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My Little Amnesia: Friendship is HORRIFYING!

Chapter 4



Twilight drew circles in the floor, anxious and uncertain and doubtful and...other...stuff of that nature. Drawing up her courage, she dared to raise her neck and ask the question on her mind. "Pinkie, where's Fluttershy? She should be back by now..."

Pinkie grimaced. "Uh, she's uh...wait right here!"

"NO!" Twilight shouted, a little louder than she meant to. Pinke parked herself on her haunches like a puppy trained by its cruel owner to be spineless.

Pinkie put on a forced smile. "Yes, ma'am..."

Twilight raised an eyebrow at Pinkie's behavior. "O...kay. Where's Fluttershy?"

"Right here." Fluttershy answered, stepping into the kitchen. She looked refreshed.

Twilight nodded. "Right. Now, we need to find Rarity."

Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie darted thier eyes about the room.

"Where do we start?" Fluttershy said fearfully.

Twilight put a hoof on her chin, trying to think. What possibly clue in this forsaken library did they have to figure out where Rarity could be? Now only that, but she could be in a secret room Twilight didn't know about, like the wine cellar... then Twilight realized she did have some hint; Rarity had talked to her from the staircase where she found Fluttershy...both of them.

"Back to the foyer..." Twilight instructed, suddenly realizing that would bring her close to where she swallowed the aphrodisiac. She gulped, losing her confidence. "I...heard Rarity while walking up the stairs. M-maybe we can find her there."

Fluttershy and Pinkie nodded. "Lead the way."

Twilight approached the kitchen door.


Twilight stopped and turned around. "What did you call me?"

Pinkie and Fluttershy looked at each other, obviously trying to come up with an explanation. But an explanation of what, exactly?

"Never mind." Twilight said, dismissing it. It could wait. They needed to find Rarity.

The three of them exited the kitchen and climbed down on the stairs.

Twilight stopped suddenly. Her horn was starting to tingle, and her vision was getting blurry.

"No. No, please, not again."

Twilight wobbled around and lost her balance. Fluttershy reached her legs out under Twilight's own and supported her.

"Uhhhh...!" Twilight whined, her eyes rolling. Feeling something in her hoof, she raised it to examine it and identify the problem. The blue liquid from her bed was leaking from hoof like blood.

"AH!" Twilight shouted. Panicking, she flailed out of Fluttershy's supportive grasp, but stumbled back into it when she couldn't get footing.

"What's...going on?" Twilight questioned. She turned her equine-articulated neck around to look at Fluttershy's eyes. "What's happening to me? What's WRONG with me?"

Fluttershy offered a glare of sympathy, but that was all she gave. After a moment's notice, Twilight's episode passed, and she was able to stand on her own hooves again. "Come on." Twilight insisted. "The longer Rarity waits, the more likely something could happen to her."

Fluttershy and Pinkie nodded. The three of them continued down, toward the foyer, and made their way across it. As they walked, Fluttershy and Pinkie couldn't help but notice how Twilight would stop abruptly. Briefly, too, but it was there.

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Fluttershy asked, always caring about her friends and their feelings.

"What's wrong?" Twilight repeated. "What's RIGHT? My library's falling apart, I don't know where my friends are. As much as I don't want to admit it, something terrible has probably happened, we need to go near that staircase, the opposite side of which had that awful aphrodisiac waiting for me, and..."

Twilight broke down, falling to the floor and crying.

"I still don't know where Spike is."

Fluttershy and Pinkie wrapped themselves around her and nuzzled her.

"We're sure he's fine." Fluttershy whispered.

"How can you be!?" Twilight exclaimed through her watery eyes. "How do you know that- that he hasn't been hurt, or worse!?"

"I just am." Fluttershy replied with a kind, assuring smile. It made Twilight feel a little better, seeing Fluttershy so confident of something. If she had that much faith, it must've been at least partially true. Her wracked mind at least partially stitched back together, Twilight led them up the stairs at last, but stopped halfway up them.

