace. No Spike sleeping in late inside the comfort of his basket- there wasn't an even a basket!

Oh no...what if somepony had kidnapped him!? What if they had taken him away and had started doing horrible things to him!?

"SPIKE!" Twilight shouted. The drawers and other bedroom items around her room rattled, as though disturbed by her volume.

Twilight, disturbed herself, made her way out of her bedroom and tried to get to the library's primary entrance.

The entire building was dim and half-lit in a weak, pitiful lighting, as though all light sources had lost the will to live, but couldn't bring themselves to snuff out completely.

Twilight was unnerved. That wasn't rational. This was her home- her library! Books adorned the shelves and walls and the shelves on the walls. Books were Twilight's favorite thing in the world. As long as they were there to comfort her, she could keep a clear head-

What was that!?

Twilight whipped around, expecting to see somepony with a spear or something, a robber, or any other sort of pony she didn't want to see right now, but there was nothing there. And she had only gotten a few steps' worth out from her bedroom, too... it would be easy to skip right in back in there and wait for somepony to rescue her...

No, no, Spike can't wait. Neither could she.

"Spiiiiiike?" Twilight called out.

This time, Twilight knew there was something there. It made a noise. It was a displeased noise, but she could just barely tell that was what it was from it's groaning deepness.

"Be quiet, please..." Somepony's voice asked that sounded like Fluttershy's.

"Fluttershy!?" Twilight exclaimed. "Is that you? Oh, please tell me it's you! Something weird is going on!"

Fluttershy didn't answer. Not even with another plea for Twilight to be quiet.

"...Spike? Spiiiiiiiike?"

"Good!" Rainbow Dash (?) shouted from somewhere Twilight couldn't see. "Yes! Keep MAKING those sounds."

"Rainbow Dash?" Twilight questioned, starting to back away towards the bedroom. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?...Rainbow Dash?"

No answer again.

"Somepony?" Twilight whimpered. "Please? I don't want to be alone..."

Twilight stopped, took in a deep breath, and pressed onward to get to the library entrance.

She managed to reach the top of the stairs that led to the next floor down of the library.

Her vision began flashing the same light blue as the liquid she'd found on her bed.


Shrieking in pain, her eyes covered in blue, obscuring her vision and putting her into a panic, Twilight covered her eyes as if it would stop the PAIN, stumbled, and collapsed.

Twilight's internal clock was no good to her now. After being out for so long, Twilight lost her sense of time. She was an on-schedule type of pony, but that could only do so much good.

Waking up, Twilight was incredibly frightened. It wasn't that she had a temporary vision loss before blacking out. It wasn't that her eyes had suddenly flashed the color of whatever mystery fluid was on her bed.

It was that when she came to, she hadn't been moved from where she had passed out.

"Unneeeh..." Twilight whined, not sure if she wanted to even MOVE at all anymore after that. Remembering her assistant could be in trouble was the only thing giving her the courage to press forward...or maybe it was stupidity to not give up. The jury is out.

Twilight looked down at the stairs between her and escape. They looked...aged. Brittle. Like they would give out the moment she stepped on.

"...They're just stairs."

Twilight reached out a hoof and cautiously put on the first stair. When it didn't COMPLETELY CRUMBLE beneath her, Twilight felt safe...well, she didn't feel safe at all, but she felt...OKAY with going down the stairs.

Each one and every one made a loud, obnoxious creak as she stepped on them. And being a four-legged creature, Twilight got the JOY of stepping on some of the stairs more then once thanks to her hind-leg.

Despite the constant, unrelenting creaking of the staircase, Twilight made it down and felt a brief moment of reprieve.

"I made it! I made it! Now I just have-"


The staircase collasped behind and fell into itself, going from a creaky staircase to a useless pile of planks and plaster.

Twilight was in disbelief. It was perfectly fine while she was walking on it, but she gets to the bottom and totally falls apart? RRRRRAAG!

Oh, well. She was on the first floor now. She could get to the door and find somepony for help! That was nothing between her and the door but distance- a mad dash for freedom and-

Something would happen, certainly.

Twilight tensely took brisk steady steps forward to get to the door. Thankfully, nothing happened, thought Twilight felt extremely like she had made a dash she would've tripped some sort of tripwire that didn't detect slow steps.

Twilight put her hoof on the doorknob and...TRIED to turn it. The doorknob and subsequent tumblers weren't turning and tumbling.

