A/N This chapter is more of a flashback type of thing to give you more of an understanding on the background of the plot. It starts off just before they go camping and explains why Jūshirō ended up leaving the grounds. It will give you more of an understanding on Jūshirō and his relationship with the others and why he seems to choose them over Grimmjow, though by the end of the chapter you'll probably wonder why Jūshirō went back at all, so that will be cleared up in the next chapter :)

"You aren't seriously going to make me finish packing for you, are you?" Shunsui sighed dramatically as he glanced at his friend's unfinished camping bag. "I just did my own!"

Jūshirō smiled and tilted his head. "I can finish it. I was just thinking."

Shunsui moved to sit next to Jūshirō on the bed. He wrapped his arms around the younger as the man climbed onto his lap and nuzzled in close.

"What about?" Shunsui asked.

"…About Byakuya…" Jūshirō blushed and glanced away.

"Oh, really? Decided it's finally time to lose your innocence, have you?" Shunsui was just teasing, knowing that his friend was not like that. That was why, when Jūshirō blushed darker and nodded, he gaped. His precious, pure, innocent little Shiro… "No, Jūshirō! You can't become like me! Don't give yourself away so soon!"

"Why not?" Jūshirō pouted.

"Because you – you guys haven't even kissed yet! A-and you've only been together for a few days!"

"Never stopped you," Jūshirō teased happily. "Don't worry yourself over it, Shun. I'm ready."

Shunsui sighed. "…Alright, then… But why? This isn't like you."

Jūshirō rested his head on his friend's shoulder before he spoke again. "Well, unlike the other men I've tried to date, I've known Byakuya for a long time. And he's hurting because it's around the time Hisana passed away, so I was thinking that if I give myself to him so soon, he'll understand how much I love and trust him, you see? Maybe then he won't feel as lonely as he does – because he'll know he has me. And also… I-I want to understand why you chase after it so much."

Shunsui rested his chin on the smaller man's hair and smiled into space. "I see your reasoning. But if you want to understand why I love it so much, maybe you should masturbate more often instead of only doing it every now and then."

Jūshirō squeaked, his face darkening more than ever. He playfully smacked Shunsui's arm and sputtered nonsense.

Shunsui laughed. "I understand if you need to masturbate, Jūshirō. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Jūshirō squeaked again, not sure if it were possible for him to become redder than he was now.

"You… You silly man!"

Shunsui chuckled as he released Jūshirō and stood up. "I'll finish packing for you. Byakuya should be here soon."

Jūshirō nodded, trying to compose himself. He stepped into the bathroom and ran a wet cloth over his face before he checked to make sure his hair was neat. He left to sit in the living room, waiting patiently for Byakuya to arrive.

At the sound of the doorbell, Jūshirō sprung to his feet and ran to open the door. He smiled brightly at his new boyfriend and fell into the other's waiting arms.

"Good evening… Jūshirō." Byakuya greeted, trying hard to break his habit of using Jūshirō's last name. "How are you?"

Jūshirō looked up and placed a kiss on Byakuya's cheek. "I'm good. I'm glad you're here; Shunsui was teasing me again."

One of Byakuya's rare smiles crossed his face. "Oh, is that so? Was he teasing you about your hair again?"

Jūshirō blushed and shook his head. When his boyfriend asked what it was about, he buried his face in the other's chest. "…It's embarrassing…"

Byakuya smirked as realisation hit him. He ran a hand down Jūshirō's back and took him inside. "He was teasing about you masturbating again?"

Jūshirō groaned. "Stop ganging up on me!"

Byakuya sat down on the couch and pulled the white-haired man onto his lap. "It is nothing to be embarrassed about. I masturbate."

For the second time that day, Jūshirō became impossibly red. He buried his face into the stronger chest before him, unable to speak.

Byakuya kept his arms wrapped tightly around his partner, waiting for Shunsui to appear. He rubbed circles along Jūshirō's frail body, smirking at the thought of having such a shy boyfriend.

"Jūshirō?" Byakuya asked as he twirled some of the white locks around his index finger. He reached up and rubbed the now-pale cheek as Jūshirō looked up at him. "May I kiss you?"

"Yes!" Shunsui's loud voice cheered from behind them. "Kiss him! He's way overdue for his first kiss!"

Jūshirō opened his mouth to object to Shunsui's statement, but the brunet cut him off.

"And, no, Jūshirō – kisses on the cheeks do not count!"

"I believe I was asking him." Byakuya narrowed his eyes at Shunsui, causing the other to raise his hands in mock-defence. "Jūshirō? May I…?"