"What's up?" Pinkie asked.

"There's something...off." Twilight said. "It's like...a memory is returning."

"Oh? Did'ja forget something?"

"No, that's just it." Twilight answered. "I don't feel like I'm remembering something...I feel like something I never forget has been suppressed, and that suppression is starting to weaken."

Fluttershy and Pinkie got worried expressions on their faces. "You should probably, um..." Fluttershy muttered. "Like, try to keep the suppression...I don't know...going?"

Before Twilight could ask why, why, why in the wide-wide world of Equestria Fluttershy recommended that, Twilight felt herself being overtaken by something and pounded her hoof into a stair. After a few good thwacks, the stair and three others gave way and folded into the floor, revealing a ladder hidden inside the stairs. Leading to a hidden room, no doubt.

"Ah!" Twilight exclaimed. "Clever. Who designed the library?"

Pinkie glared. Twilight really expected them to know that?

The trio began taking their turns onto the ladder, beginning on their dark descent into whatever was waiting for them on the other end.

Once they managed to climb (or fall, rather) all the way down, the first thing they noticed was a lit candle. Going by appearances, it was there for visitors so they could see the light switch.
Twilight flicked it.

Neutral-colored light turned, filling the room. The moment it was illuminated, Twilight wished she hadn't switched the switch. The room was made of gray bricks, like a dungeon made for prisoners.

"I found Rarity!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Where!?" Twilight exclaimed in response, whipping around. She was more than slightly disgusted at what she saw.

A pulley-like device was attached to the wall, leading to a zip-line on the ceiling. Following it along it's path led them the sight of Rarity.

Hanging from the wall. Alive...embarrassingly. She was covered in black leathery straps from hind hoof to horn. There was even one on her eyes and mouth, serving as a gag and blindfold.

"Oh my." Fluttershy whimpered.

"Disgusting." Twilight spat, filled with contempt for whomever put her friend through this. They best hope she never find out who it was...

"I don't understand." Pinkie said. "What am I looking at?"

Twilight shook her head and whinnied dismissively at Pinkie's lack of knowledge. "Come on, we need to get her down-"

The light flickered. A pop of electric static escaped from the light bulb to warn was about to happen. The light shorted out completely, drenching them back into darkness.

"Well, that's just great!" Twilight griped, annoyed. Quite understandable, given her situation. "Girls, we need to-MPH!"

Somepony kissed Twilight on the lips in the darkness. When Twilight tried to break away, two extremely pointy, sharp incisor-like teeth that stabbed into her lips (one on the top, one on the bottom) and kept her right where she was, thank-you-very-much!

Why me? Twilight thought. Although there was this bizarre feeling welling up inside from the bite. Particularly when she felt her own blood seeping out of her lips. So bizarre...

Then she felt something being poured into her mouth. It felt warm, and familiar.

Oh, no, no, no. No. Not this again. Dear Celestia, not more aphrodisiac! Had Twilight not suffered enough to appease whatever demon was behind the reason she was going through this torment!?

This aphrodisiac also tasted different this time, like it was...oh dear Celestia, please don't be stronger! Please, please don't be-aaaaah!

Twilight started kissing back. She wrapped her hooves around the neck of her assailant. Once she started returning the affection, she felt something like leather straps and chains being lassoed around her hindquarters. They were jerked, and brought her to the floor on her back. She whimpered, feeling the effects of aphrodisiac again already.

Then she felt something like three intertwined tails crawling up her her hind legs, getting rather close to...

"Oh, please, Celestia, make it all end." Twilight begged under her breath. Without Fluttershy's cure-all mixture, she would need that tail to keep crawling on it's merry way if she didn't want to burn alive, but it was still embarrassing. She would give anything at the moment for the body spasming, the embarrassment of the situation she was in, the ominous sense of dread, to just-just go away.

Once the tail-thing reached it's destination, Twilight just...completely went totally out. She spasmed, that taunting, mocking light blue flashing in her vision.

