Hey guys this is just a preview of the book, and yes this well be a long story, and yes it will have plot twists. So enjoy review I'll updated probably later tonight:)

Looking up from my paper on my desk I saw a mop of black hair standing in the doorway. Rolling my eyes I began tapping my pencil on my desk. I have no reason to be curious as to why there is a person standing in the doorway, it's just the new kid. My chocolate brown eyes drifted from his hair to the clock that hung loosely above him. Five more minutes tell we can get out of this hellhole. I winced as I heard Mr. Rolf's chair screech as he stood up. My eyes trained to him as his shoes clicked against the floor to the middle of the class. Clearing his throat he waved the new kid in.

"Class I would like you to meet our new student." The kid walked in silently. I slowly did a check over of him. All black. That's it. Where is his fashion sense? He hugged some books closely to his body. I smirked, he must be a geek. Ever so slowly he looked up from the ground to us. I instantly froze. My pencil stopping in mid tap. He was way too hot to be a geek of any sort. I swung my legs off of my desk letting them fall to the ground effortlessly. Putting my elbows on my desk I leaned forward. Suddenly I became very interested in what he had to say. His onyx black eyes scanned over the class before landing on me. Timed seemed to stop, but after a split second he tore his eyes away. He looked at Mr. Rolf.

"Call me Fang."With that, he strolled to the very back of the class and sat down.