Jūshirō blushed. He wanted to say yes, but he had planned to have his first kiss tonight when he gave all of him to Byakuya.

"…Can…" Jūshirō licked his lips, embarrassed. "…Can we have our… first kiss… tonight…?"

Byakuya smiled warmly and nodded. He ran a hand through the white locks and planted a small kiss on Jūshirō's forehead. "I would never rush you into something you are not ready for."

"I know." Jūshirō smiled up at Byakuya. "I love you, Byakuya."

Byakuya's only reply was to place his lips on Jūshirō's forehead again but, instead of pulling away after a second as he did the first time, he kept them there for a while longer. He physically couldn't say those words – not after his wife had passed away – so it was his little way of letting Jūshirō know how he felt.

"Did you guys want to borrow the bedroom or something?" Shunsui teased. "It's getting awful steamy in here."

"Shut up…" Byakuya mumbled as he protectively tightened his hold on his boyfriend.

Shunsui just laughed and then left.


Hours had passed and night had already fallen. Their night of camping was turning out to be eventful for Jūshirō. Someone – Ukitake wasn't pointing the finger at anyone in particular – had smuggled in sake, so there was now several drunken people making Jūshirō feel uncomfortable.

"It is alright." Byakuya tightened his grip on the man in his lap, feeling Jūshirō tense. "You know they will not hurt you; they are just loud."

Jūshirō nodded and buried his face in the crook of Byakuya's neck. It felt strange for him and Byakuya to be the only ones not drinking.

As someone noticed Jūshirō's interaction with his boyfriend, they immediately brought the attention over to them.

"Kiss him, Byakuya!" A drunken Nanao shouted. "I want to see!"

Jūshirō tensed again at these words, highly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

"Kiss him?" Rangiku sounded horrified at these words. "No, don't kiss him – fuck him!"

At these words, the group chanted fuck until Byakuya silenced them with a glare. Shunsui, however, was not intimidated and instead sidled over to them. He wrapped his arms around Jūshirō and hugged him tightly.

"You should fuck him, Byakuya," Shunsui slurred. He ignored the death-glare Byakuya shot at him and instead continued on. "He wants you. Badly. He spent his morning masturbating and calling out your name."

Jūshirō whimpered, not liking such personal information being spread so carelessly. "S-shunsui…"

"He told me he wants you to fuck him," Shunsui continued on. "He's gonna give himself to you tonight. You should do it now so we can all watch. Wouldn't that turn you on, Byakuya? Having people watching."

Jūshirō flinched as he felt a pressure begin to rise from Byakuya's lap. He struggled to maintain his calm breathing, trusting Byakuya to not hurt him. He whined in fear as a hand rubbed at his cheek, recognising the calloused hand as Shunsui's.

"I do not wish to take Jūshirō in front of anyone, no matter how appealing it sounds."

Jūshirō sobbed in relief as Byakuya spoke. He felt the pressure underneath him slowly disappearing which meant that the Kuchiki was able to control himself and wasn't going to do anything Jūshirō didn't want.

Shunsui pouted before he approached his own girlfriend. He pulled the girl into a drunken kiss, and the cheers that the intoxicated idiots gave only encouraged them.

Jūshirō turned his head away as Nanao and Shunsui shed clothes and did things that shouldn't be done in public.

"Are you alright?" Byakuya whispered, annoyed with what he was witnessing. "They are idiots; please, do not let anything they said bother you."

"…" A single tear slid down Jūshirō's cheek. "…He ruined it…"

Byakuya's gentle hand brushed away strands of hair. "Ruined what?"

"…I was going to give myself to you tonight… To show you how much I love and appreciate everything you do for me… I wanted it to be a surprise… But he told you…"

Byakuya's eyes softened. "I did not know you wanted to do such things so early on in our relationship, Jūshirō… I am happy to make love to you if that is really what you want."

"…I wanted to kiss you…" Jūshirō whispered, trying not to break down; he had so been looking forward to finally being intimate with someone special. "…I wanted to surprise you…"

Byakuya pulled Jūshirō closer to him, trying to block out the noises of intercourse happening just feet away from them. He didn't know what he could say to console the man; he understood that having their first time the way Jūshirō had planned it out would have meant everything to the white-haired male, but Shunsui, the drunken fool, had wrecked everything.

"I'm going for a walk…" Jūshirō whispered as he pulled himself out of Byakuya's lap.

Byakuya nodded. He felt horrible for what Shunsui had done, but he knew there was nothing he could do to fix it.