Twilight nuzzled into her pillow, a content smile on her face. Despite the BOOM-crack of thunder outside and the nonstop downpour seemingly intent on going down in history as the poorest downpour ever poured.

Letting out a yawn, Twilight stretched across her bed and rose up halfway. Blinking her eyes to clear them of sleep, she stretched her neck and got out of the bed. These last few days had been nice. She had been studying under Celestia directly again, playing with Shining Armor and her foal-sitter (also now her sister-in-law) Cadence. Sure, she loved playing with her friends in Ponyville, but it was nice to go back to the good-ol' days every now and then.

Before she returned back home to Ponyville, Celestia wanted Twilight to accompany her on an architectural expedition. She hadn't said where to, just yet, but Twilight knew that was because she forgot to mention the name. Not out of any malicious plan Celestia had for her.

Exiting her hotel room and hotel, Twilight stopped by the market to purchase some breakfast. Apple fritters, yum!
As she trotted across the street, freely letting herself get soaked by the merciless rain. Much to the bewilderment of the coat-wearing noble ponies. Living out in the country had made Twilight understand Canterlot's worst rain was nowhere near as bad as Ponyville's best.

As she sat there, nomming on her fritter (which she had enchanted to keep dry), she hear the plop of hooves approach her.

"Twiley, what are you doing without a coat?"

Twilight smiled brightly at the sight of Shining. Her B.B.B.F.F. "Oh, well...Ponyville's rains are a lot worse than Canterlot's, so I kinda don't care."

"You can't be out without a coat." Shining said, like he didn't understand a word Twilight just said. "Here, take mine."

Twilight appreciated her brother's generosity, but as he took off his coat and wrapped it around her, she was a little irritated that he didn't really seem to grasp her explanation. She digressed. "Thank you, Shining."

"Come on." Shining said as Twilight finished her fritter. "I hear you got an assignment with the Princess."

Twilight levitated a napkin and wiped her cheeks. "Mh-hm!"

"I'm not letting you go on it."

Twilight was so baffled at Shining's statement her magic stopped from flowing her horn and completely dropped the napkin. "What? Why?"

"Twiley, haven't you heard the stories about Brennenberg?" Shining questioned.

Twilight tilted her head. "Is that where we're going?"

"Yeah. She didn't tell you that?"

"No. But she was doing a lot of things at once when she said she wanted me with her..."

Shining shook his head. "Don't go on the expedition, Twiley. The only reason I haven't talked the Princess out of is because she's the Princess."

Twilight became concerned, but also disappointed and slightly frustrated. It had been a while since Twilight and the Princess had spent some quality time together, and she was looking forward to doing so on the trip. "What stories?"

"Ooh!" Shining shivered, but that could've been because he was out in the cold rain without protection. "I get nervous just thinking about them...they say before it collapsed, creatures made of sewn together leftover FLESH roamed the place!"

Twilight's worry and disappointed were exchanged for skepticism and disbelief. "Really? Leftover flesh?"

Shining nodded worriedly.

Twilight was a researcher. She dealt with information. Made out of flesh was not much information, and also scientifically impossible. "What else can you tell me about these creatures?"

Shining seemed confused. "I, uh...what do you mean?"

Twilight started grilling him with questions. like "What color are they? How many eyes do they have? What do they do?"

"I don't know!" Shining exclaimed as his answer to all of them and the other similar ones.

Twilight chuckled. "Well, B.B.B.F.F., if you can't tell me anymore other than that they're made out of flesh, I don't have any reason to believe you! It easily be a story somepony in a tavern made up."

"But...but..." Shining stammered, still clearly against the idea of letting Twilight go. But he also didn't have the details or facts he needed to convince Twilight of the same.

"We're supposed to leave today." Twilight informed him. "I need to go check on preparations."

Twilight turned and started walking down the street. Shining raised his hoof to stop her, but he had nothing to say.