"Open, you!" Twilight shook the doorknob vigorously, trying to get it to work. She backed away from the door, charged her horn, and proceeded to blast the door with the strongest magic blast she could muster.


Smoke from the blast slithered away from the door, revealing it to be utterly unscathed.

Twilight was upset at her failure. She never failed.



Twilight stuffed her hoof into her mouth, realizing she had upset some sort of beast somewhere.

"Hello?" She questioned, for the all good it would do. "Who's there?"

Turning away from the door that had somehow been made unable to be open, Twilight looked for the source of the noise.

Up ahead, over in the corner of the room, the entrance to the library's basement was open.

Twilight signed. Why was she doing this? Why was she going TOWARDS the basement and not running away screaming for help like the sensible pony she was?

She was lonely, and it was dark. After a certain point, even the company of a ravenous, flesh-consuming Tartarian spawn was better then no company at all.

Twilight made her way down the basement's stairs, certain they would crumble like the ones to her bedroom did the instant she stepped off them.

When she got to the basement proper, Twilight found herself stepping a liquid. She hoped it wasn't something nasty. Using her horn to light the room, she found it was the same liquid from the beaker on her bed.

...No, no, wait. It was just water.

"Hmm." Seeing it was just water, Twilight moved forward and to her displeasure, the basement had been flooded. There was enough water to reach her LITTLE PONY KNEES...

Something started splashing to her side, and when she turned to see it, her vision flashed red, similar to earlier. She was knocked to her side, but still conscious.

Now with her body half in the water, her right eye was obscured by water, but her left one- or 'top one', given the postion she was in, wasn't. Either way, she could still make out something splashing in the water barreling away like a rocket-powered piranha...and it swerved around and came straight for her.


Twilight quickly got out of the water and back onto the bottom stair of the basement. Wait, this one hadn't collapsed?

Don't look a gift pony in the mouth, Twilight. She thought to herself.

Twilight looked back to the water. The splashing had stopped, and there were no ripples in the water, leading Twilight to believe the thing in the water had quit moving.


Curious, Twilight put her hoof in the water.

The splashing began again, heading straight for her hoof.

Twilight pulled her hoof out.

The splashing stopped.

Twilight put her hoof in.

The splashing began again.

Twilight pulled her hoof out.

It stopped.

Twilight kicked at the surface of the water, not quite putting her hoof in there.

The splashing half-began again, but quit, seemingly aware of a false alarm.

Twilight, realizing she was 'safe' as long as she was out of the water. Still lonely, she started chatting to whatever Pit-Spawn was in there.

"Are you lonely, you little...piranha...ghost...torpedo...thing? I'm lonely. I can't find my assistant, or my friends. Do you know what that's like?"

Twilight wasn't really expecting an answer, but it was stress relieving that she was at least talking to something ALIVE.

Of course, it was perfectly to talk to inanimate objects. It was when they talked back that there was a problem.

Twilight signed and lied down on her fours on the stairs.

"Hide and seek, hide and SEEEKK..." Pinkie's voice wailed ghostly from wherever the voices had been coming from.


"Twilight, come out! You'll like what I have planned!"

Twilight wasn't so sure about that... hmm, go up and see Pinkie's plans, which could easily involve something unpleasant to her, but enjoyable to Pinkie, or stay here and talk to the Pit-Spawn waiting for an answer that'd never come?

Decisions, decisions...

Twilight missed her friends, though, so she went up the stairs.

"Pinkie?" She asked, popping her head out ahead of the rest of her. "Where are you?"

"Over here!"

Twilight saw Pinkie sitting on her haunches over by one of the library's many shelves, just sitting there waiting.

"Come on, Twilight! I have something I want to do with you over in the other room!"

"What is it?"

"I don't know! That's why I wanna do it!"

Before Twilight could even try to explain to Pinkie why doing something that she didn't know what it was made for a bad idea, Pinkie turned and headed down the alley made from the library's bookshelves.

Twilight shook her head. Knowing Pinkie was going to cause trouble one way or the other, she got off the basement stairs and followed after her.

Although tall and imposing, the rows of bookshelves were easily navigable, and Twilight found Pinkie waiting for her by an open door leading into what Twilight could only assume was a room of the huge Ponyville library she didn't know about.

"In here!" Pinkie said, gesturing to the room. Twilight humored her and obliged, going inside.

Pinkie entered the room and closed the door shut behind both of them.

