This is a request for GrimmjowUkitakeUqluiorra. This is just the prologue, and it may seem that there are a few unanswered questions, but they shall be explained further in the next chapter :) This is just so that the story hopefully draws you in.

"It's cold…"

The white-haired male rubbed his hands together as he walked through the thick woods, trying to chase off the chill.

"It's so cold…"

The flashlight that the man was holding flickered a few times, causing a chill to run up his spine. He glanced behind him, afraid that there would be something following him now that his only source of light was deciding to die.

"Why me…?"

The man sat down on a tree stump, fiddling with the batteries. He reached into his pocket, pulling fresh ones out in order to replace the ones that were playing up on him, but he soon lost them on the ground as he was startled by the sounds of footsteps.

The skinny male couldn't remember the last time he had gotten to his feet so quickly, ready to flee. He cast an unseeing gaze around, barely picking anything out from the enveloping darkness.

"W-who's there…?" The last time his voice had sounded so weak and full of fear was the day after he had been found in his house amongst his slain family.

No answer, but the footsteps continued towards him.

Could he remember running so fast before in his life? No, not really. He had dropped his flashlight without conscious thought, turning on his heels and bolting off into the forest. Tears ran down his cheeks as he thought about what could possibly be chasing him.

"Please, don't be them…!" He muttered to himself as he ran, not knowing where he was going but knowing only that he had to get away. "Please, don't be them…!"

Memories played through his mind, ones full of blood and horror. Screams echoed through his skull as he relived the night of his family's murder, the footsteps having triggered his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

No matter how fast he ran, the footsteps were still behind him. He tried everything he could think of to lose his pursuer, but no matter what, they were still behind him.

He begged for his precious friends to come and find him, hoping with all his being that they would soon notice his disappearance and come after him, but deep down inside, he knew that there would be no such luck; he had left the campsite with a clear explanation of needing some time alone and that he would return when he was ready.

"Someone, help!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. He stumbled, having landed in a ditch, but he couldn't regain his feet. He fell with a loud thump, hitting his head hard on a large rock. He felt dizzy and lightheaded, but when hands grabbed his shirt and hoisted him off the ground, he screamed in absolute terror. The only thing he noticed before he passed out was a flash of what seemed to be blue hair.