As she walked through the rain, still wearing her brother's coat, Twilight's confidence was challenged suddenly by her tendency to worry. What if the stories were true? What if they were creatures cobbled together from cropped-off pieces of cadavers? What ELSE would be there? She would have to ask Celestia once she got there.

Once she got there, she was assured slightly by how smooth things were going. The wagons she and the others going on the trip would be using were outside and packed.

She entered the room to see that a few more crates were being packed before their left. Scalpels and brushes and other things for delicate extraction of sensitive artifacts being lodged into boxes. The Princess and her fellows were standing around conversing while the servants finished packing.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight said.

"So then my astronomer said-hmm?" Celestia turned her neck at he sound of her name. "Twilight Sparkle! Not a minute late, as always. We're almost ready for departure."

Twilight smiled, but it was a creased smile that gave away she was uncomfortable.

"Twilight Sparkle, what's wrong?"

Twilight fiddled with hooves. "Shining told me a story about Brennenberg about creatures made out..." Twilight beckoned for the Princess to come closer, so as not to unnecessarily startle the other architects. "Of flesh!" She whispered.

Celestia smiled kindly. "I know the stories are frightening, Twilight Sparkle. But our friends over at the castle have reported no such things. If it makes you feel any better, they also know that who or whatever terrible thing that was at the castle has since moved on."

Twilight felt a little better. If Celestia wasn't afraid of anything, what was there to be afraid of?

A short while later, the servants announced everything as ready. Twilight, Celestia and everypony else all climbed into their selected wagons.

As the long and winding trip began, Twilight continuously shifted between panicking if her brother's stories were correct, and relaxing from her mentor's assurance.

They hit a bump on the road, and Twilight's keen memory let her know they had passed the turn they would've had to make if they were going to Ponyville. Some hours later, she could tell the same for Fillydelphia.

Twilight figured that they had to be getting close to Brennenberg when the steady whir from the wagon's wheels became not so steady and began to slosh through mud.

"We'll be at the entrance to Brennanberg shortly." Their driver informed through the window. "In the meantime, you can enjoy the sights of the town."

Twilight took him up on his offered and leaned against the window. She saw stone buildings that were disheveled in appearance and somber in tone. She couldn't shake the feeling something awful had happened which caused all the residents to evacuate.

The wagon hit a rock. The driver said that rocks in the way made it impossible to go any further. They would have to go out and continue on hoof.

As everypony all made their way out of their wagons, Twilight wasn't comforted by the sight before. Rocks and a muddy pathway were nothing to be afraid, but there was a wooden sign planted some paces ahead of them that did nothing to ease her fear.

It read:



Twilight looked up at Celestia, and the Princess could instantly tell what was on Twilight's mind.

"I'm sure there's nothing to fear." Celestia assured, but she sounded...fearful wasn't the right word. Apprehensive? Cautious! Cautious was the word.

Once Twilight stepped over the rocks, her horn was beset by alien presence. She had no idea what it was, and would prefer to keep it that way. Through her horn, it was making every physical part of her body practically scream at the non-physical parts (soul, heart in the spiritual sense, mind) to GET THE TARTARUS AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

"Princess." Twilight cried, gripping her teacher's leg for support. "Princess. We shouldn't be here. We should leave, now."

Celestia chuckled and smiled. Wrapping a wing around Twilight, she stroked her student's mane. "My faithful student, don't you think we if we weren't supposed to come here, our friends and allies would've denied us permission?"

"I...guess not." Twilight admitted. Her horn tingled again, rocketing into full-on panic mode. "So!? We need to turn back! There's something...Tartarian waiting for us here!"

Celestia looked down, almost disappointed. "Twilight Sparkle, there is nothing to fear, and it displeases me you would let your brother's story get to you so easily."

"This has nothing to do with stories!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Twilight, if there is anything here, I will protect you." Celestia assured. "I promise."

Twilight looked Celestia in the eyes. In those powerful, purplish eyes that showed no doubt and held no fear. That were absolutely certain in their ability to keep that promise.