"So, what did you want to do, Pinkie Pie?" Twilight asked, looking around the room. There was a bed and what Twilight could assume was a empty liquor rack.

"Get on the bed!" Pinkie instructed.

"Uh, okay..." Twilight was uneasy, but crawled onto the bed and lied down on her belly.

"Now wait there..." Pinkie started fiddling with the liquor rack, as if looking for something. She put her hoof to the side and slapped it, causing a secret panel to drop out the side.

There was a knock on the door to the room.

"I'll get that." Twilight said, getting off the bed. She didn't want to upset Pinkie by getting off it, but she also didn't want to keep whoever was there waiting.

Approaching the door, Twilight pulled it open...and she never would've expected who- or what was on the other side.

Pinkie Pie was right there, some sort of horrible black film/crust covering her eyes, bandages around her ankles, her neck having been shoved through some sort of wheel, and dried blood caking to her chest, making a mantle like the barding of the Canterlot Guard.


Twilight moved away from the horrific thing, allowing her to see as the Pinkie she entered the room with lunged forward with a knife in her hoof where Twilight just was- but the knife lodged into the second, disfigured Pinkie instead.

The disfigured Pinkie scoffed and neighed. "That's not how you do it, Silly Filly!" Disfigured Pinkie proceeded to take the knife out of her chest and and stab it back in slightly to the left. "THAT's how you do it."

The normal-looking Pinkie Pie stuttered and stammered at her reflection's callousness about being STABBED in the CHEST.

Twilight, now having had a moment to adjust to the second Pinkie's appearance, realized the first one had been meaning to stab HER.

"Pinkie Pie...Pies! What is going on!?"

The two Pinkies pointed at each other. "She's a phony!"

Twilight glared, not in the mood for a 'spot the imposter' game.

"You gotta believe me, Twilight!" The normal-looking one said. "I'M the real Pinkie: This one's horribly mutilated!"

"That proves nothing." Twilight said starkly.

"She was trying to STAB you!" The disfigured one said. "And not in the good way!"

"Good way?"

"Plus, I don't even know what 'mutilated' means! So HA!"

Twilight glared at them. She used her magic to pull the knife out of the second Pinkie's chest and put it in her own hoof.

"Okay, I have the knife now, understand? I'm going to ask you both questions, and whoever I decide isn't the real Pinkie...gets the knife. Got it?"

Both Pinkie's nodded.

"Okay..." Twilight blew on her fringe. "Where were you born?"

"Ponyville." The normal one said.

"A rock farm!' The grotesque one exclaimed.

Twilight laughed. " Hahahaha! Well, that was easier then I thought. Everypony who's talked to Pinkie more then once knows she was raised on a rock farm."

Twilight threw the knife into Fake Pinkie's chest.

"The Princess will learn... about... this!" Fake-Pinkie promised as she began to bleed out and fell down. Exactly why the Princess would know, and why this would supposed to upset them was a mystery they would deal with later.

"Come on, Pinkie Pie." Twilight instructed to her mutilated friend. "If you're here, the rest of our friends must be here too."

"Okay!" Pinkie Pie said as Twilight left the room. Before she followed, she looked at her doppelgangers' corpse and the knife inside. She pulled the knife out and stabbed it back into herself, then merrily, HAPPILY bounced out of the room after Twilight.

"What are we going to do with your copy's corpse, Pinkie?" Twilight asked as Pinkie joined her in the hallway.

"We could feed her to that thing in the water in the basement." Pinkie suggested. Twilight gawked at Pinkie's callousness, and that she apparently knew about the thing in the water.

Author's Notes for "That Thing In The Water"

The publish date of a My Little Pony horror story debuting in December is a coincidence.

Sooo...I suppose I have some explaining to do?

I went about on my usual pony-fan rounds on the internet, you know, as you do...and of course, people have crossed over Friendship is Magic with Amnesia.

In particular, there are even fan-flashes about it.

I watched some of them.

I did NOT like some of those some.

I thought I could do better.

So I did.

Here's a Rant for you: One animation had the protagonist with a GUN. There are no guns in Amnesia. That's part of the horror. You have no weapons. You have NOTHING but whatever scraps you can scrounge up...and that's not a lot.

Now, I look at this chapter, and I don't THINK I've quiiiiite made it scary the way Amnesia: It's scary because it's atmospheric, because it's subtle.

Because you're weak.

I don't think I recreated that feeling...

But I feel I got MILES closer then the aforementioned animation! Nyeeeh!