The expedition pressed forward, where every so many steps, Twilight would gloss over more signs with messages that continued off the first, and than each other.





The last sign they saw before reaching the ruins proper read: ARE YOU STILL HERE, YOU IDIOT? FINE. IT'S YOUR FUNERAL. HOPE YOU HAVE LIFE INSURANCE.

Twilight, or indeed, anypony, hadn't the faintest vaguest notion of what a 'life insurance' was, but they didn't pay much mind to it, Celestia giving brief, but well-worded speeches that kept their courage high. An excellent demonstration of her fitness to lead, to be sure.

But they had finally reached their destination. Brennenberg. What was left of it, anyway. Jagged bits of broken window glass jutted out from the enormous field of collapsed stone. Twilight, once again, got a feeling. This one was that if they shifted all the stones away, they'd find a gate to Tartarus beneath it all. But they weren't here to find a gate to The Pit.

...Were they?

"Shift through the wreckage for anything that's not a stone brick. We have no idea what treasures or lost knowledge could be hiding here." Celestia instructed. Everypony spread out across the immeasurable stone expanse. Celestia remained close to Twilight Sparkle, and nuzzled her every so often to assure her protege there was nothing to be afraid.

Twilight stepped on something. She lifted her hoof and levitated it up to see what it was. It was discolored, and flapped in the wind... it almost seemed like...

"Discarded flesh!" Twilight exclaimed, dropping the patch of skin. She turned to run for the hills, only to run straight into her mentor's chest.

Celestia bent over and stroked her mane. "Now, now, Twilight. So there's a patch of skin lying around." Celestia raised her head to look at where Twilight had tossed the skin and frowned, like she wasn't that certain of what she was about to say. "That doesn't mean the creatures Shining Armor mentioned are still here. It could easily have been a sample for research purpose."

Twilight pouted. "Who needs a tissue sample that big?"

Celestia shook her head. "I don't know. You see, Twilight, nopony really knows much about who or even what was in Brennenberg before it collapsed. Perhaps the inhabitants were particularly large."

Twilight breathed a little easier. Large inhabitants would make for large tissue samples...perhaps the creatures that lived her were just educated, but carnivorous. Like griffons or sea serpents.

Twilight shifted through the stone, eventually finding something that her cry.

"What's wrong?" Celestia asked.

Twilight held up two pieces of glass in her hooves. She put them together, revealing them to be a broken inkwell.

Celestia cooed sadly, understanding Twilight's tears now. "Here. I'll hold onto that for you." Celestia levitated it away so Twilight could focus on finding more things.

Finding a piece of old paper sticking out, Twilight meticulously began shifting the rubble around with her magic so she could pull it out without damaging it. Once the coast was clear, she levitated to her snout to read.

"Amnesia mixture..." Twilight read out loud. "Huh." Scrolling down the page, Twilight found it was a recipe for the Amnesia Drink mentioned. There were a few parts missing, so she turned the paper to Celestia and asked for anypony who found anything that might've been a piece to add to it.

Twilight kept digging around, fear mostly forgotten. Or at least put on a constrained leash that prevented her from flipping out for no reason. As she shifted stone and moved shards, her eye was caught by a blue shimmer, poking out from the seeps between the stones.

"Uhhhh..." Twilight groaned, unable to look away once she had looked at it. Call it what a pony will, entranced, hypnotized, captivated, persuaded, drunk. Twilight immediately start digging with her bare hooves, not even considering using her horn, and didn't stop until a the source of light stood revealed. A large light-blue orb with patterned with gold ornamentation.

"Twilight?" Celestia questioned, worried about Twilight's silence during the ordeal. "What have you found?"

"Uh...huh?" Twilight shook her head. "Oh, um...this!" Twilight held the orb up proudly.

Celestia eyed it curiously. "What is it?"

"...I don't know!"

"Here, why don't I keep it?" Celestia offered, extending a hoof. Twilight gave it to her, then got a sudden chill up her spine.

Celestia seemed entranced by the orb's shimmer, even more than Twilight had been. She brought it to her neck and nuzzled it in a motherly way.

A hellish, blood-curdling bone-rattling soul-freezing roar came from absolutely-frickin' nowhere. Everypony froze, but Celestia curled her wings around the orb protectively.

"CHANGELINGS!" One of their companion's shouted.

Everypony either curled in a fetal position, or got ready to fight. "Where!?"

"I'm talking about you, you monsters!" He shouted, pointing at them, a deranged look in his eye. He charged at them and headbutted one aside before bucking the other down. He then narrowed his gaze onto Twilight and charged. "I'll never let you take Canterlot!"

Twilight froze, unsure of what to do.

The stallion headbutted her, knocking her down, then reared his hooves up and stomped them down on her cheeks, causing her lips to bleed.

Celestia tossed the orb aside and blasted him with her magic. It tore right through him, sending blood everywhere- onto the ruins, his coat, and Celestia's hooves and Twilight's muzzle. Twilight instinctively tried to spit it out, but after she hocked a loogie of blood, she brushed over her lip tentatively.

"That...actually tasted..." Twilight cut herself off, realizing what she was about to say.

Celestia, her charge now protected and the deranged colt subdued, turned to the others. "This expedition is now on hold. We need to get Twilight and this poor stallion to a medical facility."

The others nodded, and set to work trying to slap together a stretcher for the colt.

As Celestia and Twilight trotted to leave, they found some sort of florescent green webbing matted around the ruins, blocking them from the exit. Celestia and Twilight looked at each other for ideas. After a quick "Hmm", Celestia held up the mysterious orb they found. It flashed, and the green web disappeared. The same thing that made that roar made a disappointed shriek, like somepony was abusing its favorite toy.

Twilight and Celestia made their way back to their wagons, where Twilight constantly fiddled with her hooves, unsure of everything and anything.

"...Princess?" Twilight asked.

"Yes?" Celestia answered, barely turning to look away from the orb in her hoof at her.

"Why did you use that spell on that stallion?"

Celestia removed her gaze from the orb to look at Twilight. "What do you mean?"

"There are lots of spells that can incapacitate somepony without hurting them like that...why didn't you use one of them?"

Celestia pursed her lips. "It...it's this orb. Something about it draws me to it. By the time I realized you were under attack, I could barely think straight."

Twilight eye the orb warily. "Maybe we should get rid of it."

"Yes." Celestia agreed. "Maybe we should..."

Twilight began trying to levitate the orb out of Celestia's hoof, but the Princess held her grasp firmly. Eventually, though, Twilight pried it free and tossed it out the window of their wagon, where it presumably sunk into the mud.

Celestia smiled at her student, happy Twilight would do something like that for her. The moment of triumph quickly passed, though, as Twilight still had something on her mind.

"Um...Princess? When you used that spell on our companion, some of the blood got into my mouth."

"Oh my. I'm so sorry."

"I forgive you." Twilight said quickly. "But...I..."

"Don't be afraid to speak your mind, my faithful student."

"It tasted good." Twilight confessed.

Celestia's eyebrow shot up. Whatever she thought Twilight was going to say, she wasn't expecting it to be that. She looked outside the window, where they were finally going away from Brennenberg.

"Well...all I can say, Twilight Sparkle, is that you refrain from acting like a vampire, okay?"

"Okay..." Twilight muttered.

There was a knock on the window that separated Celestia and Twilight from the wagon driver.

"Hey." The driver said, sliding the window open. "One of your architect buddies said to hoof this over to you." He produced a stack of papers which he offered to Twilight. Twilight took them and began glossing them over. It was a quick, cursory glance, so she didn't pick up much. Words that appeared often, though, were "Daniel" "Alexander of Brennenberg" and a variety of chemicals for a number of potions she'd never heard of before.

There were also mentions of something entitled "The Shadow". Not a very creative name, in Twilight's opinion...she was ready to put the papers down and file them away for later study.

"Uhhh..." Twilight grunted, coming to. The light had somehow been turned back on. She could see Fluttershy, Pinkie standing to the side of her, and Rarity in front of her. They must've somehow got her down while she was out. The straps on Rarity's face had been removed, but the ones along her body had stayed.

"How are you feeling, darling?" Rarity questioned.

Twilight rubbed her head sorely. "Like somepony stuck a needle in me and tried to drain my bodily fluids...and failed miserably." Twilight felt a twinge in her hoof, then bolted upright. She could see that damned blue liquid on her belly, her thighs and a little bit of her forelegs. She was certain she had bled it out while she was zoned.

Twilight sighed and pulled herself up, happy Fluttershy and Pinkie had got Rarity down, however they did it.

"All right. Now we need to find either Rainbow Dash or Applejack-what's that?" Twilight pointed at a corner in the room.

Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy turned to look at it. It was a scroll, neatly folded up in the corner. Fluttershy whispered something to Rarity. Rarity whinnied as if offended and whispered something harsh back.

Twilight didn't notice their silent bickering and magically pulled the scroll over to herself. Unfolding it, she read it.

Hello, it began in a writing eerily similar to hers, but just different enough to assure it wasn't herself that wrote it. Perhaps a relative wrote it?

I'll bet you're wondering where Spike is, aren't you? Well, you may be tired of hearing this by now if you went through all the steps up to now correctly, but Spike is safe. He's in the hooves of somepony who will take good care of him.

Now, I'll bet by now you tried to get out of the library and found the door locked, and your magic didn't work on it either. It's been enchanted.

To get out, you need to find the paper titled "Brennenberg Explosive Compound". The enchantment won't stand up to the compound.

But before you do that, you should go to the lowest level of the library. Recently, a complex lock was put on it that will require a combination of magic and machinery to remove.

Just follow the directions on the note. After all, have they steered you wrong yet?

Anyways, have you seen any chains suddenly falling out of the ceiling? Go the next floor up from you did, if you have. There should be another note there.

Twilight frowned. This letter...this letter was mentioning the steps she followed, and the notes...but she hadn't read any notes or followed any steps. Unless the stairs count. Was that it, maybe? That she followed the stair steps?

Twilight looked up at the ceiling where the hidden entrance they fell through was. "How are we going to get back out there?"

"Might I suggest something?" Rarity said. She bit on one strap and pulled it off. Twilight became afraid.

Minutes later, they Fluttershy wrapped in one of the straps, with the other straps tied around each other to make an even longer strap. Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity all grabbed on and waited for Fluttershy to lift off and take them out of the room.

Once they were back onto the staircase, Twilight closed the hidden passage they found up.

Twilight looked up the stairs. She gulped. "Okay...the note said to go wherever I found chains appearing from the ceiling, and I found those up here in the hallway."

Twilight proceeded on up.

Her friends stayed behind to talk without her hearing.

"Rarity!" Fluttershy snapped. "You were supposed to burn that note!"

"I was going to!" Rarity exclaimed. "But every time I tried to move, the straps would pull, and..." Rarity cut herself off.

Fluttershy shook her head. "Oooh, Twilight's going to learn what happened..."

"We can't let her do that!" Pinkie said. "Right?"

"No." Rarity answered.

"We need to figure out something." Fluttershy said. "But what?"

Rarity cupped her her hoof and hmmed. "I know! We'll get something for her to cut into..." Rarity looked around. "But what? She won't do it on us."

"A Changeling!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "They're still in the library somewhere, and Twilight doesn't like them."

The three of them shook hooves. It was settled.

They were going to find a Changeling and trick Twilight into operating on it. Messily. It would be glorious.

Author's Notes for "Brennenberg"

Well, it took a while to get the ball rolling, but things are picking up now.

I didn't give TOO much away, did I?